Royal Canin Maxi Adult Reviews

Main advantage:

If you want to feed your pet well, we recommend this Royal Canin feed, ideal for adult dogs weighing 20 to 40 kg, which promotes intestinal transit and protects their joints. In addition, this product contains taurine that improves the functioning of the heart.

Main disadvantage:

This feed has a slightly higher price on the market, so if you are looking to invest a little less money, we recommend looking at another alternative. However, this product has a good quality.

Verdict: 9.7/10

If you have a dog over 15 months of age and you are looking for a 15 kg bag of feed with taurine and other compounds that benefit your dog’s health, this is your product.

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Main Features Explained

pet type

If you have pets at home and you care about the quality and type of food you give them to eat, then it is important to see the opinions of other users and keep in mind that there are some determining characteristics that will help you choose the right product for them such as, for example, the type of pet you have to feed, its age, breed and weight, among others. Therefore, before thinking about the price of the food and considering that the market offers Royal Canin brand feed for both cats and dogs, it is necessary to be clear about whether it is a special product for the needs of your pet.

This Royal Canin feed in particular turns out to be a great food alternative, since it is specially designed to feed your adult dog, as well as large breed dogs that require good reinforcement for both their joints and their muscles. your digestive tract and heart. This product contributes to bone health for dogs that are considerably large in size by preventing osteoarticular wear, as well as taking care of your dog’s skin and keeping it at its ideal weight.

age and weight

To choose the best Royal Canin feed today, it is vitally important to take into account a series of aspects related to your pet, since this brand makes numerous types of dry food. In this sense, you have to start by selecting the product that meets the real needs of your pet, so both its age and its weight will define how comfortable your dog will feel with the feed. It is no coincidence then that all pet foods advertise whether it is a product indicated for puppies or for adult animals, since the croquettes can be smaller or larger, as well as easier to chew and digest.

This product is one of the most widely used Royal Canin feeds for adult dogs over 15 months of age on the market, being a high-quality food and indicated for large dogs weighing between 20 and 40 kilograms, since its ingredients They are specially formulated to take good care of your digestive system, as well as to keep your hair shiny and healthy. If you choose a food that does not correspond to your pet’s age, it is very likely that he will not show much interest in eating it.

Ingredients and content

Another aspect that you should always take into account when choosing the next feed for your dog is the ingredients with which it is prepared, since, both at the level of tastes and at the level of allergies, it is important to choose a product that fits you perfectly. The market offers feed mixed with chicken or dehydrated meat, beef fat, corn or wheat gluten, and various other vegetables, so you can try giving your pet as many varieties as you can until you determine which one is your favorite. This Royal Canin brand feed is made with chicken, wheat and corn, in addition to having taurine, which is a perfect ingredient to take care of the proper functioning of the dog’s heart.

On the other hand, this feed contains omega 3 EPA and DHA, which will help your pet to preserve its joints as it ages. Likewise, it is very important to take care of the amount of content that the package brings, especially if you want to buy a sufficient amount to avoid going to the market very often or in case your pet eats well. In this sense, this product is presented in a 15-kilogram bag, with the possibility of choosing one with less content. 

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