The 5 Best Doors for Dogs of 2022

Door for dogs – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To facilitate greater freedom of movement for our pet in the spaces of the home, nothing better than installing a practical door for dogs, with which to enter or leave the interior of the house. That is why it is advisable to search intelligently and adapt the product to issues such as the size of our dog or where it is going to be installed, since there are models adaptable to the main door of the house, to brick, glass or metal walls. Among the best-selling models and best valued by buyers in the current market, we can highlight the PetSafe 737, a comfortable gate for dogs or cats weighing up to 7 kg, adaptable to doors of various materials as well as walls. A second option is the Ferplast SWING 15 door, equipped with an easy-to-manage four-way system, which also prevents drafts from forming during use.

Buying Guide – What is the best dog gate on the market?

Making our pet feel at home is part of our policies as responsible owners. Making them feel part of the family is a fundamental detail that translates into the maximum love and respect for them, since that is how they will feel it. In such a way that we have prepared this guide to buy the best door for dogs on the market and select the one that best suits our type of home and area where to locate as well as for our pet.

Why buy a dog gate?

Because if we have a door to go through, why not give our pet the opportunity to have his own? This detail will humanize us much more, to the point of creating independence and a sense of belonging to our puppy. And he will be able to freely enter and leave the house as the special and important person that he is for us.

In addition, we often feel bad when, as we rush to open the front door and go through, our pet is left behind and when we close the door, it closes with him outside. A dog door means the elimination of slamming doors in our dog’s snout. Already he, as a domestic and intelligent animal, will understand that the door is a personal access and only for our pet.

Dogs and cats

When establishing a comparison of doors for dogs in our home, we find the possibility that it can be attached to our pets, whether they are dogs or cats. This translates into versatility, in addition to the fact that they will be motivated by the feeling of companionship and integration between the feline and canine or it will generate independence for one over the other.

It all depends on how we have educated our pets, since we well know that cats are more territorial and somewhat lazy to use a door, although as equally intelligent beings they will be able to engage and after training they will understand its use and apply it correctly. according to as required.

Where to locate it?

Knowing where we are going to place the door for dogs is necessary because some can meet specifications according to the context where it is located. Although in general terms they are usually attached to both brick walls and wooden or glass doors, this is if we are talking about solid elements.

Although they will vary, they will not stop fulfilling their main function, despite the fact that their thickness will also change. Having a specific place is necessary and it is usually located on one side of the patio, where our pet has its play area or house. This space tends to be close to the kitchen from where we can see our children sharing with the puppy they have. For this reason, it is the kitchen door to which an accessory such as a door for dogs is located or on one side of the door, everything depends on our style and how we design the organization of spaces.


The materials that it generally uses are plastic, so that the pet does not get hurt on its way back and forth. It should be noted that this swing is usually annoying, although it announces the arrival of the animal, so some doors are designed to silence the annoying noises that are generated. Some have a fabric material on the edge of the door that helps reduce noise.

Likewise, others have magnetic elements that prevent the door from banging, which also helps reduce the annoying noises that occur when we have a hyperactive pet at home. We usually look for doors for dogs that have as a characteristic the fact that they are good and economical. Although when it comes to providing the greatest well-being and comfort to our pet, we do not care how much the accessory costs.

height and width

It is necessary to take precautions regarding the height and width of this accessory because our pets are growing, if we are referring to dogs, and they are getting fatter if we are talking about kittens. They are fundamental details both to make our pet feel good and not to lose the investment money.


Its closure is very important if we want to prevent strange animals from entering the house that in one way or another could end our peace. Such is the case of rodents that could affect our family with their presence and in turn represent a danger.

Especially for the night hours, a door for dogs must necessarily have a total closure for greater protection and shelter for our family. Its design, materials as well as height and width respond to some characteristics that are coupled to be able to press a button for total closure and another button so that its lid is open.

The 5 Best Doors for Dogs – Opinions 2022

When it comes to pampering our pets and making them feel much more at home, we have no limitations. Our satisfaction is to be able to give them the necessary comfort and when it comes to dogs we try to provide them with the greatest well-being. That is why we have created this guide so that you know the best doors for dogs in 2022 and know how to choose the most appropriate one.

