The 8 Best Cat Litters of 2022

Cat litter – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Cats are territorial animals and don’t feel comfortable relieving themselves anywhere. For this reason, it is essential to have sanitary litter that offers a good level of absorption, is friendly to the environment and does not negatively affect our budget. With some of these characteristics, Tolsa Sanicat D-10250 stands out, a highly absorbent silica sand with a high level of duration. But, if you are looking for an ecological clumping litter, you should know that Lifelong Maíz has been made with organic ingredients, so it is 100% natural, biodegradable and free of GMOs for greater safety.

The 8 Best Litters for Cats – Opinions 2022

In the market you can get more than 40 types of cat litter, making it much more difficult to choose the ideal product for your pet. That is why we have made a summary of the 8 best cat litters, based on their characteristics and the assessment of users who have already purchased the product. In this way you can have a clearer reference to compare the different models and choose the best one for your cat.

Silica litter for cats

1. TOLSA D 10250 Sanicat Diamond Silica Gel 3.8 L

When it comes to the hygiene of our pets, there are synthetic alternatives that give very positive results, as is the case with silica cat litter, since it is odourless, has a high level of absorption and does not generate dust. For this reason, many users widely recommend Tolsa Sanicat, considering it the best litter for cats, as it is made of silica gel so it is very light and does not stick to the animal’s legs.

Another of its characteristics is that it requires little maintenance, which is why it offers a long life. With regard to solid remains, this gel is capable of dehydrating them and neutralizing odors to achieve greater hygiene in your home.

For all its benefits, this product is ideal for families that have more than one cat at home and are too busy to clean the litter box daily, and it is also one of the cheap beds in this selection.

This model can be considered the best cat litter of the moment, so we recommend you review its characteristics below.


Composition: It is a synthetic sand made up of silicon gel crystals with a high level of absorption.

Effectiveness: This product dehydrates feces and neutralizes bad odor.

Maintenance: It is a long-lasting sand that does not need frequent maintenance.

Utility: This product is suitable for families with more than one cat and small houses, or those users who do not have time to clean the litter box daily.


Synthetic: Because it is a synthetic product, some cats take some time to adapt to the new bed. 

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2. Archivet 8435117840027 Silicacrystal 7.6 L

Another model that disputes the title of the best cat litter is this one from Arquivet, as it is a hygienic litter with a high level of absorption that prevents the spread of bacteria and microorganisms in the litter box. 

Being a silica litter for cats, it is capable of quickly absorbing the odors of feline fecal droppings, making them much easier to collect, so its maintenance can be sporadic.

In this sense, the product comes in a 7.6 L presentation that is sufficient, according to the manufacturer, for 60 days, that is, two months of use. Additionally, the low cost of Arquivet SilicaCrystal combined with its effectiveness allows it to be qualified as the best price-quality cat litter, according to the opinions of the buyers. 

For this same reason, the Arquivet SilicaCrystal has been cataloged in our selection as one of the cheapest and for this reason we have summarized its pros and cons.


Control: The odors of the feces are quickly neutralized with this sand, since they are dehydrated, while the urine is completely absorbed.

Bactericidal action: The additives in this sand prevent the proliferation of microorganisms and bacteria. 

Care: Due to its high level of absorption, it is very easy to collect the remains of feces in the sand. 


Debris: This product may create excess grit around the litter tray.

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clumping cat litter

3. Lifelong Corn Litter for Cats

This is one of the best cat litters of 2022 according to the opinions of many users, since it has been made from corn, so it has a 100% natural origin. In this sense, we must mention that it can be eliminated through the toilet or emptied into septic tanks, thanks to its biodegradable property. 

On the other hand, this clumping cat litter is completely free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), so it is non-toxic and non-allergenic. Thanks to its high absorption capacity, it can block odors and form compact and firm agglomerations, preventing them from breaking and sticking to the pet’s paws.

It comes in presentations of 10 and 25 liters and is very easy to use, you just have to put on disposable or rubber gloves when discarding the used sand, to increase hygiene in this way.

If you don’t know which cat litter to buy, we recommend paying special attention to the positive and negative characteristics of this product before making a decision.


Origin: It has a 100% natural origin, since this sand has been made with corn, which makes it biodegradable.

Absorption: It has a great capacity to absorb liquids and block odors in order to keep your house always clean.

Quantity: It is available in packages of 10 and 25 liters, so you can choose the most convenient according to your needs.


Smell: It has a particular smell, so it may take the cat a few days to get used to it.

