The 5 Best Dog Trailers of 2022

Dog Trailer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When we go on a trip or a walk, many of us would like to take our pets, thus avoiding leaving our companions with someone else, or in the worst case, alone. This is why trailers, which can be tied to cars and even bicycles, are becoming more and more popular. In the market there are products of the most varied shapes, sizes, brands and prices, so we must take into account aspects such as safety, resistance and size. Having investigated the market for dog trailers, we have found that the Homcom B4-0003-008 stands out, capable of carrying pets up to 40 kg in a bicycle design with reflectors on each side and on the wheels. Another alternative that has caught the attention of users is the Petique Breeze, which supports a maximum weight of 30 kg, since it has a robust construction and incorporates air tires for better performance on different surfaces.

Buying Guide – What is the best dog trailer on the market?

When you have a pet, going for a walk without it makes you sad, and if you want to take it with you everywhere in a comfortable and safe way, you should think of a transport that you can hook to your bicycle or car depending on your requirements. In addition to worrying only about how much it costs, you should know the most favorable features that this product should have before purchasing the cheapest one, so we recommend you read the following guide to buy the best dog trailer and invest your money wisely.

trailer type

To facilitate your search for the best dog trailer, you must first distinguish whether you need a transport for bicycles or for your vehicle.

The first is really useful if you are a cyclist who loves riding on two wheels in the open air, parks and forests, and will allow you to enjoy this experience with your faithful companion without the activity representing a risk for him or a delay for you., as dogs accompanying their cycling masters generally stop at any distraction.

With the bike trailer, your pet will stay safe inside and the pace of speed will be imposed by you. If, on the other hand, you are going to leave the city for several days or weeks, for Christmas or summer and you do not want to leave your pet in the care of strangers, the most convenient for you is a car trailer that is much more stable to tolerate. higher speeds, keeping your dog sheltered in a kind of galvanized box with ventilation.


This aspect is related to the type of trailer you need: car trailers are galvanized boxes with ventilation windows and doors for the pet to enter and exit comfortably and for long trips in which you have to sleep in a roadside hotel to recover energy and continue the trip the next day these transports have a security system to ensure that your pets remain there without being stolen by strangers.

For their part, bicycle trailers are metal structures covered with a nylon fabric with zipper closures and side windows so that your dog or cat is always ventilated, especially if they walk on hot days, these windows are covered with mosquito netting to protect your dog or cat. insect pets on the road.

Both types of transport are made of resistant and stable materials, firm structures that provide security to the animal and its owner and your decision will depend on the size of your pet, your budget and the type of trips you are going to make.


In addition to choosing a resistant and stable trailer, protection during the transfer of your pet is very important for you to be calm. Trailer wheel reflectors help cars on the road see you better and pinpoint the distance between the vehicle and the trailer, especially at night, or in tunnels and low-light conditions.

In the case of dog bike trailers, the top window can be opened for the dog to stick his head out like he would out of a car window, but to prevent him from hurting himself if he jumps out unexpectedly, these trailers are not very high, so that it does not represent a risk to the integrity of your pet.

size and capacity

When you make a comparison of dog trailers you will be able to find various dimensions and capacities that adapt to the size of your pet. There are specialized brands that offer three standard sizes: s, m and l.

Most trailers have a maximum capacity of 40kg. It is important that, when choosing a trailer, especially if it is for your car, you check its total weight so that it is not greater than what your car can support and of course the size, to make sure you have space in your garage to store it..

For long trips and difficult roads, you must prove that your car can maneuver well with the trailer and that it has a hydraulic damping system that allows greater driving stability because it adapts to the car’s suspension. Bicycle carriers, meanwhile, are foldable for easy storage in any space in your home.

It is likely that, during the ride, the trailer is not always attached to the bicycle, so we recommend choosing one with an extra leg, also known as a kickstand, so that it remains stable on the ground while you go for a ride. the bike and your dog runs freely to stretch his muscles.

The good thing about all these trailers is that they have removable rubber or fabric floors to be able to wash them completely in case your pet relieves themselves inside and they are clean until the next trip. By knowing this data, you can better choose which is the best dog trailer on the market that suits what you are looking for.

Top 5 Dog Trailers – Opinions 2022

If you want to take your faithful companion with you on your long walks or trips, in this summary we present the recommendations of our clients so that you can acquire the best dog trailer and guarantee a smart investment.

