Purina Beyond Reviews

Main advantage:

This Purina dog food has been made with high quality standards, from natural ingredients that have been selected and treated to provide a greater number of nutrients to pet food. 

Main disadvantage: 

This dog food is suitable only for adult dogs. In the case of puppies, rations with other nutrients and smaller croquettes should be chosen.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Purina is one of the most recognized brands in relation to pet food and Beyond is one of the most complete, combining lamb meat with other natural ingredients such as barley in its formula, without using artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

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Main Features Explained


The ingredients that the manufacturer uses to make the croquettes are one of the most important points in dog food, since their quality will depend on this. In this sense, the opinions of pet owners, experts and veterinarians point out that Purina includes fresh, natural and quality ingredients, to result in a convenient recipe for dogs in the house.

Purina’s Beyond line has several formulas or recipes for pets, so that the owner can select from several types of meats and vegetables. One of the most popular is lamb and barley, which has been developed as a whole food for adult dogs. 

The main ingredient of the composition is lamb at 18.5%. In addition, it has 1% whole grain barley, dehydrated chicken proteins, rice, oats, poultry fat, dehydrated lamb proteins, mineral substances and dehydrated spinach. 

Similarly, it contains other additives that complement the formula to make it richer in nutritional content, with antioxidants that benefit the health of the pet. According to information from the manufacturer Purina, this feed contains 25% crude protein, 15% oils and fats, 2% fatty acids with Omega 6, in the form of linoleic acid, 3% crude fibers and 7.5% of ash.

Nutrients and manufacturing

Manufacturing and nutrients are the elements that make the difference and distinguish the best dog food, compared to a conventional food with low nutritional content for pets. Hence, it is important to select a feed that is manufactured with high quality standards, following the guidelines of experts who validate its formula. This is the case of Purina Beyond lamb and barley dog ​​food, manufactured with the intention of taking advantage of the best nutrients of all the ingredients added in its preparation.

To do this, Purina incorporates natural ingredients that have been selected by experts to manufacture a food that, as they say, is 100% complete so that the animal is well nourished. In addition to the ingredients that come from rigorously selected suppliers, this food for dogs goes further, because the knowledge and experience of the workers have come together to create a food with a good taste and sufficient caloric content so that the pet has balanced nutrition and suitable for your needs.

On the other hand, this food for dogs, being natural, does not cause gastric inconveniences to the animal, since within the composition and manufacture of the croquettes no wheat has been included, neither dyes, flavorings, nor any artificial preservative that can cause a adverse reaction.


The price of dog food is often a deciding factor for buyers. However, when it comes to the nutrition of the household pet, it is necessary to go one step further and analyze properties such as contributions and presentation. Purina Beyond dog food is available in packages of different presentations and, according to this, its cost changes.

One of the most popular presentations of the brand and one that has had the most receptivity in the competitive pet food market is the 7.5-kilo bag, because it is an amount that is enough for several servings, without its quality being affected and without having to go to the supermarket on a recurring basis. Depending on the size of the dog breed, this presentation of 7.5 kilos can last up to 4 months.

According to the table of portions recommended by Purina Beyond, a small breed animal weighing between 1 and 5 kilos should eat a daily portion of between 40 and 115 grams. On the other hand, a large breed with a maximum weight of 45 kilos should eat between 420 and 500 grams. These rations can be increased or decreased, according to the needs of each animal.

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