Name ideas for horses and mares

One of the things we have to think about after getting a new horse or mare is to name it. Something difficult if we are looking for a term that has a special meaning or that is something more than a simple name. Fortunately, there are many interesting options available, as well as different ways to choose that name.

If you are a fan of horse racing, you have surely been struck by the particular names given to these animals. Something that, sometimes, has to do with the luck that is needed in the races, while other times it is related to the lineage from which it comes. However, when it comes to naming our own horse, things get a bit more complicated. Let’s think that there are many existing options and that we surely want a name that defines our animal or that gives it a touch of grace.

For this reason, we want to lend you a hand by offering you some interesting names of mares and horses, either because they are Indian, Greek or from other cultures, or because they are names of famous horses or simply because they are well-known and common names. Just what you need to know before opening some bottles of well-known brand champagne and celebrating the particular baptism of your new mount.

horse names

Uniting the different aspects that we have mentioned, these would be our horse name ideas. A list where we have from the most common names to others inspired by cinema, literature and even mythology, among other origins.

Lucky : alluding to luck. A very common name in racecourse horses.

Special : for those who want to give a different touch to the name without many problems.

Chiqui : an affectionate and very interesting name, very common in Andalusia.

Chocolate : perfect for brown horses, in whole or in part, as well as for the chestnut horse, with a reddish-brown body and black mane and tail.

Lightning : a classic, very suitable for the fastest horses.

Stubborn : ideal for that horse determined to always stick to the electric shepherd and that does not pay much attention.

Spartacus – A name from the famous novel of ancient Rome and also interesting for your mount.

Pegasus : this name comes from Greek mythology and refers to the winged horse of Zeus born from the blood of Medusa, after Perseus cut off his head.

Rocinante : A well-known name in Spain for being Don Quixote de la Mancha’s horse.

Bucephalus : Another famous name, for being that of Alexander the Great’s horse. It means “ox head” and is one of the best known names of ancient times.

Talented : Ideal for horses destined to move around the field or perform jumping competitions.

Thunder – Suitable for horses that are known for their high movement speed.

Charcoal – If you have a black horse, there is no need to explain much more about it.

Andalusian : for those who have a horse of this breed or an animal from this area of ​​Spain.

mare names

Just like we did for the horses, we also have some ideas for naming a mare. Again, the origins of these names, as well as their meanings, are as diverse as the personalities the animal may have.

Dulcinea : although it was not properly for a mare, the name of this character from Don Quixote can also be good for your animal.

Breeze – A classic name among mares, especially those of a placid nature.

White Sorrel : This name is from a mare that belonged to an English nobleman. Although King William III wanted it, he was only able to keep it after the mysterious murder of its owner. The worst thing is that Guillermo III died precisely… after falling off this mare.

Nevada : an interesting nickname for those animals that are white or whose fur has light shades.

Amethyst : The world of jewelry offers many possibilities to name a mare. As ideas, you can also call it Turquoise or Ruby, for example.

Furia : very suitable for those mares recognizable by their character and intensity.

Duchess – Another one of those classic names for mares, almost the equivalent of Bobby in dogs.

Mustard : for those animals with yellow or orange fur.

Princess – Another classic when it comes to finding names for mares.

Frida – A name that serves as a tribute and reminder to the great Mexican painter Frida Khalo.

How to find a name for a horse

If after reading these proposals you are still not sure what name to give your horse, we are going to give you some advice, so that it will be easier for you to come up with the best idea.

One of the easiest elements to choose a name for an animal in general, and for a horse in particular, is its physical appearance. Issues like hair color are a considerable source of names to choose from. Something similar happens with the character of the horse, so it is easy to choose the adjective that reveals that outstanding attitude of the animal’s personality as its name.

Another option available is to choose the name of the father or mother, depending on whether it is a horse or a mare, accompanied by a number indicating the corresponding generation. If the father is called Apolo and is the second generation, we would speak of the horse Apolo Segundo. As an alternative, we can also choose the name by mixing part of the name of the father and mother. The problem with this solution is that the results can end up becoming a hieroglyph or a rather confusing term. But as an idea, it is not bad to try, to see what comes out.

Finally, if you still have no idea, you can try to document yourself a little more. There are numerous sources to find possible names for your new horse, such as works of literature, plays, movies, etc. There are also extensive listings online, with dozens of options to choose from. It’s all a matter of searching.

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