30 medium dog breeds

Medium-breed dogs are usually strong animals, with a friendly, balanced character, with a great capacity for adaptation and they are also easy to train; so they could be a good option for people who love these pets who live in flats or in homes with little available space.


Regardless of whether or not you know the benefits that pets provide, human beings always seek to be accompanied by one. In this sense, dogs, particularly medium-sized ones, are one of the first options, since their domestic evolution has given rise to a wide variety of breeds with different physical and behavioral characteristics.

Specifically, medium-sized dogs are those that are between 28 and 60 centimeters tall and have a body mass of around 14 and 25 kilos. Qualities that do not imply an extra burden or cost when it comes to feeding them, bathing them and providing them with the other basic care they require for a healthy life.

The best medium dog breeds

The classification of medium dogs is very broad, so we will divide it according to some more specific qualities.


Because of his temperament

Dogs have the peculiarity of adapting to the lifestyle of their caregivers, although there are breeds of medium-sized dogs that are calm by nature. Such as:

1. Basset Hound. This breed is characterized by its gentle demeanor and deep gaze, although in the past they were trained as hunting companions. The peculiarity of its physical complexion is its main attraction, since it is a dog with short legs and an elongated body, which requires special care for its eyes and long ears.

2. Golden Retriever.  Its wavy golden coat makes it an elegant breed. They are gentle, calm dogs, they like to play and they learn quickly. For this reason, they are trained for search and rescue tasks or as support for people with disabilities. Due to their temperament they are good as family pets.

3. Poodle or medium poodle. Its curly coat makes it one of the most elegant species. It is a popular breed for its intelligence and balanced temperament that make it a good companion, faithful and attached to its family group.

dynamic and athletic

There are other breeds that arouse interest due to their athletic mettle, who like to go running or do outdoor activities, such as:

4. American Staffordshire terrier. Athletic and muscular in appearance, they were initially raised as fighting dogs, now they are sought after for company because they are strong and intelligent, for which they must be properly educated in order to develop their sociable side and correct their behavior.

5. Goldenlab. Also known as the Goldador, it is a very sociable specimen, which is why it is trained as a therapy dog. Given his intelligence and athletic nature, he requires daily physical and cognitive exercise.

6. Shepherd from Leon. Its harlequin colors between black, gray and white draw the attention of this energetic and intelligent specimen. In terms of its adaptability, it responds well to the habits of its families, although it prefers to have enough outdoor space to release its energy.

7. Huskador or Labsky. For those who can’t make up their minds and are torn between opting for the intelligence of a Husky or the pleasant temperament of a Labrador, the good news is that there is a new American breed that derives from both and inherits traits from its predecessors. Although you should keep in mind that it prefers cold climates.


The coat is one of the main attractions of medium breed dogs, because being a large group this quality allows them to differentiate both by structure (smooth, curly or wavy) as well as length and thickness. It is important to note that its vitality will depend on the basic care provided, such as bathing and proper combing.

On the other hand, there are some medium-sized dogs that do not shed, also known as hypoallergenic dogs , which are suitable for those who want to enjoy the company of a dog, but have some allergy to them. Some outstanding specimens in this category could be:

8. Hungarian shorthaired pointer. It is one of the elegant short-haired medium dogs. Also known as vizslas, they are dynamic and attached to their human families, especially if they like outdoor activities and sports.

9. English bull terrier. With short hair and usually white, it is recognized by the peculiar shape of its head and short ears. This robust dog is not what he seems, on the contrary, he is playful and likes to be petted. Because of the energy you have, you should exercise frequently.

10. English bulldog. It is characterized by its short fine and smooth hair that is easy to maintain. It can be found in various colors such as white, light brown, brindle, red, fawn or their mixtures. It is a calm dog, a good watchdog and if it is well educated it is a great companion for families with children. Due to the bowing of its legs and sensitivity to heat, it should not be exercised excessively.

11.Harriers.  Very popular in Great Britain, it is characterized by its great sense of smell that makes it one of the best trackers . With a muscular body, it is balanced and sociable, recommended as company in outdoor sports activities. Given the characteristics of its short hair, it does not require excessive care for its maintenance.

12. Standard Schnauzer. With a strong character and elegant bearing, this breed has a peculiar colored coat that makes its features stand out. It is a robust breed that requires special care to stay healthy. Hence, daily brushing, occasional cuts and daily physical activity are the main tasks to practice with them; especially when they live in an apartment.

13. Berger de picardie. It is an ancient breed of dog that stands out for its rough semi-long coat, which must be brushed periodically. It is an active dog so it should be exercised regularly and being sociable, it gets along well with humans and other animals.

14. Tibetan terrier. It is a robust dog, although the females are smaller. It has a cheerful and playful personality, which is why it is recommended as a family dog. They like to exercise and take good care of training. Due to their long and dense fur, they must be combed daily to avoid knots.

