The 5 Best Cages for Parrots of 2022

Parrot Cage – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

People who are used to having birds and parrots in the garden or some area inside the house choose to purchase special cages. Therefore, this time we will talk about several that are used for parrots, which are also optimal for other types of domestic birds. However, before buying one of these cages, it is best to know what size and design you need, as well as the manufacturing material. After reviewing the market, we found models such as the Yaheetech YA-00022848 cage, 92 centimeters high and a very comfortable design both for the birds and when it comes to keeping it clean. On the other hand, we recommend the Moly 30428, which has an external area where the parrots can be distracted. In addition, it should be noted that this cage is also suitable for macaws, since its internal dimensions are 93 x 69 x 160 cm.

Buying Guide – What is the best parrot cage on the market?

Although there are many cages for parrots on the market today, it is best that, before buying, you discover what qualities they should have, in order to make an appropriate choice. For example, characteristics such as materials, size, doors, number of hangers, food containers, wheels, among others, are some that you must take into account to acquire a good product. Next, we present a guide to buy the best cage for parrots, perhaps this will clarify your doubts.


When making a comparison of cages for parrots, the manufacturing materials must be taken into account, since their durability will largely depend on them. Although most of these products are made of metal and plastic, it is advisable to check the specifications for the type of material and the paint they have.

You can find a cage made of stainless steel, a material that withstands humidity and climate changes without problems, as well as being easy to clean.

On the other hand, we mention that in some cases the cages are covered with electrostatic paint, since this is not toxic to birds. This aspect is very important, because parrots, macaws, yacos and many other birds tend to move around the cage holding on to the beak and legs.


Before asking yourself how much a certain cage costs, it is best to know what size you need it. We say this because, if you have many parrots or other birds, the most convenient thing is to choose a large cage, in which your pets feel comfortable and grow without difficulties.

On the other hand, if you only have a couple of small parrots, it would be good if you chose a more compact cage. In addition, such a product could also be useful for houses or gardens with little space.

Another aspect of the cages that you should consider is the distance between the bars, perhaps 1 cm is enough, so that there is enough ventilation inside the cage and, in turn, the birds cannot get out of it. Of course, some of these animals do not escape or lose, even if they leave the cage, since they re-enter it to eat or sleep.

In addition to this, we can say that, depending on the size and brand you choose, you will be able to find a good and cheap cage, due to the great variety on the Internet.  


This is an aspect that users sometimes forget to check, but it is important to know before making the purchase.

Some cages only have one entrance on the front, others include extra doors on the sides. The latter are more common and serve to facilitate the entry of food into the cage, as well as to catch the parrots when you need to take them out or do maintenance on the structure, perches, containers and trays.


This part of the cages is quite useful, and you should know that the number of perches varies according to each model. For example, sometimes several hangers come with the purchase of the product.

If you have more than 2 birds as pets, it is best that the cage you buy comes with several perches, as there would be enough space for the animals to walk or sleep.

On the other hand, we mention that many hangers are usually made of wood, because it is a natural material, with which parrots and other birds will feel very identified.


In order for the birds to be able to feed within the same cage, it is important that it has one or more containers inside, these will be used for water and solid food.

Consequently, some cages come with these containers, which means you won’t have to purchase them separately. However, if the cage does not come with them or you want to use more containers, you can find these online, in various materials, sizes and prices.


This is the accessory that usually goes under the cages, so that food waste and bird droppings do not fall on the ground. It may seem unnecessary, but even in the garden the use of a tray for the cage of parrots or other types of birds is essential.

The excrement of these animals could cause some virus or allergic reaction in humans. For this reason, it is recommended to be very careful when cleaning bird feces, using trays and filters for the nose.

The 5 Best Cages for Parrots – Opinions 2022

The custom of having birds as pets in the home is very common today, which is why many people choose to buy cages for this type of animal. However, because there are many of these products on the market, we present some of the best parrot cages of 2022, because perhaps one of them will meet your expectations.

