The 8 Best Cat Repellents of 2022

Cat Repellent – ​​Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you are concerned about the presence of cats or other animals approaching or entering your property to cause damage and discomfort, you can choose to buy a cat repellent and keep the area free of them. There is a varied offer to choose from, although not everyone could be useful. The Aspectek Predator Eye Pro is an outdoor, automatic device used to scare away predatory birds and other animals large and small. Another simpler option, but just as effective, is the repellent made up of non-toxic, granular natural ingredients Dicoal STV616.

The 8 Best Repellents For Cats – Opinions 2022

If you want to chase away the annoying animals that ruin the land when they dig in it or cause other types of damage in some areas, it is time to act and evaluate the most pertinent options in order to keep the area delimited to prevent cats, dogs or other type of animal approaches. To help you in this task and so that you can choose a product that meets your needs, we present 8 of the best repellents for cats.

Outdoor cat repellent

1. Aspectek Cats Predator Eye Pro Night and Day Repellent

As a new and effective option for those who aspire to find the best cat repellent, this Aspectek model is presented. It is an outdoor cat repellent, a modern automatic device whose casing and internal structure are designed to offer high protection standards, making it durable and resistant.

This repellent works by means of a pair of flashing lights that activate automatically at night and act as watchful eyes during the dark to keep all kinds of unwanted animals away from the property, from birds of prey to raccoons, deer, cats and foxes. 

The innovative Predator Eye Pro repellent device has a solar panel that recharges with the necessary energy during the day to work efficiently and illuminate at night. In addition, it has a battery whose charge lasts for at least 30 days.

If you want to find the best cat repellent of the moment, we invite you to analyze some pros and cons of this device, which could indicate if it would be appropriate in your case.


Ecological: It is powered by solar energy and is not toxic to animals or humans.

Resistant: It can be used outdoors, as it is waterproof and resists high temperatures.

Practical: Its installation and use are simple, since it only requires being located in the desired place.

Performance: Its battery lasts for a maximum of 30 days with a full charge and its power mechanism is solar.


Lights: Its lights-only method of operation might not be as effective for certain types of invaders.

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2. Lypumso Repellent for Cats

With a peculiar design and advanced technology, this new device takes advantage of the best cat repellents of 2022. It is a device capable of detecting when an animal passes in front of it, so it is activated and emits an ultrasonic sound that disturbs the sensitivity of the animal and makes it move away.

It is an outdoor cat repellent, as it has an IP44 protection rating, which makes it waterproof, resistant to wind, temperature variations and other factors, making it suitable for use in patios, gardens, farms or orchards. This repeller works effectively when the animal is 8-9m away from the device.

The Lypumso repellent offers the possibility of adjusting the level of sensitivity and distance, as well as the frequency. It has a solar panel that supplies energy to recharge its batteries and remain always active.

The manufacturer Lypumso competes to become the best brand of repellents for cats. We offer you other advantages and a disadvantage that this product presents. 


Installation: It is only required to fix or hang it in the desired place to complete the installation. 

Charging: It is powered by the sun or via a 5V adapter, so you have two options for the power method.

Sensitivity: Sensitivity can be adjusted to detect small and large animals.

Non-toxic: It contributes to maintaining a healthy environment, since it does not leave chemical residues or harm the ecosystem.


Waterproof: Despite being waterproof, its infrared rays will not work if it is completely submerged in water or covered in snow. 

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natural cat repellent

3. Dicoal STV616 Repellent Cats scattered granules

If you don’t know which is the best repellent for cats, this may seem like the right one for you, since it is biodegradable and harmless to animals, since it does not cause them any harm because it is made with natural components, whose smell is unpleasant for cats and other animals, so these tend to move away when perceiving its powerful aroma.

If you need to buy a natural cat repellent, Dicoal brand STV616 can be a favorable alternative. It is a container with a capacity of 450 g, whose interior contains granules made up of natural ingredients that act effectively to repel cats, dogs and other animals.

It is an appropriate repellent to use in external areas, such as patios and gardens, within an area of ​​150 square meters, to prevent both cats and other animals from digging and damaging the ground, doing their business on these areas or leaving their waste scattered.

If you don’t know which cat repellent to buy, we invite you to evaluate some pros and cons of this product that could influence your decision. 


Biodegradable: Its active ingredients decompose naturally without causing damage.

