The 8 Best Cat Fountains of 2022

Cat Fountain – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Cat fountains provide your pet with an interactive drinking fountain, from which they will obtain fresher water thanks to continuous circulation. Some kittens may have a certain aversion to the bowl and this is when the sources offer an alternative for them. One of the most popular options among buyers is the DadyPet Drinker, a fountain with a 2-liter capacity, compact size and filtering system. Another good alternative could be the Pedy Margarita, an automatic drinker that is connected to the current to activate the pump. Its tank can hold 1.6 liters and offers 3 adjustable modes for water output.

The 8 Best Fountains for Cats – Opinions 2022


With cat fountains you can stimulate your pet to drink water, as well as turning it into a fun activity for her. In the following space we present some of the best font options so you can get to know them better before making your decision.

cat water fountain


1. DadyPet Drinker Cats Silent Fountain 2L Automatic  

We start with one of the cheapest products on the list, the DadyPet Drinker, a water fountain for cats that has a modern design and good finishes to be durable.

Its size is 18 x 18 x 13 centimeters with a weight of 675 grams when everything is assembled, allowing it to be easily moved from one place to another, as well as being comfortable for the cat to use.

The capacity of the tank is 2 liters to have water for several days and it offers a filter with which the liquid will be purified, trapping any remaining sediment that may mix. This will prevent the engine from getting dirty as well.

Finally, it stands out that you can change the flow of water to change the outlet as your beloved pet prefers.

This DadyPet product offers striking features that may make it the best cat fountain of the moment:


Flow: The water flow can be adjusted in 3 different modes according to your pet’s taste.

Materials: The materials of the fountain are BPA free to be safe for the cat.

Filters: By including 2 filters, you will have a spare for when the first one is finished and thus be able to buy another one on time.

Cleaning: You can wash parts of the fountain directly in the dishwasher.



Off: To turn off the fountain, you must disconnect it from the power, since it does not have a switch.

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Drinking fountain for cats


2. Pedy Silent Pet Water Fountain Circular Dispenser

The characteristics of this option can catapult it to be the best value for money cat fountain, thanks to the fact that it is practical, attractive and safe to use at home.

This model has a tank with a capacity of 1.6 liters. It is primarily white in color with a green cap and a daisy-like mouthpiece. Its size is 16 x 19 x 11.5 centimeters so you can easily assemble it and it is relatively light.

On the other hand, the fountain drinker for cats has its respective motor, which has a low consumption of just 2W so you don’t have to worry about electricity. In addition to this, it stands out that it can have a useful life of approximately 10,000 hours of use so that you can keep the source on as long as you want.

One of the cheapest cat fountains is the Pedy Margarita, which also offers you interesting advantages:


Design: The design with bright colors makes the fountain an alternative to also decorate a room.

Silent: It has a silent motor that will avoid both stressing the cat and disturbing the house.

Modes: You can choose the water outlet mode in 3 different types: waterfall, tap and bubbling.

Filter: It has active carbon filters to further purify the water.



Instructions: The assembly instructions are not in Spanish, but it shows drawings that help identify the parts and their location.

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ceramic cat fountain


3. PetSafe Drinkwell Sedona Ceramic Fountain

A different and elegant alternative is that of the PetSafe brand, which offers you a ceramic cat fountain that could easily pass for a decoration accessory.

This product is red and white, highlighting the soft fall of water to invite your pet to drink. Its dimensions are 27 x 31.4 x 21.3 centimeters and it weighs 3.03 kilograms, so you must choose carefully where you will install it. However, its appearance will help add a decorative touch to any room.

On the other hand, it offers a large capacity of 2 liters, enough for approximately a week of hydration and has a filter specially designed to trap bad odors, keeping the water fresh for longer.

Since PetSafe is considered by many to be the best brand of cat fountains, here you will find more information about it:


Design: The font has a different and even understated design that could easily pass for an embellishment.

Materials: Its manufacturing materials are resistant and very durable, in addition to not accumulating odors.

Capacity: The capacity will allow your pet to drink all the fresh water it wants.

Filter: The filter system will prevent dirt and bad odors in the water source.



Noise: The motor with which it works makes it noisier than other water sources for cats, especially if the recommended minimum water level decreases.

