The 5 Best Cat Carriers of 2022

Cat Carrier – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you have felines at home, you will surely know the importance of guaranteeing comfort and safety during their transfer from one place to another. For this reason, it is necessary to choose between the best cat carriers and thus take our furry friend anywhere we go, showing unconditional love. In this sense, it is necessary that the carrier has a constitution that generates comfort and free movement for your pet, as well as guaranteeing proper breathing with meshes or windows that allow us to see it. Also, if it has wheels or a handle, much better. Among the most prominent is the Extendable DadyPet. A product for small animals but which, due to its extensible technology, offers good interior space. It is followed by the Yatek EL05002, very solid in its construction, foldable and washable, which will allow us greater control in the hygiene of our pet.

Buying guide – What is the best cat carrier on the market?

When looking for a product like this, we always come across a somewhat overwhelming number of models and brands. Thinking about this, it is worth taking a look at the qualities that this object must have for the transport of our pets. This will allow us to make a comparison of cat carriers and thus be able to choose a product according to our needs and above all according to the tastes of our pet.

Why buy a cat carrier?

Very simple: to guarantee maximum comfort and safety for our pet. It becomes an attractive option, because that way we can go to our friends’ houses and not worry about the movement of our pet in the car or because the cat is not allowed on the plane. We will have a necessary object so that our furry friend can continue accompanying us on our adventures.

In addition, it is a useful briefcase in which we can not only carry our cat or dog, but we can also carry rabbits or ferrets and this means that it will be functional for any pet. It is a good way to keep small animals under control, whose characteristic is to be mischievous by nature.

Likewise, it will allow us greater hygiene in the place where we move it. In other words, our pet will not make a mess leaving their gifts everywhere, but rather they can do it in the carrier. For this reason, it is important that it can be washed afterwards.


The model to choose must adhere to the size of the cat. It must be light, but it should also have a good texture and structure, so that it can withstand the weight of the pet. The way the carrier is designed will make the transfer more or less comfortable for the kitten’s owner. Some models have the shape of a backpack, which gives a certain dynamism to the fact of carrying our puppy or cat from one place to another.

Other models serve a less sporty and more casual design, like a travel suitcase, with the same purpose of giving comfort to our pet at the time of transfer. The grip is important, some are carried in the hand with a carrying handle, others on the back or shoulder.

Whichever style you choose, you should make sure it has a mesh window that allows proper ventilation for the cat’s breathing.


For greater comfort, some cat carriers incorporate wheels, with the aim of making a long journey more bearable and thus not inconvenience the transfer of our little friend. Also, if we carry a lot of suitcase, we can lighten the weight.

Wheeled models are necessary when the road is long, but they are also usually a bit heavier. The best thing is to make sure of the use that we are going to give it. If we are going to take the cat a few blocks walking to a friend’s house, wheels may be very convenient, but if it is by car or plane, one with a handle may be more practical.

An important point is that its wheels are solid enough so that they will not break when the pet is moved.

number of pets

In a guide to buying the best cat carrier, we cannot forget this feature. This has to do with the size-to-weight ratio of the pets, as well as the capabilities of the bag.

Being clear about the number of pets that we can introduce is very important, so we can know how many carriers we will need. They are usually recommended for a single pet, but if you have two small kittens, you may not need to buy more than one.

If you are wondering how much one of these products costs, you should know that capacity is related to price. We could say that the more capacity, the higher the price. However, if we focus on the comfort of our furry friends, the cost will surely take a backseat.


Although we are looking for a cheap carrier, it must have certain pockets. The idea is to make the trip less complicated, which is why it is useful that all the cat’s objects can be put in the same bag. Now, it is not only the number of pockets, but that they are actually functional for the objects that we need to carry.

In this case, some models have additional pockets, which allow you to carry your pet’s accessories and even his toys. These compartments must be light, but resistant, to carry things without losing them in the course of a trip.

The 5 Best Carriers for Cats – Opinions 2022

Having a comfortable space to take our pets is a primary need as animal lovers. It is an act of love towards the little animals to make them enjoy the trip as much as we do. Cat carriers are a lovely option, not only for kittens, but also for puppies or other small animals that we have. Next, we make a top of the five best cat carriers of 2022.      

1. DadyPet Cat Carrier

So that your pet has adequate space when making any trip, you can take a look at this interesting carrier from DadyPet. We are talking about a model equipped with measurements of 44.5 centimeters long by 33 wide and 28 high. 

However, that width has an extensible area, which allows your pet to have even more space when traveling. This extra space closes with a zipper, so when you don’t need it, simply fold it inside. 

