Characteristics of the French Bulldog

Although the French bulldog is a widely known breed throughout the world, many people do not know what its most important characteristics are; something essential to learn to differentiate the canine among other dogs, considering not only its physical appearance, but also the way this beautiful specimen behaves.

Those who wish to have the company of a dog at home have surely already considered having a French bulldog or perhaps they will at the end of this reading. It is one of the most affectionate and peaceful dogs that you can find, which explains the fact that it is among the favorites of pet lovers. 

To have a clear idea of ​​what these dogs are like and why it might be convenient to choose them, we will list as many aspects as possible about them, ranging from their origin, to how long a French bulldog lives, their personality, needs, etc.

Origin and history

Although today they flaunt a peaceful character, this was not always the case, since the supposed predecessors of this breed, the English bulldogs, were bred to participate in dog fights and in the activity known as bullbating, whose translation suggests the act to harass bulls. In fact, the name of the French bulldog comes from this Anglo-Saxon term.

This breed belongs to the category of molossoid dogs , due to its physical structure. However, its origin did not occur until the mid-nineteenth century. Among the ancestors of the French bulldog, terriers and pugs are mentioned; there are records of the foundation of the first club dedicated to the breed in 1880, in Paris, while, at the end of that century, the first specimens were introduced in England.

Around 1888, the breed had its own fairly clear standard, so that it could no longer be confused with that of the English bulldog, and its reception throughout Europe and America became much more widespread.

Physical appearance

It’s compact and muscular body best describes the French bulldog, as it is known in English. Therefore, it is not uncommon for him to be considered quite strongly. Of course, the level of strength that allows his small stature of about 30 centimeters. As for the weight of the French bulldog, it can range from approximately 8 to 14 kilos.

For those wondering about specific physical traits, you should know that a French bulldog puppy or adult dog will have the famous bat ears that stay up and a square head with a relatively wide but short snout, just like its tail.

For example, to separate the types of French bulldogs, it is enough to group them according to their coat, which can be found in a wide variety of colors. The most representative are perhaps the black and white French bulldog, or the one with shades such as blue, brown, cream; There are even specimens that mix these colors.

Also, the white French bulldog and the black French bulldog are very attractive because they have only one pure color. This same case occurs with the gray French bulldog that, because it is not so common, draws a lot of attention from those who observe it.

behavior and personality

When it comes to the French bulldog, temperament is one of the characteristics that those who think about having a pet like the most. This is because they are often described as affectionate , intelligent, easy to train and very calm.

Although their presence may not be as imposing compared to other breeds, these dogs are described as very brave. Likewise, they are one of the most recommended breeds to live with children, due to all these docile and pleasant traits of their personality.

A French bulldog can be said to be a city dog ​​as it is fairly quiet, at least when it comes to barking. However, your snoring may not easily go unnoticed at night.

As for his training, it is recommended to give the guidelines from the time he is a baby French bulldog, since it could become more difficult to make him change his habits when he reaches adulthood. On the other hand, this animal gets along quite well with other dogs, likes to play and its hunting instinct is quite low.

care and needs

In the French bulldog, life expectancy is between 9 and 11 years, but to achieve this, several cares must be taken. The first thing to consider is that your health and conditions are not as simple as you are. Thus, due to the shape of their face, most usually have respiratory problems.

This factor is what causes snoring at night, something that is considered cute while the dog is a puppy, but later it can become a serious health problem. Likewise, due to their limitation in breathing, walks with the French bulldog can be daily, but they should be shorter, to avoid excessive fatigue.

In some dogs, vision problems can arise, specifically the so-called cherry eye, an inherited defect that may require surgery. Generally, they are animals with delicate eyesight , so a current of cold air in their pupils can cause them discomfort.

Regarding their fur, it is only enough to give dogs regular baths and, in case they have pronounced skin folds, they should be cleaned periodically. This same recommendation applies to your ears. Also, bulldogs do not tolerate heat very well , so they need to always rest in a cool, open area.

For food, the main ingredient in their diet should be meat, so make sure it is included in their feed, regardless of whether it is wet or dry. Puppies, on the other hand, may need to feed as many as four times a day, while adults eat at least twice. 

Stomach problems can also be another pathology to which these dogs are exposed, so they should eat feed with little grain. In any case, these factors must be guided by a veterinarian and depend on several specific conditions of the animal.

Once you know what a French bulldog is like, do not forget that you must have a dog harness at hand, since it will be essential for walks and, finally, we want to conclude that you can choose this breed without fear, because if it receives the care of necessary health, the dog will accompany you for many years, giving you the love you hope to give and receive.

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