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Cat fountain without electricity


4. LTINN Drinker Pets Water Dispenser Without Electricity

The LTINN brand offers a fountain for cats that does not require to be connected to the current or have batteries to work, thanks to the fact that the water circulates by gravity.

This model is made up of a bowl integrated into a special base that holds the tank in a vertical position, which lets the water fall according to the level of the bowl. This guarantees clean, fresh water for days with little attention other than replenishing it when it runs out. In addition, being a fountain for cats without electricity, you will not have to worry about replacing disposable batteries every time, being an ecological option compared to others.

As for its design, it is striking thanks to the transparent tank that, when full, looks like a large crystal ball. It has a capacity of 2.8 liters and its size is 29 x 18 x 23 centimeters.

To choose which cat fountain to buy, it is important to first consider all its pros and cons:


Design: It is a fountain for cats with a modern design and good finishes for continuous use.

Transparent: Thanks to the transparency of the tank you will always know how much water is left to replenish it.

Capacity: It has a large capacity of 2.8 liters, enough for your cat to have water for several days.

Energy: As it does not require electricity to work, it will not incur any extra expense.



Filter: Unlike other cat fountains, this model does not include any filtering system for the water.

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Other products


5. YouThink Cat/Dog Water Fountain Pet Dispenser

In case you have not been able to determine which is the best fountain for cats, you are probably interested in evaluating this option that YouThink offers you.

We find a beautifully designed model with a white tank, a sky blue lid and a daisy-style nozzle to attract the attention of your pet. Its capacity is 1.6 liters and it is made of BPA-free plastics, which guarantees its safety.

It stands out that the nozzle allows changing the flow to vary the operation of the source and has a filter to improve the taste of the water, as well as keep it fresh. In addition, the purchase includes a practical mat made of silicone and with a matching design that, apart from protecting the floor, will prevent the fountain from slipping by accident.

In addition to being a fun cat fountain, this model has other features that could be useful:


Silent: It stands out that the water source is quite silent when it is turned on so as not to bother.

Safe: It is safe to use as it has materials free of toxic agents such as BPA.

Mat: The purchase includes a mat with non-slip properties to secure the water source.

Filters: Fountain filters are capable of trapping sediment and purifying tap water.


Cleaning: It must be cleaned regularly to avoid the appearance of mold inside the tank or in the pipes.

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6. Aerb 2.4L Cat Water Fountain with Light

Aerb has for you what could be the best cat fountain with its model WB0047, since it is robust, durable and with a modern design.

It is mainly made of plastic, but its top cover is made of stainless steel, which prevents its oxidation, as well as delays the accumulation of dirt considerably.

Its diameter is 19.5 centimeters, while its height is 15 centimeters and its weight is 549 grams. As for the capacity of your tank, this is approximately 3 liters to have water for a space of between 1 and 2 weeks.

Likewise, an active carbon filter has been located inside that has a useful life of one month to purify the water of your pet, as well as an extra pair free with the purchase that will prevent you from having to spend on filters too soon..

The benefits presented by the Aerb cat water fountain are worth a personal review before deciding which one to buy:


Light: This fountain for cats has LED lights to light up at night.

Materials: It has durable and resistant manufacturing materials, among which is stainless steel.

Indicator: The water indicator will let you know when you need to replenish the water so as not to force the engine.

Filters: 3 filter units are included for the fountain, each of which can last up to 4 weeks.


Noise: Although it is silent, as it empties you will notice the noise of the pump.

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7. Petcute Cat and Dog Water Fountain 3L Transparent

From the Petcute brand we present a product that may be among the best cat fountains on the list, requiring its own space to get to know it.

The main feature of this option is that it is completely transparent, which makes it easier to see the amount of water in the tank, the status of the filter and the general operation of the fountain. Its motor is silent and includes a pack of 2 active carbon filters for use inside the equipment.

It has a nozzle with 3 output modes for water and a capacity of 3 liters to quench your pet’s thirst whenever they want. Its size is 20.6 x 18.7 x 18 centimeters and it is quite light with a weight of just 798 grams, making it easy to handle, assemble and install wherever you want.

