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Dog Diapers – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

Dog diapers are very useful products when your pet does not learn to relieve himself in the toilet, as well as with those who suffer from incontinence and even with females when they are in heat, which will help maintain furniture and spaces of your home free of urine, feces and secretions. Therefore, we have prepared some options that could be of great help while providing comfort to your pet. The Trixie 23636 comes with 12 ultra-absorbent units that will catch any substance very easily. In addition, they come in various sizes, so you can select the most convenient for your dog. On the other hand, the Dono 18 Pcs modelIt has elastic edges that provide comfort while preventing urine or feces leaks. Its sizes are also varied and they have elastic edges that will provide comfort to your pet.

Opinions on the best dog diapers


In this space we will mention the most popular dog diapers on the market, as well as describe their most striking features so that you can select the option that suits your pet’s needs.

male dog diapers

Trixie 23636

If what you are looking for is what could be the best dog diaper, we recommend that you evaluate the features offered by this Trixie model.

Adult dogs often suffer from incontinence problems due to the bladder becoming more susceptible with advancing age, so using male dog diapers can be a foolproof and comfortable solution, as these products will trap the urine and thus you will not have to be cleaning every so often, as well as helping to avoid damage to the furniture in your home. This model presented by Trixie comes with 12 units and with varied sizes so that you can select the one that fits the measurements of your pet.

On the other hand, these dog diapers have elastic bands both at the waist and at the thighs, which will allow them to be adjusted comfortably. 

So that you know which is the best dog diaper of the moment, Trixie’s 23636 model offers striking features that might interest you, so we present its pros and cons.


Practical: They are disposable, so they are very practical for traveling, to be placed on dogs that suffer from incontinence or are in heat.

Absorbents: Its absorption system is capable of retaining secretions, urine and even feces.

Comfortable: They have elastic bands that will help the pet to be comfortable.

Variety: Several sizes are available for you to select according to the build of your pet.


Sizing: If the dog’s build is not taken into account when selecting the size, feces or urine may leak through the designated tail comfort hole.

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Vet’s Best 3165810451

If what you are looking for is one of the best dog diapers of 2022, we invite you to evaluate the characteristics of this Vet’s Best product.

In the category of diapers for male dogs, the Vet’s Best model 3165810451 is another of the most outstanding, since these are specially designed for canines that suffer from emotional urinary incontinence or have problems adapting to urinating in a specific space, as well as by excitable urination.

These diapers come in the form of wraps, so you will have to put them on your dog in such a way that his sexual member is covered and thus can absorb urine or secretions, in case he has a health problem.

It also has leak-proof elastic bands that will adapt to the contour of the body and help your dog to be comfortable.

Vet’s Best is a company dedicated to the development of safe products with a good quality standard for dogs and puppies, so it could be the best brand of dog diapers in this comparison.


Sizes: This product is available in various sizes so that you can find the right one according to the size of your dog.

Quantity: 12 units come, so you will have enough for almost 2 weeks of use.

Regulation: In addition to absorbing urine and secretions, they help control excitable urination.


Feces: It is specially designed to retain urinary fluids and not feces.

Instructions: The instructions for use are not available in Spanish.

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female dog diapers

I donate 18 Pcs

These are diapers for female dogs that come in a disposable presentation, so you can throw them away once used and thus avoid having to wash them when they get dirty. In addition, they have a highly absorbent core and a leak-proof system that will help you solve secretion problems due to the heat season, urinary incontinence and even when they are not used to going to the bathroom on their own, since this way You will prevent your pet from leaving their fluids all over the house.

On the other hand, these models are comfortable, since they have elastic bands that can be easily adjusted to the contour of the pet’s body. The interior is made of microfiber polymer that can retain more liquid and the adjustable closures provide comfort.

If among the products presented you still don’t know which dog diaper to buy, this Dono option is disposable and comes in 18 units, so it will surely be of interest to you.


Comfortable: They have elastic bands that provide comfort, since they adjust to the contour of the body.

Absorbent: It has a highly absorbent core that helps prevent spills.

Quantity: 18 units come in the package, so you can not worry for up to a little more than 2 weeks.


Price: They do not have the cheapest price compared to other products on the list.

Sizes: Does not come in large sizes for females with a thick build.

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Petting is Caring 3 Pcs Reusable

On this occasion, Petting is Caring brings us a set of 3 units, which are diapers for female dogs that will help retain urine liquid and secretions while at home or during long trips to prevent fluids from damaging the seats of the dog. car or the floor of your home. Also, since they are washable, you can avoid buying diapers at all times.

