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Cat Toys – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

Cat pets also have the right to play and have fun, it is for this reason that you could buy a cat toy available on the market with the intention of offering your cat moments of distraction and helping him exercise. Thus, we present some models among which the Asiv A01437 stands out, characterized by being a three-way tunnel with dimensions of 80 x 25 x 30 centimeters. In addition, it is foldable for when you decide to store it. For its part, the Pecute PT-CTB02 model stands out for its design comprised of four layers accompanied by special balls for your cat to have fun. It is made with quality materials and has fine finishes.

Opinions on the best cat toys

There are countless toys for cats on the market with which to offer your pet moments of fun. However, each alternative is different, which is why we invite you to learn about some models that stand out among many for the variety of parts they have and also for the quality and resistance they could provide for each use.

homemade cat toys

Asiv A01437

If you are looking for the best cat toys, you could consider this model sponsored by the Asiv brand. It is a three-way tunnel available in black with details in a blue tone.

As for its size, the dimensions of this toy are 80 x 25 x 30 centimeters when unfolded, while its weight is only 331 grams, which makes this product very light and easy to handle. Likewise, it is made with circular polyester linings, while each end has metal to provide your pet with a more stable structure before each use.

It should be noted that among all the toys for homemade cats that you could find on the market, this is an easy model to store or transport, thanks to its folding design that makes this task very comfortable and quick to carry out.

We know that you want to find the best toy for cats, and tunnels can be a good alternative in this regard, learn a little more about the Asiv A01437 model.


Dimensions: Its dimensions are 80 x 25 x 30 centimeters, while its weight is only 331 grams, which makes it an easy product to handle and position.

Manufacturing: This toy is made with circular linings, and at each end of the tracks it has metal to provide your cat with a stable structure.

Folding: Because it is a folding toy, you will have the opportunity to store it or transport it from one place to another comfortably.


Noise: It should be noted that this toy usually emits a somewhat annoying noise during use due to its manufacturing material, but it could be part of the attraction to motivate your cat to use it.

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legendog 10 pieces

Keeping your cat distracted while playing could be a simple task to carry out as long as you can count on the best cat toy. In this sense, the Legendog brand has a total of 10 pieces for you so that your cat can play chase, hunt, jump and stalk.

In this sense, we talk about homemade cat toys such as two feather quilts, a sisal fish, a sisal ball, three mice, a cat bell, a squeaky ball and a catnip pillow.

It should be noted that these toys are made with special materials, including high-quality wood without environmental pollution, as well as elastic, feathers and sisal.

Also, for the cane-style toy, the length of the pendant is considerable, so it will keep your fingers out of the cat’s claws.

If you still don’t know which cat toy to buy, you could look at this model. Therefore, we invite you to learn a little about its most relevant features.


Manufacturing: Each toy is made of resistant and durable materials such as sisal, elastic, feathers and wood, thus avoiding having to replace them in the short term.

Variety: Thanks to the fact that it has different pieces, the problem of your cat getting bored by always using the same toy is avoided.

Activities: Given the use of the 10 pieces that are available in this product, your cat will be able to play jumping, stalking, chasing and hunting.


Durability: In the case of a pack of 10 pieces, you should try to keep everything in the same place to avoid losing a toy.

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interactive cat toys

Pecute PT-CTB02

There are many interactive toys for cats on the market, including the PT-CTB02 model from the Pecute brand, a product designed to provide fun and entertainment to your cat while using it.

It should be noted that it is a detachable toy that is made up of four layers and each of them has its own ball. But that’s not all, this toy also has an opening in which you can mount a fun stick that has a mouse at one end. You can disassemble it and use it separately to entertain your pet.

As for its manufacture, this product is made up of polypropylene resin, which in addition to being non-toxic is also respectful of the environment and for greater safety the corners are rounded, so your cat will not get hurt using it. of the same.

Choosing a good toy for your cat will have a lot to do with each of the details that make it up. For this reason we provide you with information about the Pecute PT-CTB02 model.


Design: This toy is made up of four layers and some balls to provide your cat with fun, as well as a stick with a special mouse for its distraction.