1. Homcom Pet Dog Bicycle Trailer 1 Flag

Main advantage:

The quick release system makes it easy to connect or disconnect the trailer to your bike, without the need for tools or complications.

Main disadvantage:

The product has been designed to take your pets on the road when you ride a bicycle, and it is not possible to use the product with a tow ball or connected to any motor vehicle.

Verdict: 9.9/10

A comfortable dog trailer for both of you, so that both of you can travel in peace during your leisure time.

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trailer construction technology

The Homcom B4-0003-008 trailer has a quality design and good resistance, so you can travel without complications wherever you want. A product based on a high-quality and resistant steel frame on which both the rolling axes and the support bar are supported. On these axles are two 20-inch wheels that make it easy to move.

As for the “cage” of the trailer, among other advantages we have a hook that helps us keep the dog’s leash in place so that the trip is calmer. Something in which the open design of the trailer also helps us. This allows the animal to see the outside and therefore be calmer when traveling.

Trailer dimensions and capacity

This trailer has been designed for small or medium-sized dogs, both for its measurements and for its maximum load level. Specifically, the model has measures of 78 centimeters long by 73 centimeters wide and a total height of 94 centimeters. However, this height includes the open space from the wheels to the base, so the usable height is somewhat lower.

This space, together with the construction that we have already mentioned, allows the trailer to house dogs weighing up to 40 kilos, this being the maximum load level of the product. And when you are not using the trailer, it can be folded, making it easy to remove the wheels so that it does not take up more space than you need.

trailer assembly

Since the product has been designed to ride a bicycle, the assembly of the trailer has been precisely designed to be simple. Or at least as simple as changing a wheel can be, thanks to the quick release system that this product incorporates.

To proceed with the assembly, the product has a good-sized steel bar, which maintains the distance and the union with the bicycle to avoid friction that could make you fall. This bar has a universal connection system, which is compatible with practically all types of bicycles, offering a safe and quality union. And of course, all this without the use of tools, with a system that we can connect or disconnect using only our hands.

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2. Petique Breeze Bike Trailer with Jogger

This dog trailer has PVC mesh windows on the front, back and sides to allow air to enter from any angle. In addition, all the fabrics are of high quality and removable, which facilitates maintenance.

It incorporates a polyurethane foam (PU) handle, which allows a more comfortable grip. Also, it brings a soft mattress and it is possible to place a diaper for very old dogs or puppies. It is important to note that this product complies with ASTM standards, so it does not have toxic materials to protect your pets from diseases.

It has a 22 cm diameter front wheel and two 41 cm rear wheels, which work with air, so it has good cushioning. As if that were not enough, they are removable for easy transfer and storage.

When purchasing a dog trailer, it is important to review in detail all the characteristics of the product. Let’s see the pros and cons of this model. 


Size: It measures 94 cm long, 63 cm wide and 100 cm high, so it can accommodate a large dog or two small ones without inconvenience.

Materials: It has been made with high quality fabric and has 4 windows made of PVC mesh, which is resistant and breathable. In addition, it incorporates a PU handle that increases comfort.

Wheels: It has a 22 cm diameter front wheel, which rotates 360° to facilitate movement in different directions. It also incorporates two rear 41 cm.


Height: The handle of this trailer is not adjustable in levels, which could be inconvenient for very tall or very short people. However, this does not affect the quality of the product.

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3. Homcom Trailer for Children Two Seats with Shock Absorbers

Although it is designed as a trailer for children, this product can be adapted to your needs to comfortably transport pets during your bike rides.

First of all, it stands out for its dimensions of 81 x 22.5 x 70 cm, providing enough space for more than one small dog or a larger pet. Secondly, the aluminum structure, in addition to being light, supports a maximum load of 40 kg.

For its part, the damping system absorbs shocks, offering greater comfort to pets during the journey. Likewise, safety is reinforced with the signaling flag and the front and rear reflectors, which will keep the trailer visible to drivers. 

Of this model, we can also mention that the mosquito net favors the ventilation and visibility of the animals, so that they can enjoy the view on the walk. 

Below we show you the pros and cons that we distinguish in this product, since Homcom may be the best brand of dog trailers, according to the opinion of some users. 


