The 4 Best Trees for Cats of 2022

Cat Tree – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Trees for cats are one of the favorite toys of our kitty with which they will have all kinds of spaces where they can rest, climb, sharpen their nails and do what they want just as they would in nature. The best thing is that, thanks to the wide range of products on the market, it is possible to find products suitable for fitting into almost any part or environment, so that you can offer your pet what it needs and what you prefer. Among these models we find the Songmics PCT86G tree, which has adequate space for 3 or 4 cats weighing less than 7 kilos, among which there are spaces to rest or play, such as the ball area at the top. A somewhat smaller approach than that of the Dibea KB00403 model, which increases the available space to 2.4 meters high with a base of 60 cm wide by 45 deep in which you will find up to seven different levels and various spaces for your cats to have fun, rest or simply sharpen their nails when they need it.

Buying Guide – What is the best cat tree on the market?

Although at first it is likely that your cat will be more interested in the box than in its future tree, the truth is that if we take some trouble to properly assess the product and what it offers, it will be easier for it to adjust to what they may need our furry A task in which the tips in our guide to buying the best tree for cats will be useful to see what you can find and how to adapt it to your pets.

tree structure

One of the aspects that make the difference between the models that we find in any cat tree comparison is its structure. Something that depends, in part, on our available space, but also on what we want to mount. And it is that in the market we have a wide variety of proposals adapted to all tastes and needs.

In general, a cat tree is a structure that offers different plants and elements in which your pet can move comfortably, jump or even enjoy the different objects included, so that the tree becomes its own playground. generally having rest areas included for when you need to take one of your frequent naps.

When choosing, it is convenient to see what your pet needs. The more active you are, the more items and spaces you need to move around. The same goes for the included toys, which will also help you to be more active. It is also convenient to verify the measurements of the product, both base and height, to avoid buying a product that is larger than what we can place at home.

Manufacturing materials

Considering how much one of these trees costs, especially if we are talking about the larger models, another element to consider is the product’s manufacturing materials, which, if they are of quality, give it greater resistance. A control process that should be carried out on all models, but especially if we are talking about cheap models, since it is the aspect where they tend to falter.

Starting with the materials of the structure, these are usually made of wood in the more expensive models and high-resistance cardboard in the cheaper models, all of them with plastic elements that help assembly. In this case, it is essential that both elements have adequate resistance, since they are the ones that will support both the weight of the structure and that of your pet’s movements.

Something similar happens with rest supports, whether they are baskets, sheds or other elements, which should also be resistant to keep everything in its place without any problem. The minimum desirable, in this case, is that they are, at least, made of chipboard.                  

On the other hand, we must also verify the quality of the product finishes. These finishes consist of a textile material, generally soft to the touch, that covers the base and all the other elements of the product. As for the bars, they are usually covered with strong sisal rope that serves as a scratcher and is safe for the animal’s nails.

All these materials must be resistant to rubbing and use, and it is convenient that their cleaning is also simple, in order to keep the product in good hygiene conditions.

mounting system

To finish our tips, it is time to talk about the tree assembly system. An issue in which the materials and the structure have a lot to say. And it is that, when it comes to assembly, the greater the complexity of the product and its structure, the more complicated its assembly process will be.

However, you should not worry because in general all the parts are usually self-supporting and, at most, require some type of tightening wrench that is included with the product in many models. This is the case of the tubular structures that allow the different elements of the product to be seated, which usually do not require more than a simple screwing on the base or on the different elements to leave the tree properly assembled.

As for the rest of the elements, many of them also have screw-in parts for assembly, while in the case of toys, it is usually only necessary to hook them to the structure in their proper position so that everything is properly assembled.

What is recommended, especially if the tree has a lot of use, is to take a look at the tree once assembled to proceed with its tightening and correct adjustment. Something that helps extend the life of the product.

The 4 Best Trees for Cats – Opinions 2022

When looking for products with which to give our kittens a space to rest, having a cat tree is a highly recommended idea. A task in which the wide variety of existing supply makes it somewhat more complicated to find the best tree for cats adapted to what you may need.

To solve the problem, we have carried out our market study, offering you our selection of some of the best cat trees of 2018, suitable for all pockets and spaces.

1. Songmics PCT86G Cat Tree Scratching Post with Nests

Main advantage:

Its structure made of an MDF board and the thick columns give this scratching post stability and consistency, being suitable for supporting the weight of 3 or 4 cats weighing less than 7 kilograms, thanks to its solidity and robustness.

Main disadvantage:

One user pointed out that she misses bells inside the balls that make them ring when the cat touches them, to attract more attention.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is an exclusive place for your cat to have a cozy house to play, jump or take a nap, highly resistant and durable.