1. Croci Cat Flap PetSafe 737 Silver

Main advantage:

The most outstanding quality of this door for dogs is its compatibility to be installed in different materials such as wood, metal, brick and glass.

Main disadvantage:

When it comes to installing the door in thick materials, some buyers miss a tunnel. However, this extension can be easily purchased on the market.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is an ideal product to give your small pets freedom of movement; its practical and functional design, its automatic closing mechanism and its affordable price allow us to recommend it as a successful purchase.

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Dog gates are small swing gates that are easily installed in a wall, or in a doorway. The PetSafe brand 737SGIFD model is a door that gives pets the freedom to enter and leave the house whenever they want, while giving its owner peace of mind by not having to assist them to open the door, whether it is from the patio or from the garden.

This door favors both small dogs and cats, which will prevent them from scratching the doors when they want to go out. It also serves as a means of escape in case of being chased by a larger animal. Cats love independence and dogs need exercise, so this model will allow them to use a door just for them, safely and without the need for help.

size and easy installation

This small swing gate is specially designed for pets up to 7 kilos, whether small breed dogs or large cats, all can easily pass through its opening. Its mobile part measures 15 cm wide and 19.5 in height, and the total dimensions are 20 x 4 x 25 cm, which favors pets to enter and exit safely, without sacrificing their freedom.

It can be easily installed on different door materials, such as wood, aluminum or PVC plastic; also on brick walls or glass windows. You will be able to give your pet free access to go to the patio, the garden or a terrace, while keeping your door closed for strangers.

Its assembly is simple and you can do it yourself, since it includes a cutting template that indicates the measurements that you must cut on the door or wall. In addition, its light weight of only 340 g does not represent a problem for its installation.

functional design

This practical and functional door for dogs is made of durable and waterproof materials. It can close on both sides depending on the assembly and if the wall or door is thicker, you can bridge this difference with a tunnel extension, which you can purchase separately.

It is equipped with a flap equipped with a magnetic mechanism, which allows you to configure it to close automatically when not in use, which prevents the entry of other animals or outside air, it also offers security at night so that your pet does not escape. In the same way, you will be able to unlock the door and offer freedom to your small dog or cat so that they can use it easily.

It has a fin designed in transparent and rigid plastic, it also has a UV stabilized plastic frame, which stands up to inclement weather.

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2. Ferplast Gate for dogs SWING 15 Gattaiola

The Ferplast SWING 15 dog gate is a versatile solution to facilitate your dog’s access anywhere, without complications. To this end, the product offers you a four-way controllable system, to regulate the inputs or outputs that occur as you see fit. 

The door also includes a magnetic closure, which prevents the air from opening it and the air from sneaking into your home. Best of all, this door comes in different sizes and is suitable for all types of doors. So it does not matter if it is made of glass, metal or wood, since its tunnel system simplifies this process. 

Something that also saves assembly problems, so that it does not take more time than necessary.

Give your dog all the comfort it deserves when moving around your home with this complete door.


Control system: This system offers you a four-way control, with which it is easier to decide how you want the door to open.

Format: The tunnel-type format adds extra comfort when installing the product on any type of door.

Closure: The magnetic closure is responsible for preventing air from entering the interior, leaving the door tightly closed when it is not in use.

Models: The device comes in a wide variety of models, covering the needs of almost any dog, regardless of size.


Metal: In case of mounting the product on metal doors, it is necessary to insulate the device with plastic, so that it closes by itself.

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3. Tkoofn 4-Mode Lockable Magnetic Flap Door

The TKOOFN G16073376C is a magnetic type lockable pet door for both cats and dogs in four modes: in, out, open and closed, which also closes automatically. This gives our pet the freedom to go in and out of our house as he wishes.

It has a solid and easy plastic lid so that our pet can freely come and go around our home. It is silent in action and its structure is solid so it can be attached to wood, hollow glass doors, tunnels, single and double doors.

Its dimensions are 26x24x6cm, suitable for a pet that is approximately 12 pounds in size and weighs 500 grams. By pressing the latch, the TKOOFN G16073376C can be locked or unlocked and keep the door open and raised for greater comfort for our dogs or cats.

