5 reasons why you need a dog trainer

When we talk about a dog trainer, contests in which these dogs jump obstacles in spectacular competitions come to mind. However, the truth is that these professionals are dedicated to ensuring that dogs and owners enjoy a better coexistence.

As with children and teachers, dog trainers are the professionals who are in charge of educating our furry ones.

They are ideal both to solve specific problems and to give them the education they need to improve their behavior. Something that is essential for a better coexistence, given that many of these improper behaviors are annoying and can even be dangerous.

So that you have a clearer understanding of everything that a dog trainer can do for you and your pet, below we will tell you about the problems that they most frequently solve. If your dog is in any of these situations, you are interested in finding a dog training professional in Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona or the city you live in, to help you put an end to these problems. 

If you are wondering, the services of these professionals are not particularly high. Especially if we take into account the problems they help solve.

Surely more than once you would have given everything you have as long as your dog does not bark anymore during the night. This situation is the first reason we are going to give you to hire a dog trainer.

1. Problems with barking

Among the behavior problems that dogs have, barking is one of the most common. An inconvenience that, moreover, not only affects us but also our neighbors.

And it can even end up causing problems with our community and, in the worst case, can lead to a complaint against us. Something that we can easily solve if we have the services of a competent dog trainer.

Since these situations can have different causes, the professional will begin his work by evaluating the condition of your pet and identifying its causes. In most cases, it is usually enough to solve these reasons for the incessant barking to stop.

Although, if necessary, it will also apply different training exercises with which to keep your dog’s barking at bay.

2. Problems with bowel movements

Another of the most common problems that canine trainers deal with has to do with your pet’s bowel movements.

Those animals that have not been properly trained can relieve themselves anywhere in your house. This is not only unpleasant, but can be a serious hygiene problem if there are children or babies in the house.

In this case, the training aims to educate the dog so that it is capable of adapting to the times of the walks and doing its business then. A task that is not too complex if you find the right professional.

3. Psychological problems

Although psychology is one of the characteristics of our pet that we often ignore, it is a fundamental aspect. If it is not taken into account, it can limit their happiness and cause problems for them.

As proof, there are not a few animals rescued from shelters, strays or that have suffered mistreatment that present some of these problems. They are fearful pets that never want to be left alone or bark when they see us go out, also having problems relating to both people and other dogs.

To solve this issue, a deep work is necessary. This consists of identifying the causes and offering the necessary support so that your dog understands that these complex circumstances are part of the past, and that his new life is going to be totally different.

This task takes a little longer than other trainings, but it will certainly help your pet feel better and enjoy a more peaceful life.

4. Anxiety on walks

Many dogs have a tendency to pull on the leash during walks due to nervousness that arises before or during outings. These pulls are not only annoying, but can also be dangerous.

On the one hand, for our pet, since if it escapes in one of those jerks, it can have dire consequences. And, on the other hand, for the person who walks it, since a pull at a bad time can cause a fall.

Fortunately, this is another of our dog’s behaviors that can be resolved with proper training. These pulls are derived from various causes that, once detected, are not too complex to manage and resolve. So it won’t take long for this investment in security to pay off.

5. Puppy Training

As with children, puppyhood is the ideal time to educate your pet. This way you will learn everything you need to improve your relationship for the rest of your life.

Using a professional to teach your furry little one how to behave during coexistence is a great idea.

These training programs cover aspects such as excessive play that ends in bites on the hands or feet, avoiding the damage that the pet can do at home and the control of depositions.

Also included is proper management of loneliness, excessive barking, and other common dog problems. As well as other healthy and useful habits for the present and the future.

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