Easy application: It has a dosing cap that allows you to pour the right amount.

Capacity: Contains 450 g, a sufficient quantity to distribute it and use it on different occasions.

Field of action: It can cover an adequate amount of 150 square meters of land by spreading it over the area.


Smell: Its aroma may not be so powerful to scare away some animals, which could get used to it and return shortly.

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4. Batlle Repellent Cats and Dogs Seeds

To have a natural cat repellent that guarantees good results for a modest cost, you can choose to purchase this product, which is part of the group of cheap repellents. 

It is a harmless liquid, as it is made up of natural ingredients that expel a pungent odor and exert a strong action on the olfactory glands of animals, causing great repulsion in them. This repellent is made up of different ingredients and natural essences whose action is long-lasting, so its effect can last up to several days after being applied for the first time. 

Its application is simple, since it is only enough to spray the area until it is moistened. This repellent comes in a practical presentation inside a container with a capacity of 750 ml with spray for quick and easy application, although it should be kept away from clothing to avoid staining it in case of spillage. 

If this alternative has seemed convincing to you so far, wait until you review the characteristics that the Batlle repellent has for and against.


Content: Contains 750 ml of liquid, an amount that yields enough to use in several areas at the same time and for longer.

Easy application: Includes a misting spray to distribute it evenly over any area.

Natural: It is made with natural components that do not harm the health of the animal.

Long-lasting: Its effect lasts for a few more days after applying it.


Smell: Some animals can stand its smell. However, even for humans it can be very repulsive. 

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Effective cat repellent

5. Beaphar BEA13666 Keep Off Educator Spray for Cats

For those who want to train their pets, especially cats, so that they stay away from some areas inside the house and not scratch furniture or other objects, there is an effective cat repellent. It is the BEA13666 from Beaphar, which is also presented as the best value for money repellent.

It is a liquid contained in a bottle with a spray that, when applied to the areas that the animal frequents the most, acts as a repellent to ensure that it avoids these areas and learns to behave inside the home, to put aside the bad habits that make it scratch and destroy. 

The Beaphar BEA13666 cat repellent contains 100 ml of substance, a sufficient quantity to apply it in different areas within the home where it is considered necessary, either at the bottom of the curtains, doors, on the sofas or windows.

Although it may interest you because it is one of the cheapest cat repellents, you should also consider other details. We present some points in favor and a negative aspect.


Useful: It serves to repel cats and at the same time it is useful to educate them. 

Effectiveness: Its action is immediate, since it keeps cats away once it is sprayed on the area.

Aroma: Its smell is not so unpleasant for humans.

Long- lasting: Its aroma and effect persist even after a while.


Size: It comes in a small bottle, so the amount of liquid could be insufficient.

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6. Zonpor Ultrasonic Cat Repellent for Garden

In case you want an effective cat repellent, you should take a look at the most outstanding features of this ultrasonic repellent suitable for scaring away both pests and small unwanted animals, such as rats, mice, raccoons, skunks, as well as cats, dogs and cats. other larger beings, such as cows and deer.

This device is equipped with an infrared sensor that is activated when it detects movements in front of it, so it emits an ultrasonic sound whose frequency can be adjusted depending on the type and size of the animal that you want to keep outside the perimeters of the property. 

Similarly, it has powerful and intermittent strobe LED lights that serve to scare away other wild animals, as well as pigeons, birds, sparrows and even bats. The Zonpor repellent works with three rechargeable AA batteries and is powered by solar energy, but it also offers the possibility of being charged with an adapter if the day is cloudy.  

The Zonpor ultrasonic repellent is one of the most recommended, but if you want to know more about it, we will show you some of its advantages and a less favorable point.


Types of frequency: Allows you to adjust the frequency between three levels according to the size and type of animal.

Sensor: Its infrared sensor is capable of detecting movements within an angle of 110°.

Scope: It can detect the presence of animals in a range of up to 9 m away.

Waterproof: It is waterproof, so it works effectively even on rainy days.


Sound: The frequency of sound used to scare away birds can also be annoying to humans. 

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couch cat repellent

7. C&G Pets Urine Repellent

If you want your cat or pet to stop urinating on your furniture and not cause damage inside the home, you may want to purchase a sofa cat repellent. This model is a natural and effective alternative that helps prevent cats from relieving themselves in places where they shouldn’t. 

