Siamese cat curiosities

The Siamese cat is not only one of the most elegant breeds among small cats, but it is also one of the oldest. Currently, Siamese are very popular in homes around the world, as they are considered affectionate and intelligent, although it is true that they demand some attention from the owner.

Most historians agree that Siamese cats originated in the ancient kingdom of Siam, in Southeast Asia, more specifically what we know today as Thailand. At first, the only people who could have a Siamese at home were members of the royal family, who appreciated and admired it, since it was considered a pure and sacred animal

Siamese varieties

In general terms, the Siamese cat is very easy to differentiate from other breeds, since its body is quite elongated. In addition, the face, tail and legs are dark, so these points contrast with the light back, in addition, it has intense blue eyes. However, in the Siamese breed we can distinguish two varieties; the modern and the traditional, also known as thai. The latter is characterized by having a rounded structure and is smaller, while the modern one has a slender body and a sharp triangular face .

We could talk about a third variety, which is the Balinese cat. It is a kind of long-haired Siamese, which has all the aforementioned characteristics, except for its coat, which is reminiscent of the Angora breed. However, it is currently considered a separate breed, although it is still related to the Siamese.

As for the coat, there are 4 basic colors. There is the dark brown, which is the classic Siamese with very dark points on the face, tail and legs, while the chocolate is lighter, with a coffee-with-milk tone. For its part, the gray Siamese cat has bluish points, while the white Siamese includes lilac points and is the lightest of all.

Siamese Personality

Siamese are affectionate cats with their owners, in addition, they are usually curious, agile and very playful. However, they can be somewhat temperamental and jealous , so living with a new cat in the house is difficult if they are already used to being the center of attention. As a general rule, the baby Siamese cat can adapt better to changes than the adult.

The Siamese cat has a good character, in general. In fact, it can behave quite sociable with people who visit the house. However, to be happy, specimens of this species require much more than just cat food. They like to spend all their time with the owner, therefore, when they are left alone for many hours they tend to feel distress, which is why in some cases they adopt destructive behavior. For this reason, it is not a recommended breed for a person who spends most of the day away from home, unless they have other cats to keep them company.

In general, the Siamese cat has a friendly behavior with children, but it is important that they treat it with great care. In this sense, it depends on the instructions that adults give to the little ones in the house so that they relate to their new pet. For example, instead of chasing the animal, it is preferable to wait for the cat to approach the child and gain confidence.

The magic of the Siamese cat

In the kingdom of Siam, it was believed that the Siamese cat was a carrier of spirits, in such a way that when a high-ranking character died, one of these cats was placed next to his body, since the animal could receive the spirit of the spirit. person. Thus, the cat became the guardian of the deceased and had a life of luxury in a temple. 

But there is another legend, where Siamese cats appear as protectors of the King of Siam. According to this story, the cats kept watch on the palace walls, and if an enemy wanted to harm the king, the cats jumped and scratched the intruder, therefore, they are also considered heroic animals. 

What care does a Siamese cat need?

The good news is that Siamese cats are very clean and meticulous about their hygiene, so they don’t need too much care. For example, it is not necessary to brush their hair more than 2 times a week. However, there are some tips that are useful if we are going to have a Siamese at home for the first time.

There are Siamese that feed themselves, but it is always good to control their weight. Let us remember that it is a slender breed, so its legs are not suitable to support being overweight. Therefore, the diet must be balanced, without excesses but with the right nutrients. 

In the same way, it is of great importance to avoid a sedentary life , so the Siamese needs to be firmly educated in this regard, it is advisable to encourage him to play and exercise. But yes, you must always maintain a polite treatment, since it does not support shouting or bad manners. 

Siamese twin health and life expectancy

Generally, the Siamese is a very healthy cat, however, like any other pet, it needs its medical check-ups and its vaccinations. Likewise, you have to be attentive to respiratory diseases, so if you see that he sneezes too much, it is better to take him to the vet. With proper care, the average lifespan of a Siamese cat is 15 to 20 years.

On the other hand, the Siamese cat is usually very fertile and reaches sexual maturity between 4 and 6 months of age, this means that it can easily reproduce at approximately 5 months. The gestation period lasts 69 days and can have up to 6 kittens in the same litter. For this reason, sterilization is recommended if you do not have the capacity to adopt the offspring at home.

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