1. Yaheetech Bird Cage

Main advantage:

The cage has a considerable height, 92 centimeters in total, as well as quality materials, so the interior space is very spacious and is always protected.

Main disadvantage:

The cage is shipped in a kit that requires the integral assembly of the product. A process that, although simple, needs to spend some time.

Verdict: 9.8

A cage that combines an efficient design with a good range of accessories, so that your birds do not lack for anything.

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Design and measurements

The Yaheetech YA-00022848 model has a high design, common in cages designed for parrots and other species such as canaries, cockatoos and the like. Taking a look at its measurements, we find dimensions of 92 centimeters high by 46 centimeters wide and 35 centimeters deep, thus generating a good interior space.

This space is diaphanous, so there are no levels or trays that limit it, beyond the usual accessories and that we will analyze later. So your parrot or your birds will have enough space to move and fly inside with relative comfort, as long as they have a size suitable for the dimensions that we have mentioned.

Manufacturing materials

For a parrot cage to last longer and not pose a risk to your birds, it is key that its manufacturing materials are up to par. Something that happens with this model, made entirely of iron and free of harmful elements such as lead, for greater safety.

In addition to the main structure, we have a base made of plastic material, which is much more hygienic when it comes to allowing it to be cleaned. This base includes a lower metal fence, which is part of the main base and prevents animals from walking on their droppings. A plastic pull-out drawer is also included, which makes cleaning easy.

Other details of interest

To finish off the analysis of this product, we leave you some more details. One of them is access to the interior, which can be done either through the front door or through the two upper doors. These last two can be blocked by one of the wooden perches, allowing your birds to enter and exit the cage. It also has four side doors, to fill the water and food, as well as two upper handles, to move the cage.

Precisely these hangers are part of the product accessories, including four of them. These can be placed at different levels, in order to offer comfortable support to your birds. The different feeders and drinkers are also included, designed to be placed comfortably on the side walls of the product.

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2. Moly 30428 Large Parrot Cage

If you want to know which is the best cage for parrots, this could be the right answer, since it has wheels to slide it from one side of the home to the other with greater comfort.

In addition to this, cleaning the cage will be very easy, due to the removable tray that it comes with. Also, the front door has a special lock, so if you don’t want the parrots to come out, you can use it.

On the other hand, it has an outdoor park in the upper part, so that the parrot can be distracted in it. Also, this area has a ladder and removable tray.

Also, we can mention that this cage design comes with 2 perches, one located at the bottom and one higher. In them the birds can sleep without problems.

Another important aspect to say is that this product is a large cage, with 93 x 69 x 160 cm in its internal part, being capable of housing not only parrots, but also macaws.

In order to acquire the best cage for parrots of the moment, you must take into account details such as the ease of transport that it offers you or even the variety of accessories that it has for the enjoyment and rest of your birds.


Wheels: This cage is equipped with resistant and durable wheels that make its transport an easy and comfortable task to carry out.

Removable tray: Being able to clean this cage will be easier than you think, thanks to the removable tray that is supplied with it.

Outdoor park: The cage has an outdoor park right at the top, ideal for your parrot to be properly distracted.

Perches: This model has two perches, one located at the bottom and another located at the top of the cage. Therefore, your birds will rest comfortably.


Dimensions: You must take into account the fact that the dimensions available in this cage are quite considerable, so if you have a small space at home, you should opt for another model.

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3. Voltrega 001892G Ideal Cage for Parrots

The Voltrega 001892G model is everything you need to keep your pets comfortable and safe. And it is that this integral product not only includes the cage but also the necessary legs, to give the cage the proper stability. This prevents you from having to place it on a piece of furniture. 

This gives the cage measurements of 93 centimeters high by 77 wide and 53 deep, which reaches a total height of 1.5 meters if we include the legs. This inner area is made of high quality metal, with a separation between bars of just 0.3 centimeters. In this structure we have different doors, both to access the interior and to fill the feeders. 

