Exo Terra PT2604A1 Reviews

Main advantage:

This model combines a very interesting rectangular format with good interior accessibility, which makes the process of feeding your pet or cleaning the interior of the product easier.

Main disadvantage:

It is important to know that this product does not have any lighting, so if your pets need special lighting or heating bulbs, you will need to buy them separately.

Verdict: 9.6/10

A terrarium from one of the best-known brands in the sector and with a good interior space, ideal for pets of a certain depth or for those that require a good interior space.

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Main Features Explained

terrarium type

To find the best terrarium for your pet, it is necessary that this product adapts to what it needs, in terms of environment and internal elements. An issue in which ExoTerra demonstrates its extensive experience in the market, thus offering a product designed by European herpetologists and that is an ideal environment for both reptiles and amphibians to stay inside. Something that confirms the opinions about this model.

We are talking about a product with a rectangular design but with a wide base, unlike forest-type products, which are usually taller than they are wide. This translates into measurements of 60 centimeters wide by 45 centimeters high and another 45 centimeters deep. A spacious and diaphanous interior space, which you can customize in the way that best suits your pets.

And this is another of the main advantages of this product. The interior space is ample but it also has five different entrances for tubes and cables, so it is much easier to install waterfalls, rocks, sensors and other elements, thus customizing that interior. The same goes for the base, which even supports the use of heating substrates, for animals that make burrows. A wide range of options with which to have an environment to our liking and that of our animals.

comfort of use

One of the aspects for which this model is among the most outstanding terrariums on the market is its ease of use. Something that is perceived both in its design, as we have mentioned, but also in other additional elements that make the usual cleaning and feeding tasks easier, which generally receive good ratings.

Among these elements we have the two front doors, which open as if it were a showcase. This generates ample access to the interior of the terrarium, thus making it easier to take out our pet, feed it or simply clean the interior of the product. Anyway, so that security is not a problem either, the terrarium also has a special lock, with which to prevent possible escapes of our pets.

As the last important aspect in this section, we are talking about a product with wide visibility, so not only will we have an environment that is easy to customize, but we will also be able to see everything clearly when it comes to taking care of our pets. A vision that can be frontal, lateral or superior, since the area of ​​the lid does not completely cover it.

Other interesting aspects

We have already analyzed a good part of the main elements of the product. But as a high-quality model there are even more aspects that will be useful to us when it comes to taking care of our pets. One of these aspects is the ventilation system, which guarantees an efficient flow of air from the interior and generates an air flow that keeps the interior temperature under control. Own models of higher price and higher level.

Regarding the lower part, we also have a waterproof cover, so that we not only avoid heat loss in case of installing radiant substrates, but we can also place plants and water. A great help for animals such as turtles, which need this water for their daily lives, or simply to give a different touch to the environment.

Finally, cleaning the product is also easy. Partly due to the aforementioned accessibility, but also due to the quality of its materials. Something that makes it easier to remove dirt and maintain the visibility of the crystals over time, compared to models that are scratched and damaged over time and use.

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