This liquid removes traces of pee odor from areas where pets usually urinate and leaves behind a strong, fresh scent that works fast and lingers over time.

The product is made up of a combination of fresh and citrus aromas, free of chemicals and parabens, so it does not cause harmful effects on the health of the animal, or whoever applies it. Its use is more recommended for home interiors. However, it is also effective to apply it in the external areas of the patio or garden. 

This is a simple solution to eliminate the unpleasant smell of cat urine in the home, but there are other pros and cons that you should know.


Quantity: Contains 500 ml of repellent liquid, just the right amount to use on several occasions.

Fresh aroma: It is appropriate for the home, as its aroma is pleasant.

Effective: Quickly eliminates bad odors caused by pet urine.

Safe: It does not contain chemicals or irritating substances that harm the animal, people or the environment. 


Late effect: It must be applied for several continuous days so that it begins to have an effect on pets.

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ultrasonic cat repeller

8. Vivivel Ultrasonic Cat Repeller

When looking for an ultrasonic cat repeller, this model may be a feasible alternative. This repellent for cats also works with other animals, such as snakes, rodents, dogs or birds. In addition, it is suitable for placing in external areas of the house, patios or orchards, without fear of the device suffering damage due to rain, as it is resistant to water.

This device works by means of a movement sensor that detects when the animal crosses the repellent, so the device is activated by emitting a sound that is uncomfortable for the animal and forces it to leave the area.

Its range is around 5 m away with a field of view of up to 138 °. This repellent is friendly to the environment, since it is powered by solar energy, it does not produce harmful effects and does not generate waste that affects the ecosystem. 

If you are convinced by some features of this product, also review its main advantages and an unfavorable point.


Easy installation: It is only required to locate in the direction of the desired area, where it receives sufficient sunlight.

Energy saving: It is activated only when movements are detected, so it conserves its energy for longer.

Adjustable: The ultrasonic frequency level can be adjusted as required.

Range of scope: It has a convenient field of view of between 125 and 138 degrees within a distance of approximately 5 meters.


Snow: Its operation could fail if it becomes covered by snow.

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Shopping guide

Cat repellents are an effective option for those who want to keep the home and its surroundings free of annoying animals that come to dirty or damage the gardens, orchards or patios. Similarly, they are a great help in teaching pets good behavioral habits. If you are looking for a product that will help you delimit the area to animals, we recommend you evaluate some features that we present in this guide to buy the best cat repellent. 


There are different types of products suitable for keeping cats and other animals away, so, when choosing, you should pay attention to the specifications of each one to be able to make a comparison of cat repellents that will help you determine which one would be the most convenient in your case. 

There are common repellents that are easy to apply, with which you only need to spread a certain amount over the area you want to protect. Among them, you can get liquids or granules of different capacities. These are impregnated with a strong odor that cats and other animals find repulsive. 

Those of this type, in general, are composed of natural ingredients and are not harmful. Other more modern ones, for external use, are ultrasonic waterproof repellents, with lights and motion sensor. They are easy to install, have a long range and work with animals large and small.


To have an estimate of how much a cat repellent costs, it would be enough to look at the functions that the product is capable of fulfilling, since some repellents offer more advantages to take advantage of. Some are useful for repelling cats and other animals to prevent them from marring green areas by digging and scratching. 

Others, in addition, recommended for indoor use, serve to train cats and dogs when they are kept as pets inside the home, to avoid urination in inappropriate areas. There are other newer repellents for external use, equipped with advanced technology that offer security and protection against almost any type of animal that dares to enter the area, large or small. 

These devices have a wide viewing range and have built-in audio at different frequencies. In addition, they have infrared sensors and LED lights that are activated when the device detects movements close to it. 


An inexpensive cat repellent could be a tempting deal. However, it is important to make sure that the capacity of the product is sufficient and according to what you need, since some are offered for a low cost, but offer a quantity that, in the short term, is scarce. 

If it is considered that this type of product must be applied in some large areas and with a certain frequency, it is recommended that the repellent you choose contains a sufficient amount of liquid or granules so that it does not run out in a short time and gives more. 