Materials: During the manufacture of this product, materials such as non-toxic polypropylene resin have been used, therefore, it could offer you a long useful life.

Finishes: It is important to note that this toy has good finishes, and its corners are rounded to avoid inconveniences with your cat.


Accessories: As for the stick with the mouse that is supplied with this toy, it should be noted that the support offered could be improved, so that it does not come off too easily.

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electric tacobear

Another of the interactive toys for cats that you could consider is the electric Tacobear available in blue with white and with an attractive design. This same is made up of a base accompanied by a ball and a removable duster which you can hold for your pet to play.

For its part, this base could be ideal for you to place some snacks for your cat so that it is attracted to the toy. Regarding its operation, this model could facilitate the physical and mental development of your cat, which is an additional benefit especially for cats that are usually sedentary.

It should be noted that materials such as recycled post-consumer plastic were used during its manufacture, while the feathers it has are natural and undyed. Finally, its dimensions are 17 centimeters in diameter, while the height is 18 centimeters and its final weight is 500 grams.

When choosing a cat toy available on the market, it is important that you manage to look at each of the characteristics that it has to offer yourself a special model.


Dimensions: Its dimensions are 17 centimeters in diameter and 18 centimeters in height. Therefore, your cat will be able to play comfortably.

Manufacturing: This model has been manufactured with materials such as natural undyed feathers and post-consumer recycled plastic, which contributes to caring for the environment and prevents your cat from coming into contact with harmful substances.

Design: The toy provides various forms of fun and good finishes, so it will not affect the decoration of your home while entertaining your cat.


Batteries: The model requires two AAA batteries, which are not included in the package, so you must purchase them separately.

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Other products

Catit 50730A1

Among other products available to provide your furry friend with moments of fun and entertainment is the Play Circuit model from the Rolf C. Hagen brand. It is characterized by being the cheapest cat toy on our list of recommendations.

As for its design, this model is available in white with blue and can be assembled in different ways to provide your cat with moments of distraction. Likewise, it is supplied with a ball that is located inside the circuit, therefore, your cat will not be able to take it out and will remain distracted trying to move it through a slot that the toy has.

It should be noted that this product has been manufactured with quality materials, including resistant and durable plastic, so you should not worry about making additional expenses in the future. Likewise, we are talking about a toy that is easy to assemble, that is, it will not take you long to get it ready so that your cat can use it.

This cat toy is among the cheapest available on the market and on our recommendation list, so you don’t have to spend too much money to offer your pet an entertaining toy.


Design: It is a circuit available in white with blue that you can assemble in different ways to provide fun for your cat.

Ball: It includes a ball that will always be inside the circuit and that the cat will be able to move with its paws through slots arranged in the structure of the product.

Materials: A resistant and durable plastic has been used for its manufacture, capable of providing you with a long useful life.


Structure: The structure may be a little softer than you imagine, therefore, this toy is recommended for the use of small cats.

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WLMall Spinning Ball

If you want to know which is the best cat toy, you must take into account certain characteristics that will help you identify the best one for your pet. In this sense, you could take a look at the Rotating ball model sponsored by the WLMall brand, since it has a suitable operation for your cat to exercise.

It is a ball with detachable feathers that with the push of a button will move continuously throughout your home in 360 degrees while your cat tries to catch it. This in turn will emit a red light and automatically change direction every time it hits a wall.

It should be noted that its operation results from rechargeable batteries that it has incorporated and these could provide you with an autonomy of approximately two hours. In addition, we are talking about a toy that has CE and RoHS certification for greater safety, while its surface is made with environmentally friendly materials.

If you are in search of what could be the best cat toy of the moment, you could look at this model, therefore, take into account each of the details that it offers you.


Function: It is a ball that you can activate by means of a strategically located button so that it begins to rotate 360 ​​degrees around your entire home.

Certification: This toy has CE and RoHS certification, making it a safe product for your cat.

Manufacturing: It should be noted that this rotating ball is made with environmentally friendly materials, so your cat will not be in contact with substances that could harm it. 


Noise: Being an automatic product, it is important that you know that it usually emits a noise that could be annoying for some cats. However, for others it could be very interesting.

