The 8 Best Aviaries of 2022

Aviary – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Bird lovers usually have at home from canaries to other companion species, which brighten the home with their songs and colors, but, for them to be comfortable, they need to have a comfortable habitat and this is possible with an aviary. Among the options, there are models such as the Habau 1664, which is designed for small birds, with a wooden structure and sanded roof, with two doors that facilitate cleaning. If you are looking for something more traditional, then consider the Yaheetech YA-00077374 model, an aviary with a metal structure and wide doors, suitable for canaries and other species of birds. 

The 8 Best Birdhouses – Opinions 2022

To have birds at home, it is necessary to have spacious and comfortable cages, with favorable structures for cleaning. The options are varied, so selecting one can be somewhat complex. For this reason, we invite you to learn about the main characteristics of 8 models that are positioned among the best aviaries on the market. 

outdoor birdhouse

1. Habau Aviary 1664

Made with a wooden structure, sanded bitumen plate roof and metal mesh, this outdoor birdhouse is suitable for gardens and terraces, because it has a practical, striking and functional design as a habitat for small birds such as canaries. 

In addition, this model has a sheet metal base that can be removed to maintain hygiene and facilitate cleaning inside the cage. Likewise, its structure is made up of two wide doors with a latch to prevent leaks, which also give the user the possibility of cleaning and tidying up the space.

Within its properties, this proposal is enabled with a side cover for feeding, as well as 3 internal poles for the birds to rest. Its dimensions are large, with 62 x 58 x 160 cm and it has a quick and easy assembly. These characteristics make it lead the competition for the title of the best aviary on the market. 

Some users suggest that this is the best birdhouse of the moment, but it will be its pros and cons that will help you determine it. 


Design: It has a large size design for outdoor use and is suitable for various species of birds.

Construction: Its construction is original, made with a wooden structure and a roof with a sanded bitumen plate.

Cleaning: Cleaning is made easy thanks to its removable base, which allows maintaining a good level of hygiene in the area.

Access: It is an easily accessible cage, thanks to its side feeding cover and two main doors, which allows modifications and adjustments according to each situation.


Mesh: Being mesh, this model is only suitable for small birds. Large species can damage it.

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double aviary

2. Yaheetech Bird Cage 

Having several birds in a single cage is possible if you have a double aviary, and the manufacturer Yaheetech presents one with adequate capacity, due to its large size of 46 by 35.5 by 158 cm, which is practical for small species.

This model has a resistant metal structure, equipped with 2 wide doors with an arch design, which facilitate the interior cleaning of the enclosure, as well as the decoration of the habitat for birds. In addition, its design is classic in style and has a removable floor that offers the possibility of easy cleaning, to avoid impurities and the proliferation of diseases in both the specimens and their owners. 

Likewise, this proposal has an approximate weight of 7.7 kilos, but it is portable, because it is equipped with a handle and has rotating transport wheels that facilitate the sliding of the product. For all these reasons, it is positioned as one of the best aviaries of 2022. 

Yaheetech might be the best birdhouse brand on the market. Knowing the pros and cons of this model would help to certify it.


Cleaning: It has a removable tray that is of great help to maintain hygiene.

Design: Its elevated design keeps birds safe and the structure is equipped with 4 feeders, 3 poles and a swing for added comfort.

Transport: It can be moved thanks to the incorporation of the transport wheels and the upper handle.

Construction: It has a robust and practical construction for birds, since it is made of metal, wood and plastic. 


Assembly: Its assembly can be complex because everything must fit precisely, and some users may have problems achieving it. 

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large birdhouse

3. WilTec Outdoor Wooden Birdhouse with Roof 

If you want to buy a large birdhouse, then we recommend you take a look at this model, because it has a roof and a stable structure made of wood, with wire mesh that prevents leaks, but allows birds to see the outside. 

The proposal is made of robust wood that protects the specimens from the natural elements and the dangers of the outside. Its weight is about 19.5 kilos and its interior is made up of two levels, with stairs, sticks and a double door. In addition, it is the suitable option for those who are wondering which is the best aviary on the market.

This model is one of the most recommended for those who have space, because its dimensions are large, 90 by 68.5 by 174 cm, which gives the species a convenient area to develop their life and flight instinct, in a habitat that favors their well-being.

If you do not know which birdhouse to buy, knowing more about the pros and cons of this model could be favorable.


Elements: Its interior is made up of two levels and a ladder to stimulate the movement of the animals.

Design: The design is spacious, with a removable tray and two doors that facilitate the interaction between the birds. 