The entire product is made with quality materials, such as a fabric that is very pleasant to the touch or a perforated mesh system, which gives your pet adequate interior ventilation. A design that is completed with a pair of handles and a shoulder strap, easier to transport.

Take your pet comfortably wherever you want thanks to this versatile and good quality product.


Measurements : The measurements are suitable for pets weighing up to 10 kilos and that fit into the available space.

Expandable : The interior area can be expanded to your liking on the side, to give your pet even more space.

Base : The base is waterproof, on one side, and has a shearling finish on the other, so you can choose the side you like best at any time.

Pockets : The carrier includes two pockets, where you can carry the small objects you may need.

Mesh : The different mesh inserts make it easier to ventilate the interior so that your pet always has fresh air.


Durability : In case your cat is very moved, it is possible that the fabric does not support scratching.

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2. Yatek Foldable and Washable Carrier for Dogs and Cats

If we want to have the best cat carrier of the moment, we should pay attention to this model, since it is foldable and can be converted into a bag. It works to carry on the shoulder and as a handbag if required. It is comfortable for the cat and for the owner.

Its frame is resistant, it has a robust structure that provides safety to the animals. In addition, it has a removable cushion that absorbs the shocks and bumps that our little animal may suffer, if we go by car.

It is a compact model, with dimensions of 44 x 33 x 7cm when folded. It has mesh doors so that our pet can see us and us her, also guaranteeing better ventilation.

There are users who have said that Yatek products can make it the best brand of cat carriers on the market. This is due to the quality of its elaboration, the sophistication of its designs and the practicality of its structures.


Comfort: Its structure is completely foldable, so it will not take up too much space during its transfer.

Compact: This carrier can be folded almost to its minimum expression and can even be turned into a bag.

Design: The Yatek EL05002 is one of the most sophisticated models; its bag-shaped structure makes it go completely unnoticed. Few will know that it is a carrier.

Ventilation: It has some ends with open spaces that allow the visualization of the pet and the correct ventilation.


Size: There are those who may consider that it is an excessively small carrier. This is because it is compact and its overall dimensions are 44 x 33 x 7 cm.

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3. Morpilot Dog Cat Carrier 

Within this market segment, the carrier that Morpilot offers us is another interesting proposal to move wherever you need it. A product that comes in various sizes, which makes it easy to adjust its dimensions to those of your pet. 

The carrier is built with high-quality materials, such as Oxford-type fabric or mesh, with which to adequately ventilate the interior. To this structure are added the interior accessories such as the mattress. This piece gives your pet more comfort when traveling, having a very pleasant touch. 

A proposal that is finished off with two handles for transport, as well as a hanging strap, which makes it easy to carry the carrier comfortably anywhere. And when it’s time to clean it, you don’t have to worry about anything either, thanks to the high quality of materials that we have mentioned.

Forget about problems when traveling with your cat thanks to the efficient approach of this carrier.


Materials: The manufacturing materials of the product offer good resistance and the comfort that your pet needs.

For airplane: The product is ideal for traveling in the cabin with your pet, when you have to travel by plane.

Accessories: The carrier is accompanied by all kinds of accessories, such as the inner mattress or a small folding bowl.


Zipper: It is important to treat the zipper with care, to prevent it from breaking prematurely.

Weight: The weight of the carrier is somewhat higher than that of other similar products that we find on the market.

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4. Yatek Foldable Dog Carrier

It is foldable and small in size, suitable for storage in any space. Its internal cushion absorbs shocks and provides better comfort. In addition, it has a non-slip surface, so that the cat can stand up.

We all know that some cats get restless when we put them in a bag, so it is a good idea that the feline can see its owner and vice versa. In this case, it also gives him more ventilation, as it has holes on his sides and a mesh window for him to access. This will prevent him from getting nervous about not seeing us.

It has a removable internal cushion, very appropriate to guarantee its cleaning. Its lower and inner cover does not absorb water, that is, there will be no worries when it gets wet or when the pet relieves itself.

If you are still not fully decided on which model of cat carrier to buy, the Yatek EL05001 model may seem very suitable. It is one of the largest, strongest and most sophisticated.


Surface: The inside of the carrier has a non-slip inner top cover that allows the cat to stand up without any difficulty.

Internal cushion: In order to absorb the blows that the pet may receive, this carrier is covered with protective pads inside.

Ventilation: This is one of the models with more air accesses that exist. It has ends with holes on the sides and a front door with mesh.

Foldable: This carrier can be easily folded and stored, which means that you can transport it comfortably or store it wherever you want.


Humidity: Some users state that this carrier can accumulate humidity in its areas made of fabric.

