Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low Fat Reviews

Main advantage:

Among the best Royal Canin feed offered on the market, this product stands out, specially manufactured for dogs with intestinal problems and overweight. This product contains various nutrients that favor and protect your pet’s digestive system.

Main disadvantage:

Acquiring this product requires a considerable investment, since its price on the market is one of the highest. If you are worried about how much the feed costs, you should choose another product.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This is one of the Royal Canin feeds that best treats your pet’s intestine and digestive system, as it has low levels of fat and fiber.

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Main Features Explained

needs of your dog

Every day that passes there are more pet food alternatives that we can choose from on the market, presenting new options capable of covering each of the specific nutritional needs that our dogs have. For this reason, before choosing the food for your dog, the important thing is not to know its price in principle, but you must take into account what its specific needs are, such as its digestive system, intestinal function and if it needs to gain or lose weight.. This Royal Canin feed has been formulated considering the life span of your pet, so the age of your dog should be evaluated.

Just like the food we humans eat, puppies need certain types of vitamins, proteins, and other compounds that are different from those needed by adult dogs. In this sense, it is a product that is specially formulated for adult dogs with overweight and intestinal problems, containing special nutrients that favor the animal’s digestive system. Among dogs it is common to find various digestive problems such as diarrhea or constipation. If your dog is a few extra pounds, he may be suffering from constipation. For this, it is usually recommended to use foods rich in fiber and oils that facilitate the expulsion of feces, such as this product.

Ingredients marked on the label

There is another key aspect that you should look at very carefully before choosing a product, and that is that no decision-making will be complete if great importance is not given to the ingredients and composition of the food, especially considering that currently there are carefully formulated pet foods. Be careful with this aspect, because although the product label indicates that it is suitable for any pet, the truth is that each dog has a series of individual aspects and characteristics. The law establishes that all feed manufacturers and brands must list each of the ingredients used, helping you to know if the product is suitable for your pet with just a glance.

This Royal Canin Dry Food will be a delight for your pet, as it contains chicken and chicken fat, rice, wheat, dehydrated beet pulp and fish oil; the latter is a necessary element to combat constipation. In addition, it has vitamin C, E, B1, B6 and B12, D3. It should be noted that this product has a reduced fat content, making it ideal for dogs suffering from hyperlipidemia or even acute pancreatitis. It also has proteins that are highly digestible, so they decrease the fermentation processes that occur in your pet’s intestine. On the other hand, fermentable fibers such as beet pulp help keep the dog’s bacterial flora in balance.

Packaging and weight

Finally, another of the most relevant aspects that must be looked at carefully when choosing one or the other feed and that many users go unnoticed is the type of packaging that the product has, since the food is better preserved. if it is packaged in plastic or aluminum bags. On the contrary, paper containers generate a much faster moisture loss. This product is presented in an aluminum package with an easy closure that will allow the feed grains to be kept as fresh and moist as possible, which is why, according to consumer opinions, it is a product that can be kept fresh for longer.

In addition, the amount of food that the package offers must be considered, since it is much more profitable in the long term to buy packages that have a greater amount of content. However, the packages with less content are ideal for your pet to have a first taste of the product and to define what their favorite flavor is. Royal Canin presents an ideal product for adult dogs that need a food that is not heavy in the intestine, packaged in a 12-kilogram bag. However, it is also presented in packages of 1.5 or 6 kilograms. 

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