Construction: It has a robust construction, made with a wooden structure and wire mesh.

Roof: It has a resistant roof that protects from the sun and rain, covered with bitumen and under which the birds can rest comfortably. 


Weight: His weight is almost 20 kilos, which could make it difficult for him to move without help.

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wooden birdhouse

4. Ferplast Giulietta Wooden Bird Cage

Weighing 5.6 kilos, this wooden birdhouse from the manufacturer Ferplast is one of the favorites of users because it is one of the cheap ones and is built with a resistant and solid structure, with a wire mesh that prevents leaks and allows the constant entrance of air, as well as the visualization towards several sides.

Due to its relatively compact dimensions of 57 x 30 x 50 cm, it is an indoor cage that can be the habitat of small exotic birds or canaries, because the entire structure and its additional elements favor the welfare of the species. In addition, with this model it will not be necessary to acquire additional feeders, since it has been enabled by its manufacturer with two of them, as well as a drinker and three sticks, so that the birds rest or rest. 

On the other hand, its design is made up of a small door and it has a convenient system for cleaning and hygiene of the area, since it incorporates a removable tray.

This model has positive and negative aspects that will help you learn more about its specifications. 


Cleaning: Its cleaning is facilitated thanks to the fact that it has a removable tray in which the waste falls.

Construction: The structure is made of wood and wire mesh, which translates into a good level of resistance.

Habitat: The habitat is complete, as it is made up of a drinker and two feeders, as well as sticks for the bird to enjoy.

Design: It has a compact design, practical for indoors, with a small access door.


Structure: During handling, care must be taken not to hit the structure, because it can break. 

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hexagon birdhouse

5. Luxus-Vogelhaus Aviary Large XXL 

The manufacturer Luxus-Vogelhaus presents this hexagonal birdhouse model that has an original and resistant design, thanks to its robust construction that has been made with natural oak wood, treated and varnished for greater durability and impermeability.

This garden birdhouse is durable and designed to be practical for outdoor placement, whether in the backyard or on the balcony, to blend in with décor and provide a space for birds to rest and feed freely, since it does not have bars or cages, but rather a favorable structure for small birds, with resting posts and a feeding area. 

Despite the fact that its construction is entirely made of wood, this alternative is easy to clean, because all its areas are open, which favors handling. A high installation is recommended to prevent predators from attacking.

The positive and negative aspects of this model could be convenient to know if it is suitable for the needs of your birds. 


Structure: It has a robust wooden structure, in natural oak, suitable for outdoors.

Cleaning: Its cleaning system is simple because its areas are exposed, which facilitates handling.

Design: It is not a conventional cage, but rather a feeder with a decorative design for free birds to come to rest and eat.

Installation: Installation is simple and the structure is waterproof, due to the layer of varnish applied to it.


Bars: The model is only suitable for free birds or to add it to a garden, because it does not have bars.

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Aviary for lovebirds

6. Voltrega 420 Aviary 

The aviary for lovebirds marketed by Voltrega is a large and favorable cage for several birds, since it has dimensions of 65.5 cm wide by 54 cm deep and 150 cm high, so it is wide and weighs 12.2 kilos. 

This model has been equipped with four swivel wheels on its base, which makes it easy to slide the structure to move it from one side to another, depending on the user’s convenience. This Spanish-made model is built with a durable and easy-to-clean plastic structure, which ensures internal and external hygiene. 

Likewise, the cage has been coated with non-toxic gray epoxy paint, which gives it a better finish and greater resistance. On the other hand, it has a large front door that allows cleaning, decoration and the introduction of birds inside.

This model has other attributes that we have summarized through four pros and one con, so that you can learn more about its details.


Elements: Within its elements, it has feeders that facilitate the organized feeding of the birds.

Construction: It has been made of plastic, coated with epoxy paint for greater resistance.

Cleaning: It incorporates a removable tray to remove and clean the waste that falls. 

Design: It has a large design, with a wide door and swivel wheels at the base, practical for several small birds.


Grid: This model does not incorporate a grid that works as a protective floor against contact with the lower base. 

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small birdhouse

7.Vision M01 Cage

With a simple and quick assembly mechanism, this model from the manufacturer Vision is considered by many to be the best value for money aviary, because, despite its robust construction, its materials are simple, which reduces the cost of production.. 

This proposal has a weight of 3.33 kilos and its dimensions are 62.5 by 39.5 by 53 cm, so that it qualifies within the category of small aviary, for one or two birds of small species. 

