The 5 Best Dog Water Fountains of 2022

Dog Water Fountain – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you have dogs at home, you know that not everyone likes to drink from a conventional drinking fountain and that they always prefer a stream of water to water in a container. To satisfy this need and help your dog to consume all the water it needs, there are dog water fountains, which provide a constant flow of water and in a circuit, which allows the animal to always have fresh and clean water at its disposal. provision. If you are looking for a good quality fountain, silent and with everything you need to offer the best water to your pet, you can opt for models such as the YOUTHINK filter_lavable, a drinker made of porcelain, very silent and with a double filtering system, capable of eliminating any residual water. If you need a basic fountain for small animals, you have models like the fountainYOUTHINK Fontaine Chat-01, a fountain that has different water flow modes and is made of BPA-free plastic to protect your pet’s health.

Buying Guide – What is the best dog water fountain on the market?

If you have decided to buy a water fountain for your pet, it is because you know the benefits that this type of drinker provides to the animal. On the one hand, the animal will always have a flow of clean and fresh water available, which will help it drink the amount of water necessary to stay healthy.

On the other hand, these types of fountains are capable of filtering the water, so the animal will always have clean, contamination-free water, as well as being able to always drink what it wants without having to replenish the water every day.

The comparison of water fountains for dogs is wide, both in design and in capacity as well as in operation, so it is important that you know what to look for before buying one of them in order to make a good investment and get a good and economical fountain that meets your needs.

To help you choose the most suitable fountain for your pet, we leave you with our guide to buying the best water fountain for dogs, so that you know what the most important characteristics are when choosing one of these fountains.

Font type and filters

When we decide to find a water source for our pets, we do so so that they have fresh, clean water at their disposal at all times and to make it more palatable to them. And it is that, the water fountains for dogs provide a constant stream of water that circulates through the fountain, always keeping it clean and fresh.

This circuit works by means of a water pump that circulates the water, so that it is always in motion. This helps your pets drink the amount of water they need, as they naturally prefer plain water to still water in a container.

Depending on the animal and your own preferences, you will be able to choose between different types of sources, taking this into account. Waterfall-type fountains, with a tap jet, both upwards and downwards, and fountains with vertical water that flows from above are the main ones you can find. Many of them allow the animal to drink directly from the flowing water or to suck on the surface that it includes for this purpose. This type will also depend on how much one model or another costs.

Other sources are not as is, but are special to install outside the house. Its operation is simple: they are connected to a hose or tap and the animal must press a pedal to activate the water jet, so it will have running water at its disposal whenever it wants without wasting too much water.

An important detail is that you can choose the flow of water, since not all pets need the same. A large animal will need a higher flow of water than a small one. Not all models include this option, so if you need it, keep it in mind when choosing one model or another.

Another important part of the font is the filters. These types of fountains usually include filters that help keep the water as clean as possible. The cheapest models include a special sponge that retains hair and other particles, leaving the water always clean.

Other higher-end models also include an activated carbon filter, which, in addition to removing the largest particles, is capable of filtering the water, leaving it free of residues and softening it in the case of hard water, achieving healthier water for the animal. Something essential especially in large capacity fountains.

safe materials

When we look for an item that will be in direct contact with food, either for us or for our pets, we need to be attentive to its manufacturing materials, since our safety or that of the animal in question will depend on them.  

Although there are currently regulations that regulate the manufacture of food accessories, the truth is that we are still surrounded by bazaars and “everything at 100” type stores that sometimes include articles that have not passed the review of those regulations and that can endanger our health. In the case of dog water fountains, this is just as important. At the end of the day, it is about protecting our dog from everything that can harm it and keeping it well hydrated and for this it is necessary that the chosen model meets this requirement.

In the market you will find sources of various materials. If you opt for models made of glass or ceramic, you will totally avoid this risk, although, obviously, their price will be higher. In addition, these fountains for dogs are cleaner and more resistant and are usually safer during use, since they weigh more to prevent the dog from tipping over the fountain.