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4. Cat’s Best Öko Plus 20L cat litter 

Another clumping cat litter of plant origin that stands out in our selection is this Cat’s Best product because it is made with activated wood fibers that have been technologically modified to refine their absorption capacity, also neutralizing bad odours.

So if you are wondering which is the best litter for cats, the Original Cat’s Best presentation can be a positive answer, since its high level of absorption forms granules of waste that are easier to remove to keep the tray clean without much hassle. effort. These residues can be disposed of directly in the toilet or in organic waste, because they do not pollute the environment.

Similarly, this litter offers a duration of up to 7 weeks if it is cleaned correctly, which would have a positive impact on your monthly budget, without affecting the quality of life of your pet.

Due to its different products in this field, Cat’s Best is considered by many users as the best cat litter brand and this clumping version has several aspects that we summarize below. 


Composition: It is a natural product made from wood fiber without using chemical additives or artificial fragrances, with a high level of absorption of liquids and odours.

Waste: The agglomerated remains can be discarded in the toilet, used as compost or discarded in the organic waste container.

Certification: The origin of the raw material is backed by the Forest Certification Approval Program, so it is a sustainable and biodegradable product.


Sticky: The litter can stick to the cat’s paws, however, as they are coarse grains, they are easy to pick up. 

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biodegradable cat litter

5. Catsan Natural Biodegradable Cat Litter

It is a sand made with vegetable fibers, which give it a texture similar to that of natural sawdust. In this case, it is a wheat derivative that forms firm lumps, which are easy to dispose of and at the same time cause a low environmental impact.

Thanks to its absorbent properties, this biodegradable cat litter helps neutralize odors quickly and effectively. In this regard, it is worth noting that it has a pleasant natural smell that does not bother animals or their owners. Likewise, it has a soft texture that does not mistreat the paws of pets.

As a by-product of agricultural activity, the material used grows every year, making it sustainable. As for the quantity, it comes in bags of 8 and 20 liters, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

A good cat litter can be the solution to the problem of odors and home cleaning, so we invite you to review the characteristics of this model in more detail.


Natural: It is an agricultural by-product derived from wheat, so it is 100% natural and biodegradable to protect the ecosystem.

Binder: Solidifies quickly creating very firm lumps that are easier to dispose of.

Odour: It has a mild odor that is pleasant for cats and family members.


Light: It is made of a very light fiber, so the cat may take a little out of the box.

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6. Cosycat Cat litter biodegradable and clumping 20 L

This biodegradable cat litter of German origin stands out in our selection for being made with pure wood fibers that have gone through a granulating and sifting process to obtain a light, soft and transportable product. 

According to the manufacturer, this bed is capable of absorbing up to 700% of its own weight so that the liquid agglomerates, making it easier to discard the individual lumps. In addition, the antibacterial material used in the natural composition of this sand allows it to be discarded in the toilet, in industrial or organic composting. 

And if you are one of those who do not like the smell of synthetic litters, you should know that this product does not have fragrances but a natural and pleasant smell, which can absorb and hide the characteristic aroma of cat feces.

This biodegradable litter is an ecological alternative to synthetic litters, which is why we have highlighted its main characteristics below.


Manufacturing: It is a German quality product, made with recycled and sustainable wood fiber.

Absorption: This sand has a high absorption power that can reach up to 700% of its own weight in liquid, according to the manufacturer.

Packaging: The sand is presented in a paper package with a capacity of 10 liters that offers a good duration.


Cleaning: It is necessary to clean around the litter box frequently, because the product can stick to the animal’s legs. 

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Ecological cat litter

7. La Lettiera 100% natural 24 liters

Now it is possible to take care of your pet and the environment at the same time if you use an ecological cat litter like the one offered by La Lettiera. This product is made with remains of cellulose transformed into small granules, that is, paper waste has been used to turn it into an ecological and sustainable product for the hygiene of pets such as cats, rodents and reptiles. 

In terms of duration, the 24-liter presentation offers optimal performance for 16 weeks of autonomy, that is, it lasts approximately four months if you have a medium-sized cat. 

Additionally, this product stands out for not releasing dust or odours, so it will not stick to the pet’s hair or paws and your house will have a pleasant fragrance for the whole family.

Nowadays it is very important to be aware of the products we use and their footprint on the environment, including supplies for our pets. That is why we want you to know the pros and cons of this ecological cat litter that is biodegradable.


Origin: This product has been manufactured with cellulose waste from the paper industry to reuse this raw material.