If you are looking for an alternative to cat fountains that is simple and interactive, we advise you to consider this option:


Capacity: It is a wide option with a capacity of 3 liters for the pet to hydrate.

Transparent: You can easily see the amount of water remaining thanks to the fact that it is transparent.

Filter: The filters used by the fountain are reusable so you don’t have to replace them as often.

Outlet: It has different water outlets to satisfy your cat’s taste.



Reservoir lid: Its design makes it a bit difficult to fill the fountain with water and care must be taken not to spill it.

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8. Amzdeal Silent Cat Fountain 2.4L Pet Drinker

If you’re interested in investing in a cat fountain that’s discreet, yet attractive at the same time, you might like Amzdeal’s option.

This cat fountain has a modern look, but could easily be mistaken for an ornament thanks to its decorative finishes and design. The size of this model is 21 x 30 x 28.5 centimeters and offers a capacity for 2.4 liters of water.

On the other hand, it has indicators for the recommended water level and an LED lighting kit, which can be turned on at night to help the pet find the source at any time. It has its respective switch and works independently of the equipment itself.

For its care, you will be pleased to know that the motor is waterproof, which allows you to wash the entire fountain assembly without the risk of damaging any component and helping to keep everything free of dirt.

Thanks to the details of this cat fountain, it will probably become a good purchase option for you:


Design: The Amzdeal font has a modern design with good finishes and an elegant style.

Filtering: It has a complete 3-stage filtering system designed to improve the quality of water for your pet.

Duration: The capacity of the tank allows the pet to drink for a period of 5 to 6 days.



Noise: When the tank is full, the fountain is silent, but if the recommended water level drops, it can become annoying.

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Cat Fountain Accessories


Cat Fountain Filters


Rhodesy 1.6L Filters Cat/Dog Water Fountains

Changing cat fountain filters regularly is essential to ensure their safety and health, which is why we want to recommend the Rhodesy set.

This offer is made up of a total of 8 filter units that have a diameter of 13 centimeters with a thickness of 1 centimeter, which makes them compatible for fountains of various brands.

They contain resin and activated carbon, agents capable of filtering the water to trap sediment and any other contaminant it may contain, allowing the circulation of clean water.

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Shopping guide


Having a water source for your cat at home can make it feel more comfortable, as well as encouraging it to stay constantly hydrated. With this guide to buying the best cat fountain you can make responsible use of your money by investing in a good quality product.

cat fountain design

The design of the font is a fundamental aspect to consider before choosing which one to buy. In a comparison of cat fountains, it is common to find users evaluating details such as size, structure and installation requirements.

The most practical models usually have a compact size that allows you to place the fountain in any corner so that it does not get in the way, also respecting the other requirements of the cat in terms of location, since it should not be near the food bowl or the sandbox.

For its part, the structure of the fountain that you acquire should have a comfortable aspect to use for the feline in terms of height and water outlet. Fortunately, the available options are very varied so that you can choose the one you like best for your pussycat.

Tank capacity

The capacity of the tank refers directly to the same capacity of the source, since it is where the water that will circulate through the pipes and nozzles will be stored. In addition, it is influential in the time of use of the source before having to refill it.

When you review the options in cat fountains, consider those that exceed at least a liter capacity so you can not worry about filling it for a couple of days. Of course, do not overlook that the water must be drinkable to avoid having to wash the fountain every time or change the filters more often.

At the same time, it would not hurt if you also evaluated the design of the repository, since a model with an indicator will help you avoid problems when checking the status of the source. You must bear in mind that cat fountains that use pumps require a minimum level of water and if it drops, the motor would be forced and it could simply burn. In addition, it is common for them to produce much more noise than is normally heard when they do not have enough water.

flow system

Some alternatives in cat fountains have adjustable nozzles with which to change the flow or outlet of the water, which allows you to adapt the operation to the pet’s taste.

These nozzles can alter the output of the water in different ways, but it is usually based on a movement of pushing the cap further in or out of the pipe. This action can regulate the flow rate to vary how the water comes out of the nozzle. In general, the output modes maintain a gentle pressure, allowing the cat to drink calmly.