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tree structure

The structure of this model has 4 levels in total, with different elements to play and rest. Its dimensions reach 154 cm in height, the base plate measures 50 x 50 cm, the square shed is 35 x 30 x 25 cm and the upper nest measures 36 x 36 cm, and an approximate weight of 16.9 Kg, for what has the right size to occupy a good space in your house.

In this sense, we highlight that this tree for cats has a large platform, wear-resistant sisal that helps the cat to sharpen its nails, as well as a game with hanging balls to distract your pet.

It also has a comfortable house so that the cat can play hide and seek in it without having to leave the tree and includes a special hammock so that it can take a nap in it.

Manufacturing materials

As for the manufacturing materials of this cat tree, we highlight that the board is made of MDF, as well as the rest houses, making it a highly resistant model that can withstand the weight of the structure and movements. of your cat             

All the materials as a whole create a product with quality finishes, the base and the other spaces are covered with flannel fabric with a very soft texture. For its part, the supports and bars are covered with a resistant sisal that serves as a scratching post for cats and does not cause damage to their nails or claws.

This equipment is highly resistant to daily use and rubbing, and it is advisable to constantly clean the structure to keep the cat tree in a good state of hygiene and conservation.

mounting system

Regarding the assembly system of this tree, we can point out that all the pieces of this structure come in a plastic bag to prevent loss and facilitate installation, which is simple and comfortable.

When you mount it, it is necessary to tighten the screws very well to provide stability to the structure, it being recommended that the scratcher be placed in a corner or against a wall to prevent it from falling during the movements made by the cat. In addition, it is an ideal tree for 3 or 4 cats weighing less than 7 kilos.

As for the accessories, some elements are screwable pieces and the toys you just have to hook them on the structure so that they are properly assembled. Remember to check frequently if the parts need any adjustment or if they need to be tightened, to extend the useful life of this scraper.

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2. Dibea KB00403 Climbing Scratching Tree for Cats

If you have space for your pets and want to give them the largest model on the market, take a look at the Dibea KB00403 tree. A model of considerable proportions, with measurements of 60 cm wide by 45 deep at the base and an adjustable height from 2.4 to 2.6 meters, which also allows it to be placed on the ceiling if its height allows it.

In this space we find different levels with all kinds of games, such as a cabin, baskets, ladders or a tube, among others. We also find fun toys such as balls and pendants, with which it is easier to have fun.

All this in a resistant model, with 8 cm diameter sisal bars that give the product greater stability. Something that also facilitates the assembly process, so you do not have to worry about anything to leave the tree properly assembled and safely seated.

Dibea has stood out in the market for its different furniture and accessories for the home, and even for its options for pets in the house, which is why some users recommend it as the best brand of trees for cats. For this reason, we have selected this model to tell you about its pros and cons.


Space: This tree has two closed platforms for your cats to rest on, as well as ladders and other open platforms.

Variety: It is available in seven different color combinations grey, black, brown, white and beige.

Materials: The tree is made of MDF wood, bars 8 centimeters in diameter made of sisal and upholstered in plush fabric.


Instructions: Some users comment that the instructions are somewhat difficult to decipher, but after understanding them the assembly is done quickly.

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3. Pedy Large Cat Tree

The Pedy LL389 cat tree follows the design of more traditional products, in a vertical format. It is 170 centimeters high, supported by a base 61 centimeters wide by 50 centimeters deep. 

A multitude of areas designed for your pets to have fun and rest are distributed in this space, as happens with the two kennels, the two upper trays, the central hammock and the numerous shelves of the tree. The entire structure is covered in a soft beige fabric, incorporating different areas of sisal rope on the columns, which serve as scratching posts. 

It is finished off with some dangling toys, like another string at the bottom or a couple of padded balls at the top. An ideal format and suitable to be used by several cats at the same time, without problems.

Let’s know some more details about this complete tree for cats, with which your pets will have what they need at all times.


Size : Thanks to its good size, the product can be used by one or more cats, with complete comfort.

Distribution : Its versatile distribution offers all kinds of spaces, trays and kennels, where your cats can rest or play.

Scratching posts : Almost all posts include sisal rope inserts, for your cats to use as scratching posts.


Assembly : As with these products, you will have to spend some time assembling the tree, the key being to leave everything well tightened.

Posts : The posts are not made of wood, as would be desirable, but are made of high-density pressed cardboard, which reduces the durability of the equipment.

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4. Lbla Tree for Cat Climbing Tower

If you are tired of the usual cat trees, Lbla offers an interesting alternative. This model has a lower and wider design, which avoids some of the deterioration and instability problems of tall products. 

Something that is helped by a structure that leaves aside the cardboard in the tubes, which in this case are made of high-quality PVC, a material that better withstands the efforts during use. This approach also reduces the time and hassle of assembly, for which you will not need any tools. 

