Make your homemade cat scratchers and save money

Cat scratchers are important accessories for the well-being of our feline pet, because through them they release stress, relax, file their nails, mark their territory, exercise and entertain themselves by playing, but you do not need to spend large sums of money to provide these toys to your cat, as you can do it yourself at home. 

Although our feline pet needs care and accessories for its maintenance or entertainment, when we talk about saving money we can do so by making its own toys, since it is possible to use recycled materials that we have at home, without having to spend anything.

In this sense, you can create a homemade cardboard scratcher that is quite resistant and durable, using several boxes, the cardboard rolls of kitchen paper or toilet paper, you can even use PVC pipes. You can also use pieces of wood, plush, silicone, rope, a saw, scissors, velvet, a doormat, among other materials. Next, we are going to explain a few simple steps of how you can build the best cat scratcher of the moment, without spending a lot of money.

Homemade scratcher with wood and velvet

To build a cat scratcher with wood, the first thing you should do is cut a piece of wood of the desired size, covering the surface with plush fabric or velvet, which should be glued underneath. With the plastic tubes, or alternatively with the cardboard ones, wrap each one with the rope, glue it one by one to prevent it from falling at the first scratch. To make the cardboard rolls more resistant, it is advisable to open several, roll them up and stick them together, so that they are stronger and can withstand the scratches of the cat. 

Also, each roll could be covered with fabric, especially if it is old doormat, as cats love this texture. When several rolls are already covered, you can stick them to the wooden base, you can even experiment creating a second level to increase the height of the scraper, for which you need a thinner sheet of wood and place it on the structure of the tubes.

In addition to this structure, you can include cardboard strips that hang from the tubes or strings with little balls, so that the cat can play with them, making the scratching post more fun. Also, you can incorporate a hammock for the cat to rest and a kind of burrow where it can hide, as well as steps and drawers. Remember to upholster all the surfaces of each level, with the appropriate piece of fabric for each platform.

Once you have finished with the details, you will have the scratching post ready so that your cat can have fun on it, but just in case he is a little reluctant to approach this accessory, it is advisable to rub it with some of your dirty clothes, it can be a t-shirt or a sock, so that your scent permeates the scratching post and makes it easier for the cat to get to know you. 

Another important aspect that you must consider is the location where the scratching post will be, so it is advisable to find a suitable place in your home, that the cat recognizes as its area, so as not to have to move it later. This is because the indicated place will help your pet to know that this is his territory, which will provide security and well-being.

Homemade rope and wood scratcher

Another interesting scratcher option is the rope and wood model, it is less elaborate than the previous one and more resistant than those made of cardboard, although its construction cost could be a little higher due to the fact that you have to buy materials such as rope or the wood that cost some money. To build a homemade rope cat scratcher, you will need a 60 x 60 centimeter wooden board that will serve as the base for the structure, hemp or esparto rope, glue, a piece of cloth or carpet and a wooden tube. one meter high and approximately 10 or 15 centimeters in diameter.

The first thing you should do is screw the wooden tube into the center of the platform that serves as your base. In the middle of the wooden square, you must make a small hole, helping you with a drill and place the tube over the hole, through the bottom of the wooden square insert a screw to firmly hold the tube. Make sure the screw is strong, so that the tube can support the weight of the cat when it climbs on it.

Secondly, the wooden base must be lined with fabric or carpet, cutting it to the size of the wooden square, making a hole in the center of the fabric where the tube will go. Line the top of the platform to make it look more attractive to the cat.

Now, proceed to line the tube with the rope. Start gluing the end of the rope to the base of the tube, placing the glue around the wooden cylinder, little by little you must go around the rope and at each turn the string must be attached to the previous turn, without leaving spaces between them.. Once the tube has been completely lined, the glue must be allowed to dry and the cat scratcher will be ready to use. If you prefer, you can add a toy or stuffed animal to the top, to make it more attractive for the cat.

Keep in mind that it is very important for the well-being of our feline friend to have accessories that allow him to control his natural instincts, and that action can be achieved with the best scratching posts for cats, which we can make in our own home without having to do large investments of money, while providing them with a comfortable place where they can sharpen their nails, scratch whatever they want, let go of stress and communicate with others.

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