Absorption: The litter offers a high level of absorption and agglomeration, avoiding sticking to the pet’s paws and hair.

Cleaning: The moistened granules inflate to remove them more easily from the litter box and favor the hygiene of the space.

Utility: This ecological bed is suitable for different types of pets such as cats, rabbits, hamsters and even reptiles.


Price: The value of this product is a bit high if you compare it with other models in this selection.

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8. Sanicat Ecological Absorbent Pellets for cats

Wood fibers are widely used in the manufacture of ecological cat litter, because being completely natural they are biodegradable and are used to make domestic or industrial compost. 

In addition, this recycled product has a good level of absorption and is suitable for use with different mammals such as cats, ferrets, rabbits, birds and other pets.  

You should know that, as it is a vegetable product and without chemical additives, this litter cannot completely hide the odors of the pet’s feces. However, it is able to control the production of dust so that the cat does not throw the litter out of the box. This also favors hygiene in the sanitary tray and throughout the home.

As for the presentation and price, this model is available in a 20-liter package, being a good investment of money that will take care of your budget, your family, and the environment. 

Sanicat is recognized for offering products to improve the quality of life of pets, and now presents this ecological litter to also contribute to the care of our planet, without impairing your cat’s hygiene. 


Sustainable: Wood fibers are recycled to make this sand, being 100% vegetable and biodegradable.

Presentation: The product comes in an economical 20-liter package to offer ample use time.

Benefits: The litter has good absorption, does not generate dust or stick to the pet’s paws, thus favoring cleaning. 


Odour: Odor control with this litter is not very efficient, as it does not contain additives that hide the odor of feces. 

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Accessories for cat litter

cat litter box

Curver 2068961

When it comes to offering a sanitary space for our cat, it is important to consider what is new on the market, such as that offered by Curver, when designing a modern and functional litter box for kittens that can be used inside or outside the home.

This cat litter box is very elegant and beautiful, it has dimensions of 51.3 x 36.7 x 31.3 cm with a closed format and a swinging door so that the animal enters and exits comfortably. Likewise, it integrates a filter for odors and a system of removable drawers with a shovel included to facilitate the cleaning of each area. 

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Shopping guide

We know that your cat is very important in the family and that is why you care about giving it the best attention and care, offering comfort in every aspect of its life, including its physiological needs. For this reason, we invite you to read our guide to buying the best cat litter so that you can learn about the most important elements that sanitary beds should have for our pets.

Types of sands

When you start a cat litter comparison, you will realize that there are different types depending on the composition and effectiveness offered. In the first place, we can find the absorbent bed made of sepiolite, a non-agglomerating mineral and one of the cheapest sands. However, it must be changed daily to keep the tray dry and clean. 

On the other hand, we obtain synthetic litters made from silica gel that have a high level of absorption and durability, neutralize odors efficiently and do not release dust. It usually takes a while for cats to adjust to this litter.

But if you are looking for a good and economical option, you can choose ecological cat litters made from plant material or recycled from wood waste, cellulose and even tofu, as they offer good absorption and easy cleaning, in addition to having a larger grain size. to avoid dirt outside the litter box, as it is more difficult for this litter to stick to the pet’s paws or fur. 


Although it is important to check how much cat litter costs, we recommend you check first if it is clumping, that is, if it is capable of compacting liquid waste for faster and more hygienic cleaning of the litter tray. 

Most of these clumping litters are also biodegradable and safe for the health of cats, but the problem is that most of them are fine granules, so it is normal for the cat to end up raising dust and throwing the litter out of the tray. However, the cost-benefit ratio is very positive, as it lasts longer and being easy to maintain, you will only have to replenish sand infrequently instead of changing it all as would happen with traditional bedding. 

odor control

It’s no wonder if you have cats you’re familiar with the smell of ammonia that comes from the animal’s urine and feces, but we also know that this is not the most pleasant fragrance. 

For this reason, many products contain additives that are responsible for absorbing and disguising bad odours. In the case of natural and biodegradable litters, the odor is not completely neutralized, however the aroma of the vegetable fiber helps to tolerate bad odours. In addition, this problem can be avoided if solid waste and agglomerates are removed frequently. 

It is important to note that there are scented litters, but because they have a very artificial fragrance, many cats do not adapt to it and refuse to relieve themselves in the tray.


The duration of the cat litter will depend on its level of absorption, which will be determined according to its composition, the number of cats you have at home and the presentation of the packaging. In general, each manufacturer expresses the amount of sand in liters or weight, and indicates an estimate of how long this amount will last.

