Halti HC025 Reviews

Main advantage:

The comfort provided by this collar for dogs is one of its most important qualities, as it offers a soft fabric for your pet’s skin and fur, so that they do not feel that they are hurting their neck.

Main disadvantage:  

The reflective fabric is not very noticeable, which is missing, as it would be much more visible in dark places. This is because the reflective fabric only comes in little white lines that decorate the collar.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This collar comes in different colors and sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your pet, so that it looks great with him and at the same time is comfortable.

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Main Features Explained


It should be noted that this product comes in different sizes, this will help it fit perfectly to your dog’s neck, that is, without suffocating or being too big for the pet. This is something very important for you and the animal, since the collar is an accessory that your pet will wear throughout the day, especially when you take it out for a walk in the park, square or countryside.

In addition to this, this collar was made of soft and padded neoprene, offering optimal visibility and high ergonomics. In this sense, the dog will feel comfortable with the collar and will probably not try to force it off. Therefore, your pet’s rest will not be interrupted or affected, since she can take a nap at any time of the day even if she has the collar on.   

On the other hand, this Halti brand collar incorporates a classic adjustment system to give it a suitable length, in this way it will fit comfortably on the neck of any breed or size of dog. However, for this feature to be useful for your pet, it is best to purchase a collar whose maximum length is a few centimeters longer than the dog’s neck.


Even if the animal tries to remove the collar by force, it will not be able to do so, since it is made of high-strength nylon fabric. Also, even if he runs and jumps or plays with other dogs, the collar will not fall off easily.  

Also, the collar has 3M Scotchlite reflective stitching, which provides better visibility of your pet in places with low lighting. This means that the dog will be safer, since you will be able to find it quickly when you see the collar shine.

In another order of ideas, we mention that the button closure is strong and safe, just as any pet needs it, because that way the collar will not fall off at any time.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this necklace can be washed, so that bad odors do not accumulate in it. Similarly, the neoprene lining is antimicrobial, thus preventing bacteria and fungi. It is even important to know that the D-shaped ring is made of metal and is used to place a tag with the pet’s name. This will help a lot if the pet is lost, as people will know that it has an owner. Of course, we recommend that you also put a phone number next to the dog’s name, as it is likely that whoever finds the dog will call you to inform you.

Elegance and number of sizes

According to the opinions of some people, this could be the best collar for dogs, since its price is affordable and, in turn, its elegance attracts attention at first glance.

Regarding the external design of the necklace, we can say that it has the same color, but with two variations. For example, light and dark red, light and dark purple, light and dark blue, etc. It also features white lines of reflective fabric; These give the collar greater visibility, reducing the possibility that a car will run over your pet at night because it is not noticeable.

In addition, on the inside you can see the black neoprene lining, which combines very well with any of the shades you choose, blue, purple, red or black.

In addition to this, this is one of the dog collars with more options regarding sizes, XS from 20 to 30 cm, S from 25 to 35 cm, M from 35 to 50 cm and L from 45 to 66 cm. The XS, for example, will be at 20 cm when the collar is not extended and so on with the other sizes.

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