For the rest, the tree has the usual areas, where your cats can rest, scratch, climb or play with one of the two balls that hang from the structure. These elements are covered with soft fabrics, ideal for resting, or the classic high-quality sisal rope, so that your cats scratch comfortably.

We analyze this model in detail, which changes the traditional approach of cat trees for a very interesting proposal.


5-in-1 design: This design includes specific areas for the various activities of the cat, such as climbing, resting, scratching or playing with the hanging elements.

Tubes: Compared to the cardboard construction, usual in these products, the tubes of this tree are made of high quality PVC, wrapped in sisal.

Assembly: Precisely because of the structure already mentioned, we are talking about a tree that is easy to assemble, in a process that does not require tools.


Scrapers: The scrapers have a lower resistance than would be expected, although if necessary you can always put new rope as a replacement.

Dimensions: Compared to conventional trees, this product has a lower and wider design, so it takes up more space when mounting it.

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Songmics PCT86G Tree for Cats Scratching Post with Nests

So that your pets have a space to rest and have fun, the model offers a spacious one at all kinds of levels. Specifically, it has a base area with a hammock in the form of a bag to rest, accompanied by a booth in the central area and a lookout area at the top.

All this in a structure typical of a climbing tree for cats that in total has five different levels in which three to four cats with a maximum weight of up to seven kilos can play.

As for its materials, the quality tubes maintain adequate resistance, while the different structures have textile and rope coatings that offer notable resistance to wear and dirt. A wide and highly durable model, which could well be the best cat tree of the moment.

There are many options on the market to pamper and care for your kittens, but many customers consider this to be the best tree for cats at the moment because it has properties that make it stand out. Next, we describe its positive and negative aspects.


Multifunction: This tree has a hiding place, a hammock and several platforms for cats to play or take a nap. In addition, it includes ropes and toys.

Resistance and stability: The structure is made of MDF and flannel-type fabric, likewise, the ropes are made of resistant sisal.

Capacity: The tree is suitable for up to four cats weighing less than 7 kilograms each.

Assembly: This product includes all the parts and an instruction manual in several languages, including Spanish.


Balls: Some users consider that their cats’ lack of interest in some of the toys included in the tree is because they do not have a bell inside.

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How to use a cat tree

One of the cats’ favorite toys are scratching trees, which are special objects to keep them distracted and active inside the home. With this product, your pet will be able to climb, scratch, file their nails and rest as they would outdoors. All this, due to the importance of your pet having a personalized place to attend to its needs. Therefore, we show you the tips that you should keep in mind when using this article.

Select the place of installation

A very important factor to consider when installing the tree is the place where you will place it, since your pet will spend much of his time playing on it. When scratching, their muscles and limbs are simultaneously stretched, so the place should be spacious and quiet. It is recommended to place it near the cat’s resting area. Preferably near the walls so that it has greater support.

Place it on a safe surface

Another essential aspect is that the surface on which you will install the tree is firm and stable enough to support the weight of the item and the jack at the same time. For this reason, it is advisable to place the product on a carpet that will prevent it from moving from its place, ensuring the life of your pet. Keep it away from raised surfaces such as steps.

join the foundations

To start with the assembly of the device, start by joining the bases correctly. To do this, you can use bolts or nuts as needed between the joints. Also, for a better fit, you can use a drill to put the pieces together.

Assemble the horizontal platforms

Once the bases are attached, it is time to mount the horizontal platforms where the cat can rest or play. It is necessary that you follow the instructions described in the product manual that will tell you step by step, even through illustrations, the proper way to position the pieces between the mast. Also, use screws or nuts to fix them.

Test the silkiness of the fabric

All cat trees are covered with a special fabric that provides comfort and comfort to the animal. Make sure the fabric is soft, otherwise the cat will reject the product. Also, if the fabric is too rough, it can irritate your skin and nails. Generally, a soft, plush fabric, similar to that of your sleep mattress, is recommended.

Get used to your cat

Teaching your cat to use the item can be a long and tedious process. Be patient and do some exercises with your pet. Get his attention by placing toys around the surface. Also, carefully place its legs on the mast and tear its nails, since in this way its smell will be impregnated, making it understand that it is its territory. On the other hand, rewarding him every time he uses the product is a good option.

clean it constantly

Since your pet will be spending a lot of time using the tree, you need to clean the item frequently to prevent bacteria buildup and the spread of unpleasant odors. With the help of a steam vacuum cleaner, remove all the fur adhering to the fabric.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

[] Rascador Para Gatos Árbol Trepar Sisal Juguete

Encontrar modelos baratos dentro de los árboles para gatos también es posible, tal como vemos en el árbol rascador para gatos En Casa Gris. Este rascador cuenta con un diseño en tres niveles diferentes desde la base.

En estos niveles encontramos tres zonas de descanso, como la bandeja semicerrada de la izquierda, la bandeja abierta de la derecha o la caseta cerrada que casi se encuentra a nivel de suelo, para que tu gato tenga la tranquilidad que necesite cuando quiera.

