Exo Terra PT3779 Reviews

Main advantage :

This Exo Terra model is one of the best terrariums we can find to house Geckos, both in their young life and as adults, thus having everything they need to live comfortably and comfortably.

Main disadvantage:

If you are very purist, it is possible that you will not like the interior decoration of the product, since it incorporates some fantasy elements such as the faces carved on the trunks.

Verdict: 9.7/10

An interesting option within the specific terrariums for Geckos, although due to its characteristics it can also house other small reptiles or even certain insects inside.

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Main Features Explained

Product design

The Exo Terra PT3779 kit is a product specially designed for breeding Cresta Geckos. Something that is perceived in the different details of the product, in its format and in its structure, so that it faithfully reproduces the environment of these animals. A design that is not accidental, but has been evaluated and supervised by expert herpetologists in this type of reptiles. Something that confirms the opinions regarding the product.

For this, the product has measures of 45 centimeters wide by another 45 deep, in a rectangular design. Regarding its height, this is 60 centimeters, thus being suitable for having adult Geckos inside, without space problems and without being overwhelmed by the animals. As an alternative, the brand has a somewhat smaller kit for the pups, with a base of 30 centimeters and a height of 45 centimeters.

In this design we also find the forest format, common in this type of terrarium, thus creating a more pleasant habitat for this type of animal. Anyway, if what the product includes seems little to you, it also has the capacity to connect different accessories. However, it is something that we detail below.

indoor format

This kit is a ready to use solution without too much hassle. Just open the kit, follow the assembly instructions and have the environment ready for our little reptiles in a few minutes. 

This interior includes a wooded area, also decorated in the shape of a New Caledonian totem, made of quality materials that do not affect the health of animals. The same goes for the soil planting substrate, which offers the necessary touch and comfort so that our Gecko can rest or relax during use. In this environment we can also place the drinker and the feeder, both included, so that the animal also has an area in which to feed.

As if all this were not enough, the product incorporates an allegorical background of a trunk, to fit properly with the design, as well as a decorative asplenium fern, which finishes off the environment. As for lighting, this is obtained by means of a Day and Night type focus, with which it is possible to maintain adequate lighting at all times, in accordance with the biological cycles of these animals. And so that you have everything under control, the product also has a hygrometer and thermometer, both analog and integrated into the walls.

Other interesting details

To finish off this terrarium, it incorporates other interesting and usual improvements in the brand’s products. One of these options is to have a large front-opening door, which makes it much easier to place the animals inside, as well as to carry out cleaning and feeding tasks for your Geckos.

The product also has spaces to place different accessories, such as heaters, calcium and other elements. These accessories are effectively integrated into the interior of the product, so that everything is well placed and without clashing in the environment of the terrarium, as expected in a product of this price and quality.

Finally, we cannot forget how the product also has quality materials. Materials such as the glass that forms the main body, which does not scratch and is easy to clean. Something similar happens with the plastic of the base, or the one that is part of the ventilation grill, which also adequately supports the use and cleaning of the product.

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