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Legendog 17 pieces

Providing your cat with the right implements to play and have fun at home would not be bad at all, it is for this reason that, below, we present what could be the best toys for cats of 2022, appropriate to exercise even the sensitivity of the cat, keeping it always agile.

It should be noted that this model has 17 pieces in total with which your cat pet can play and be distracted for a long time. Among these pieces you will find a comfortable cat tunnel, a cane with feathers, stuffed animals, crinkled toys and balls.

As for the design of each piece, they have very attractive colors that could easily attract the attention of the cat, in addition to the manufacture of this model, especially the materials used are of quality, so you should not worry about spending money. additions in the future.


Materials: This model is made with different high-quality materials that make each piece very resistant for your cat to play and have fun.

Pieces: There are a total of 17 pieces among which you can find a cat tunnel, balls, corrugated toys and even a cane with feathers.

Design: It should be noted that the design of this product is very attractive thanks to each of the colors it has to attract the attention of your cat.


Size: The size of the pieces could be a little larger, but even with the dimensions they offer, they fulfill their function efficiently.

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Tech Traders catch the mouse

Now we present to you what could be the best price-quality cat toy present in our list of recommendations. In addition to being very practical, it is available at a reasonable price.

Some users consider it the ideal toy for your cat, as it will keep it entertained and active while trying to catch the moving mouse available inside the base. Also, it is a special toy for cats of any age and size. 

For its operation, it does not need batteries, it will only be necessary for the cat to try to catch the mouse and with its paw it will make it slide as it touches and scratches it.

For its part, the mouse that is included with the game is stuffed, while the base structure is made of resistant and quality plastic to provide your pet with a long useful life.

Tech Traders could be considered the best cat toy brand available on the market, due to the wide variety of products it has to offer.


Materials: This toy is made with quality materials, among which the resistant and durable plastic stands out. 

Use: Due to its shape and manufacture, this model can be used by cats of any age and size without any inconvenience.

Function: Your cat will be active trying to catch the stuffed mouse that is inside the base, which will slide across the carpet without stopping.


Mouse: Take into account the fact that the mouse available inside the base of this toy could deteriorate as your cat scratches it.

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Guide to buying a cat toy

If you want to offer your cat moments of fun and entertainment, you could choose to buy a good toy to carry out such an action. Thus, different models are available on the market and among them you could find just the one you are looking for. Of course, do not forget to take into account certain details before making the purchase, so we recommend you read our guide to buying the best toy for cats below.

Shopping guide

toy type

Although cats are often looking for fun on their own, it doesn’t hurt to have some of the best cat toys on hand so playtime doesn’t end. However, in the search for the best option, you should consider some details so that you can find the right one and, of course, it is possible to satisfy both your needs and those of your cat.

Thus, before making your own comparison of cat toys available on the market, first look at the types that exist to make your pet’s life much more fun and entertaining.

It should be noted that one of the toys most sought after by users are tunnels, these stand out for the comfort and confidence that they transfer to cats as they are small spaces in which they could take refuge and feel isolated to rest peacefully. Cats, without a doubt, are lovers of spaces designed exclusively for them, since they can do what they think best in them. In a way, this is a toy that will give your cat peace of mind while also letting you know when she needs her own space alone.

Other types of toys that never go unnoticed by cats are those that allow them to develop their hunting skills, that is, those such as feathers, wands, laser lights or even mice, which are simply designed for your cat to play catch, that their instincts are highly developed to respond to this type of stimuli. An additional benefit of this type of toy is that at the same time that it entertains them, it helps them stay in shape, avoiding obesity and keeping their muscles strong and activating their reflexes. 

In the event that you are looking for something automatic, you can also find options that use batteries to activate some type of movement, so that the cat can have fun for a long time while you do other tasks.



Although it may seem unimportant, the truth is that you should not only look at how much the toy you decide to buy for your cat costs, but also at the materials that have been used during its manufacture, since these must be resistant and durable, capable of offering you a long useful life to avoid unnecessary expenses in the future. 