Para darle un poco más de diversión al diseño, el producto cuenta con un divertido ratón colgado de la bandeja más alta, para que el animal también se entretenga. Lo mismo ocurre con las cuerdas que recubren las barras laterales, que podrá utilizar como rascador para gastar sus uñas.

Por sus dimensiones de 60 cm de ancho por 95 cm de alto y 40 cm de profundidad, esta opción es considerada por los clientes como el mejor árbol para gatos por 30 euros, además de poseer propiedades que lo hacen una buena inversión, por ello te las resumimos a continuación, para que sepas si es el adecuado para tus mascotas gatunas.


Diseño: Este árbol tiene un diseño sencillo que incorpora una cueva y tres plataformas de descanso, así tus gatos podrán jugar y descansar.

Color: Está disponible en cuatro colores que son negro, gris, blanco y negro. De esta forma podrás comprar el que vaya mejor con la decoración de tu casa.

Precio: Es el árbol más barato de la lista, sin embargo, está fabricado con material de óptima calidad para que resista los juegos de tus mininos.


Tamaño: Algunos usuarios comentan que el árbol, en especial su cueva, no es adecuada para gatos adultos, puesto que esta les queda pequeña.

Ratón: Otros clientes expresan que el cordel que sujeta al ratón debe ser más fuerte, ya que algunos gatos pueden tirarlo el primer día.

Todeco Escalador Árbol para Gatos

El árbol Todeco Beige es un modelo interesante para quienes quieran mantener un adecuado equilibrio entre el coste y el diseño del producto. Un modelo divertido que, entre otros elementos, le ofrece a tu mascota una caseta de gran tamaño, una cesta colgante, una plataforma superior o unas escaleras.

Todos ellos tienen un tapizado de calidad, ofreciendo en su interior una resistente estructura de MDF y con elementos de adecuada resistencia para soportar el movimiento de tu mascota. Lo mismo ocurre con las cuerdas que recubren buena parte de las barras.

Y si a todos estos elementos le añadimos un precio interesante, seguramente estemos ante un firme candidato a ser el mejor árbol para gatos de relación calidad precio de esta comparativa.

Si sigues buscando productos más baratos para que tus gatos puedan rascar sin dañar sus garras, puedes echarle un vistazo a este árbol que destaca en el mercado por su diseño moderno y único, además de otras propiedades que te contamos a continuación.


Fabricación: El árbol está confeccionado en madera MDF, fibra natural de sisal y revestimiento de terciopelo, todos ecológicos.

Zonas: Incluye unas escalerillas, una caseta, una cesta y dos plataformas, una de ellas en lo alto del árbol.

Accesorios: Además de las cinco diferentes plataformas, incluye un ratón y una cuerda para mayor disfrute.


Gatos grandes: Varios usuarios comentan que no es adecuado para gatos de más de 3 kilogramos, puesto que el árbol es un poco inestable.

Ensamblaje: Para algunos clientes el montaje es complicado y las instrucciones no llegan completas.

PanaCasa CT501S-GREY1

Si aún sigues con dudas respecto a cuál es el mejor árbol para gatos que puedes encontrar, el modelo PanaCasa CT501S-GREY1 sería otra opción a valorar.

Este modelo te ofrece un diseño en cuatro niveles diferentes, con el que tus peludos van a moverse con comodidad a lo largo de toda su superficie, en la que encontrarán espacios para trepar, como las rampas para acceder a las diferentes plantas o bien las casetas de la parte inferior y media en las que pueden descansar.

Lo mismo que pueden hacer en las tres cestas de la zona superior, en las que se sentirán como vigías atentos a todo lo que ocurre. Un producto con una altura de 1,8 metros y una base de 55 cm, tapizado con material textil de alta calidad que no se deteriora con el uso.

Si aún no sabes qué árbol para gatos comprar, te recomendamos este modelo de PanaCasa que le da posibilidades de diversión, descanso y cuidado a tus felinos. A continuación señalamos sus pros y contras.


Superficie: Con una superficie de cuatro niveles, este árbol tiene diferentes espacios, incluidas tres plataformas de descanso, dos cuevas y dos escalerillas.

Dimensiones: Sus dimensiones de 55 cm de ancho y largo en la base, no ocupan mucho espacio, por lo que podrás colocarlo en tu casa sin ningún inconveniente.

Calidad: Está fabricado con cuerda de sisal natural, madera de escamas E1 y tapizado en felpa suave.


Peso: Este modelo tiene un peso de 17 kilogramos, por lo que podría ser pesado para moverlo al momento de hacer la limpieza en tu casa.

Cuevas: Las dos cuevas que incorpora este árbol pueden ser pequeñas para gatos grandes. Sin embargo, tienen otros espacios para descansar.

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