On the other hand, we find the most common, the plastic ones and it is with these that you should pay more attention. Choose models that make it clear that their materials are free of BPA and other substances that are harmful to your pet’s health.

Tank capacity

Another important aspect is the capacity of the tank, since it will depend on this that the dog has enough water for the whole day, even for several days. This point is especially important if you are looking for a source with which your pet can drink water for a few days, for example, during the days you have to be away from home.

If you want to know what capacity is the most suitable for your pet, keep in mind how long you need the animal to have water available for and also what size it is, since a large breed will not drink the same volume of water as a small one.

To meet the needs of each family and each animal, the market offers all kinds of dog fountains, from small automatic waterers for small pets such as cats and small dogs to large capacity water fountains, suitable for large breed dogs or for your pets have water available for several days. This capacity ranges between 300 ml and 10 liters of capacity, being able to choose the most appropriate in your case.

The 5 Best Water Fountains for Dogs – Opinions 2022

When it comes to looking for a good drinking fountain for your dog, it is not only necessary to take into account that you like it or that it has a good price, because some animals have special needs and cannot bear to drink stagnant water in a normal drinking fountain, but They need fresh, running water.

Automatic water fountains for pets are the ideal solution, as they allow the water to circulate continuously, creating a constant stream of water, thus keeping the water fresh and clean for your pet. If you want to know which is the best dog water fountain, be sure to take a look at our selection of the best dog water fountains of 2022, made after an exhaustive study and in which you will find the most suitable fountain for your dog.

1. Youthink Ceramic Cat/Dog Fountain Drinker

Main advantage:

This dog water fountain stands out for its functional design. Your pet will have clean and fresh water all the time, without the need for you to be aware of changing it.

Main disadvantage:

It only cleans the water if it remains connected to the electrical network. So you should take precautions if you go on a trip and there is a failure in the supply.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a very useful product for all pet owners who have a busy life and forget to water their animals. It is recommended by many users as a successful purchase.

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Daily water consumption in pets helps eliminate toxins, as well as the proper functioning of their internal organs; About 70% of a dog’s body is made up of water. But many don’t drink as much as their body needs on their own; That is why having a water source for your pet is an excellent alternative to encourage him to drink this vital liquid.

This YOUTHINK model is a fountain that offers your pets a comfortable and pleasant drinker. It is recommended for various dogs and cats, since the movement of the water motivates them to want to drink more, which promotes hydration and prevents long-term kidney problems.

This fountain has 3 options for the animal to drink water as it wishes. You can drink from the waterfall, also in 360 degrees (around the device) with soft bubbles; likewise, from the surface of the fountain where the water flows more slowly.

functionality and capacity

Dogs need to drink large amounts of water, especially after their daily walks. But if you have more than one dog at home, it is possible that the water is frequently dirty with traces of saliva, food, or anything else that has been brought in its whiskers from the street; which is why many demanding pets refuse to drink if they do not find the water perfectly clean.

This fountain is powered by electricity and features a dual-layer filter system consisting of ultrafine foam and coconut shell carbon, which efficiently filter water, dust, hair, and coarse impurities. This allows your pet to permanently enjoy clean and fresh water.

For its operation you only need to fill the fountain up to its capacity, which is 2.1 liters. The device itself passes the water through the filter and releases it from the top, which pets love.

Materials and design

Some plastic drinkers do not withstand intensive use, or pet games and end up breaking or with the water spilled on the floor; With this model of water fountain, your animals will not have any problems when summer arrives, since they will have a constant supply of water.

This fountain is made of high-quality materials, such as natural ceramics. The one that guarantees stability and resistance, preventing the overturning or breaking of the product, while favoring the freshness and purity of the water due to its ecological nature, which also ensures the hygiene of the drinker.

You will not have to worry about noise, since it is a very quiet device and its power consumption will not affect your budget. In addition, its plug is designed with IP grade 20 splash-proof and overheat-proof.