You can choose between small-sized spray repellents with a capacity of 100 ml and larger ones that offer between 500 and 750 ml, while some granules have a capacity of 450 g. Although if you expect to use them in a much larger area of ​​land and prefer to make a single investment, you have the option of choosing between some of the outdoor rechargeable devices. 


Another relevant aspect to take into account when deciding on a cat repellent has to do with the extension of the area that the product can cover, so it is important that you choose one that has the capacity to cover the area where you want to place it.. 

This is a most noticeable feature especially in ultrasonic and other outdoor repellent devices. Some of these models have a range close to 9 m, others cover an area of ​​around 5 m and others, in granules, can cover up to 150 square meters.


Most cat repellents are made with a mixture of natural citrus essences and excipients, which produce an unpleasant aroma for animals, which makes them desist from frequenting the areas and move away from the place. These substances are usually biodegradable and do not affect the ecosystem, nor the welfare of the animal and people. 

However, the strong smell of some repellents can also bother humans if they are used indoors, but it would not be as effective in repelling animals, which, after a while, could get used to it. For this reason, it is advisable that, before deciding on a specific product, you check that its aroma is effective and long-lasting. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a cat repellent?

Cat repellents can be used in different ways, as this will depend on the type of product, so the most pertinent thing would be to be guided by the manufacturer’s instructions for use to know the exact amount that should be applied and then use it sparingly and security.

However, as a basic and general recommendation, it is advisable that the repellent be spread directly on the area, at a safe distance from the clothing. If it is a liquid repellent, it must be sprayed until the area to be protected is completely moistened. It is also convenient to repeat the action with some frequency to reinforce its effect.


Q2: How to make cat repellent? 

A simple and quick recipe to make an effective homemade repellent for cats consists of mixing a few quantities of water, white vinegar and lemon. The procedure is very simple: you should use the juice of two lemons in half a liter of water and half a liter of white vinegar should be added to this mixture. As a result, a liter of natural and harmless repellent for animals will be obtained, which, due to its strong and citrus aroma, will keep cats away from the area.


Q3: Does vinegar serve as a repellent for cats?

White vinegar is one of the most recommended remedies to repel cats, since it has an acidic and pungent odor that is unpleasant for them, so its effectiveness is proven to be used as a repellent to spray on areas that cats They tend to be more frequent, although it can also be used in combination with other ingredients to create a more powerful and effective composition to ward off these animals.

Q4: What does the cat repellent contain?

There are different types of repellents for cats, so their composition can vary, although most of them do not include chemicals or agents that can affect the health of the animal or the environment. A cat repellent is made from substances that cats reject, so these include a mixture of aromatic citrus essences and preservatives.

Most cat repellents are made up of natural active ingredients that act on the cat’s olfactory glands and create a feeling of repulsion that drives them away from the area. Some of the most common natural repellants may contain herbs such as lemongrass, citronella, mustard, alcohol, oils, and excipients. 

Q5: How to install an outdoor cat repellent?

Outdoor cat repellents can be installed very easily and quickly, since most of these devices include the equipment that makes it easy to place it in the desired area without inconvenience. These types of repellents incorporate a lower bar that allows them to be inserted into the ground at the required height.

To install them, it is only necessary to locate the most suitable area. If these have a solar panel, it is convenient to find a place where they receive enough light and place them in such a way that their front part points in the direction of the area that you want to protect. Once there, just insert them into the ground.

Q6: Is cat repellent safe for animals?

Most of the repellents for cats from different manufacturers are safe for both cats and other animals, since these products are free of chemical components and are made with non-toxic natural ingredients, so there would be no risk in the event that the animal inhales its scent or mistakenly ingests a small amount.

The same happens with outdoor repellents, which emit sounds and lights to scare away animals because, although the ultrasonic frequency and flashing lights can stun and confuse them, they do not cause any harmful effect that could alter in any way the normal conditions of your body.

Q7: Does liquid cat repellent stain?

There are liquid repellents for cats that could contain ingredients that stain clothes or some types of fabrics that cover furniture, sofas or those used in curtains and duvets, so it is not recommended to apply this type of product on surfaces that are more prone to stains.

If pets are used to climbing onto beds or sofas or usually urinate on unwanted areas covered with some type of fabric and you want to prevent them from getting dirty on these surfaces, it is best to apply the product around the area you want to protect. and keep the container away from the body while spraying, to prevent this liquid from falling on clothing and staining it.

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