How is a Bichon Maltese?

The Maltese Bichon is a very prominent breed in all kinds of dog shows due to its elegant bearing. However, it is also an intelligent, docile and very affectionate pet that, due to its small size, is ideal for living in small spaces such as apartments or studios.

Dogs are part of the companion animals par excellence, being the favorites of both children and adults.

The bond that unites the dog with the human being was created millions of years ago , when wild wolves were getting used to the presence of man in search of food. These, seeing their contribution in hunting , began to breed them and thanks to the passing of the years and the crosses, today there are hundreds of breeds of domestic dogs, each with its own characteristics and needs.

In this space we will focus on one of the best known and appreciated dog breeds in the world: the Bichon. This generic name encompasses multiple variations, mostly because of its fur. On the other hand, it should be noted that as a companion it is usually a small dog, easy to train and very playful , so it is not surprising that it is so popular.

Among the versions of the Bichon, the one that attracts the most attention is the Maltese, since it has several qualities that stand out both as a show dog and as a companion animal.

The Bichon around the world

Before we get fully into the Maltese Bichon, it would be a good idea to briefly learn about the characteristics of the other versions of the breed so that you can more easily identify them:

  • maltese bichon

The Maltese Bichon in particular is one of the smallest and most popular versions of the breed, where its representatives do not usually exceed 3 kilograms in weight and have a soft and silky coat.

  • Bichon Frize

This version of the Bichon originates mainly from France, although it also has roots in Belgium. The Frisé have curly and quite leafy fur, which requires special attention. However, it is characterized as one of the most affectionate and playful among the Bichons.

  • Bichon Bolognese

The Bolognese owes its name to the city of Bologna, where it was a particularly popular breed during the Renaissance. Being a descendant of the Maltese, many consider it the European Maltese Bichon and it is miniature in size, with a height that does not exceed 30 centimeters and a weight of 4 kilograms.

  • havanese

This breed of dog is native to Europe, particularly Spain and Italy, it has been one of the breeds that has gone through the most crosses to reach the characteristics that are known today. It has a shaggy coat, usually of various shades between white, black and gray, which sometimes causes it to be called the Long-Haired Maltese Bichon. His character, on the other hand, is very energetic and playful, but at the same time also quite protective.

The Maltese Bichon

Maltese Bichons, being the breed that interests us, invite us to review their characteristics in detail as they are such an attractive option as a pet. This breed, in turn, is divided into two types: American and European.

The American Maltese Bichon, also known as the Toy Maltese Bichon, is characterized by being governed by the rules of the FCI standard, which is also applied in Europe, where it is indicated that this breed must weigh between 3 to 4 kilograms , for what its height will be proportional to approximately 30 centimeters. Its fur is soft, smooth and white, while its tail should fall over its back in a single curve.

For its part, the European Maltese Bichon is quite similar to the American, only that it has a longer snout and its weight is also greater. However, it is important to note that these “types” of Bichons are the same breed of dog, only that they meet the requirements of the respective foundations that catalog them. The same applies to the so-called Korean Maltese Bichon or Mini Maltese Bichon, which is distinguished by being smaller in size and weight than its brothers from America and Europe.

Behavior and character of the Maltese Bichon

As we have been seeing, in the case of the Maltese Bichon, its temperament tends to be playful, docile and energetic, which is why it gets along very well with children and other dogs. Besides, if you are concerned about the care of their coat, you can choose a short-haired Maltese Bichon that makes the job easier.

However, it should also be taken into account that he is distrustful, so he can react defensively against any stranger and outside the family circle that surrounds him. In this lies part of the importance in educating him, since, being so intelligent, he can quickly learn who he should bark at and who not.

Maltese Bichon Feeding

When reviewing the dog food requirements (if you click here, you will find several products to choose from), in the case of the Maltese Bichon in particular, we find that it is a breed that has a fast metabolism , so it can eat several times a day. day. However, the size of the portions must be taken care of to avoid being overweight.

Likewise, it is important to note that in the care of the Maltese Bichon its diet must be rich in elements with nutrients that are beneficial for its development and the treatment of one of its most striking physical qualities: its fur.


Maltese Bichon Care

A Maltese Bichon puppy, like an adult Maltese Bichon, requires special attention to its coat, so constant brushing sessions are recommended to prevent the appearance of knots. At the same time, you must be very punctual with his visits to the hairdresser , cleaning his ears and appointments with the veterinarian.

On the other hand, when the figures for the Maltese Bichon were reviewed, it was indicated that their life expectancy reaches approximately 12 years as long as the animal has access to a healthy diet and constant exercise in a pleasant and stimulating environment.

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