If you have doubts about which dog gate to buy, we recommend evaluating the installation and dimensions of the product to make sure it is compatible with your home:


Magnetic: the option offered by TKOOFN in doors for dogs has a magnetic closure that will close the door after the animal has passed.

Closing: it also has locks that can be activated manually in case you do not want the door to be used.

Latch: And in case you want to keep it open for your pet’s comfort, you can use the opening latch that will keep the door at a 90-degree angle.


Resistance: among the reviews of the buyers it was possible to observe that there are those who consider that the door should be more resistant in order to guarantee its durability.

Template – And also lamented the fact that a cutting template is not included to make it easier to install the product.

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4. Karlie K&F Dog Mate Large Dog Door 

Making it easy for your dogs to move around your home is easy if you trust products like the Karlie K&F Dog Mate door. This model comes in different designs, counting the one we have chosen with measurements of 36.8 centimeters wide by 44.45 centimeters high, the useful space being somewhat reduced, due to the need to include the frame in that measure. 

Thanks to its approach, it is an easy option to install on all types of doors, simply making the necessary space according to the included template. By the way, the product comes in two different colours, white and wood-like brown, so that it fits better into any approach. 

It is finished off with the usual magnet closure, so that air is not a problem when it comes to keeping the door in place when not in use.

We leave you more information regarding everything you can find if you decide on this model.


Size: Its size is suitable for animals up to 63 centimeters in height, covering even some of the largest breeds.

Versatile: The product is suitable for mounting on all types of doors, regardless of the material with which it is made.

Colours: The door comes in two colours, white and wood-like brown, which make it easier to better fit the device, decoratively speaking.


Noise: In line with what is usual in these models, the door makes a little noise when closing, due to the attraction generated by the magnets.

Materials: The product is made of plastic, so its resistance and durability is lower than models made with metallic elements.

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5. Itian Gate Dog Cat Pet Supplies

It is a challenge to know which is the best door for dogs, since knowing its functional characteristics as well as the measures that are suitable for the place where it will be placed, it will be up to us to decide which is the best according to our style and taste.

It is very true that the best door for dogs in terms of quality and price is the one that meets our needs with the possibility of buying it and acquiring a product in optimal conditions. The model below is of good quality since it has ABS material, it is simple and elegant as well as easy to install.

It measures 26.6 x 24.8 x 7 cm, which means that it is relatively large for cats and weighs 500 grams. Thanks to its hair design on its edge, it does not emit any sound. It has 4 functions: open, closed, only inside or only outside, as desired.

Perhaps the best door for dogs for 20 euros is the one from EchoAcc since it is easy to install, comfortable and will allow your pet to have more freedom:


Materials: The EchoAcc cat and dog door is made of ABS plastics which make it durable and resistant.

Closure: It can be closed completely, left semi-open or fully open for the comfort of the pet and its owner.

Edge: And to prevent it from rattling when in use, the edge of the door is lint-coated for smooth opening and closing.


Installation: Assembly instructions are not included, so it can be a bit cumbersome for people without experience.

Manual: In addition, care must be taken to square the edges of the door well to avoid jamming.

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Croci Cat Flap PetSafe 737 Silver

The model below PetSafe 737SGIFD has a magnetic closing panel that prevents the door from being left open, so that insects or windblown debris cannot enter. It also has a secure plastic lock for when not in use.

The PetSafe 737SGIFD is a door for dogs and cats up to 7kg, since it has dimensions of 20x4x25cm so that our animals can pass through this hole and have more personalism inside our house.

It is suitable for wooden doors, glass doors or windows or brick walls as well as PVC or metal doors, depending on our need and we want to make our pet feel at home with an individual and completely personal door.

If you are looking to acquire the best door for dogs of the moment, perhaps you should read a little more and learn more about the PetSafe 737:


Closing – Pet doors allow pets to gain a freedom they might not otherwise be able to without constantly bothering their master, and the PetSafe 737 is an ideal choice in this category. This door has a magnetic closure that will keep it closed to prevent the access of insects and garbage, but it can also be used by the house dog or cat.

