Opinions about Whiskas Junior 2-12 months

Main advantage:

This food has a formula designed for kittens under one year of age, so it has a recipe that includes small croquettes filled with milk, easy to chew and with the nutrients they need at this stage.

Main disadvantage:

The smell of this food has not turned out to be entirely pleasant. However, it has conquered the small cats, since it is a delicious and easy food to bite.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a food recommended by pet owners, who appreciate the size of the croquettes, as well as its suitable formula for smaller cats.

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Main Features Explained

Recommended age

When it comes to cat food, each formula is designed to provide the most appropriate nutrition according to the organic and biological needs of each feline, regardless of their age, lifestyle or breed. For this reason, we present Whiskas Junior, a food specially prepared for kittens under one year of age, a stage in which they are particularly vulnerable.

During their first year of life, kittens experience a period of intense growth, so it is essential to provide them with the best cat food so that they grow strong and healthy. For this reason, Whiskas offers you a specific food to meet the development needs of your organs, muscles and skeleton.

When the kitten reaches the second month of life, weaning begins and the transition to solid food begins. Hence the importance of providing them with a meal that is nutritious, exquisite to their palate and that is also easy for them to bite. For these reasons, this product could be the most suitable to administer from 2 months of age.

Once the feline reaches 8 months, although it may look like an adult cat, it is still a kitten; so it is essential that you continue with this special diet for up to 12 months until you get past this stage of growth.

comprehensive nutrition

The well-being of your kitten is priceless, so if it has not reached its first year of life, it needs a food formulated specifically for it, with the most appropriate combination of nutrients and including essential amino acids; essential elements for optimal cell and muscle development. Since kittens’ bodies can’t synthesize these elements, it’s essential that their food provides balanced, whole food nutrition.

Thinking about it, this brand has designed a food specially designed so that your little friend grows up and becomes a healthy cat. For this reason, its formula integrates calcium to promote optimal development of bones and teeth; It also has extra vitamin E and Taurine, so that your immune system works perfectly. Similarly, it is a recipe that includes highly digestible and protein-rich chicken, which helps keep your intestinal tract healthy.

In addition, it is a food that has good opinions online from pet owners, since it also offers high levels of magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and iron; which favors their well-being and healthy hair, skin and claws.

Dry texture and presentation

One of the great advantages of dry food like this Whiskas food is that it is easier to use and measure than wet food; It also offers a longer shelf life, since once you’ve opened the bag you won’t have any problems with it deteriorating and you can even leave it served in its bowl all day without spoiling.

On the other hand, this food helps your pet’s teeth stay healthy, since chewing vigorously prevents the formation of bacterial plaque. Likewise, because they are smaller croquettes than those that come for adult cats, the kitten finds it easier to chew and digest. In addition, its crunchy croquettes are filled with milk and with a flavor that conquers all baby cats, so it favors palatability.

You can choose from two practical presentations available, either 800 gram bags x 5 units or 1.9 kilo bags x 6 units; The bags have a hermetic closure design that favors optimal storage and preservation of food. Likewise, the manufacturer offers you two exquisite flavors to pamper your furry friend, so you can select chicken-flavored or salmon-flavored croquettes.

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