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2. Youthink Automatic Drinker Silent Water Fountain with 1.6L

If you are wondering which is the best value for money dog ​​water fountain, models like the one we present to you can answer your question. The following automatic water fountain for dogs, in addition to being aesthetically very beautiful and striking, has a capacity to flow up to 1.6 liters of water, keeping the water always fresh for your pet.

Made of BPA-free plastic material, it will protect your pet from substances that are harmful to it. Its pump is low in consumption and very quiet and allows the possibility of choosing between three different modes of water flow, so that you can adapt it to the size of the animal, being as easy to choose one or the other as removing or putting on the central daisy.

It also includes 3 carbon filters that will clean the impurities from the water, in addition to retaining all the particles and hair that the animal may leave in the water, always offering the dog clean and fresh water that is much more appetizing. As an extra, it includes a practical silicone mat that allows the fountain to remain well anchored to the ground.

When you go after the best brand of water fountains for dogs, you will need to familiarize yourself with YOUTHINK, whose products tend to remain among the most recommended by users through web portals.


Design: It is one of the water fountains for dogs with one of the most striking and elegant aesthetic structures.

Capacity: This fountain has the capacity to flow at least 1.6 liters of water, a considerable amount for the size of the fountain.

Cooling mechanism: With this fountain you can keep the water at a cool temperature permanently.

Materials: As it is made of BPA plastic, your pet will not be exposed to any type of contamination.


Size: There are users who point out that the bucket is too tall and that it could be a bit uncomfortable for animals.

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3. Anself Stepped Way Pet Drinker

If what you are looking for is a water fountain so that your dog can drink whenever he wants in the garden or terrace of your house, you will surely love this model, since it is a practical and original fountain that your dog can activate himself. same whenever you want to drink water. Its operation is very simple.

By simply pressing the pedal with the foot, the fountain will be activated, obtaining a constant stream of water as long as you keep pressing, so you can not only drink whenever you need it, but also play and have fun on your own.

It is made of stainless steel and brass, two very resistant and durable materials, and has a beautiful white design with a dog print in the center. Its installation is very simple and only requires attaching it to the hose or directly to a tap for it to start working.

If you are still not entirely sure about which dog water fountain to buy, it is possible that knowing the pros and cons of the Anself VDTAZI012 model will make you decide.


Operation: Once it is installed, the same pet can be in charge of activating this source model. This will develop your skills.

Fun: As it is an element totally manipulable by the pet itself, it will represent, in addition to an element to hydrate itself, an entertainment mechanism.

Operation: It is quite easy to use. It only requires pressing a pedal at the top and the water will come out instantly.

Materials: It is a very resistant and durable fountain, since it is made of stainless steel.


Fragility: There are those who state that the pedal in charge of making the water come out can be a bit flimsy.

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4. Anself Automatic Fountain Water Dispenser

If you want cheap dog water fountains, but that do their job well, this fountain may be one of the most suitable for you.

A large capacity waterfall type water fountain, with a 2.5 liter tank, an adequate capacity so that your pet can drink fresh water for several days, without having to replenish it. Her pump is capable of maintaining a constant flow of water, which you can adjust between different speeds, to suit your dog’s needs.

And to remove all impurities from the water, this fountain includes activated carbon bio filters, capable of killing bacteria and eliminating contamination, providing the animal with running and clean water at all times.

If you want to go for a simpler, more comfortable and easier to use model, but that also maintains its level of quality and functionality, the Anself VYO8575378530269MN model will be very suitable for you because it has been recommended on occasions as the best water fountain for dogs. for 30 euros.


Capacity: It is one of the models that can hold the largest amount of water among the models of its type, since it has a capacity of 2.5 liters.

Mechanism: Its mechanism includes a cleaning system that allows your dog to drink pure water for many days, without having to change the water or clean the container.

Power: It has a pump that provides a powerful and effective flow of water, recommended for your dog’s consumption.