Security: and if you are worried that your pet may escape at night, you can make use of the security latches that will be responsible for blocking the door completely. They are very simple to activate and it will not take you more than a couple of seconds to keep your dog or cat inside the home for greater peace of mind.

Compatibility: One of the advantages that the PetSafe 737 offers you is its high compatibility. This pet door can be installed on various surfaces such as wood, glass, PVC or brick, as well as on common doors and even windows.

Dimensions: it has dimensions of 20 centimeters wide by 25 centimeters high by 4 centimeters long, ideal for dogs and cats weighing up to approximately 7 kilograms. The door itself weighs in at 494 grams, so it won’t add much to your home’s door or frame.

Template – And so you can easily assemble it yourself, the PetSafe 737 includes a cutting template so you know exactly how much to cut into your door, window, or wall.

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How to use a dog gate

Dog doors are practical tools that can be placed practically anywhere in the home. They are perfect for providing your pets with an easy outlet to play in the garden or go outside when they feel like relieving themselves. Although in general terms the use and installation of this type of product does not require major problems, we explain below some aspects to consider.

Measurement of your pet

One of the most important steps before even thinking about buying your dog door is to measure your pet beforehand. You must do this beforehand since dogs and cats usually vary greatly in size from one breed to another, sometimes even as a result of mixing breeds; It would be a pretty embarrassing surprise to go through the entire installation process only to find that your dog won’t fit through the door.

To be even more sure, proceed to measure your dog twice, thus verifying the averages obtained first. The recommended size for the door should be about 5 cm wider and 5 cm higher than the largest measurements given in the measurement step.


To install your product, start by gathering the tools you need to get the job done; Depending on the door model you purchase, it may include a placement template, so you must place said template in the desired location. The general recommendation is to place the template about 8 cm above the bottom edge of your door.

Once the measurements of the template have been taken, proceed to extract them carefully, from this point we recommend following the manufacturer’s installation process step by step in order to avoid damage to any of the doors’ structure, remember that each model can entail a different process depending on the base design.

educate your pet

After the installation of the product comes the process of training your pet so that it learns to use its new door, this part can be a real challenge not only for the owners but also for the animal. However, there are several tricks that you can use, we share some of our favorites below.

Some people choose to leave the door without a flap for several days, this will allow your pet to interact better and move more freely, it is also a great help so that it can go through the hole from the outside without major inconveniences. It is always helpful to call your dog through the hole from the outside and give plenty of praise when he successfully walks through the door.

The most popular brands

For those of us who enjoy having pets at home, installing dog doors allows us to give our pets a certain degree of freedom; in this way they will be able to enter and leave certain areas without major problems.

If you are thinking of purchasing a similar product, a good starting point may be researching the most influential brands of the moment. In this way you will be able to access a variety of quality and high reliability options; In the next section we will go through some interesting brands that you should consider.

Petsafe began its activities in 1991 as a brand focused on creating the most reliable products for pet lovers and owners around the world. The company is owned by Radio Systems Corporation which, in turn, owns many well-known pet brands, including SportDog, DrinkWell, Buddy, Easy Walk and many more; together they manage to provide a comprehensive service and further enrich the service experience.

Petsafe is recognized for being a company with great commitment and love for its work. In this way, they design, produce and market products with the aim of protecting, educating and giving love to the world’s pets; Due to this, they have managed to establish themselves as one of the preferred companies by pet owners, mainly in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. Its catalog includes a wide variety of articles, so you will surely be able to find what you need at all times.

Trixie was born as a local store in Trap, a small town near Hamburg, Germany, in the 1970s. By then, many in Germany were beginning to recognize the importance and benefits of having companion pets in the home and Trixie was born with the mission and the desire to help both pets and their new owners to better enjoy this experience.

Today, with more than 40 years of history behind it, the company has an established presence in at least 40 countries and a portfolio of clients who proclaim it their favorite brand in pet care.

Trixie is a company that is characterized by combining in all its articles the well-known quality of German products with the great love they feel for pets and companion animals. In this way, the company has grown its product catalog over the years and, today, you can find a wide variety of care items and accessories for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and rodents.