In addition to this, you could consider the capacity of the motor separately, since this detail will tell you how strong the water can come out of the fountain or how much noise it will produce when it is turned on.

water filtering

How much a cat fountain costs can be influenced by whether or not it has a filtering system for the water. In general, these types of fountains are more expensive because they use pumps to move the water, but by looking carefully you can find a good and cheap one for your pet.

In case you are looking for a model without a filter, you should always make sure to fill the tank with drinking water so that your pet does not suffer. In addition, the drinking water can remain stored in the tank longer and will not dirty the filter or the fountain.

General care

Being a source of drinking water, it must be constantly cleaned in order to prevent the appearance of mold and other dirt. At the same time, constant attention must also be paid to the filtering system, since this is where the greatest amount of debris will accumulate.

Most cat fountains allow you to disassemble them for a thorough cleaning, which is a plus as it gives you access to all the little spaces to make sure you don’t leave anything unwashed.

However, to make work even easier, some alternatives are made with dishwasher-safe materials, being able to withstand a cleaning cycle without problems and, in addition, guaranteeing the purification of the parts thanks to high-temperature water.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a cat fountain?

Before offering your pet to drink from the cat fountain, you must first prepare and install it.

Attach the suction pump to the inside of the reservoir making sure the suction cups stick together to hold it in place. Put the cable through the exit hole and fill the fountain with drinking water up to the indicated mark.

Now, wet the filter to remove any remaining dust and install it in its place before putting the cap with the sprayer. Then connect the latter to the nozzle of the suction pump to close everything by applying a little pressure. Proceed to plug the power adapter into the socket and, if you have installed everything correctly, the turning on of the pump should start the water flow.       

 Q2: How to make a cat water fountain?

Making a simple cat water fountain at home is easy and inexpensive. You will need a small pump, a bowl, and a container large enough to hold both.

Put the bowl inside the container and install the pump on one of the sides allowing the water outlet to fall directly into it, which will be the attraction for the cat. Fill the bowl with water allowing it to spill until the water level comes into contact with the suction tube of the pump and voila, you can now connect the power adapter to circulate the water.

Q3: How to clean the cat fountain?

To thoroughly clean the cat fountain, you must unplug it from the power. Start by removing the top cover, to continue with the tube and the covers where the filter is located until you reach the tank. Separate each of the pieces to wash them thoroughly with tap water and remove any remaining dirt.

Now it’s the turn of the pump, which usually has a removable cover that you can remove. Next, take out the protective casing of the pump, the rotating vane and its base. Wash everything down with clean water and reassemble the pump. Also wash the tank thoroughly and you can now reassemble everything to turn it on.

Q4: How to change the filter of a cat fountain?

If you need to change the filter on a cat fountain, you’ll need to disassemble the caps that keep the bag inside the kit. For the most part, you’ll just need to remove the nozzle that acts as a pipe lock and pop off the cap to expose the filter and pull it out.

Have a garbage bag nearby to avoid wetting the floor and put it inside. Take the new filter, dampen it with drinking water to remove any remaining dust, and place it in its place in the cat fountain. Reinstall the cap and latch to finish.


Q5: Where to put the cat fountain?

Keeping in mind the survival instincts that domestic cats maintain, you must make sure that you place the fountain far enough from the food bowl. Cats do not usually feel safe drinking near where they eat, so it would be ideal to install it in a separate room.

Likewise, you must take care that it is not a place that is too busy so that your pet can approach it safely and drink water calmly, since, if there is a lot of noise or people walking, it may feel overwhelmed and not even approach it.

On the other hand, you should also avoid putting her near the litter box due to the same reasons that were already mentioned. By following these recommendations, you can easily choose the best place to place your cat’s fountain.


Q6: How to repair a cat fountain?

If you notice that your cat’s fountain loses strength or does not allow the water to circulate, it is most likely that the pipe or the pump is clogged. To solve this you will have to disassemble the source and thoroughly clean each of the channels using thin brushes.

As for the pump, remove its cover to check the condition of the blades and rinse everything with plenty of water, if possible under pressure, to remove any obstruction.

Q7: How much energy does a cat fountain consume?

These devices usually use suction pumps like those used in domestic fish tanks and, although it depends on their power, their consumption does not usually exceed 2W to 5W at most. Thanks to this, you can keep it on for your pet without worrying about excessive electricity consumption.

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