Cleaning: As it has bio carbon filters, the water will remain permanently clean and free of impurities.


Materials: Its plastic structure may be somewhat flimsy or not very durable, but it will also depend on the treatment it receives.

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5. HoneyGuaridan W25 Mute Automatic Water Fountain dispenser

The HoneyGuaridan W25 model is an efficient solution so that your pets always have fresh water at their disposal. This source includes an interesting infrared sensor, so that if you activate it, the product starts working when it detects presence at a distance of 1.5 meters. However, it also has a continuous and an independent mode, in case they are more comfortable for you. 

Inside, there is a 2.5 liter capacity tank, in a reduced format compared to its size. It also has the essential filter, with which to keep that water clean and fresh at all times. If you are one of those with a bad head, the fountain includes an LED light, which alerts you when it is necessary to fill it. 

And so that energy is not a problem, this model barely consumes 2.6 kilowatts of energy, less than one cent of a euro per day in electricity.

Provide your pets with fresh, clean water with this compact system, which we discuss below.


Modes: The fountain can be used in continuous, intermittent mode or through the device’s built-in motion sensor.

Filter: The activated carbon filter helps keep the water clean at all times, making it easy to find replacement parts for it.

LED light: This light tells you when it’s time to refill the water tank, being ideal for the most forgetful.


Noise: The pump of this water fountain has a somewhat louder sound than would be desirable, at least compared to other similar models.

Water outlet: The water outlet is somewhat small, although at least part of the water remains on the fountain, thus making it easier to drink.

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Youthink Ceramic Drinker Cat/Dog Fountain

If you are looking for the best water fountain for dogs in terms of its performance and quality, you will surely find the answer in a model like the one we show you, a silent water fountain for dogs made of high-quality natural ceramics that not only takes care of the environment, but also of your pet, since its materials are not toxic.

In addition, it includes a double filter system made up of ultra-fine foam capable of retaining impurities, hair and dirt from the water and activated carbon from coconut shells, which filters the water, purifying and softening it to keep it fresh and odour-free.

Its pumper is capable of running 24 hours a day without making noise and makes the water flow smoothly. The fountain has a capacity of 2.1 liters, being suitable for both dogs and cats.

Having a dog in the house means giving it the love and care it requires for its well-being. That is why in this article we present the pros and cons of a model that could be considered the best water source for dogs at the moment.


Materials: It is made of natural ceramics, which makes this model a sustainable product that is very conducive to caring for the environment.

Silent: In addition to the sounds that your dog will make during suction, this fountain will not emit any type of annoying noise during use.

Composite filter: This model is equipped with an ultrafine foam filter that is responsible for retaining hair and any impurity that may fall into the water.

Capacity: This fountain is designed to contain up to more than two liters of water permanently.


Size: Some users state that its measurements of 12.6 x 12.6 x 8.7 inches may be small for large dogs.

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How to use a dog water fountain

When we have dogs in our homes, it is convenient to keep them well hydrated to avoid certain diseases, so it is essential that you have the new water sources for dogs, which are available in a fresh, clean way and without contaminating agents.

These products provide a flow of water without impurities twenty-four hours a day, thanks to the fact that they have good filters and excellent water circulation systems that guarantee the health of your pets.

font types

Nowadays, pet stores have different types of water sources for dogs, so that the user can choose the one that best suits the characteristics of their dog, so now your dog will be able to drink water comfortably every time. requires it at their dog water fountain, without needing your presence.

Clean water

When you use a dog water fountain at home, you are guaranteeing good hydration for your pet, since these fountains have water filters that eliminate impurities, hair and other dirt that may be found in it, producing clean and fresh water. for the whole day.

BPA free materials

If you have a dog water fountain made of plastic material, it is recommended that you verify if it is free of BPA or other harmful substances, in this way your dog can hydrate safely, without contracting any disease from the consumption of contaminated water.