The product is accompanied by a wide range of accessories, such as perches, a feeder, a drinker, a ladder or wheels, so you don’t have to buy anything else.

Give your pets the necessary space thanks to this complete Voltrega model, equipped with everything they need to live comfortably.


Space : The model offers a good interior space, suitable for different types of parrots, as well as for other kinds of birds.

Design : The structure has a large front door, two upper doors and small accesses to fill the feeder and drinker.

Legs : The cage includes legs, which give it greater stability than the products that we have to place on a piece of furniture.


Assembly : This product requires assembly that, without being too complicated, it is true that it requires some time.

Stability : It is key to check the pieces and their placement, in order to guarantee the adequate stability of elements such as doors or hangers.

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4. Yahee Bird Cage Metal Cage

According to some users, this is the best price-quality cage for parrots at the moment, being one of the cheapest and most compact today. That is, it has dimensions of 46 x 36 x 92 cm, which are enough for several small parrots.

In addition, it should be noted that the distance between the bars is 1 cm, enough to prevent animals from escaping and provide adequate ventilation.

On the other hand, we mention that the structure of the cage is made of metal and the food containers are made of white plastic.

Likewise, we cannot fail to highlight its 4 perches approximately 45.9 cm long, in which the parrots will feel comfortable walking or resting at night. As if that were not enough, the design of the cage is black and includes a swing, so that your pets can entertain themselves in it.

If you want to know which parrot cage to buy, you should first consider details as simple as the dimensions it has or even the level of ventilation it could offer your birds.


Dimensions: The dimensions available in this cage are 46 x 36 x 92 centimeters, so you could house several small parrots inside.

Ventilation: The level of ventilation available in this cage is appropriate for your birds, since the distance between the bars is 1 centimeter.

Materials: This cage is made of metal, while the containers are made of white plastic. Therefore, it is considered a resistant and quality model.


Color: It should be noted that you will find this model available only in black. Therefore, you will not have the opportunity to choose the one you prefer among several options.

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5. Pet Home Cage for Gray Parrots

It is a cage for gray parrots, which are very beautiful with their unique gray color. In addition, at the top there is an area for these pets to entertain themselves.

The dimensions of the cage together with its removable tray are 156 x 64 x 64 cm, which means that it is quite spacious for several parrots.

Also, we mention that it comes with 4 food containers and 2 wooden hangers. It even has a door with a security lock, for those times when you don’t want the parrots to get out of the cage.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the cage has 4 wheels on its legs, through which you can slide it from one place to another very easily. Also, the design includes two removable trays that you can remove to clean the cage of the waste left by your pets.

Being able to keep your birds totally comfortable will be an easy task as long as you can count on a high quality and durable parrot cage.


Accessories: It should be noted that this cage includes with its purchase a total of 4 containers and 2 special wooden perches for the birds to rest.

Dimensions: The dimensions available in this cage are 156 x 64 x 64 centimeters, which means it can be easily positioned in any space.

Transport: The transport of this cage is an easy task to carry out, thanks to the wheels included in the legs of it.


Door: Different users miss the presence of a door at the top of the cage so that the birds have easy access to the pen.

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Ecommerce Excellence Elegant and Chic Metal Parrot Bird Cage

According to some buyers, this is the best cage for parrots at the moment, since its external measurements are 81 x 78 x 155 cm, making it quite comfortable to place in the garden or somewhere inside the house. In addition, these dimensions give parrots more room to move.

This cage comes with 2 perches, which are made of wood, a natural and resistant brown material, in which the birds can feel comfortable and rest.

In addition, the package includes 3 containers for water or solid food, which means that you will not have to purchase these accessories separately.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the width of the bars is 3.2 mm and the distance between each one is 2.5 cm. This means that the pets will have enough ventilation inside the cage.

Ecommerce Excellence has a wide variety of cage models for you from which you can choose the one that best suits your needs. That is why it is considered the best brand of parrot cages available on the market.