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5. [pro.tec] 2-in-1 Dog Carrier Backpack

It is a rolling suitcase, which translates into greater comfort for us and better stability for the animal, since it is a carrier with wheels for cats. Its versatility of use makes it comfortable: you can carry it by the handle, rolling or on your back, as a backpack.

It has a mesh on the front, so that our pet does not feel trapped and has good air circulation. Its dimensions are 36 cm long, 30 cm wide and 49 cm high, with an adjustable handle that reaches 99 cm.

It is a carrier for small cats, since it has a load capacity of up to 10 kg. As if that were not enough, it has two side pockets and is mainly made of polyester, to provide more comfort to the little animal.

If you are looking for a carrier that is simple, practical, easy to move and clean, this model is located at the top of the most requested by users. On the other hand, in addition to being one of the best quality, it is also one of the cheapest.


Transport: Moving this carrier is quite simple, since it has wheels at the bottom, which facilitates movement.

Handle: It has an extendable handle that you can adapt to your height and that will allow you to move the carrier more comfortably. This has a length of 99 centimeters.

Capacity: It has the capacity to support pets weighing up to 10 kilograms, a measure above the average.

Ventilation: Its outer shell is made almost entirely of mesh, making it a very well ventilated carrier.


Materials: There are users who point out that its polyester surface is not strong and durable enough.

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Fypo Foldable Carrier for Cat Puppy

It has dimensions of 40 x 29 x 23 cm and a capacity to support the weight of a pet of up to 9 kg. It is a carrier for two cats, although it is also suitable for dogs, rabbits and other animals. It has an extendable area of ​​30 x 20 x 20 cm, so that your little friend has more space to move.

It is designed with materials that allow good airflow, which offers adequate breathing. At the same time, it allows the mobilization of our pet. It is easy to use, as it can be carried by the handle or as a backpack on the shoulder.

If we ask ourselves the question of which is the best carrier for cats, this could be close to the model we want. It is resistant, as it supports the scratches of our pet. Likewise, its two internal wool plates can be removed for washing and then put back on, without much complication.

If we pay attention to the referential images, this product is pleasing to the eye and goes unnoticed like any other handbag.

Having a pet is an activity that involves many responsibilities, such as physical care, everything related to recreation, transportation and rest. That is why in this article we present what may be the best cat carrier of the moment.


Capacity: Its construction materials make it a strong and resistant carrier, so that it can support a pet of up to 9 kilograms.

Size: It is spacious, since it has total dimensions of 40 x 29 x 23 cm, which adapts to the cat’s body without problems.

Accessories: When the carrier is not in motion, an extensible area of ​​30 x 20 x 20 cm can be installed that allows greater mobility of the pet.

Ventilation: As its entire surface is mesh, airflow and ventilation are optimal.


Handles: Some users point out that their ends to move are too narrow and somewhat uncomfortable.

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How to use a cat carrier

Getting your cat to become familiar with being in a carrier can be a time-consuming task, but it is the best way to transport it safely and take it with you wherever you want, especially if you are traveling. Therefore, it is necessary that you clear all your questions about how to use a cat carrier before you start using it.

Place the carrier in a strategic place

Keep in mind that it is a new element with which the feline is not used to interacting, so it is advisable to start by placing the carrier in its resting place or in areas that it travels daily. This way you will become familiar and begin to interact.

Install the wheels

Some models include a bearing system so you will have to place each of the wheels, being necessary to hold them by hand and press their base against the hole located on the back of the tray. Repeat the procedure until the corresponding wheels are installed. To finish it is necessary that you press the security button in each one of them; thus no unexpected slippage will occur.

Remove the roof of the carrier

Place the carrier in the area of ​​the home you previously chose. To do this, you need to unlock the locks and separate the roof from the tray. On the other hand, if your model is sporty, the opening and closing system is through a zipper that you can slide to access its interior, but without completely separating the roof from the base or tray.

Add a blanket or quilt to the tray

You need to equip the tray with a blanket or quilt; in this way the cat will feel comfortable perching on it. For those who use a quilt, it is advisable to check the measurements of the two elements so that they fit together correctly. Now, when incorporating a blanket, you should do it in a sports carrier, since its structure is less rigid.

Add a plastic cover to the quilt

You will only have to open the zipper that is on one of the sides of the cover and insert the quilt; when you verify that it has entered correctly, you must close the zipper. The cover is important to protect the quilt material from dirt, strong odors, and spills.

Cover the tray with the roof

When the feline is familiar with the carrier is the recommended time to place the roof; You can do this by locking the safety pins or closing the top zipper, depending on the model you use. The recommendation is to wait until your pet is resting on the tray to cover it with the roof; Likewise, you can install the piece leaving the door open so that the cat can take the initiative to enter.

