The 10 best dog grooming salons in Valencia

To maintain the good health of your dog, not only do you have to make visits to the veterinarian, it is also important that his coat is properly cared for. If you live in the city of paella, it is good that you go to one of the best dog grooming salons in Valencia. 

Long-haired dogs generally require special care for good health. To help you choose a place that suits your needs, we invite you to review this list with the 10 most important dog grooming salons in Valencia.

1. Patuses

Patusos dog grooming offers you a wide range of cuts and techniques to take care of your pet’s hair. It also has a spa for animals that allows them to feel relaxed and comfortable before cutting, which provides better results.

This is one of the aspects that has made Patusos one of the most popular dog grooming salons in Valencia, since the professionals at this dog care center take the time to provide animals with a positive experience.

2. Alliance K9

Alianz K9 offers everything from a veterinary clinic to a store specializing in pet accessories , where we can find everything from a dog brush to collars, toys and treats. Similarly, it offers dog grooming and beauty services and has a space for conducting specialized courses in dog training, which increases the versatility of the store.

3. Sleepindog

This is a canine and feline hairdresser located in Mislata, Valencia. Among its most requested services are nail cuts, ear cleaning, pad check, dental hygiene, among others. On the other hand, Sleepindog has a store specialized in food, where it is possible to find accessories, food and medicine for animals. As if that were not enough, it has a free home delivery service and has a pet daycare that can give your dog the care he needs when you go on a trip.

4. Calzada Veterinary Clinic And Rehabilitation

If you are looking for a dog grooming salon in Valencia, you should take into account this clinic located in the town of Puzol. It stands out among other veterinary centers for offering rehabilitation, traumatology and surgery, which increases versatility. In addition, it is the only center that offers techniques such as acupuncture and chiropractic for animals. Also, it has a complete canine and feline hairdressing service, where specific cuts are made for each breed . In this way, an environment of canine styling is created by the renowned groomer Christian Sandiego.

5. Animal Spirit

If you need a canine beauty center in Valencia that provides animal welfare, health and good aesthetics, then Animal Spirit could be a good option. It is a spa for dogs that was born from the concept of beauty and animal care. In this sense, it offers therapies adapted to each individual and offers all kinds of cuts. As if that were not enough, it includes comprehensive advice to owners to ensure that animals receive the care they need while they are at home.

6. San Vicente Veterinary Hospital

The specialized personnel of the San Vicente Veterinary Hospital carry out different types of haircuts, among which the scissor cut and trimming stand out . Likewise, it offers specific styles for each breed and has an antiparasitic bath service that is essential for the preventive medicine of pets. Also, it provides therapeutic baths for animals suffering from dermatological pathologies. To help, your store has shampoos and products to promote good coat health. Likewise, it is important to note that it offers equally specialized services for cats.

7. They innovate Valencia

The Innovacan center provides a large number of services to improve the quality of life of dogs. In this sense, it offers natural therapies, canine education, animal feed, sale of products, as well as canine and feline hairdressing. On the other hand, it has veterinary attention with professionals trained to treat and care for your pets quickly but lovingly, avoiding the stress that most dogs usually suffer.

8. Isa Monzo

Isa Monzó is a popular dog groomer who runs a dog beauty center. This place aims to transmit knowledge to improve the welfare of animals from home . In the same way, in this center the most advanced techniques of hygiene and canine care are used. Among her services, there are keratin treatments, nail cutting, ear cleaning, therapeutic baths, haircuts, dyes, among others.

9. Chic-Can Coiffure SPA Canin

Chic-Can Peluquería y SPA Canino offers personalized services of canine baths and haircuts. Also, it provides prior advice on combing so that owners know the best way to care for a dog’s coat . As if that were not enough, it offers nail trimming and therapeutic treatments for animals that have some kind of skin problem. It is important to mention that this dog care center has good opinions on different social networks, which is why it has become a popular place in Valencia.

10. The Park

The Park is a dog boarding center that also provides training services for cats and dogs. It is important to mention that, among the services offered by this place, are veterinary consultations, therapies, dog grooming, daycare, home delivery, medication for sick dogs, among others.

In the past, a passion for animals was reason enough to work on their care. Nowadays, more than that is needed, since the sector is subject to increasingly strict regulations in order to guarantee the well-being of your pet, which requires quality personnel with training in the area, especially in that a canine hairdresser is required, since dogs have a wide variety of coats depending on the breed and each one requires particular attention.

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