Natural Greatness Sensitive Indoor Reviews

Main advantage:

The opinions of many users indicate that this cat food is one of their favorites, since it offers a natural recipe free of GMOs and with a high protein content. In addition, it is an easy product to serve and store.

Main disadvantage:

Its price is higher than that of other conventional dry foods offered on the market. However, it is a premium quality product and your pet deserves only the best.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Because it is a highly palatable food, it is widely accepted by cats and given its natural formula, it is recommended by cat lovers.

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Main Features Explained

natural formula

Scientifically proven studies have concluded that any animal that is fed without chemical additives and based on natural ingredients will have greater longevity and be less prone to disease. For this reason, thinking about the well-being of your pet, we present a product that provides great benefits for the body of your furry friend, the Natural Greatness Sensitive Indoor, one of the best foods for adult cats.

Cats often suffer from immune problems associated with allergies. For this reason, this food is especially beneficial in these cases, since it has a hypoallergenic recipe that significantly reduces the risk of food allergies, making it reliable for all breeds of cats. Its recipe has been prepared through a natural cooking process, in order to preserve the properties of its ingredients intact.

It is a formula free of transgenics and low in cereals, which favors its digestion; it also incorporates minerals and vitamins to strengthen your immune system. It has up to 83% of fundamental meat ingredients for a feline; fresh turkey, chicken and salmon meat provide high levels of protein, while the fruits and vegetables present in its recipe favor a balanced diet.

In addition, food formulated with natural ingredients is more tasty and nutritious than food made with artificial substances. For this reason, it is a highly palatable and very appetizing food for the demanding palate of these felines.

Ingredients and benefits

Cats are animals that, following a hygienic behavior, spend a large part of the day licking their fur and grooming themselves. This is possible thanks to the fact that their tongue is equipped with specialized taste buds in the form of tiny cones, which drag dirt from the skin and hair. Frequent grooming causes a good part of the hair to be ingested by the cat, which in normal conditions is expelled through vomit or feces.

However, there are cats that are unable to eliminate these hairballs, which ends up becoming a serious medical problem for the animal. For this reason, Natural Greatness has incorporated into its natural recipe ingredients such as malt extract, FOS and MOS prebiotics and also omega 3 and 6, which help prevent the formation of hairballs in the animal’s intestinal tract, while that favor the PH of your urine.

Likewise, other of its most outstanding ingredients are chicken and turkey meat, chicken liver, salmon meat, egg, salmon oil, glucosamine, chondroitin, vegetable fibers, rice, corn flour, beet pulp, mineral substances., citrus extracts that provide great richness in bioflavonoids and others.

Use and presentation

When it comes to cat food, the most recommended food should be the one that the animal accepts willingly and also provides the nutrients it needs. In this sense, this dry food has a gluten-free formula that provides a balanced and complete diet, without neglecting its crunchy and delicious texture, which additionally favors the cleaning of your teeth.

It is a recommended food especially in cases of cats that live indoors. Likewise, for cats that have been sterilized and those that are overweight; It is also ideal when it comes to senior cats. In all these cases, it is important to follow a special feeding regimen that meets your particular needs and your demand for protein.

Its presentation is given in a practical bag containing 6 kilos of feed, which could last up to two months of food. In addition, dry food is easier to serve and if you have any doubts about the exact dose that you should give your cat, the manufacturer offers you an explanatory table with the amount of recommended daily grams according to the weight of the animal.

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