On the other hand, this product has a velcro closure system and rubber adjustments and also includes a hole for the tail for maximum comfort, so your dog will not be uncomfortable wearing it.

In addition to this, its interior is made up of a double layer of mesh that optimizes the absorption system and promotes comfort, and the exterior has a waterproof layer, which will make it impossible for liquids or moisture to pass through.

While not one of the cheapest options on the list, this Petting is Caring product has some eye-catching features that might interest you.


Washable: The interior is made of mesh fabric, so you can wash them every time they get dirty.

Comfortable: They are made with soft products that will not affect the comfort of your pet. 

Security: Its velcro and elastic closures adjust to the contour of the dog’s body to avoid accidents.


Quantity: Only 3 units come, so you will have to wash them as soon as they get dirty to protect the furniture and floor from fluids.

Price: It has the highest price compared to the other products on the list, but this is because they are not disposable.

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diapers for dogs in heat 

Pet Magasin Solid

So that you know which is the best dog diaper, the model you intend to choose must have a good fastening system so that it is comfortable and also prevents your pet from taking it off.

These are diapers for dogs in heat that will prevent the fluids emanating from their reproductive system from damaging your furniture. Since, it has several high-capacity absorption layers that will keep liquids retained. In addition, they are made of fabric, so you can wash them after each use and thus avoid overspending.

On the other hand, this product has velcro closures that will help prevent your dog from removing the diaper and, in addition, it has comfortable adjustments, so it provides a good standard of comfort. They come in 3 units and with availability of several sizes so you can choose the ideal one for the size of your pet.

If what you are looking for are diapers for dogs in heat, this product stands out on the list for its good absorption and comfort characteristics.


Absorption: It has several highly absorbent layers that will retain the fluids produced by heat.

Reusable: These diapers are reusable, so you can wash them to get the most out of your investment.

Sizes: They are available in sizes from XS to L so that you can select the one according to the build of your pet.


Security: Their velcro closures are a bit short, which helps the dog take them off or they do not fit properly.

Hygiene: You have to wash them very well to avoid infections in the dog.

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Doglemi Washable XS

The use of diapers for dogs in heat is a way to maintain hygiene in your home, avoiding blood stains inside the house, and in turn prevents your pet from being harassed by other dogs when he goes out for a walk. 

In this sense, the Doglemi product stands out among users for its functional design, since they are cloth diapers that can be washed and reused. They do not need special washing or the use of specific detergents, and can be washed by hand or in a machine.

Also, we must mention that the maximum absorption of these canine panties is determined by the internal layers of absorbers and an outer waterproof coating, which prevents the escape of liquids and waste. 

On the other hand, its fit depends on the size of your dog and the size chosen, which you can see in a table of measurements, as this product is available from size XS to XL. 

Below we present a summary of the pros and cons that we found in this product.


Reusable: Being made of cloth, these diapers can be washed and reused many times, also representing an ecological purchase.

Functionality: The internal sorbents and waterproof lining of the diapers can effectively trap liquids, making them suitable for puppy training and mating season.

Sizes: This product is available in various sizes and a measurement chart is provided to identify the size of belt that will fit your pet correctly. 


Quantity: A pack with more units is missing. However, due to its cost and functionality it is worth buying more than one to have enough diapers.

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adult dog diapers

Amazon Basics 30-Pack

Before you select diapers for adult dogs, you have to consider several important aspects so that you can make a good purchase. This AmazonBasics product comes in several sizes so you can choose the right one according to the dimensions of your pet’s waist.

Likewise, these are 30 disposable diapers and ideal for use with male dogs, since their design is in the form of a strip that covers their reproductive system to prevent them from urinating anywhere or, also, for those who have problems with spontaneous arousal, are recently operated or suffer from hot flashes. Since they have a highly absorbent core and breathable layers that will help keep your dog comfortable.

On the other hand, it has a system that reacts with liquids, which will help you know when the diaper is wet so that you can proceed to change it and thus avoid accidents.

These are girdle-shaped dog diapers that are very practical for use inside the house or on long trips, so you may be interested in knowing their most outstanding features.


Absorption: It has a highly absorbent system that is capable of withstanding urine without any problem.

Alert: The diaper changes color when it comes into contact with liquids to alert you when it is time to replace it.

