Reviews about Purina Felix 120 x 100g

Main advantage:

This cat food has the advantage of having a presentation that comes in 4 different flavors, so your pet can enjoy this varied and nutritious food. In addition, it is a profitable pack that has 120 units.

Main disadvantage:

Some flavors integrate pieces of food that have turned out to be larger than expected. However, given its soft and juicy texture, it is an easy food to eat.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The opinions of the buyers position this food as one of the best value for money, so they recommend it as a successful purchase.

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Main Features Explained

wet consistency

Feeding your furry friend is a matter that should not be taken lightly, especially when it comes to cat food, since these animals are characterized by particular tastes and a demanding palate. In addition, you must consider the age of the feline and his lifestyle; so if you have an adult cat and you want to complement its diet by offering it food with a wet texture, Purina Felix has the food you are looking for for your pet.

The feed is a type of food that does not provide hydration to the animal, so it is essential that it has a fresh water drinker at all times; otherwise you could develop kidney stones or urinary tract problems. On the other hand, wet food like this product provides the necessary amount of liquid that favors optimal functioning of your body.

In addition, cats are animals that do not usually drink large amounts of water, so with this food they will be covering a large part of their needs regarding the intake of vital liquid. For this reason, Felix offers you one of the best cat foods with a juicy consistency, delicious flavor and for an affordable price compared to other similar products.

textures and flavors

Cats, despite having acute senses, unlike humans who have around 9,000 taste buds, only have a total of 470 taste buds; Therefore, they lack a developed sense of taste, which prevents them from enjoying sweet flavors and they are very sensitive to bitter flavors.

For this reason, beyond the nutrition that this food can offer, it is also designed to please the demanding taste of these animals. To do this, it offers you an exquisite combination of 4 assorted flavors, which are mixed with a gelatin texture and also with delicious sauces, in order to promote easy digestion; Being especially recommended in the event that your cat has oral or dental problems, since given the softness of its texture, it is a food that facilitates the task of chewing and eating.

The available flavors that will win over your precious pet are: tuna and cod in jelly, prawns and soy, chicken and kidney in sauce, and also, duck with lamb in sauce. Likewise, the manufacturer offers you the option of choosing another combination of foods, such as: chicken, salmon and beef in sauce.

Nutrients and presentation

It is essential to maintain a balanced diet, especially in the case of adult cats. Thinking about your cat’s health, Purina Felix has prepared a complete recipe in its food with the ingredients it needs for optimal health. In this sense, it offers a concentrated combination of essential fatty acids, minerals, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates for your body; such as vitamin A, E, D, ferrous sulfate, manganese, calcium, omega 6 and more.

Its presentation is given in a practical pack containing 120 bags, 30 for each flavor, (you can also choose the option of 80 units). Each of these individual bags contains 100g of ready-to-eat food; which is ideal for serving and consuming in a single shot. It is recommended for cats with an average weight of 4 kilos; however, depending on their texture, you can supply up to 4 bags a day.

Each flavor is presented with a different color, which favors its identification. Likewise, the package has a design that allows you to easily take the envelope you prefer, since it has 4 holes as a dispenser located in the lower part of the box; so all bags stay organized and close at hand.

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