All about the Beagle dog breed

The Beagle dog breed is one of the favorites for many, since it has a very intrepid character and is quite active. His character is cheerful and he can be affectionate and protective with his master, but he requires certain care to prevent him from being exposed to the complications of the breed.

Beagles are a breed of European origin that have gained a lot of popularity around the world, thanks to various mentions and appearances that have made them famous.

It is classified within the breeds of hunting dogs , due to its energy, intelligence and excellent sense of smell, which are elements that make it stand out above others.

They were mainly bred for hunting hares and rabbits, but today’s specimens are also excellent companion animals that enjoy playing and socializing, as well as being faithful and protective of their keepers.

Origins of the Beagle breed

It is known as the English Beagle because its selective breeding began in the United Kingdom and, although there are records of the breed for more than two millennia, it was approximately in 1830 when this stage would begin.

Although its origins have not been fully confirmed, it is suspected that the breed has existed since the time of Ancient Greece, considering what is stated in ancient treatises.

Among its ancestors is the talbot; an extinct breed with similar physical characteristics that, after being crossed with the greyhound to obtain a faster dog, the southern hound was created; another extinct breed that is accepted by some as the ancestor of the Beagle.

Types of Beagles

According to the International Cinological Federation, there is only one type of Beagle and it is the one that meets the established height requirements.

Mini Beagle or Small Beagle is a “variation” of the breed that is not recognized by the FCI. Their size is less than the determined standard and, generally, they are the result of genetic malformations that generate dwarfism.

Beagle Dog Physique

The Beagle dog is in the medium size category, so it is not an overly imposing animal and can be mastered with the right techniques.

In relation to its appearance, the adult Beagle has large and drooping ears , being one of its main characteristics. Regarding the drooling tendency, it is classified as low while they are prone to barking quite a bit.

Analyzing the height of a beagle, its size is usually 38 centimeters for the male, while its weight is around 10 to 20 kilograms. For its part, in the beagle the female has an approximate height of 33 centimeters and her weight is also maintained between 10 to 20 kilograms.

Beagle breed fur

The coat is one of the most important aspects of any type of dog. In the Beagle its colors are those characteristic of all hounds : black, brown and white. White is usually on the lower body, while brown covers the midsection and head. In relation to black, it is found in the upper area of ​​the back.

On the other hand, we cannot leave out the bicolor Beagle which, unlike those mentioned, usually has a combined white and hazelnut or brown coat. Its variations give rise to the red, white and tan Beagle, although the tricolor is more common.

The length of the coat of a puppy or adult Beagle in any of its versions is always short, while its type remains smooth. Thanks to this, the care of the Beagle is not too demanding and it is classified as a low aesthetic maintenance dog.

beagles character

One of the qualities that Beagles have is that they are good as family dogs, as they get along with other animals. They are very cheerful and energetic , so they will get along well with small children and are also usually quite sociable, something that makes them good companion dogs.

However, they have a reputation for being a bit difficult to train compared to other breeds, as well as being excessively curious, so you may want to consider special dog collars to help you make them obey commands.

Another aspect that you should take into consideration is barking, since they are easily excited and this can be a bit difficult to control.

food requirements

Bearing in mind that a Beagle dog has a tendency to be overweight due to his insatiable appetite, you have to take great care of his diet.

The diet that the dog follows must be rich in fibers, nutrients and chondroprotectors. These elements contain what is necessary to satisfy hunger, provide the required energy and also take care of the animal’s joints.

In addition to this, in order to determine which diet will be most effective and the amount that can be ingested, the age, weight and amount of physical activity carried out by the animal must be taken into account in order to provide what is necessary.

care recommendations

As mentioned, since you have a Beagle puppy at home, one of the most important aspects to take care of is its diet. This breed has a tendency to be overweight, which exposes it to diseases such as meningitis in dogs and herniated discs. Due to this, it is necessary that throughout his life he follows a controlled diet that removes him from the risk of suffering from any of these ailments.

On the other hand, when Beagle puppies grow, so do their ears and, being larger in context with their body, they are exposed to otitis or infections. Consequently, it is recommended that hygiene in this area be constant and effective, to minimize any type of risk.

Life expectancy

Beagle dogs enjoy great longevity, since their life expectancy is between 13 and 15 years, as long as they have the necessary care to guarantee their good health.

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