The 5 Best Cages for Guinea Pigs of 2022

Guinea Pig Cage – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When it comes to pampering our guinea pig, the first thing we can offer is a cozy home so that they feel safe, where they can walk freely and at the same time be practical when we have to maintain it and keep it clean. The good news is that in this regard manufacturers have designed and put on sale various options that may be appropriate. In this sense, among the most outstanding models is the Yaheetech YA-00093878 cage, which includes a bowl and a wall-mounted water bottle. In addition, it has a 5-level structure that provides ample space. Another good compact and resistant option could be the Voltrega 001974G model., which provides you with accessories to exercise while climbing and exploring. It also has a deep plastic manger suitable for your pet not to leave dirt around its cage.

Buying guide – What is the best cage for guinea pigs on the market?

If you like these friendly rodents and you want to have one, but you lack information regarding what you could take into account when choosing an appropriate cage, we provide you with our guide to buying the best cage for guinea pigs where you will find guidance that could be useful to you, perhaps with it you will have a better chance of choosing the right one and investing your money correctly.


To keep any rodent safe, the first thing we need is a cage that is resistant to the natural tendency of these small animals to bite what is around them.

This is why most of the cages include metal and very hard plastics among their materials. Thus they provide a suitable use for a longer time while preventing them from escaping.

On the other hand, it is also important that the materials that will be in contact with the faeces are resistant to corrosion, especially those used as floors for the cage, since they can deteriorate due to the concentration of certain substances.

Fortunately, there are materials that allow cages to meet these needs while remaining good and cheap, so you will surely find one that suits your budget.

Hygiene and health

Another aspect that cannot go unnoticed is that the materials that make up the cage must be non-toxic for your guinea pig, to prevent your pet from suffering from having ingested any part with substances that are harmful to it. Don’t worry, manufacturers generally use varnishes or plastics free of components that could represent a risk.

Maintaining the hygiene of the cage is essential, it will be a task that you will carry out quite frequently and it is better that it be streamlined as much as possible and be simple. For this, it is best that the bottom of the cage is easily removable and preferably does not have reliefs or places where any remaining dirt can get trapped.

Rest areas and accessories

We cannot fail to notice that rodents are prey animals by nature, this means that they have a natural tendency to remain sheltered in burrows. For this reason it is important that in a comparison of cages for guinea pigs you consider choosing those that provide you with an appropriate space so that they feel safe and rest.

Or, that it is possible to adapt some space for this purpose. For this reason we invite you to consider, in addition to the cost of the cage, an estimate of how much it costs to properly adapt your home, so that you do not miss any basic accessory and you do not have unforeseen expenses, remember that other important accessories could be the feeders or drinking bowls, since they are also essential for your pet.


It is possible that on certain occasions you need to take your guinea pig out of the cage, or introduce some food or toy. In this sense, access is important.

They must have an appropriate size so that not only can the guinea pig get out, but also so that your hand can enter it without problems. \On the other hand, it must offer security so that it does not open by accident, preventing your pet from going out and putting itself in danger, especially if you have other pets that might be interested in capturing it.


Another aspect that you can take into consideration when choosing models is related to the place where you will place the cage. In other words, if you want it to be an indoor option, it is likely that you will not need a roof that protects from the sun and rain, a fence that prevents it from escaping is sufficient. But in the case of a model to be placed outdoors, it may be necessary to offer better protection and that the materials are suitable for this use.

The appearance and design of the cage can also be important, as caring for your pet will be a daily task and you may want to keep your pet in sight to observe its activities. That is why we invite you to choose one that seems attractive to you, so the experience of living with your guinea pig could be even more pleasant and it could look good in the place where you will place it.

Finally, the size of the cage is another point that you should not forget. This must adapt both to the place you plan to place it, and to the number of pets it will contain. Although guinea pigs do not generally require much space, it is worth keeping this in mind.

The 5 Best Cages for Guinea Pigs – Opinions 2022

If you are missing models to add to your comparison, we invite you to know our selection, in it you will be able to find 5 different models with a brief description of each one where we will highlight their characteristics, so you will have more information related to what is currently available. on the market and what could meet your needs, to more easily choose the model you are looking for.

