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The German Shepherd could be the ideal dog for any home; Since he is loyal and intelligent, he relates well to people and can adapt to any environment. In addition, he has a sociable temperament and a protective instinct, which makes him one of the preferred breeds to live with.

The German shepherd is a breed that was born at the end of the 19th century in Germany. It is a dog that comes from the selective and careful crossing of several shepherd dogs. The idea was to look for a haughty and elegant breed, but also with qualities of intelligence, resistance, nobility and the ability to work present in their predecessors.

It is an exceptional dog with great qualities, which makes it the ideal companion for families. However, although it is a balanced and affectionate animal, the German shepherd puppy requires to be properly trained or trained in obedience.

When it is not well educated at an early age, these dogs could present behavioral problems such as nervousness, excitability or aggressiveness, particularly with strangers. This due to their guardian or overprotective instinct.

Distinctive features

These powerful dogs are of a large breed, agile, strong, vital and with a great temperament. They have a balanced aesthetic and a perfectly proportioned structure. They are longer than they are tall and have a highly developed thorax. In the same way they are endowed with a harmonious appearance with wolfish features and the height of their withers can range between 55 and 65 cm; Depends if it’s male or female.

They have a broad head that tapers to a sharp snout with strong jaws. Likewise, the ears of the German Shepherd are medium-sized, pointed and always stand up naturally; while his muscular back is always level, in a straight line with a sloping back.

They are also characterized by having a coat of medium length hair, with a rough and hard texture; although there is also the long-haired German shepherd, a specimen with a double coat. A quality that makes it especially resistant to cold climates. In addition, all these dogs have a long, thick tail with a thick coat.

As for the color of its hair, the best known specimen is the black German shepherd, although there are also dogs with black fur and reddish, brown, brown, gray and brown fur. On the other hand, the weight of the German shepherd tends to be 30 to 40 kilos in males and 22 to 32 kilos in females.

It is advisable not to breed the female until her third heat, which can take place in her year and a half of life. Similarly, the maximum age recommended by veterinarians for mating and giving birth to her should not exceed 7 years. 


It is normal that those who are planning to include a specimen of this breed in the family wonder how long a German shepherd lives? Although it is a resistant breed of dog with great physical strength, its life expectancy is 10 to 12 years.

Outstanding skills

German shepherd dogs are one of the most intelligent breeds known to date. In addition, he is a strong, obedient dog with an excellent sense of smell; making it one of the most reliable canines when it comes to rescue tasks or looking for lost people. Thanks to its developed sense of smell and great intuition, it is an effective rescue dog as a tracker.

Likewise, their intelligence facilitates their training; Therefore, they are dogs that respond positively to instructions and are capable of understanding every word or order given by the trainer. For this reason, the German Shepherd is one of the few dogs that provides service to the community.

You can work collaboratively to detect explosives and find drugs . It is also a breed that is often part of the police and military forces. In turn, many use them as guide dogs to provide great support to disabled people. In addition, thanks to their adaptability, they are excellent as guard dogs and protectors of the family.

His temperament and adaptability

The character of the German shepherd is firm, overprotective, secure and balanced; although he always remains cautious and alert to strangers. It is an affectionate, noble and sociable animal with his family; with whom he develops a strong bond. For this, they should be given a lot of love and play with them frequently.

It is a brave dog with a strong protective instinct, so it will not hesitate to defend its own; particularly when it comes to children. In addition, his natural tendency leads them to help others, so he can perceive when someone needs support or is in danger.

On the other hand, regardless of whether it is a large German shepherd or a puppy, these canines have no problem adapting to different environments. They can coexist without problems both in the city and in the countryside and are also capable of withstanding different climates or environments.

care to consider

Regardless of the German Shepherd types, all of these dogs exude energy and vitality. For this reason, it is essential to dedicate time and attention to keep up with them; They need to do a lot of exercise, at least three to five walks a day, depending on their age.

In order to channel all their energy, they should be provided with toys with which the shepherd can have fun; Considering the great strength of the jaw, they must be toys that do not represent any risk to the animal.

To be happy they need to live in a home that offers a large backyard or a large garden, where they can run and let off steam to their heart’s content. However, the German shepherd is a dog that does not respond well when left alone for a long time.

Due to its character, it should never be confined to a doghouse, nor should it be kept in confined spaces that limit its movements. Likewise, to keep its coat healthy, it is convenient to brush it twice a week and during its moult, brush it daily.

As for their diet, they require a large amount of protein and water for hydration. The best option is to provide them with a dry feed, rich in specific nutrients for this breed.

German shepherd dogs are animals with countless enviable abilities: faithful par excellence, protectors, intelligent, workers, guardians, strong and loving; qualities that only this unique breed of dog could offer.

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