15 furry dog ​​breeds

The sensation of touching a dog’s soft fur is an experience that many people find extremely satisfying. In fact, some owners find cuddling a large furry pet comforting and relaxing. Perhaps this is the reason why there are so many breeds of furry dogs.

Just over 25,000 years ago, canines became companions to humans. Since then, many dog ​​breeds have appeared, created for different purposes to meet the specific needs of their breeders. For this reason, it is currently estimated that there are around 343 breeds, and of this amount, a good part corresponds to breeds of dogs with a lot of hair.

Although the reason why the coat of dogs is abundant in some breeds is due to the need to adapt to the climate in which they were developed, today we can see specimens of dogs with long hair all over the world and their Masters can enjoy the pleasant experience of caressing that soft coat as many times as they wish.

Next, we will mention some breeds of small and furry dogs, but also some larger ones. Without forgetting those that, ultimately, provoke in people the inevitable impulse to want to hug them, since they are dogs that look like stuffed animals.


If we are looking for small furry dogs, a good example is this breed. On the other hand, it is easy to train due to its high intelligence. In addition, it is usually very docile, and because its coat is less fine than that of poodles, its maintenance is simple.

2. Bichon Frize

Among the most popular white dogs we can find this little one, who is characterized by being enthusiastic and not very problematic. Also, he socializes well with other dogs.

3. Pekingese

If you are looking for a small and independent dog, the Pekingese may be the one. However, it may not be the best specimen to learn tricks and get away from problems, as it is also characterized by being stubborn and persistent.

4. Pomeranian

Coming from Germany, this breed is characterized by its great dynamism and cheerful temperament. Therefore, it can be a great companion in families with not very young children and is a good watchdog.

5. Toy poodle

This type of poodle is a breed of dog with dense and curly hair, which also stands out for its great intelligence. That is why it requires its owners to provide constant stimulation. But in return, you will learn countless tricks.

6.Yorkshire Terrier

If you are wondering about a small but brave dog, then the Yorkshire may become your favorite pet. He is one of the most chosen as company and is very affectionate.

7. Chow Chow

Some lovers of furry dogs sigh when they see that abundant mane and that sweet face that characterizes the Chow Chow. His character is independent and somewhat distant, but he is a dog that seeks to be loyal to his owners.

8. American equimal

A small white dog can be the dream of many. If you want a family companion dog, this may be the best, as he needs to be close to his owners. Their daily exercise requirements are around 20 to 40 minutes and you can choose between two sizes, the largest being approximately 40cm tall.

9. Shetland-sheepdog

This breed is surprising for its great intelligence, but also for devoting a lot of energy to pleasing its owners. In turn, it needs masters willing to provide daily exercise and attention. 

10. Bearded Collie

With a color scheme similar to that of the Old English Sheepdog, the Bearded Collie is another favorite furry dog. It is characterized by its great ingenuity; although if he is bored, he can be the protagonist of many pranks.

11. Bouvier des Flanders

This type of breed demands a lot of daily exercise, because it comes from a herding breed. His temperament is affectionate and gets along well with children.

12. Alaskan Malamute

In our top 15 long-haired dogs, this breed could not be missing. If you prefer playful and very intelligent dogs, the Malamute is a good candidate. But if you choose him, don’t be surprised that he wants to become the “leader of the pack”.

13. Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Another favorite among white dogs is this breed. Its bearing is elegant and it is characterized, among other things, by its great loyalty to its masters. This, perhaps, is the reason why he is usually not very affectionate with strangers.

14. Old English Shepherd

Cunning and affectionate are just some of the traits that could describe this giant. His fur consists of several gray patches with white patches and the large amount of fur on his face makes it difficult to see his eyes, making them appear very small. Due to the length of its hair, you will have to give it constant maintenance and brush from the deepest layers, to avoid the formation of mats.

15. Samoyed

If you have enough space in your garden to cover the needs of a dog with a lot of energy, and you are looking for large dog breeds, you can look at a Samoyed; a white, shaggy dog ​​with a gentle temperament. Its fur is dense, long and very soft. 

Regardless of how exhausting the task of removing pet hair from surfaces is, these friendly furry friends will continue to provide important companionship in our lives. The good news is that manufacturers such as Cecotec, Kärcher or Rowenta have advanced in the design of new devices. For example, the Rowenta smart force essential aqua rr6971wh, a very complete device that could help you leave your parquet and carpets free of hair.

Similarly, don’t forget to brush your pet regularly, so you can remove much of the dead hair, preventing it from spreading to all corners of your home. The ideal is to choose one of good quality among the furminators on the market and establish a daily grooming routine. This small action can make a difference in the hygiene of your spaces.

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