In general, these fountains are quite resistant, since they are designed especially for pets; however, as with any product, resistance is always important to the user.

In dog water fountains, the resistance will depend on the type of material with which they are made; They can be made of plastic, stainless steel or porcelain, with porcelain being a little more delicate. Those made of plastic or stainless steel offer a little more resistance, but no matter what yours is, they all perform very well.

Take it on your vacation

If you are one of those people who usually go on vacation with their pets, then you can take your dog water fountain to the countryside, to the beach or to the mountains. These water fountains are not usually large and are easy to install, so you can take them with you without major problems, with the peace of mind of not exposing your dog or cat to diseases due to consuming water of dubious origin during your vacation.

can be shared

In many of the evenings, walks or vacations our family and friends usually also bring their pets, so sometimes we are a little worried about sharing our dog’s utensils with them for fear that they may catch it. With the dog water fountain you will no longer have to worry about that, because thanks to its filter system you will always have pure and clean water to share with the pets of your closest friends or relatives.

The most popular brands

Compared to traditional drinking fountains, water fountains represent a much more comfortable and suitable space where our pets can quench their thirst. In this section we are dedicated to studying the most popular brands of water fountains for dogs with the intention of providing our readers with an orientation on the specialized manufacturers that continue to offer us cutting-edge items. We hope that the information collected will be of great help to all who visit our space.

Founded in 1991, PetSafe is one of the favorite brands among pet owners around the world. The company promotes itself as the largest manufacturer of electrically powered training products and, as we could see, has a good number of loyal customers in countries such as the United States and others in the Americas.

The company has been able to maintain this status due to its significant investment of resources in the areas of research and innovation. PetSafe items are able to set trends in the market as a result of their innovative designs.

From the beginning, the focus of the brand has been to offer tools that allow us to spend the best moments with our pets and a simplified training process is something that all pet owners appreciate.

This company’s parent company is an international company known as Radio Systems Corporation, which, according to the information collected, markets several products and has other brands dedicated to the care and attention of animals in the home.

Under the PetSafe name they sell the following items: Wireless Fences, Low Ground Fences, Pet Gates, Harnesses & Leashes, Training Collars, Cleaning Supplies and many more.

For its part, Pecute is a brand designed by pet lovers for true pet lovers. The small work team that makes up this company focuses its efforts on offering high quality products designed by expert professionals. In Pecute, pets are a member of the family, so we take very seriously to ensure their comfort, their well-being and to provide them with a long and full life.

With this mission in mind, the work team designs all the necessary supplies for your care. Therefore, among its product catalog you will find: beds, hands-free straps, mats, toys, grooming and care accessories, travel accessories, mats, food storage systems and more.

However, perhaps the differentiating point of Pecute is the way it uses the latest technology to achieve innovative and quite useful products. Among the most popular are its Wi-Fi version smart feeder, its heating pad for pets, its 1.6-liter water fountain and its massage bath brush.

Like many other companies of our time, UEETEK is a global company that has achieved success in its products thanks to the infinite possibilities that electronic commerce offers us.

It is an officially registered brand in Europe and America, which is dedicated to promoting high quality items. As a company, they maintain a strong interest in offering their customers, and also their pets, the best experience through each of their creations.

Hence, it follows that most of the products of this company are focused on the care of our pets and that this is the aspect for which it is best known.

In addition, it is important to mention that their creations comply with the safety standards and certificates required by the statutes of Europe and North America. In its catalog of options you can find pet clothing, animal collars, toys, aquarium products, scales and much more.

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Happy & Polly 1.8L Automatic Water Fountain Dispenser

Como último producto de nuestra comparativa y también dentro de las fuentes baratas, encontramos este modelo que cuenta con un práctico chorrito del que tus animales podrán beber igual que lo harían en la fuente del parque.

Además, cuenta con doble sistema de filtrado mediante la circulación de una esponja, que permite que el agua esté más limpia y libre de impurezas.


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