20 breeds of Spanish dogs

Since ancient times, dogs have been domesticated in Spain to carry out different activities with them, such as hunting and surveillance. However, over the years, Spanish dogs have become animals with their own identity. They are known for their nobility and intelligence, which is why they are not only pets, but also guides and guardians.

The Royal Canine Society of Spain highlights some native Spanish breeds that are rare even within the country itself, which makes them more valuable and special. In this sense, we have made a list with the 20 best dogs of the Spanish breed.

1) Majorcan shepherd

The origin of the Majorcan shepherd is uncertain, but it is said that it was created from races from the continent and native dogs in the 16th century. Since then, he has been bred for herding and looks similar to the Labrador retriever.

2) Spanish water dog

Although it may not seem like it, this is one of the most popular Spanish hunting dog breeds. Experts believe that it originated in the territory of the Iberian Peninsula. Currently, its population is concentrated in Andalusia and, among its physical characteristics, its dense fur stands out.

3) Ibizan Hound

This is not a new breed of dog, on the contrary, there are some images of these animals in the tombs of the Pharaohs Emaka and Tutankhamun, dating back several thousand years BC. C. However, the first Podenco dog was registered in the Spanish Book of Origins in 1982.

4) Catalan Shepherd

This Spanish shepherd probably descends from the dogs of Tibet , but after several crosses it found its natural terrain in the region of Catalonia, where humans knew how to take advantage of its intelligence.

5) Burgos Pointer

This is an adaptable Spanish breed that can live in apartments, but requires regular exercise. In this regard, it is very popular with hunters, as it can withstand any terrain.

6) Majorcan Mastiff

Also known as the Majorcan Presa Dog, it was used for several years as an animal to protect ships against pirate attacks. This breed is distinguished by having strong and muscular legs.

7) Garafiano shepherd

The Canarian Shepherd is a dog native to the Canary Islands. It was recognized by the Royal Canine Society of Spain in 2003 and is characterized by being a docile animal that is very protective of its owners. It is also one of the friendliest medium-sized dog breeds.

8) Majorcan buzzard

The Majorcan buzzard is a small Spanish dog that has buzzard in its name because of its great ability to hunt small animals, such as rats, rabbits and hares. This dog can be transported easily, since in addition to its small size it weighs around 5 kg.

9) Spanish Alan

The black Spanish Alano or any other color has an approximate weight of 34 to 39 kg, so it is not part of the small presa dogs. On the contrary, its large body makes it suitable for controlling cattle and hunting large animals, such as deer and wild boar. For this reason, this dog is usually carried with a muzzle and it is removed when hunting.

10) Spanish point dog

The Spanish Pointing Dog is probably the oldest ancestor of the Pointing Dogs. In addition, it is a natural breed, which means that it was not created by crosses made by men.

11) Andalusian Winemaker Buzzard

This is a small breed that has its origin in Andalusia. The Andalusian bodeguero is black on the head and the rest of its body is white, which allows it to be easily distinguished in the dark.

12) Spanish Greyhound

It is a Spanish breed of dog from ancient times, which was presumably brought to the country by the Celts in the Iron Age. For many years it was used as a hunting dog, but today it is a good companion and show dog .

13) Spanish Mastiff

This Spanish breed resides mainly in the southern part of the country in Andalusia and has a sweet character with its owners. In addition, it offers great abilities as a guard dog, since it is attentive, intelligent, robust and self-confident.

14) Spanish Hound

It is a loyal and affectionate dog with its owner, although it has an unstable nature that makes it unfriendly when strangers are around. Therefore, he is a good choice as a guard dog.

15) Canary Mastiff

The Canary Mastiff used to live in the wild, but has been domesticated over the years. It was usually used as a fighting animal, but when fighting was banned in the 1940s, it almost became extinct. However, the breed resurfaced after 1970.

16) Bichon Frize

It is a dog of European origin that was brought to the Canary Islands by Spanish sailors. In the year 1500, he acquired great popularity among the members of the European courts of Spain.

17) Navarrese Pachon

This is a dog that has overcome various crises, including the Civil War. It is an animal with a hunting nature that has been highly appreciated over the years thanks to its abilities as a tracker.

18) Handle

It is a native Andalusian dog that has a playful character and a small size, so it does not represent any danger and can be without a leash. However, previously it was used in hunting partridges and rabbits.

19) Majorero dog

It is a dog recognized by the Royal Canine Society of Spain in 1994. In the past, it was used as a guard dog and a livestock dog.

20) Pyrenean Mastiff

If you are looking for a large breed Spanish dog, you should know the Pyrenean Mastiff, which normally worked as a herd guard, always being an intelligent, strong and noble animal.

To finish, it is good to say that most of the Spanish dog breeds come from wolves. However, due to their natural evolution and the years of domestication by humans, we can find dogs in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, which have the character of guardians and are faithful companions.

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