Its metal and plastic construction is suitable for birds, so that the animals will not be able to damage the cage with their beaks, nor will they be able to escape. Due to its design, the manufacturer ensures that 80% of the waste remains inside the cage and has a tray that facilitates the cleaning of this waste. Similarly, the aviary is equipped with independent front doors, as well as internal feeders and drinkers. 

To learn more about the attributes of this aviary, which is one of the cheapest, we invite you to review its pros and cons. 


Design: The square and small design is favorable to place it inside the home, with two access doors and a visually pleasing color.

Construction: The structure is strong, made of metal and plastic, resistant to small bird bites.

Cleaning: Being compact in size, almost all feeder debris and feces fall into the tray and can be easily cleaned.

Assembly: Its assembly is simple, without tools or screws. Just apply a little pressure.


Handle: It does not incorporate a central upper handle that makes it easier to hold the cage comfortably to carry it from one side to another. 

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Aviary for canaries

8. BPS Large Parrot Cage 

If you are looking for an aviary for canaries, parrots or lovebirds, this BPS model could be the right alternative, because it is versatile and has a spacious design, as well as being convenient for entertaining the birds. 

This is because the model has been equipped by its manufacturer with accessories and a playpen that will allow animals, whether parakeets or parrots, to enjoy the habitat, thus providing greater well-being for the birds inside.

In addition, it has a metal edge that comes out of the structure, added in order to prevent waste from falling out of the cage. It also has a removable tray that allows you to clean impurities and maintain hygiene in the space. 

Among its accessories, this cage has two feeders, a safety door and a wooden perch. Meanwhile, its base includes 4 swivel wheels for easy movement. 

This model has attributes that we have summarized through positive and negative aspects that may be of interest. 


Dimensions: It is wide, suitable for several birds, with dimensions of 45.5 by 45.5 by 156 cm.

Accessories: It is complete and entertaining, because it includes a game park, feeders and wooden perches.

Cleaning: Its cleaning is facilitated thanks to its removable tray, as well as a plate that prevents waste from leaving the cage.

Structure: The structure is resistant, because it is made with 4 high legs, equipped with wheels to facilitate sliding. 


Post: The post in the entertainment area may require better securing to prevent an eventual fall.

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Aviary Accessories

birdhouse mesh

Saturnia Trellis Triple Torsion

Whether it is to reinforce areas of the structure, solve any inconvenience or increase safety, the aviary mesh is an efficient element and this model from the manufacturer Saturnia is one of the most favorable, due to its triple wire mesh design, with a hexagonal mesh, which can be used to fence from chicken coops to aviaries and delimit plantations, even for decorative work, since, being mouldable, its use is versatile. 

The model is resistant and has been built with quality materials, because it is a stainless steel product, which is suitable for outdoors, with 50 meters of content.

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Shopping guide

If you have birds at home or you want to acquire one, you must have a cage that meets high standards for the proper quality of life for the animal. Therefore, before selecting a model in a hurry, we invite you to review the following guide to buy the best birdhouse on the market. 

type and design 

The most advisable thing before making a decision is to establish a comparison of aviaries in which the types and designs of the cages can be identified, since in this way it will be known whether or not it is suitable for the requirements. 

Although there are many models available, two basic types could be distinguished, the large aviaries for exterior or interior and the small aviaries. The selection of each model will depend on the number of birds available, their size, as well as the desired comfort for flying. Although they are domestic animals, their nature is to have a large space, so it is recommended that the design be functional, so that the birds feel comfortable and moderately free. 

For this reason, some models have designs with special roofs, which prevent rain and sun from entering the space. Likewise, some cages have practical designs with wide doors that allow adequate handling for internal cleaning and decoration. Similarly, you can see vertical and horizontal structures, floor or table, as well as hanging models. 


Although many people are unaware of it, birds require recreation and also get bored when they are confined in small spaces. For this reason, beyond being a good and economical aviary, it must have areas that allow the animal to have fun and lead a life with greater well-being, for which it will need elements for rest, games and even feeding efficiently. 

There are different models on the market, but some of the most sought after are those that are equipped with built-in feeders and drinkers, which can be removable. Similarly, there are some proposals that are equipped with sticks for resting, wooden hangers and swings. There are even proposals that can include a playground or stairs. All these elements diversify the habitat and make it more favorable to provide a better quality of life.

Cleaning and assembly 

The habitat of animals, whether domestic, farmed or birds, must be clean and sanitized, so that there are no sources of contamination for the proliferation of diseases, as well as bad smells, which would directly affect the health and good plumage of the specimens.