Capacity: The structure of the trailer supports up to 40 kg of weight, and thanks to its dimensions it allows the access of several small dogs or one larger one with comfort.

Compatibility: The trailer’s universal coupling makes it compatible with most conventional bikes. In addition, it can also be used as a push cart, if you like to go running with your pet.

Protection: This product comes with rain protection and a mosquito net that favors ventilation inside the trailer. Regarding safety, the car has front, side and rear reflectors to increase its visibility. 


Storage: The trailer is not foldable, so you will need more space to store it.

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4. Klarfit Husky Dog Trailer

It is a safe and stable bicycle trailer for dogs, since it has been designed with a solid frame made of steel and coated with powder metallurgical material, so it can support up to 45 kg of weight. However, it is easy to move, since it is foldable and the wheels can be easily removed for greater practicality.

It is made primarily from Oxford brand 600D polyester canvas, which offers high resistance to water and dust for a longer lifespan. In addition, it provides enough space inside, with approximate measurements of 54 x 58 x 86 cm, which is equivalent to 250 liters. 

It has two wheels that have a diameter of 41 cm and work with air, making it a trailer suitable for asphalt roads in the city, but it can also be used on dirt floors in rural areas.

If you want to take your dog everywhere, you may be interested in this bike trailer. However, it is good to thoroughly review its characteristics before making the investment.


Dimensions: It offers enough space for the pet, since the general measurements are 75 x 87.5 x 146 cm, with a very spacious interior.

Resistance: It is made up of a steel frame and 600D Oxford canvas, so it can resist sun, dust and even rain, so it is suitable for excursions. 

Versatility: It can be used both on asphalt roads and on dirt roads. In addition, it is compatible with any bike from 26″ to 28″.


Wheels: It only has 2 rear wheels, so it may be at a disadvantage compared to some trailers that incorporate a wheel at the front for greater stability.

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5. Pawhut Bike Trailer Dog Cart Stroller for Transport 

High-quality suspension is one of the highlights of the Pawhut trailer, so pets won’t feel too much bumps in the road. 

This product also features a solid steel frame for a high quality and sturdy frame. For its part, the Oxford-type fabric with a PU coating provides an efficient barrier against moisture and also protection from UV rays. 

As for the overall dimensions, this trailer measures 155 x 83 x 108cm which, together with the maximum load of 30kg, make it compatible with medium-sized dogs of different breeds. 

Also, the versatile design of this product allows it to be used as a dog stroller in just a few steps, by attaching the front wheel.

On the other hand, we must highlight the correct signaling of the trailer, which includes reflective lights and a flag so that when driving other vehicles they can easily see the cart. 

If you want to know more about this model, we invite you to review the pros and cons that we distinguish in it.


Safety: For greater visibility on public roads, the trailer has a flag, rear reflectors and reflective strips.

Stability: The sturdy yet lightweight steel frame provides added stability to the trailer during walks, considering the restlessness of some pets. 

Handlebar adjustment: With the user’s comfort in mind, the stroller’s handlebar can be adjusted to three different levels.


Brake: A brake is missing to provide greater speed control when using it as a stroller.

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Homcom Bicycle Trailer Pet Dogs 1 Flag

So that your dog can accompany you during your long bike rides without getting distracted and stopping every so often, Homcom offers you this bike trailer for dogs with a mosquito net-type window to ensure good visibility and ventilation so that your pet can go as fast as possible. as comfortable as possible.

Its dimensions of 78 cm long by 73 wide and 94 cm high provide adequate space for dogs or cats of various sizes, it also supports a maximum weight of 40kg. To preserve your safety and that of your dog, this trailer has reflectors on all four sides and two side reflectors for the wheels that will give you a lot of visibility when night falls and you go on poorly lit roads.

Users say that this equipment is very easy to install due to its universal coupling that adapts to any bicycle.

The resistance of this trailer is given by the tubular steel frame covered by a waterproof and durable polyester surface.

In addition to being among the cheapest on the list, HOMCOM’s could also be the best dog trailer of the moment:


Reflectors: the HOMCOM dog trailer has a series of reflectors strategically placed on the outside, so that it is easily visible by passers-by and vehicles. On its two wheels there are two reflectors in addition to two rear and two front.

