Everything you need to know about the rottweiler

Among the dog breeds recognized throughout the world, the rottweiler is one of the most prominent. These are animals with an intimidating presence that usually command respect from those around them. Their performance as guardians is remarkable, although they can also become great companions at home.

Rottweilers are a breed of dog that are characterized by their abilities as protectors. Their presence has spread in many countries over time and we can also see them participate in movies and television series. Here we will tell you the essential aspects about this breed, covering the types, personality, history, care and other curiosities.

When talking about dog breeds, the information about it can become somewhat confusing. In itself, what is known today as a pure breed, was previously the product of mixtures of other breeds. This can also be the case with the rottweiler dog. And it is said “may be”, because there is really no certainty about it.


It is common to hear that the rottweiler comes from the Bavarian Boyero. However, there is also talk of the descendants of the Italian Mastiff and there are indications to think that it comes from the Molossian of the Romans. 

In fact, perhaps the most widespread story about the appearance of Rottweiler dogs is that they accompanied the Romans during their passage through the territory of what is now Germany and that is how they settled.

In any case, it was in the city of Rottweil (hence its name) where the presence of these animals became more evident and above all useful, since they carried out functions of transporting cattle, messengers or as pack dogs. However, in the late 1800s, the breed was in danger of extinction and was saved by breeders in Stuttgart, Germany. 

Physical features

The appearance of rottweilers is robust. If you measure their limbs, you will see that they are longer than they are tall and their muscles are noticeable in the areas of the belly, trunk, chest and legs in general.

The snout is square in shape, while its ears fall slightly to the sides. They have large heads, while their fur is short with inflexible skin. A female rottweiler can be about 55 cm tall, in its development phase, while males can reach 70 cm.

In the Rottweiler, the weight can range between 36 and 54 kg, and their transition from a small Rottweiler to an adult can take between two and three years, although they are considered adults from the first year.

The personality of the rottweiler: characteristics

Despite being mentioned among the dangerous breeds, the Rottweiler is one of the most intelligent and, above all, athletic dogs. Not in vain do they perform protection and guard tasks, even becoming one of the favorites among the security forces of different cities.

In the Rottweiler, the character indicates that they are dogs with a lot of self-confidence, so that they will act in the way they consider best, especially when they do not have the respective guidance. Therefore, they can behave in a negative way when digging, or cause certain damage if they are not taught from the beginning that they should not do it.

In this sense, their presence and upbringing in homes with children and adults is not prohibited, but it is essential that their owners have a certain level of experience. Therefore, they are not recommended for those who decide to have a dog for the first time.

types of rottweilers

Even though there is no official typology of the Rottweiler, we must say that a division into two large groups has been popularly expanded, whose main differences we will review below:

German Rottweiler: This is the representative of the breed par excellence and also geographically. Its appearance is quite classic and corresponds to the standard features. In addition, they are dogs born in Germany and the entire breeding process is strictly controlled by a club, so that the breed maintains the highest possible level of purity. 

American Rottweiler: The typology groups dogs born on American soil . However, there are considerable differences with the German Rottweiler, since these animals can be a little taller, heavier and have a smaller head, which gives them a more slender appearance. 

However, American breeders do not have a good reputation, since apparently these differences are the product of a non-pure mixture and with much less rigor. Added to this are the mutilations in the tail of the American Rottweiler, in order to make it shorter, which has caused repudiation in the breeders of Germany, considering this unnecessary.

Food and training 

The diet of rottweilers must be adjusted to their specific characteristics, taking into account their weight, age, level of physical activity, etc. Thus, the feed must have meat as its main ingredient, for all the nutritional contribution it provides.

As for their physical routine, Rottweilers require training , not only to establish bonds with their owner, social relationships with other people and other dogs, but also to maintain good health, considering that genetically they have a disposition for work and life. activity in general.

A well behaved rottweiler

Although the Rottweiler is considered aggressive, the truth is that this is not entirely true, because there are ways to educate him and encourage in him values ​​of affection, respect and, above all, protection and sociability.

The secret to this is nothing more than starting a training with the rottweiler puppy. There is no need to wait for the animal to grow up to train it, much less keep it isolated, since the more contact and training experiences it has, the better its behavior will be.

Therefore, do not be afraid to have contact with this breed, as long as certain safety conditions (such as the use of dog harnesses) and training are met. For the rest, it only remains to enjoy the pleasant and helpful company that these dogs can provide.

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