1. Yaheetech Large Hamster Cage 

It is a cage with ramps and panels, which allow the animals to move between the platforms in a comfortable and simple way. In addition, the pieces are removable to facilitate subsequent cleaning. For this reason, this model is a good option if you are wondering which is the best cage for guinea pigs.

Also, it offers a sliding tray at the bottom that can be removed to prevent dirt from falling to the floor of the house. It is important to mention that this structure can house different species of small creatures, such as rabbits, ferrets, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, chinchillas, among others.

On the other hand, it has 360° wheels, which allow you to comfortably move the cage from one room to another in your home. Safety-wise, it has 3 arched doors with a safety latch, which prevents pets from escaping when you’re not around them.

The best cage for guinea pigs of the moment should provide a wide and cozy space for your animals to rest and play, as is the case with this model. Let’s learn more about its pros and cons.


Levels: It offers 5 levels with stairs and platforms so that your pets can easily move through the cage, which allows them to live in a more pleasant environment.

Cleaning: It has 3 doors so you can access the different levels, thus facilitating cleaning. Similarly, it offers a removable lower tray, for the same purpose.

Installation: Provides installation instructions and has all the necessary tools to ensure quick and easy assembly.


Welding: It is important to transport the cage with due care, since in case of impacts the bars could separate. This is because the solder is a bit brittle.

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2. Voltrega 001974G Rabbit Cage

This option of cage with measures of 70 x 40 x 65 cm is among the cheapest and has a great facility to disassemble the metal section of its bottom. This feature can make it easier to maintain the necessary cleanliness and hygiene for your pet.

In addition, because its design includes a greater height compared to other models, it allows you to place two platforms that your guinea pig can access to explore and exercise, which can contribute to its well-being. While on the other hand, it will take up little space in your home which can be convenient.

On the other hand, it should be noted that its platforms are made of very resistant plastic, just like the manger, and due to the depth that has been given to it, it is adequate to offer protection and comfort. In addition, you will be pleased to know that its components are free of harmful substances, so even if your guinea pig bites them, it will not represent any risk.

Voltrega could be considered the best brand of cages for guinea pigs, since it includes in each model a considerable level of practicality and functionality so that your pet can feel at ease.


Design: The design available in this cage will allow you to easily place up to two platforms so that your guinea pig can explore and distract itself while exercising.

Dimensions: This cage will not take up much space at home, thanks to its dimensions being the same as 70 x 40 x 65 centimeters.

Material: It should be noted that both the platforms and the manger available in this cage are made of high quality plastic.


Closing system: For some users, the closing system included in the cage seems unsafe, therefore you should take this drawback into account before purchasing.

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3. Eugad Diy Modular Cage 

It is a cage for small animals such as hamsters, mice and guinea pigs. In addition, it is suitable for indoors and can provide a large enough area for your pets to exercise comfortably.

On the other hand, it has removable panels that allow you to modify the shape of the cage, either to increase comfort or adapt the structure to the available space in your home, which increases its versatility.

It is important to mention that each panel measures 37.5 cm wide and 35.5 cm high, so it is possible to make a cage of up to 107 x 71 x 75 cm. As if that were not enough, the holes in the grids are only 4.3 cm wide, which prevents smaller animals from escaping.

If you are looking for one of the best guinea pig cages of 2022, then it is recommended that you know in more detail some of the positive and negative characteristics of this model before choosing one.


Panels: Includes 22 panels and 1 door to build an oversized cage. Similarly, you can use your imagination to create structures of different shapes, which gives you more versatility.

Usage: This cage is designed not only for guinea pigs, but also for other small animals, such as guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits, mice, hamsters, hedgehogs, chinchillas, and more.

Accessories: The set contains 50 cable ties, 40 plastic connectors, 12 non-slip mats and 1 wooden mallet, offering all the necessary tools to build the cage.


Instability: It is important to pay attention to the assembly, since it could be unstable and tip over with the strong movements of some pets.

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4. Savic Habitat XL Guinea Pig Cage

This cage allows you to recreate the natural habitat of gerbils, hamsters or guinea pigs, since it has a lower tank that can be filled with sand. In addition, it is made of transparent plastic and offers a great height, to place a very thick layer of soil. In this way, the animals can hide, dig tunnels and build nests.