Support: The dimensions of this trailer are 78 x 73 x 94 centimeters, it weighs 14 kilograms and is capable of supporting a maximum load of 40 kilograms. Enough for two small dogs or one large dog.

Wheels: another detail to highlight are its wheels. It has two 20-inch tires, which will provide traction and load support as well as properly handle the suspension. In this way your canine friend can be comfortable and safe throughout the journey.

Coupling: to facilitate its placement and removal from the bicycles, the coupling system has been integrated as universal, with which a greater range of bicycle models is accessed and thus inconveniences for drivers are avoided.

Accessories: Finally, it can be noted that this model of trailer for dogs has windows with mosquito nets on both sides in addition to the entrance. Thanks to this, your dog will be able to enjoy the landscape, as well as the wind. As a safety measure, a leash hook is included to prevent your dog from accidentally escaping from the trailer.

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How to use a dog trailer

So that you can take your pet with your bicycle wherever you go or take it for a walk with you, you must have equipment that provides comfort and safety. This is a dog trailer. For you, who have purchased this product, we are going to show you how you should use it and be able to always be accompanied by your faithful companion on your bike rides.

Read the assembly instructions

The first thing to do when purchasing a product is to read the assembly and instruction manual. There they will explain in detail the content of each of the pieces that the trailer must have for its proper assembly.

Arrange trailer parts neatly on the ground

Proceed to open the package and remove the pieces. Place them in an organized way on the floor to have a better order when assembling. Locate the wheels, the sides, the roof, the body of the trailer, reflectors, the hitch for the bicycle and the respective screws. Some models also have pennants for better signaling.

Unfolds trailer frame for assembly

Usually, the main body of the dog trailer comes folded in half. Separate both parts until the frame is firm. Raise the rear of the frame by placing the support tube in its compartment and securing with its respective hooks on both sides.

Install the cover portion onto the trailer frame, hooking the rear, side, and front portions into their respective slots snug until secure. Some models use hook-and-loop fasteners to secure the cover hook to the trailer shell.

Install the side wheels on the trailer

Take one of the main wheels and place it on one of the sides. Position it by inserting the pressure screw until you hear a click, indicating that the wheel is correctly positioned. Repeat this same process for the other side of the trailer. Next, place the side protectors of the wheels by inserting them in their respective place, in the same way, by pressure until they are stable.

Performs the assembly of the coupling for bicycles

Having assembled the shell of the trailer and the wheels, proceed to place the hitch or coupling to transport your pet on your bicycle. Some models already have it installed, just remove the safety catch and unfold it from the main shell. Then place the universal piece that is hooked to the bicycle, screwing firmly until tight.  

Install the front wheel of your trailer

Some models of dog trailers have a front wheel in case you want to transport your dog like a car, without using your bicycle or any other means of transport that allows trailers. To do this, take the front wheel and place it locating the hole where it is hooked. Screw firmly until the wheel is stable. In this way you already have the trailer armed so that you can clean your dog on foot.

Install the other accessories on the trailer

Once the trailer is assembled, the reflectors must be placed on the wheels and the flags that are the signaling accessories of the trailer to respect the respective traffic regulations.

Put your pet in the trailer

In the internal part of the trailer, there are straps with safety locks to place them on your pet. In this way, it will be protected from potholes and braking during the journey.

The most popular brands

Planning a trip by car involves organizing the route and the luggage of each family member. Even your pet needs a safe place to stay while traveling. Dog trailers are essential products when it comes to taking a simple walk in the park or touring cities, because in them your pet enjoys the comforts of home while having fun on the road. If you want to buy a trailer for your faithful friend, it is important that you know that the best brands of the moment are DoggyHut, Comanche and Homcom.

This small company is dedicated to the manufacture and design of special trailers for dogs, with which they will remain safe during bicycle trips. DoggyHut presents its Bicycle Trailer, a way to transport your pets while maintaining an active life with them, since transporting canines on bicycles represents a risk for both the animal and its owner and for other people.

Its trailers seek to eliminate the problem of transporting pets, offering a spacious and comfortable place for them to walk. They are constructed of stainless steel coated with a non-slip polyester coating so canines can easily enter through the rear zippered doors and feature a mesh front door along with a vinyl layer that blocks wind and rain. It has a universal hitch for bicycles and reflectors located on each side for greater safety in low light situations. Due to the comforts offered by this brand, they classify it among the most recommended by lovers of pets and their care.