Therefore, when selecting a suitable aviary, it is necessary that it meets standards for cleanliness. This is ensured by a wide door that allows the feeders to be manipulated and with removable trays to clean the waste that falls on the floor of the cage. In this way, the space can be kept hygienic. Likewise, there are proposals equipped with additional pieces that keep the waste inside.

In addition, depending on the size of the birdhouse, it is possible that the piece requires an assembly to be used. In this sense, some models are presented in two parts and require installation with tools and screws so that there are no leaks. Similarly, there are some proposals designed for simple assemblies, which only require applying a little force to complete. 

Construction and portability

Those who calculate an estimate of how much an aviary costs should make a quick study of the construction of its structure, since robustness can be a characteristic that affects its cost. 

In this sense, you can find models made with wooden structures and metal mesh, as well as metal structures in their entirety. Similarly, some proposals are made of plastic or may have plastic structures combined with steel mesh. The options are varied and the selection of a model usually affects its weight, size and use, as well as the species for which it is intended. Likewise, some proposals have a special paint coating that is moisture and water proof. 

In addition, some of the most recommended structures are those equipped with upper handles because they allow a better grip, as well as others with swivel wheel bases, which favor the easy movement of the aviary from one place to another.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use an aviary?

To use an aviary, the first thing to do is to assemble it, if necessary. To do this, the parts and pieces that make up the cage must be joined. In some models, it will be necessary to exert pressure and in others you only have to add components such as perches, feeders, drinkers and other elements. The next thing will be to select the place where it will be located, open the main door and introduce the birds, place food, water and close the cage with the crossbar, to avoid leaks. Cleaning should be regular, at least once a day, using the removable tray mechanism or any other that the model in question has.

Q2: How to assemble a birdhouse?

The simplest models are composed of several pieces that must be included in their place, as well as it will be necessary to exert pressure (without tools or screws) to be able to assemble them. 

In other larger models, it will be necessary to join the parts of the birdhouse. To do this, you have to adjust the base, screw and then place the cage on this structure, which may also require the use of tools to keep it firm. The procedure may vary according to the model, so it is important to read the instructions.

Q3: What birds to put in an aviary?

This varies according to the type and size of the aviary. There are some models that are made for parrots and large birds, so they have strong, spacious constructions that are resistant to the beaks and claws of these birds. On the other hand, the most commercial proposals are the small ones, which are used to put canaries, parakeets, lovebirds or nymphs.

Q4: How to decorate a birdhouse?

Birds are animals that enjoy playing and entertaining in their natural habitat. For this reason, when placing them inside aviaries, the recommendation is that their interior be decorated, with the intention of making the space more striking and adapting it to the needs of the pet. 

Part of the decoration consists of placing swings inside, as well as bowls that can be made of clay or wood, so that they can bathe and give the space more color. In addition, nests can be inserted between them, some in the shape of a house, so that the birds spend the night comfortably. 

On the outside, decorative ties can be added that contrast with the structure, so that the model has a greater visual load to integrate with the environment.  

Q5: Where to put a birdhouse?

This usually depends on the size and type of the aviary, as well as the space available. Outdoor models can be placed in gardens, as they have roofs that protect the interior from wind, rain and sun, as well as being high and keeping birds out of the reach of predators. 

If it is a small model and for interiors, it is recommended that it be placed on a balcony or next to a window with air inlet, so that the birds can feel the breeze and be more comfortable, since, although they are domestic, they need to see the sun and appreciate your surroundings. 

Q6: Which aviary is best for canaries?

Selecting an aviary for canaries depends on the number of birds that you want to place inside. As these birds are small and have weak beaks, there are many cages that are suitable for their habitat. For example, the manufacturer Yaheetech presents an efficient model for these pets because it has feeders, a removable tray, swings and ample space. Similarly, the Vision brand also presents smaller models that meet the demands of this species of birds inside the home. 

Q7: How to clean an aviary?

There are several ways to clean an aviary: one that must be done on a daily basis and another more thorough, for which it will be necessary to remove the birds. The first consists of removing the lower tray, which is usually removable and is where all the food waste falls, as well as the droppings of the birds.

To do this, this plate must be removed, thrown away and washed with plenty of water and non-corrosive soap. To continue, it must be dried and put back in place. 

In the case of deep cleaning, it is necessary to remove the birds and place them in another smaller cage, remove all the feeders and drinkers, wash them, clean them thoroughly, wash the grids and wires, and then pass a damp cloth through them. surfaces. Once the cage is dry, all that remains is to put the elements in their place, open the door, put the birds in and close again.

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