Anti-bark collar, everything you need to know about this practice of animal cruelty

Despite being a tool widely used by some dog trainers and by people who seek to control and silence their dog, the truth is that the use of the anti-bark collar is a cruel punishment for the animal; In addition, it triggers secondary effects that negatively affect and threaten its integrity.

Know the operation and types of anti-bark collar

It is a collar that integrates in its design a box equipped with vibration sensors, which are capable of detecting the dog’s barking, in which case it emits an electrical stimulus, vibration and/or acoustic signals, in order to deter the dog. animal to stop barking. As the frequency of barking increases, the intensity of the electrical stimulus could increase and for this, some manufacturers offer collars that can be adjusted in power; being 6 volts, the average power of these products.

As for the types of collar, there are several models according to their operation. Starting with the collars that emit electric shocks, these products have a mechanism that is placed on the canine’s throat and through two metal teeth (which must make contact with the skin), it sends the electric shock. In some cases this discharge can be regulated in intensity; the idea is that when the dog feels the electric shock it stops barking.

Likewise, there are ultrasound collars. In these cases, an unpleasant, high-pitched sound is emitted, which disturbs the dog’s sensitive sense of hearing and deters it from barking. Likewise, we have the citronella collar, an accessory for dogs that has a system that detects barking and sends a stream of lemon-scented liquid against the throat, which is unpleasant and uncomfortable for the animal.

Another slightly less aggressive and alternative system is the use of the anti-bark muzzle, this product offers an elastic design that is placed on the dog’s snout and adjusts enough to prevent the canine from barking. In this case, the animal must be trained to drink and eat with this muzzle.

Is it really efficient? Find out about side effects

Currently there are no tests to support its effectiveness, so it is not a product with proven efficacy; nor is it a recommended product to encourage good behavior in the dog. For this reason, many people on the web have left their comments and negative opinions about this necklace.

As it is a very negative punishment tool, far from controlling barking and educating the animal, it triggers inappropriate behavior and does not allow the dog to understand what happens when it receives the electric shock; since for him, barking is his natural way of expressing himself. On the other hand, it is not recommended or safe to leave him alone for a long time with the collar on.

According to experts and according to the Humane Society, the anti-bark collar causes side effects that could cause serious behavior problems; These include aggressiveness, fear, misunderstanding, anxiety, rejection, discomfort, stress, nervousness and even in dogs that already suffer from stress or anxiety, the use of this tool harms and exacerbates their condition.

For this reason, it is best to go to a professional expert in canine behavior and not treat our pets with unreliable products. In addition, we must keep in mind that positive reinforcement is the best method of “punishment”.

Does your dog’s barking bother you? learn what to do

Just as other animals make sounds to communicate, dogs also do it through barking. Many times they bark to try to tell us something, for example, to indicate the presence of a stranger; so it is best to analyze the causes of their barking and seek a solution in the hands of a dog educator. There are always alternatives to solve this problem, without the need to use instruments that mistreat and harm; in which case we will be talking about animal cruelty.

When a dog is left alone at home, it feels abandoned and suffers separation from its owner, which is why it tends to bark. They also do it when they observe other animals in the environment (such as a squirrel or a cat); likewise, when visitors come to the house and they are strangers to him. In any case, they are treatable situations and are solved with the recommendations and guidelines offered by professionals in this field. The idea is to avoid compromising the physical integrity and health of the dog.

On the other hand, you will be able to research valuable information on the web that could be very useful. Likewise, walks and daily physical activity with your pet are an excellent alternative to help you release your stress, your anxiety and improve your behavior and relationship with people.

Animal cruelty situations

Above all, it should be noted that dogs are intelligent, sociable, easily trainable animals and that many consider them “man’s best friend”; so we must respect them as living beings and take care of them, since they offer us their company and unconditional love. Unfortunately, however, there are people who do not think this way and who are in favor of punishment and some extreme measures to correct this behavior.

One of the inhumane and cruel methods that you should never use to silence your dog is the removal of the vocal cords. This mutilation (cordectomy) is performed in a surgical procedure, where part of the vocal tissue is removed from the dog, with the consequent loss of blood and painful recovery.

Likewise, there are trainers who recommend yelling at the animal and hitting an object, in order to generate more noise and make the dog understand who is in charge, which is also not beneficial or gives long-term results.

For this reason, in the event that you need to keep your dog silent due to any circumstance, the most viable and safe option for him is to use one of the best muzzles (In this link you can find some purchase options) available in the market. market, so that it does not represent risk or danger to your health; a comfortable model that does not cause anxiety or stress to the animal.

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