It is known as a brand specialized in creating safe, light and easy to drive trailers, inviting families to take road trips with the certainty of having a safe product for luggage and to fully enjoy a few days in nature.

Comanche trailers don’t just work for hauling cargo, they’re also great for pets along the way. Its rubber floor facilitates the cleaning of the product, providing comfort to the canine. They have a damping system so you can drive at high speeds or on difficult terrain without worrying.

All these characteristics make Comanche one of the best brands in dog trailers with all the guarantees of use and benefits that it has. Their trailers are the answer for the safe transportation of your pets and their luggage during long distance trips.

On internet shopping sites, Homcom is known for selling canine trailers that attach to their owners’ bikes, showing a fun and practical ride option for animals. The trailers can be used to transport pets, luggage or any type of cargo not greater than 40 kg; they also contain reflectors on all four sides, side reflectors on the wheels, and a safety flag for increased visibility. They are made with excellent quality materials, with firm structures and waterproof surfaces that are easy to clean and resistant to rain.

The pet cart features folding panels and detachable wheels for convenient storage when not in use. Similarly, the mosquito nets on the sides of the trailer guarantee confidence and good ventilation for your dog. The availability of different colors of the product draws the attention of buyers among other models on the market, since the brand stands out in quality and durability of its articles, promising care and fun with its faithful friends.

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Kranich Monz Remolque para perros para bicicletas

Considerado por los clientes como uno de los mejores remolques para perros del 2022, el modelo Monz Blue bird de Kranich es el transporte ideal para salir de excursión y llevar a tu mascota sin que se canse, además de tener buena ventilación podrá disfrutar de la vista durante el paseo.

Elaborado en nylon resistente que recubre la armazón metálica que le da estabilidad y consistencia a la estructura del remolque. Las ventanas laterales y superior tienen una tela mosquitera que le dará mucha comodidad durante el viaje especialmente en el día evitando el paso de mosquitos.

Los usuarios destacan la facilidad de entrada y salida del animal que puede realizarse por la puerta frontal y trasera a través del cierre de cremallera.

Para mayor seguridad del usuario y su mascota las ruedas tienen dos reflectores en cada una, asimismo incluye el enganche del buje. Este remolque tiene una capacidad máxima de 40kg.

No muchos saben cuál es la mejor marca de remolques para perros y ayudarse con alguna comparativa en línea puede ser una gran forma de decidir:


Ventanas: el de Kranich Monz es un remolque que destaca por tener ventanas en sus cuatro lados. Gracias a ellas, tu perro podrá ver todo lo que ocurre a su alrededor.

Reflectores: posee reflectores en sus ruedas y en la parte trasera y delantera para mantener la seguridad y sea visible por otras personas en las vías.

Suelo: el suelo de este remolque es antideslizante, con lo que se evita que el canino pueda resbalarse por el movimiento.


Nylon: está hecho de nylon y es probable que sea sencillo de romper si tu perro no está acostumbrado a el remolque y lo muerde.

Color: sólo puede ser adquirido en color verde de dos combinaciones, por lo que quizás no sea del gusto de todo mundo.

Papilioshop Argo Remolque Bici y Silla de Paseo para Perro

Los paseos en bicicleta son una forma de entretenimiento económica y saludable, pero mucho más agradable si te acompañan tus seres queridos, y si eres de los que consideran a sus mascotas un integrante más de la familia, no puedes dejar de conocer este carro de perros con el que podrás llevarte a tu mascota de paseo sin que se agote.

El Argo de la reconocida marca Polirone Shop es un remolque con una estructura de acero, estable y resistente, con una funda impermeable y cuatro ventanas de ventilación con protección anti-mosquitos. Está disponible en tres tamaños que podrás escoger acorde a las dimensiones de tu perro.

Los usuarios destacan que es muy fácil de montar y mucho más sencillo de guardar por su sistema plegable.

Con estas opciones que resumimos podrás decidir sin dificultad cuál es el mejor remolque para perros que necesitas para viajar con total seguridad y tranquilidad con tus mascotas a donde quiera que vayas.

La relación calidad precio de este modelo lo convierte como posiblemente el mejor remolque para perro por 100 euros o un poco más, por lo que no debes dejar

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