On the other hand, at the top there is a cage with a platform, a bridge and a ladder. The latter is designed so that your pet can move freely between the grid platform and the litter box.

It is important to mention that the walls of the cage have a horizontal wire mesh design, which allows your guinea pig to climb the structure without its legs getting caught in the grid.

Pampering your pet is possible if you have the best value for money cage for guinea pigs. In this sense, you should know that this model is one of the cheapest and offers a series of benefits.


Tank: The bottom of this cage is made up of a transparent plastic tank that can be filled with soil or sand, suitable for your pets to dig and hide.

Accessories: Among its accessories, a metal bowl with hooks to hang on the grids is included. It also has a water dispenser for greater functionality.

Door: It incorporates a large entrance door that allows you to feed and caress your pet in a simple and comfortable way.


Cleaning: To clean this cage it is necessary to place the animal in a separate container, which could be less practical compared to other models.

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5. Voltrega 001523N1 Guinea Pig Cage

It is a suitable cage for small pets, such as guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits, turtles, hamsters, among others. Likewise, it has a two-part structure, composed of a lower tray and an upper grid.

It is important to mention that the paint that covers the cage is lead-free epoxy and the tray is made of polypropylene plastic, so it is not harmful to animals, which favors safety. On the other hand, it has pressure closures that help to join the cage and the tray in a simple way.

As far as the dimensions are concerned, it measures 58 x 36 x 31 cm, so it has a compact design. It also offers a weight of 2.20 kg, which allows you to transport the structure with the animal inside without experiencing too much exhaustion.

If you are wondering which guinea pig cage to buy, then this Voltrega model might interest you, since it has been manufactured in Spain and is one of the cheapest on the list.


Cleaning: It offers a front opening system and the structure is divided into two parts, making it easy to clean.

Safety: The tray is made of non-toxic polypropylene and the grid is coated with lead-free epoxy paint, which favors the care of the animal.

Bars: The wires that make up the upper grid have a horizontal design so that your pet can climb without hurting their legs. In addition, the bars are 2.6 cm apart, to prevent the animal from escaping or getting trapped.


Size: It is a compact cage that can be a home for a small pet. However, it may be too small for 2 animals, which would be a disadvantage.

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How to use a guinea pig cage

If you plan to acquire a guinea pig as a pet, you should buy and prepare its cage so that it feels comfortable. For this reason, we will proceed to give you the information you need to prepare your pet’s new home, taking into consideration the size, distribution of the elements and even the type of base substrate, as all this will be essential if you want your guinea pig to feel cared for and happy.

Prepare the floor of the cage

The guinea pig generates a lot of moisture both from its body and from its urine, so we recommend that the floor be smooth and look for a good substrate that absorbs that moisture, such as: sawdust, pressed paper, cereal husks or rags.

All of them can be used, but the most recommended substrate is sawdust because it is easy to remove weekly, even in some cases daily, depending on the amount of feces or urine-stained areas. You must make a layer of 2 cm of sawdust so that it does its job effectively.

Place deposits for food and water

The ideal container for the guinea pig is the bowl, but you must place it or fix it to the cage, in such a way that it makes it difficult for the animal to tip the container and spill the water. Always keep your bowl full of water and keep it clean and fresh.

It also incorporates a deposit for food, in stores you will find feed, which is the appropriate food for your pet, but when you look for this type of food, try to make sure it is rich in vitamin C. Every two days add fruits or vegetables to your diet. In another tank, place plenty of hay, which is the classic food for this pet.

Create a shelter or bedroom

Guinea pigs like a semi-hidden place to doze or take refuge at certain times of the day. For that, you can create a tunnel or a nest for it, if it can be woven or made of wood, much better, since it should also be able to gnaw and even scratch, so it is advisable to make a sawdust mattress for it.

Finally, recreate the cage to your imagination

Take advantage of your creativity, place additional floors connected with ramps, remember that the cage must be large so that you can incorporate toys of any kind, that can gnaw and play with them.

But be careful, check that the toys are not toxic or that parts of it can come off that can choke the animal. Here your ingenuity should not have limits, since guinea pigs are very curious and playful animals and they will love to check, run and play while they are not with you. Finally, take advantage of the time of day when you will clean up the waste, so that you give your guinea pig 4 hours of freedom outside the cage, but do not neglect it.

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