In the case of silica sand, some manufacturers say that a 7-liter package is enough for two months of use, while other 20-liter vegetable bed models also have the same shelf life. 

In this way, you can see the difference in duration depending on the type of sand. Even so, the most important thing to note is that there is a wide range of offers and products on the market that come in presentations of up to 60 liters at affordable costs so as not to affect the family budget. 

Environmental care

Currently, many manufacturers have considered the concern of consumers to obtain environmentally friendly products, especially when it comes to supplies for pets.

In this sense, the process of discarding used cat litter is very important, which leads us to consider more carefully what product to buy, because what we least want is to generate more pollution. That is why there are totally natural and biodegradable options that can be used to create domestic compost, discarded in the toilet without the risk of contaminating the water or in the organic waste garbage. 

As you can see, the different options allow you to take care of your cat with care and care, while avoiding creating more toxic waste for the environment, and although they may be slightly more expensive products in the long term, you will have the peace of mind of having reduced the environmental footprint of your pet. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use cat litter?

Cat litter is necessary so that the animal has a hygienic space where it can urinate and bury its feces, thus avoiding leaving stools anywhere in the house. But, it can also be used with other animals such as rodents, reptiles and even birds.

In the case of cats, care should be taken to sift the litter box frequently to remove solid waste and clumps, if applicable. In this way, the accumulation of bad odors in the space is avoided and the cat will not reject the litter box to relieve itself. 

Q2: How is cat litter made?

Traditional litter is made from clay that absorbs liquids but does not bind them together. For this reason it is cheaper and is sold by weight. But, silica sand uses a more sophisticated manufacturing process to include agglomerating additives that increase the absorption of the litter and the formation of conglomerates, favoring the removal of faeces.

On the other hand, ecological litters, although they are relatively new, are made with vegetable waste such as wood residues, cellulose from the paper industry and even soy derivatives that go through refining and sifting processes to form granules of different dimensions that, later, you will use in your cat’s litter tray. 

Q3: What to put in cat litter so it doesn’t smell?

Baking soda is an inexpensive option for deodorizing the litter, but if used in excess it can cause some kind of unfavorable reaction in the pet. For this reason, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of baking soda to the bottom of the clean tray and then cover with 6-7 cm of sand. 

To amplify the effect of this product, it is advisable to remove the solid and agglutinated waste from the urine daily because if they remain for a long time, their odors will spread faster. 

Q4: Where to put the cat litter box?

Cats like privacy and tranquility, so it is recommended to place the litter box in a space with little traffic in the house and to which the cat has easy access. Likewise, it will be very useful if it is a ventilated space or, at least, that it has a window nearby so that the air circulates efficiently and bad odors do not accumulate.

Q5: How to make a cat litter box?

You can create a functional and hygienic space for your feline using two rectangular plastic containers approximately 10 cm high. As for the total size, it is important to consider the dimensions of your cat, so they must be large containers in which the animal can fit comfortably. 

It is important that one tray is slightly smaller than the other so that you can fit in it. In this sense, we pierce the upper container with a hot nail or a screwdriver along the bottom. These holes will help sift the sand faster when cleaning the box. 

Remember to place the litter box in a place that is easily accessible to your cat and you can start adapting your pet to the new toilet. 

Q6: Which cat litter is better, normal or clumping?

Regular litter has a good absorbency level, but needs to be cleaned daily and changed several times a week because litter does not solidify and odor control is poor. The binder, for its part, is capable of dehydrating solid waste and forming conglomerates with urine that facilitate cleaning the litter box. In addition, this sand manages to neutralize odors in a short time.

Q7: How to dispose of cat litter?

For this aspect you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions, since everything will depend on the type of sand chosen. However, in general, there are biodegradable products that can be discarded directly in the organic waste bin or used to make domestic compost. But, if it is conventional sand, you must separate the remains of the remaining sand and place them in tightly closed bags to throw them away and avoid spreading the bed along with the microorganisms generated by the feces. 

Q8: Can sawdust be used as cat litter?

If you want to make an ecological and homemade litter for your cat, you can use discarded sawdust from carpenters. To do this, you must place it in a large container to remove any possible splinters or large remains of wood and keep only the smallest parts.

Then, you must prepare a solution of water with baking soda and let it boil for a few minutes to sanitize the material. When the mixture is cold, fill a sprinkler and moisten all the sawdust. Now, it’s time to dry, and for this you must leave the wet sawdust in the sun for several hours or a couple of days until it is dry and ready to use in your cat’s litter box.

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