Royal Canin Mini Adult Reviews

Main advantage:

This feed is capable of controlling the weight of mini dogs, since it contains L-carnitine, an amine that helps metabolize fats to make better use of them in the high energy needs of this type of pet. 

Main disadvantage:

Although it is for adults, it is not recommended for large pets, so if this is the case for your dog, you should look for the version called Maxi Adult, which is specially designed for large and heavy animals.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is one of the best feed today, as it has been enriched with EPA-DHA, thus, it can promote skin health, achieving a stronger and shinier coat. 

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Main Features Explained


It is especially indicated for small and light dogs, but that are in adulthood, this is a great advantage, since this type of pet generally has high energy needs due to its constant physical activity. Therefore, it is an adapted feed with the right amount of fat.

It allows proper digestion, since the proteins it contains have been carefully selected for their ease of absorption, thus reducing intestinal diseases. Likewise, the croquettes are small and easy to moisten with mineral water, so that smaller breeds can chew and swallow them without major inconveniences, for this reason, it is one of the best feeds for mini dogs according to the opinions of many users.

It has exclusive flavors, mixed in a particular formula that manages to satisfy the demanding palates of small breed dogs. This high palatability is very important so that your pets can associate food with pleasant sensations, while allowing them to metabolize nutrients optimally.

If your dog’s hair has lost its shine, it may be that this feed helps it to recover the vitality of the skin for a healthier and more pleasing coat to look at, this is possible thanks to the presence of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are necessary for the proper functioning of your pet’s body, in this way, it will not be necessary to buy supplements.


Among today’s dog food, this product stands out for having a price adjusted to quality, since it has a set of high-quality ingredients that allow a balanced diet for your pets, therefore, it can be used as the main food of the diet and also as a complement to other types of food.

Rice has been used in the preparation of this feed as a fundamental carbohydrate. It works as a food source that is converted into energy, but at the same time this cereal facilitates digestion. It also contains lysine, an essential amino acid that does not occur naturally in dogs and is used to build proteins.

Contains 27% protein, made up of different nutritional components, including chicken by-product meal, liver hydrolyzate and purified wheat protein. These ingredients have been specially selected to keep the muscular structure of dogs in good condition.

It has vegetable fiber and beet pulp, for a total of 1.2% crude fiber, which favor the consistency of the stool to facilitate subsequent cleaning and have a prebiotic action, to promote the formation of beneficial bacteria that keep the colon healthy. In addition, this feed includes adequate levels of Epa and DHA that increase the beauty of the coat. 


Another of the characteristics that stand out from this feed is the quality of the added components, since they enhance its nutritional capacity to guarantee a life full of energy and health for your dog. Among them we can mention potassium sorbate, a mild food preservative that works as a bactericide and fungicide, offering great efficacy and safety, as it is approved by the WHO and FAO.

Includes DL-methionine, an essential amino acid that is not naturally produced within the animal’s body, however it can help the liver process lipids to reduce the risk of liver disease. On the other hand, it contains Choline, a nutrient that participates in brain functions.

One of the most outstanding additives in this feed is Taurine, since although dogs should be able to produce enough for their cardiac and nervous system functions, the reality is that many do not manage to do so. As if that were not enough, it has L-carnitine, which helps metabolize fats to use them as energy, helping to control the weight of the animal. 

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