Opinions about Radys 54 L

Main advantage:

The vertical design of this terrarium is ideal for both reptiles and insects of all kinds, which also have the necessary structures to move around inside it comfortably.

Main disadvantage:

Some opinions in this regard indicate that the resistance of the product, as far as the materials are concerned, can be improved. Therefore, it should be used with care to avoid breakage and other damage.

Verdict: 9.4/10

An interesting proposal for all kinds of small insects and reptiles, which has both vents and everything necessary for these particular animals to live comfortably.

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Main Features Explained

Measurements and capacity

When it comes to looking for the best terrarium for our pets, it is necessary to start looking for a model that adapts to the specific characteristics and needs of our animals. Because having stick insects is not the same as having chameleons or larger animals. In this case, the model that we are analyzing is mainly intended for small insects and reptiles, due to its available space.

Specifically, we are talking about a product that measures 60 centimeters in height with a base 30 centimeters deep and another 30 centimeters wide, with a square base. This implies that the model has a total capacity that the manufacturer estimates at about 54 liters, being enough for that little intensive use that we are commenting on.

However, this model also has a somewhat larger version, with measurements of 50 centimeters wide by 40 deep and one meter high, designed to fit a larger number of animals or for larger animals. So you just have to choose the approach that suits you best, depending on the animals you are going to introduce into the product.

interior elements

As with a flat, its measurements are important, but so is what we put inside. So for your pets to be comfortable, having a well “furnished” interior is another interesting aid when choosing a product.

An aspect that this model also highlights, as befits its price and quality category. A simple look at this interior shows us how careful the design has been, offering a very naturalized interior image, both for these elements and for the base materials and the decoration of the bottom of the terrarium. A decoration that also includes different imitation natural elements, although made of plastic and other materials that respect insects and reptiles.

Among these elements we find various branches, through which animals can comfortably move and climb, also having organic matter in the ground area, mainly with remains of wood, which allow those species that need to hide comfortably. An area where we can even add a little water, to improve the naturalization of the terrarium.

Materials and other interesting aspects

To finish this analysis, we are going to see what are the materials with which the product was manufactured, as well as other details of interest regarding the model. Starting with these materials, they are not very different from those found in other terrariums on the market. Thus, we will have a base made of plastic material, which is the same material as the top cover, and the additional support, which gives the structure more resistance.

This main structure is made of transparent glass with high visibility and adequate resistance. A material that is very easy to clean and that does not deteriorate or scratch over time or use. So you won’t have to worry about losing sight of your pets because of those scratches and such.

To complete this design, the product offers us a series of vents strategically located in the terrarium. These vents facilitate an adequate mixture of oxygen inside it, without the interior losing more temperature than necessary. Nor will we have problems cleaning or transferring our pets, since the sliding door makes it easier to access the interior of the product.

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