Purina One Mini Reviews

Main advantage:

This food has been developed by Purina nutritionists to meet the complete feeding needs of small breed dogs, in order to strengthen their system and provide the energy they require on a daily basis.

Main disadvantage:

What is an advantage at the same time can be a disadvantage, since although this dog food meets all the necessary nutrients, being a complete food, it is only suitable for small breed dogs. 

Verdict: 9.7/10

This Purina dog food has been made with selected and natural ingredients, without colorings or flavorings, so it is rich in proteins and carbohydrates that help the pet to have an active and happy lifestyle. 

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Main Features Explained

Type and ingredients 

Considered by many users to be among the best dog foods because it is made with selected high-quality ingredients, Purina One Mini dry food is a wet food that contains sauce, which is why it differs from conventional croquettes, which are usually hard and dry. It is recommended as a source of whole food, which incorporates a mixture of crunchy pieces, with other more tender morsels, whose hardness is accentuated as time goes by and therefore it is suitable for small snouts.

Within its ingredients, Purina has used a base of chicken and lamb. However, not only protein is present in its composition. This concentrated dog food includes green beans, rice and carrots in sauce. According to the composition, the recipe for chicken, carrots and beans includes 4% animal product, as well as vegetable protein extracts, fish, vegetables, dehydrated carrots, dehydrated green beans, oils, fats and sugars.

In the case of dog food with a lamb, rice and carrot recipe, the manufacturer has added 4% meat products, vegetable proteins, fish, cereals in the form of dehydrated rice and cooked rice, vegetables, mineral substances, sugars, oils and fats. Each of these ingredients contains nutrients that together help a better development in the activity and life of the pet.

Nutrients and processing

The opinions of pet owners who have had the opportunity to use this Purina dog food indicate that the continuous and regular use of this food improves the quality of life of the canine, since it gives him more energy and meets his demands food energy. This is because Purina One Mini has been developed by the brand’s experts and veterinarians, to meet the highest demands and meet the demands for the positive development of small breeds.

The brand has placed special emphasis on research that seeks to improve the diet of small dogs, through what it has called advanced nutrition, but adapted to their needs. Most dog foods are standard, unlike One Mini, which consists of a food based on a rich recipe formulated to meet the nutritional needs of the pet and that has an impact on its well-being. 

In this way, Purina One Mini dry food also includes antioxidants for healthy, high-level immune function in small breed dogs.  

Presentation and additions

The price of this Purina dog food is affordable when you consider the benefits it provides to small breed canine pets. This is because it comes in a presentation that includes four packages of wet food for dogs, 100 grams each. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, it includes two wet meals of chicken, carrots and green beans in sauce, as well as two with lamb, rice and carrots in sauce, to vary the diet and provide different flavors. 

Similarly, the Purina One Mini has additives that improve digestion, while providing oral care for the teeth and gums of dogs, thanks to the fact that it includes special nutrients. Within its nutritional additives, it incorporates anhydrous calcium iodate, various types of sulfate, as well as vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin D. 

According to the recommended table for the feeding of Purina One Mini, small dogs weighing between 1 and 5 kilos can eat a third of the 100 gram bag, along with the conventional hard kibble food, in order to vary their nutrition and food. 

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