Dimensions: The dimensions present in this cage are 81 x 78 x 155 centimeters, therefore, you could easily place it both inside and outside the house.

Hangers: It has two hangers made of resistant wood. In this regard, the birds will be able to rest properly.

Containers: For its part, this cage has 3 special containers for water and food. Therefore, you will not have to incur additional expenses.

Ventilation: With the use of this cage your pets will be able to stay adequately ventilated, since it has 3.2-millimeter bars and each of them maintains a separation of 2.5 centimeters.


Assembly: It should be noted that this cage is supplied completely disassembled, so you must carry out an appropriate assembly of it to be able to put it into operation.

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How to use a parrot cage

Among the birds that are often used as companions are parrots, not only because of their bright and colorful plumage, but also because of their intelligence, which allows them to interact with their owners to establish true friendly relationships. If you have purchased a special cage to give it a home, here are some recommendations.

Make sure you keep the cage well closed

Parrots, as we mentioned, are curious animals and their beaks become a very versatile tool that they can use, among other things, to open doors. Therefore, always try to verify that the closures are correctly placed. Since they can find a way to activate the simple locks and escape, which can put them at risk of getting lost or being captured by some other animal that you have at home.

Keep the cage clean

So that the appearance of the cage is not deteriorated in the short term, as well as to keep your pet’s home in better conditions, cleaning is essential. To achieve this, you can frequently remove the perches, food trays and water to wash them. Similarly, you should do this with the bottom tray, where the feces are deposited, which you can wash more easily using very hot water and a little diluted liquid dish soap.

This combination of ingredients can make it easier for the residue to come off if you let it soak for a few minutes and can reduce the time of rubbing, to get it clean. If you carry out this activity periodically, you will avoid spending more time than you have planned to maintain the hygiene of the cage, which if you allow the dirt to become embedded for too long.

Put it in an appropriate place

To maintain the health of your pets, try to place them in a ventilated place, where the sun’s rays are not direct. Also, you must verify that your pet does not have access to plants or any nearby object, remember that they can use their paws as a press, to grab hold of things and thus bring them closer. This can pose a risk if you can reach a vegetable that is toxic, for example.

To meet his needs to bite, you can add a safe toy inside the cage, so that he can naturally wear down his beak and not have the urge to damage the bars. In addition, this will prevent deformations in this part of your body, since it never stops growing.

Replace damaged accessories

When you notice that any of the pieces that are part of the basic accessories to feed your parrot is in poor condition or broken, it is better that you replace it, these accessories are usually easy to find or to acquire separately and by removing them you can prevent your parrot is hurt by a sharp point.

be careful with the paint

If after a while of using the cage, you consider it necessary to paint it, use appropriate enamels, remember that as birds that hold on to the bars, they run the risk of ingesting traces of paint, which could endanger them if it is a toxic enamel.

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Ecommerce Excellence Elegante y Chic Metal loro jaula de pájaros

Ventaja principal:

Esta es una jaula para loros resistente y duradera gracias a la alta calidad de sus materiales de elaboración. Además, podrás ubicarla en cualquier lugar sin que ocupe mucho espacio.

Desventaja principal:

Aunque las dimensiones de esta jaula puedan ser compatibles con diferentes tamaños de loros, algunos usuarios recomiendan que este modelo se use para que los loros pequeños puedan disfrutar del espacio interior con mayor comodidad.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Esta jaula para loros es resistente, elegante y práctica, por lo que tu mascota gozará de comodidad al tener perchero y paredes para colgar o dormir. Además, incluye recipientes de agua y comida para su alimentación diaria.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Un aspecto a tener en cuenta antes de realizar cualquier compra es evaluar el diseño que tenga la jaula. Según algunos usuarios este detalle determinará si el producto es el adecuado para tu mascota. El Ecommerce Excellence Noble viene en un diseño rectangular con el techo semi curvo, otorgándole un aspecto oriental y elegante. Su color es metalizado bañado en polvo, por lo que no desbalanceará la decoración de tu hogar.