Now, everyone looking for a specialty manufacturer should pay attention to the Staywell brand. This company of British origin has dominated the pet door manufacturing market for years and is one of the favorites of users in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

Staywell is a company that offers its customers the peace of mind and reliability that only an exclusive manufacturer can offer us, since, in its long history, it has managed to improve and evolve in the design and manufacture of its articles to offer new models capable of satisfying the needs of your pet, but, at the same time, easy for owners to install and handle.

Since its launch, the company had an excellent level of acceptance by the public, quickly making its way through the European market. To do this, they make use of ecommerce that is highly popular in the online environment.

» Review information from previous years

FitTek Gatera Puerta Acceso Cierre para Gato Perro Mascotas

Es una de las puertas para perros más baratas del mercado, por lo que su compra es bien considerada. Además de funcionar para los canes, funciona para los gatitos, así que resulta funcional por si tenemos ambas mascotas o por si nos inclinamos por alguna de ellas.

La FitTek BA369 es de fácil instalación, trae su manual para seguir paso a paso su colocación y hacerlo rápidamente, ya que tiene todos los accesorios necesarios, incluyendo sus 8 tornillos para acoplarla al lugar que se quiera poner.

Con un diseño simple pero elegante de color blanco, la FitTek BA369 tiene un tamaño en el marco externo de 190x200x53mm y un tamaño en el marco interno de 143x145mm para cuando se vaya a instalar, se realice tomando en cuenta previamente sus dimensiones.

FitTek bien podría conferirte una de las puertas más baratas de este listado y con excelentes reseñas en los sitios de compra por lo que no puedes dejar de conocerla:


Imán: como medida de seguridad, la puerta para gatos y perros de FitTek posee un imán que se asegurará de mantenerla ceñida al marco de forma que se evite la entrada de insectos o de aire del exterior a la casa.

Transparente: la puerta en sí es de transparente, ideal para saber cuándo la mascota está por entrar al hogar o incluso para que puedan asomarse a mirar el exterior antes de salir.

Accesorios: podrás instalar esta puerta para perros y gatos sin tener que gastar extra ya que con la compra se incluyen todos los tornillos y gomas de seguridad para su montaje.

Manual: y en caso de que no quieras contratar a alguien para instalarla, se incluye un práctico manual que podrá guiarte paso a paso para que disfrutes rápidamente de los beneficios que puede ofrecerte esta puerta para las mascotas consentidas de la familia.


Tamaño: se ha visto mencionado en algunos comentarios que el uso de esta puerta para mascotas por gatos un poco gordos o perros medianos puede verse complicada ya que resulta un poco estrecha.

Petamo Gatera Puerta Acceso Cierre para Gato Perro Mascotas

Con un aspecto sencillo pero elegante la Petamo EFBA369 es una puerta destinada para gatos, sin embargo, si tenemos mascotas pequeñas como perros igual podrá servir ya que cuenta con unas medidas de 21×20,2x6cm y tiene un peso de 381 gramos.

En su embalaje original la puerta para perros Petamo EFBA369 viene con su manual incluido así como los 8 tornillos para acoplar su estructura al espacio al que la hayamos destinado, para una fácil y rápida instalación.

Podría ser la mejor puerta para perros del mercado si nos enfocamos en calidad a un buen precio, además de la utilidad que representará en nuestra vivienda. Este modelo contribuye a la comodidad y hospitalidad que le daremos a nuestra mascota ya que la haremos sentir parte de la familia.

Encontrar la mejor marca de puerta para perros no siempre será una garantía de comodidad para tu mascota por lo que debes ser cuidadoso al escoger:


Discreta: a los compradores de esta puerta para mascotas les ha gustado el que sea bastante discreta ya que no llama demasiado la atención de personas ajenas al hogar.

Cierre: puede ser bloqueada en caso de que se quiera mantener cerrada por motivos de seguridad.

Accesorios: y para instalarla rápidamente se incluyen todos los tornillos para su ajuste y las respectivas gomas para eliminar puntos filosos.


Gatos: es una puerta de tamaño pequeño ya que está pensada para los felinos, pero si se tienen perros de talla pequeña también pueden hacer uso de la misma.

Tamaño: también se debe tener en

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