Meet Catolet, the cat toilet and forget about the litter!

When conducting a survey among people who have cats as pets, there is a response that is repeated over and over again, the discomfort that cleaning the litter box generates for the whole family. That is why Catolet came about, a litter tray for cats that promises to put an end to this problem. Know the details. 

Surely you have wondered which is the best cat litter box, and the truth is that there are many models that could be the answer to your question, taking into account your needs, budget and your cat’s habits. Now, we cannot forget that products designed to simplify our lives, even in the care of pets, appear every day, and it was in this way that some young engineers and designers created Catolet. 

A smart toilet for the kittens

Although cat litter boxes are successfully used by many families that have these pets, the truth is that it is tedious to clean the box, remove the sand and change the substrate several times, which also adds a constant expense to the monthly budget. 

Observing that this was the main complaint of pet owners, even though they can boast how hygienic cats are when it comes to relieving themselves, the creators of Catolet decided to completely change the concept of litter boxes.

In this sense, the automatic design of this sanitary tray is based on a transport system that eliminates cat waste in the drain, as if it were a toilet, through a conveyor belt. 

But how does it work?

The Catolet has sensors that detect the weight of the animal when it gets on the tray to evacuate and when it leaves the surface, rinsing is carried out automatically so that the urine and feces are discarded in the drain, thus avoiding accumulation of bad odors and there is no need to do any manual cleaning work.

The litter tray needs to be connected to the water supply and drain with the included 2m hoses for operation, and can be easily mounted near a faucet or toilet. This device, too, must be connected to the electrical network, however it has a battery system that offers efficient autonomy for a period of three months. 

training system

Now, it is normal that you have doubts about whether this device really works, not in terms of the automatic mechanism, but in terms of whether cats are willing to use this toilet. Well, the engineers and designers also raised this question and solved it by incorporating adapters.  

According to the cat specialists who are part of the team behind Catolet, they estimate that the adaptation process for the new litter tray ranges from 2 to 21 days. That is why three surface trays with holes of different dimensions are included, to which sand with waste is added so that the cat becomes familiar with the new box. 

Similarly, when you remove the adaptation trays, you can use the litter with waste so that your cat gets used to its new toilet faster. 

remote management

One could not expect less from this innovative design than easy and intuitive handling through a mobile application that can be used from any device and operating system. With this software, you will be able to record how often your cat goes to the bathroom, know the flow of water and whether or not there is a leak in the system.

Consequently, if the sensors detect a water leak you will be notified immediately at the same time that the system cuts off the water supply to avoid spills in the bathroom or the space where the tray is placed. 

Adaptation and versatility

Thinking about cats of different breeds, whose physical characteristics vary, the Catolet is available in two sizes, the first one measures 33 x 54 cm, and the plus version measures 45 x 67 cm. 

As you can see, these measurements are also easily adapted so that the device can be used by medium and small dogs, such as Chihuahuas, York Terriers, Pomeranians, among others.

Additionally, considering the privacy that many cats enjoy, the creators of Catolet also thought of a removable shelter that fits perfectly in the tray, and that complements its versatile design with upper compartments that serve to store things and take advantage of space. 

Quality and duration

The main box of the Catolet is made of sanitary acrylic that provides an excellent level of resistance. The conveyor belt, for its part, has also been manufactured with a robust material that withstands the claws and the treatment that animals can give it. In addition, to prevent your pet from getting its paws wet when evacuating, the tape has holes that allow liquids to drain quickly.

Thinking about your style and that of your cat, you can request the tray in one of the four available colours: white, pink, blue, yellow, or if you prefer it with a print of cat paws or cute feline faces. 

Kickstarter Entrepreneurship

With all these features, it is not hard to believe that this is the best cat litter box of the moment. But, surely, you are wondering how it came about and who are the creators.

The truth is that a multidisciplinary team was the one who conceived and designed this smart toilet for cats, but since they needed financing to carry it out, they turned to a crowdfunding platform for creative projects, Kickstarter. 

In this way, the team managed to exceed the proposed investment of 60 thousand dollars for the development of its product, in which there were more than 100 sponsors who believed in the potential of this new gadget to make it possible. 

If you want to know more about the Catolet and how to acquire it, you can search for more information on the Internet to communicate directly with its creators.

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