En el techo tiene una puerta para que le permitas a tu mascota salir cuando desee. Puedes colocarle un perchero para que cuelgue o salga y vuele con tranquilidad. En sus laterales tiene 3 puertas pequeñas que te dará acceso a los cuencos de comida para cuando desees agregarle más o reemplazar el agua.

La puerta principal incluye un sistema de seguridad que abre únicamente por fuera. Así tu compañero no podrá escapar cuando desee. Adicionalmente, las patas de la jaula cuentan con ruedas para moverla cuando desees.


Otro de los factores que recomiendan los usuarios a verificar en el modelo de jaula para loros que has seleccionado son los materiales de elaboración. Teniendo esto en cuenta, podrás identificar fácilmente la durabilidad y resistencia del producto frente las circunstancias diarias. La estructura de este modelo está elaborada completamente en metal y cubierta con polvo, brindándole además de aspectos decorativos, propiedades duraderas y resistentes ante los picotazos de los loros.

Adicionalmente, el hierro posee resistencia al óxido y cierta resistencia al agua, por lo que tu loro podrá chispear agua cuando se bañe y no tendrá ningún efecto negativo en la estructura o la resistencia de la jaula.

Por otro lado, el cerrojo de seguridad que tiene esta jaula es de latón. Otorgando elegancia y defensa ante el posible escape de tu mascota o la intrusión de otros animales. Además, debido a que es brillante le permite acoplarse a la belleza y los colores de entorno.


Otra característica a considerar antes de gastar un solo euro es evaluar los accesorios que vienen incluidos con la jaula para loros. De esta manera, estos le podrán brindar más utilidad y practicidad al producto día tras día. Uno de los accesorios que más destaca en el Ecommerce Excellence Noble son los 3 recipientes para agua y comida, ya que podrás mantener el alimento en varios envases para que a tu mascota no le falte en ningún momento.

Adicionalmente, tiene 2 perchas para que el loro se pueda colgar o dormir sobre ella. Estos son de madera, lo que le otorgará la comodidad adecuada para que se sienta más a gusto. Cabe destacar que estas perchas son ajustables, así podrás ubicarlos en cualquier ranura de la jaula. Además, la bandeja y la rejilla inferior son extraíbles para limpieza fácil, así podrás mantener una higiene óptima en el interior de la jaula.

Pet Product Distribution ULA60w Jaula para pájaros y loros

Los loros podrán estar cómodos y crecer felices en esta jaula, ya que posee 4 recipientes para comida y 3 perchas donde pueden caminar o descansar.

Cabe destacar que los recipientes son bastante prácticos, ya que no se necesitan quitar para llenar de agua o alimento, sino que simplemente levantas la tapa negra y coloques la comida. Incluso, todo este proceso lo puedes hacer desde la parte externa de la jaula.

En otro orden de ideas, es importante saber que mide 70 x 42,5 x 69 cm, ya que así sabrás si te cabe en el jardín o el área donde la deseas colocar.

Además, tiene una puerta principal amplia para poder meter con comodidad a los pájaros o loros, así que resulta muy práctica y funcional.

Pet Product Distribution tiene disponible para ti la mejor jaula para loros por 50 euros. De esta manera, estarías optando por uno de los modelos más baratos disponible en el mercado.


Accesorios: Esta jaula dispone de varios accesorios tales como 4 recipientes ideales para el agua y la comida de las aves y 3 perchas pensadas para su descanso.

Dimensiones: Con respecto a las dimensiones de esta jaula, las mismas son de 70 x 42,5 x 69 centímetros. Por tanto podrás posicionarla donde desees.

Practicidad: Un modelo muy práctico donde solo deberás levantar la tapa negra disponible en los recipientes para colocar el agua y la comida de las aves fácilmente.


Estabilidad: Para algunos usuarios esta jaula no parece lo suficientemente estable en comparación con otros modelos disponibles en el mercado.

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