15. Chow Chow.  With a robust body, it is a very territorial dog. For this reason, you must socialize from puppyhood to avoid problems with visits. They need daily exercise and walks to keep their temperament calm. A distinctive feature of this breed is its purple or bluish-black tongue.

16. Samoyed. It is a breed appreciated by dog ​​lovers thanks to its dense and structured coat in two layers. Quality that makes it a convenient species for people with allergy problems. On the other hand, positive training from puppyhood will be a fundamental factor for their good relationship with their human families.

17. Bearded Collie. Also known as bearded collie, given the peculiar shape that its dense fur adopts on its snout, it is an energetic but sensitive breed, which is why it requires a family with an active lifestyle, which provides continuous exercise and recreation to maintain itself. happy.

18. Bedlington terriers. Despite its abundant curly fur , it is considered hypoallergenic, since it sheds little. It also requires daily brushing to maintain its vitality. It is a dog that by nature loves to dig; behavior inherited from their ancestors who were used as hunting dogs. Therefore, it must be recreated daily so that it does not acquire inappropriate behaviors.

19. Spanish water dog. Also hypoallergenic, he has curly hair, so he needs regular combing so he doesn’t get dreadlocks. With a cheerful temperament, it is an obedient dog that integrates well with its family nucleus.

attached to children

Children feel a special fascination for these pets, coming to form great and lasting emotional ties. In addition, dogs encourage the development of values ​​such as responsibility and respect, by providing these playmates with the care and love they require. Among the medium-sized dogs for children, the following stand out:

20. Boxers. His friendly and cheerful character belies her sad appearance. They are active dogs that like to play. Therefore, they are good for playing and entertaining children. In addition, they create strong ties with their family group. They do not bark much, only when they consider it necessary. They fiercely defend their own against possible threats.

21. French bulldog. It is a breed that tends to socialize easily, which is why it relates very well with children and other animals; In addition, its sweet demeanor and flattened snout encourages you to fill them with love. Like all dogs, it requires basic care that involves a sporadic bath, a balanced diet and weekly brushing.

22. Medium Labradoodles. It is a mestizo dog characterized by its rough and hypoallergenic coat that, together with its playful and friendly character, is an appropriate breed as a pet for children. In addition, his basic care falls on a balanced diet, physical activity and affection.

23. English Cocker Spaniel. He is friendly, playful, confident, and intelligent; he can be described as a happy, mild-tempered dog, who can get along with all members of the family, although he chooses one as his favourite. Because of his long floppy ears it is recommended to keep his hair short in both ears.

24. Border collie. They are good guard dogs, affectionate with their family group, although suspicious of strangers. They like outdoor activities, grazing being their favorite. Therefore, they require a walk and daily exercise. Also, being a highly intelligent dog, it should be mentally stimulated.

25. Xoloitzcuintli. Three sizes of this breed can be found, but all are characterized by the lack of fur. It is an obedient Mexican dog, friendly as well as playful. Hence, he gets along very well with children.


to live in a flat

There is a tendency to consider that dogs should not be kept in small environments such as an apartment; question not very certain, since the adaptability of any dog ​​to a reduced space depends on the early education that he receives and the willingness of his forks to comply with a regimen of outings and exercise. Activities that serve to appease his mood, exercise his bodily functions and at the same time socialize.

Of course, in this case, if the breed is not very large, their life will be more comfortable. Aspect that has led to defining a group of medium-sized dogs to live in flats to integrate better in these areas. Some of them are:

26. Croatian Shepherd. This breed is characterized by its intelligence and balance, of course it requires frequent exercise, every day if possible, thus maintaining its placidity within the home. You must start your training as a puppy and socialize with other dogs to avoid aggressive behavior.

27. Schnoodle. Considered a hypoallergenic breed , it loses little hair, this is a quality that makes it a strong candidate for living in flats. They learn well, are intelligent, loyal and affectionate with all members of the family. In any of its five sizes, its body is proportionate and athletic; therefore, you need physical activity.

28. Sharpei. They are very sociable, they adapt very well to the space and way of life of their caregivers, being loyal to them. Its appearance with folds in its skin make it a unique being. It is also a breed prone to food allergies, so they require a quality diet.

29. Kerry blue terrier. The fact that they shed little hair and lack body odor makes specimens of this breed an appropriate pet to live in flats. However, they require a proper exercise routine and outdoor activities to release energy.

30. German Pinscher. This elegant dog with a muscular body and short hair is a good watchdog. He needs some training and socializing with other pets; as well as daily physical activity and walks of at least thirty minutes.

Finally, it remains to limit that the medium breeds of dogs, regardless of the habit of life, physical structure and temperament; They require a series of care to stay physically and emotionally healthy. Among them are hygiene, food, entertainment, vaccination control, an appropriate place to rest, such as a doghouse and, above all, love to feel protected.

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