Know what foods neutered cats should eat

Neutered cats must have a special diet, so it is advisable to take them to the vet, so that he can provide them with a diet that keeps them healthy. This is very important, because otherwise the pets could become overweight, as neutered cats tend to put on weight easily.  

Why neuter a cat?

It is recommended to neuter a feline during its first six months of life. One of the main reasons why they should be castrated is that it reduces the risk of testicular cancer and prostate problems in males. Also, in females it decreases breast cancer.

In addition to this, castrating cats decreases their sexual instinct, that is, the desire to find a partner. For example, if they are in an apartment, they will not run away to look for a cat in heat. Even in female cats, castration will prevent unwanted offspring, reducing the chances of felines being abandoned on the streets.

As if that were not enough, the males become more tender, affectionate and calm pets, bringing security for the whole family as a consequence. In addition, they will no longer have the desire to mark territory, so they will not urinate in some places in the house, thus avoiding the accumulation of bad odors in the house.

neuter or spay

This is a topic that many people wonder about, but the answer is simple, neutering is a surgical intervention where the pet’s genital glands are removed. Instead, spaying refers to cutting the duct of the cat’s sperm ducts or the oviducts in cats. This means that when cats are sterilized, they do not lose their desire to seek a sexual partner, in addition, females will normally go into heat and will continue to be prone to mammary tumors.

On the other hand, spaying or neutering a cat depends on the animal’s age and health condition, as well as the needs and preferences of the owner. Cats stop being aggressive when they are neutered, but the opposite happens in females. In this way, in some cases it is better to sterilize the cats, because this way they can continue producing estrogens, which are hormones capable of calming their aggressiveness.

In addition to this, hypothyroid animals should not be castrated, as they are more likely to gain weight quickly. In other words, castration could accelerate the weight gain of cats suffering from this disease.  

vet diet

Before making a comparison of cat food , it is best to listen to the recommendations of the veterinarian. This is because neutered cats must consume specialized foods, just like sterilized animals. In addition, all breeds do not eat the same, even age influences the type of food that cats consume.

This means that the owner must take his pet neutered or spayed to the veterinarian so that he can provide an adequate and healthy diet. By following in his footsteps, your cat can grow without problems of malnutrition.

fiber and protein

The food for neutered cats should contain a lot of fiber and protein, as this can help the feline lose weight, or keep it in line.

Of course, when serving food to pets, we recommend using a dispenser, as this will help to correctly measure the amount of fiber and protein that they will eat.

In relation to people who are used to preparing homemade food for their pets, they should be aware of including foods such as eggs, fish, chicken, etc., in their diet, as they are foods that contain a lot of protein. Also, owners should give their pets high-fiber foods, such as beets and grains such as wheat, corn or rice, which are found in most commercial cat food.

Another aspect that should not go unnoticed is that the cat will have more appetite than before castration, so the owner must be aware of the amount of food that will be given, since the fact of abusing this could cause diseases in the feline..

Vitamins, minerals and fats

The vitamins and minerals that owners can give their cats should be recommended by the veterinarian, so that their consumption is not greater than necessary. Some homemade or commercial foods contain vitamins and minerals, so it will not be difficult to include these elements in the pet’s diet.

On the other hand, meat fats are a good option for the diet of a neutered cat, although in less quantity than that offered to common felines. This is because fats help maintain body temperature in cats and are also their main source of energy.

Disadvantages of castration

One of the main disadvantages of applying this type of procedure to your feline is the risk of obesity. However, if the cat’s owner follows the recommendations given by the doctor, it is very likely that he will be able to stay in line, agile and healthy. 

It should be noted that another disadvantage is that the feline can suffer from urinary stones. However, the animal must be taken to the veterinarian often, so it will not suffer these side effects of castration. In another order of ideas, we can mention the disadvantage that neutered cats will not be able to reproduce.

Recommendations to prevent neutered cats from gaining weight

If the cat is neutered, it is recommended that its owner play with it or encourage it to run and climb in the fields, mountains, parks, etc. In this way, the feline will be in constant physical activity and will be less vulnerable to obesity.

In addition to this, the diet must be balanced, that is, the container with food should not be left available to the cat all day. This is because being neutered he will have a big appetite and will probably consume more food than his body needs. For this reason, some people choose to give the food in a balanced way, dividing it into small portions for the whole day.

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