Egyptian cat breed: characteristics and personality

One of the most characteristic aspects of cats is their hair, both for its colors and for its different textures, depending on the breed. For this reason, Egyptian cats are so surprising, which stand out precisely because they lack that fur.

Although it is not the most common, the truth is that today it is possible to find a bald or hairless cat. We are talking about the sphynx cat. A breed whose origin is not too clear, but which has a different appearance and personality from conventional cats. If you want to know more details about it, we will tell you everything you need to know in our article.

Origin of sphynx cats

The first data regarding the origin take us to the Aztecs, who would have had the first hairless cats. However, there is not much evidence on this. Where there is more certainty is in the appearance of the first sphynx cats. These emerged in Canada in 1966, where a domestic cat gave birth to a hairless black sphynx cat, although obviously it did not have this name at the time. 

Throughout the 70s, some more specimens of this breed appeared, being used for breeding. This would lead to the recognition of the breed in 1971. Today, almost all types of Sphynx cats today originate from these Canadian cats. Animals that, everything is said, have nothing to do with Egypt. In fact, its name is more related to its appearance, which is reminiscent of a sphinx due to its size and image.

The appearance of the sphynx cat

What is most striking about these animals is their lack of fur. This is due to a genetic defect, which inhibits its growth. However, there are more details typical of the breed, such as more pronounced muscles or the triangular shape of the head, with oversized ears. It is also true that they tend to have a lighter skin color, precisely because they lack that fur. So it is not uncommon to find an Egyptian cat white, pink or any other shade. However, the greatest rarity in this regard is found in the blue Egyptian cat, which is a very striking and rare animal.

By the way, the Egyptian cat with hair does not exist as such. This arises from a mixture of an animal of any of the recognized Egyptian cat breeds with a cat with conventional hair, which causes its offspring to have hair. But, in this case, we would not be facing a pure Egyptian cat, so to speak.

Sphynx cat character

When we think about the sphynx cat and its character, we may mistakenly assume that these animals are not very social or that they have a more surly behavior than other similar species. Something derived from its particular appearance. However, the reality is very different. And it is that one of the characteristics of the animals of this breed is that they are happy, affectionate and very loyal to their owner. Something that brings them closer to other species, such as the Siamese. 

They are also friendly with other pets and rarely have fits of aggression. In addition, they are quite talkative, although their meow is usually not too strident. Finally, they are very intelligent animals that participate in the games that you propose to them, although they can also get bored if they are not active. Something especially important in the baby Egyptian cat that, due to its young age, requires more entertainment.

Sphynx cat feeding

Although, from its appearance, it may seem that the sphynx cat does not need much food, the reality is just the opposite. This species has an aggressive metabolism, which means that it requires large amounts of food to maintain its proper functioning. As an advantage, this breed hardly has obesity problems, although it is advisable to keep the amounts of food we give it under control, as well as space these out throughout the day, to avoid possible binge eating.

Regarding the type of food, this follows the basic principle of any cat. So we must combine in it both wet and dry food or feed. In this last type of food, we do find specific products for this breed, which contain the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and healthy. Regarding the wet, any food adapted to their age is suitable for their diet.

Sphynx cat care

We come to one of the most important aspects for future owners of a sphynx cat. Due to their absence of hair, they are much more exposed to weather conditions. Faced with the cooling power of the hair, which protects them from the cold and helps them eliminate heat, this species uses its skin for this. Therefore, it is key to keep them away from extreme temperatures and also from direct sun.

For this, we have different solutions. When it comes to the cold, it is not a bad idea to resort to cat clothing that we have on the market, with which to give them extra protection when the cold gets worse. Hammocks for radiators or heating blankets are also useful. Regarding direct sun, it is advisable to use a suitable sun cream for cats, although it is obvious that this breed should never leave the house, nor be very exposed to direct sun. Proof that the care these cats require is greater than that of a conventional animal. 

By the way, if you are wondering how long a Sphynx cat lives, the truth is that this age is variable and similar to that of a conventional breed cat. Specifically, their age varies from 10 to 20 years, depending on all kinds of specific factors.

where to find sphynx cats

As a last question, we have considered it interesting to talk about how to get one of these particular cats. Although we always defend the adoption of pets, it is true that finding a sphynx cat in a shelter is a rarity. This leads us to have to resort to the market to get hold of one of these animals. 

Regarding how much an Egyptian cat costs, the figure is around 600 to 700 euros, although it can be increased depending on the rarity of the animal or its lineage. Let us think that a gray Egyptian cat, more common, is not the same as a blue one, much more exotic.

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