Close the door

You can move the pin located on the door to open or close it whenever you want; this is possible on cage-type models. For its part, in the sports carrier you only have to slide a second zipper located on the sides. In either case, it is a process that you will have to do progressively, monitoring the cat’s behavior when you close the door.

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Fypo Foldable Carrier for Cat Puppy

Main advantage:

Its practical design incorporates an extendable area towards the outside that provides more space and comfort for your pet by allowing it to stretch out and sleep properly inside the carrier.

Main disadvantage:

The Fypo A00010 carrier can be a bit heavy due to its metal structures that keep its shape. However, many users indicate that the quality and resistance support the purchase of this product.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Es un transportín ideal para mover animales domésticos de un lugar a otro de forma eficiente, brindando protección y comodidad a tu mascota.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Diseño y calidad

La fabricación con tejido Oxford determina la alta calidad del transportín, ya que su resistencia al agua y al desgaste lo convierten en un producto duradero y eficiente. Este modelo con un tamaño de 40 x 23 x 23 cm es capaz de resistir cualquier tipo de animales domésticos de hasta 6 kg de peso.

Quizás el beneficio más útil de este modelo sea su área extensible de 30 x 20 x 20 cm, diseñada de mallas transpirables que no solo le permitirán a tu gato respirar y ventilarse libremente, también le brindaran un mayor confort y seguridad pues este transportín incluye dos suaves placas de lana para un correcto descanso evitando de esta manera que tu mascota sienta presión al estar encerrada.


Si lo que te preocupa es la seguridad y confort de tu pequeña mascota, debes saber que el Fypo A00010 es uno de los mejores transportines del mercado pues además de ser resistente y robusto en su exterior para brindar seguridad, es bastante suave y cómodo en su interior.

No tendrás que estar siempre pendiente si tu gato araña el transportín o intenta saltar fuera de él pues incorpora un cinturón de seguridad interior con hebilla, un sistema de cremalleras y mallas transpirables que te facilitan esta tarea.

Cabe destacar que este transportín posee puertas superiores y laterales que resultan seguras y cómodas para la salida y entrada de tu querido peludo. Como un plus adicional, este modelo incluye bolsillos laterales para guardar golosinas para darle bocadillos a tu mascota durante el viaje.


Ya sea que vayas de viaje, a visitar a la familia o simplemente a dar paseos largos, un transportín resulta especialmente útil para este tipo de situaciones. Este modelo funcional se ajusta fácilmente a todo tipo de transportes ya sean automóviles, autobuses, trenes, bajo los asientos de los aviones o viajes de larga distancia.

Por otro lado, es muy cómodo de usar y puede llevarse tipo bandolera o bolso de mano; al mismo tiempo, la mascota tendrá una estadía confortable dentro de él ya que está acolchado y es transpirable.

Además, no solo es ideal para gatos, también resulta útil para la movilidad de perros pequeños, conejos, hurones, y básicamente cualquier mascota de tamaño menor.

Outad Bolsa de Transporte para Mascotas Perros

Es uno de los modelos más baratos del mercado y podría considerarse como el mejor transportín para gatos de relación calidad precio del momento. Sus materiales son de calidad que le aportan la firmeza y seguridad necesarias a nuestra mascota, sin costar demasiado dinero.

Tiene unas dimensiones de 48 x 25 x 33 cm y cuenta con una capacidad máxima de 8 kg, para poder trasladar a perros, gatos, conejos o hurones. Se puede llevar de dos modos: en la mano, gracias a su asa, o en el hombro, por su correa ajustable.

Posee unas ventanillas de malla, las cuales aportan la ventilación necesaria. Además, tiene unos bolsillos para guardar objetos de interés, mientras que su interior es acolchado, proporcionando comodidad.

Este modelo de transportín es uno de los más cómodos, resistentes y solicitados de su tipo. Los usuarios especialistas en el área han dicho que puede resultar el mejor modelo de transportines por 20 euros. Aquí señalamos sus pros y contras.


Dimensiones: Tiene unas medidas que resultan prácticas y cómodas. Tiene unas dimensiones totales de 48 x 25 x 33 cm, que le permiten llevar con comodidad cualquier mascota pequeña.

Materiales: Está confeccionada con elementos muy resistentes y duraderos, que además resultan muy fáciles de limpiar.

Asas: Posee unas asas cortas para llevar en la mano con total facilidad, y una correa ajustable para colgarla en los hombros como si se tratara de un bolso.

Ventilación: Sus ventanas y extremos hechos de malla permiten un paso del aire fluido para una correcta ventilación.


Diseño: Hay quienes pueden llegar a considerar que el diseño del bolso es extremadamente sencillo y poco atractivo.

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