Quite apart, you should also confirm that these materials are free of toxic substances or that they can cause your cat some kind of discomfort in terms of its health. Even the fact of having toys that are certified by the CE and the RoHS, already means a great advance, since you could enjoy the security and certainty that your feline will use an appropriate and quality product.


Some cat toys are made of durable and resistant plastics, however the most convenient thing would be to look at a model that, in addition to being economical, can provide quality finishes in order to avoid any type of inconvenience when using it.


While some models are made up of a special toy to guarantee your cat moments of fun and entertainment, others simply have a variety of accessories in a single pack. In this way, at the time of purchase it would not be bad for you to consider the idea of ​​choosing the one that can offer you a greater variety of accessories, so that your cat has the freedom to choose what to play with every day.


If you have a large home with plenty of space to store any number of toys and special accessories to contribute to the fun of your cats, there will be no problem, but if, on the contrary, you have a small space, it is best that you always take into account the dimensions of the toys before making the purchase.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a cat toy?

The use that you should give the toy for cats will depend first on the model that you have acquired to keep your pet distracted. In this sense, there are many models on the market, therefore, what is certain is that you should encourage him at the beginning so that he gets to know his new toy and once he feels confident, he will tend to use it. It will be inevitable that over time said toy will look worn and mistreated, this is due to the scratches and bites that your cat will surely give to the product, however, try to maintain order in your home.

Q2: How to make a cat toy mouse?

Carrying out the realization of a toy mouse is easy and economical. To do this, you should have materials such as a piece of fabric, needles, thread, scissors, cord, small pieces of felt, glue, and cushion filling on hand. In this way, proceed to draw the pattern of a mouse on a paper or you could get this on the internet.

Once you have the pattern ready, continue tracing it on the fabric to remove all the pieces, which you must then join with a needle and thread, keeping in mind that you must leave a small hole through which you can insert the filling. Finally, finish the process by closing this last hole and attaching the felt details to the mouse structure using glue.

Q3: How to make a cat toy out of a box?

A simple way to make a cat toy with a box is as follows: first get a box, you will have to paint it or cover it with self-adhesive sheets both inside and outside. You could use colors that are striking to the cat if you wish. Now, continue releasing the flaps, being careful not to break the tabs, and then place one on top of the other and proceed to stick them with glue or adhesive.

In this way, the next step is to make different holes in the upper part of the box using a round mold and finally insert small toys that attract the attention of your cat and that’s it. The purpose of this interactive box is to entertain your cat, since it will want to take the toys available inside it and since it will be difficult for it, it will remain distracted for a long time.


Q4: What is the cat’s favorite toy?

According to the opinions of different users available on the internet, reeds are usually the favorite toy of cats, since they love to hunt and catch things. This toy consists of a rod that at one end has a rope with a feather, small stuffed animal or ball attached just so that your cat can play catch.


Q5: Are cat toys safe?

Cat toys are not only safe, but they are also important for developing their balance, skills, reflexes and keeping their senses alert. You can find many models available on the market or even some you can design and manufacture yourself, so that you can be sure that it will be a safe product so that your pet can happily entertain itself.


Q6: Why do cats throw their toys into the water?

According to the theory of some specialists in the behavior of animals, they describe this action as a method of protection. That is to say, according to the natural habitat of cats, they themselves would tend to hunt something that they would later eat, and if they did not eat it, they would then store it, leaving it in a trusted place, so cats adapted to their domestic life tend to throw their toys in the water in their bowl, usually for protection purposes.


Q7: How should the toys be for cats to bite?

For the fun and entertainment of your cat there are many products available on the market, such as rods, scratchers and balls. There are also rubber mice, and those special toys for him to bite on, these must first be soft and fluffy when it comes to a cat that is still small. Afterwards, it is not very important that these toys are so soft as the cat grows since their teeth tend to be larger and stronger, but you should still be careful when giving them the opportunity to use certain utensils.

Q8: What are slow bowl shaped cat toys for?

This type of toy is usually offered to cats that, having food available at all times, eat excessively. The slow bowl offers certain ways in which the food can be slightly trapped, and it will be up to the cat to release it so that it can eat it. This will not only prevent voracity, but at the same time offers him some fun and allows him to feed.

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