Comfortable: It has a soft interior and elastic exterior structure that promotes comfort.


Sizes: XL sizes are not available for larger dogs.

Security: The dog can take it off more easily than in the case of other models.

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SimpleSolution 10584

When looking for the best value for money dog ​​diaper, the 10584 model comes to the fore, as it has attractive and practical features. In addition, it is one of the cheapest diaper packs on the list, so you will not have to invest much to acquire quality.

These are diapers for adult dogs that come in a disposable presentation so you can avoid washing them and save time. In addition, there are 12 units in the package, so you will have enough to use them for more than 1 week.

Additionally, they have elastic bands that adjust to the contour of the pet’s body and thigh, which provides more comfort, as well as the velcro closure that provides more security. Likewise, they have a large-capacity absorbent system, being practical to use them with recently operated dogs or when you plan to make long trips in the car.

If your dog has difficulty going to the bathroom, either due to an operation or because it is very old, this Simple Solution product offers striking advantages that might interest you.


Practical: They are disposable, so you can dispose of them without having to waste time washing them.

Comfortable: They include elastic bands that easily adjust to the contour of the dog’s body.

Sizes: Extra small to larger sizes are available.


Security: Dog bites negatively affect the security system.

Absorption: In cases of extreme incontinence, urine can overflow, but they can be supplemented with absorbent wipes.

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Guide to buying a dog diaper

In this space you will find a series of characteristics that will serve as a guide so that you can select a practical, useful diaper for dogs and that your pet feels comfortable using it.

Shopping guide


The first feature that we will evaluate in this guide to buying the best dog diaper is the manufacturing materials.

When trying to choose a product that will be for many hours in the intimate parts of our pet, one of the essential requirements is that it has a good touch. The model that you intend to choose must be made with a type of soft fabric so that your pet does not feel uncomfortable regardless of whether the product is disposable or made of cloth, its interior must be comfortable so that the dog feels comfortable and does not I rejected.

Likewise, this must have a good absorbent system, so it will not be worth anything if your pet feels very pleasant, but when peeing, it filters and drains everywhere and, possibly, with a high possibility of staining our furniture.. Therefore, we invite you to consider that the interior material, in addition to being comfortable, absorbs enough so that you can select a practical, useful product and avoid having a bad time.

washable or disposable

Another aspect that comes to the fore when looking for a cheap dog diaper is whether it is disposable. That is, you will not have to wash it and, although it is usually a practical feature, it can be a bit more expensive, since you will have to buy the product again when it runs out.

On the other hand, with washables, you have the ability to put them on your dog over and over again. In addition, these are similar in terms of substance retention, since they have a system inside that traps secretions, urine and feces; a much more tedious process, but in the end it is one of the cheapest and most ecological alternatives.


One characteristic that we recommend evaluating when you review various products or our comparison of diapers for dogs is the size, since there are many models available, but you have to verify that the diaper fits your pet, since it has to fit very well. your body regardless of your build. In other words, you should choose a product that is not too loose because secretions, urine or feces could drain or escape, but not too tight either, since this way you can prevent your dog from having discomfort. 

On the other hand, it is also necessary to evaluate if the product has a hole for the tail, since if the diaper is much larger than expected, that small hole that is intended for the tail can become a problem.. Since, the remains of feces, secretions and even urine could escape through there. 

Dog diapers are usually available in sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. Therefore, you will have to know the diameter of your pet’s waist, which will represent its build, and its height, which would be its size; With these data collected, you will surely be able to select a suitable size for your dog.


Before evaluating how much a dog diaper costs, one aspect that we invite you to take into account is the safety that the product you plan to select can provide the dog. In other words, how it stays attached to your pet’s body.

There are endless models of diapers for dogs on the market, as well as adjustment systems, but one of the most recommended is the full velcro closure. That is, those that have not only a small fold. These can be adapted to the body texture of our pet very comfortably, as well as prevent the dog from getting rid of it.

Likewise, to improve the absorption system of the dog diaper, you can place some absorbent wipes inside, so you will not have to worry if the product does not meet the requirements when your pet relieves itself excessively, since the absorption system of diapers is limited and by doing this you can choose almost any model, while ensuring that you do not have to worry about feces, discharge or urine in your home.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a dog diapers?

The process to use dog diapers is very easy, for this you will need to have some wet wipes with which you will have to clean the intimate parts of your pet, since this way you will avoid infections and irritations. In addition, you can also choose to apply moisturizing or diaper rash cream to avoid irritation due to heat, since during the first uses the dog should feel as comfortable as possible so as not to remove the diaper. Next step, place the dog on a soft surface and hold it by the paws, so that they are facing you. Lay out the diaper and locate the hole designated for the tail and carefully insert it through there. Now, put the diaper on him and fasten it with the security seals.

Q2: Are dog diapers safe?

Yes, the different models of dog diapers that are available on the market do not cause any type of allergic reaction to pets. However, there are models that have an odor and other types of elements, so you should check their label and if your dog is intolerant to any component so that you avoid purchasing it.

Q3: What are washable dog diapers made of?

Most washable dog diapers are made of cloth, which gives them the ability to be easily washed. On the other hand, inside these, they also have a similar and equally effective absorption system as those of disposable models, which allows them to trap secretions, urine and feces.

Q4: Which is better, dog diapers or training wipes?

Training wipes are specially designed to train pets to relieve themselves in a specific place. In short, when they are still puppies. 

On the other hand, dog diapers are intended to capture the feces, urine and secretions of pets during their heat stage, when you have to make long trips with your dog or after any operation and your dog is unable to go to relieve themselves in their designated space on their own.

Q5: Are disposable dog diapers worth it?

For convenience, yes. Many users, because they have work days in which it is almost impossible for them to get home at a specific time, usually buy them, since the time factor is present. In addition, it will also depend on whether the dog is a puppy, suffers from incontinence or has just had surgery, since it will relieve itself more frequently, so the most recommended are the disposable ones.

On the other hand, if there is someone always at home who can be in charge of changing the pet’s diaper, the most viable and recommended ones for what we mentioned above are the washable ones.

Q6: How often should dog diapers be changed?

The change time between a dog diaper will depend on your dog’s digestive system, so it can be a few hours or in the middle of the day. For this reason, many users who work full days and do not have anyone to look after their pet usually go to reinforce the diapers with absorbent wipes to increase the diaper’s liquid and faeces retention capacity.

Q7: Where are used dog diapers thrown away?

Once the dog diapers are used, you can throw them in the bin, as long as it is away from common areas, since pets have a bad habit of rummaging through the garbage, so when placing a disposable diaper in the garbage, get her out of your home almost immediately.

On the other hand, if your dog uses washable diapers, you must discard the feces, wash them with water to remove the excess, and then use the washing machine, but you will have to disinfect it with chlorine to prevent traces of microbes or bacteria from remaining on the equipment.

Q8: How are male and female dog diapers different?

The main difference between diapers for female and male dogs is in the shape they have, since the sexual morphology of canines is different and requires that the products that are going to be placed on them are also different.

As for the diapers for males, these are straight, since this way they can cover their virile member and prevent urine from spilling. On the other hand, the models that are for females are more complete since their reproductive system is located lower than that of males.

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Diyafas poliéster

En la categoría de pañales para perras en celo, este modelo es ideal para evitar que otros caninos la ataquen o que dejen secreciones por todos lados, lo que podría dañar tus muebles y hasta el piso de tu hogar. Viene en una presentación de un diseño al estilo de unos calzones con cierre de velcro ajustable que proporciona confort. Además, está elaborado en poliéster elástico, por lo que podrás lavarlo con mucha facilidad.

Adicionalmente, el cierre de velcro ayudará a evitar que el perro se quite el pañal por su cuenta, lo que impedirá que deje los residuos de los fluidos a causa del celo en los lugares en donde se siente.

Por otro lado, este producto tiene disponibilidad de tallas para que selecciones aquella según la contextura de la cintura de tu mascota, desde el tamaño S para perros pequeños hasta XXL para aquellos que sean mucho más grandes.

Este es un pañal para perros en celo que tiene buenos materiales de fabricación, por lo que pensamos que podría interesarte conocer un poco más sus pros y contras.


Materiales: Está elaborado con tela de poliéster elástico que facilitan el proceso de lavado.

Absorción: Puede retener fluidos menstruales y orina sin ningún problema.

Diseño: Su diseño es al estilo de unos calzones con cierre de velcro que proporciona confort.


Angostos: La parte que cubre el sexo de la perra es un poco estrecha, por lo que por el movimiento se puede desajustar y llegar a manchar superficies.

Cantidad: Viene una sola unidad, en comparación a otros modelos disponibles en el listado.

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