The 8 Best Chicken Coops of 2022

Chicken Coop – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Chicken coops for domestic use are very useful when it comes to raising chickens on a small scale, since these animals require an appropriate space, where the conditions for their development and reproduction are the most optimal. For this reason, the market has a wide variety of models manufactured for every need and always with the comfort of the hens in mind. In this segment, we find the Il Verde Mondo Padovana XXL, with considerable dimensions, a high quality wooden construction and capacity to house 6 to 10 animals. Another appropriate bet could be the PawHut D51-065V01, a model designed for laying hens, with two large nests and a removable tray.

The 8 Best Chicken Coops – Opinions 2022

We have prepared a list of 8 of the best chicken coops currently on the market, each one adapted to different needs and budgets; so you can select the one that best suits you according to your available space and your poultry project.

wooden chicken coop

1. Il Verde Mondo Padovana XXL Wooden Chicken Coop

When it comes to looking for a good-sized wooden chicken coop, we can turn to proposals such as the Il Verde Mondo Padovana XXL model. This chicken coop has considerable measurements, with a design distributed in 250 centimeters long, 120 wide and 155 high. In this space, you can house 6 to 10 hens, depending on their size. 

All this space has a high-quality wood and mesh construction, which duly withstand the weather and the passage of the elements. It also has different access doors, to make it easier for you to carry out cleaning tasks and the like. These tasks are simplified thanks to its perch or a specific box to collect droppings. 

As for the assembly tasks, these are not particularly complex, and also include the necessary treatment for the wood, which is enough to renew from year to year.

Give your hens the space they need thanks to this complete chicken coop, loaded with accessories and complements.


Space : Thanks to its characteristics, it is one of the largest products in its category, with the capacity to house up to 10 hens.

Materials : The chicken coop has a resistant construction in wood and metal mesh, which adequately withstands the passage of time.

Tray : This tray collects the droppings and simplifies the process of cleaning the interior of the chicken coop.

Collect eggs : This area is used to collect the eggs and prevent them from breaking or getting dirty.

Treatment : The wood is sent already treated, it is enough to renew the treatment every year.


Instructions : The assembly instructions are in Italian, although the process is not very complex.

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2. Pawhut Outdoor Chicken Coop Integrated Wood Small Animals

If you want to be part of the exciting world of poultry farming in the comfort of your home, you can easily do so with this wooden chicken coop.

It could be the best chicken coop if you plan to include small breed hens or partridges, since it is a compact model with the following dimensions: 2.13 m long, 0.9 m wide and 1.22 m high; which favors the comfort of animals, while taking up little space in your backyard.

The design offers a floorless structure and fenced outdoor space, so that birds can peck in the wild without the risk of getting lost.

It also offers a box specially designed for laying eggs with easy removal from the outside, and in case it is necessary to change the place of the chicken coop, it will be simple, since it has two wheels that facilitate its transfer.

When it comes to providing shelter for your chickens, this could be the best coop of the moment; he reads on so you know the pros and cons of it.


Easy to clean: For this, its roof offers comfortable access and since it does not have a floor, you can remove the chicken coop and clean it easily.

Movable: It has two resistant wheels that allow you to move it without any problem.

Compact design: Thanks to its dimensions, you can put it in your backyard or garden without taking up much space and without affecting the comfort of the birds.


Population: Its capacity is approximately for 3 or 4 hens, so it is not recommended to increase the density of the population.

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Chicken coop for 6 hens

3. Pawhut Large Fir Wood Chicken Coop with Tray

This model stands out among the best chicken coops of 2022, especially when it comes to small-scale poultry farming. It is convenient to use it as a home due to its warmth and cozy design, preferably placing it inside a larger pen. Its dimensions of 150 x 100 x 96.5 cm make it a coop for 6 hens that is comfortable and safe from predators.

It is made of treated, weather-resistant fir wood and its roof protects from sun and rain. It also has two large drawers for the hens to nest and lay their eggs; likewise, its folding roof favors extraction, as well as cleaning the area.

It has a galvanized tray that collects the droppings of the birds, so to carry out its maintenance you will only have to pull it and clean it without any problem. In addition, its 4 legs keep it off the ground.

Compared to others in its category, this chicken coop is one of the functional and cheap models offered by the market. Below is a summary of its pros and cons.


Doors: The structure offers a front door and a rear door, which favors access to the enclosure.

Security: It is a chicken coop that provides security for the birds, since the doors and windows have metal locks.

Nests: It has two large nests, so that the hens lay their eggs comfortably.


Weight: With a weight of 32 kilos, the product could be a bit difficult to move from one place to another, so a pair of wheels is missing.

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4. Finca Casarejo Chicken Coop for Outdoor Island with nest

Among the best brands of chicken coops on the market we have Finca Casarejo, which with this model demonstrates the reason for its good name. We are talking about a chicken coop for six hens, which can even house eight, although they are not very large. 

The interior space has everything you need for your animals to rest and be protected from bad weather, providing details such as treated wood or the asphalt roof, which helps moisture to fall to the ground. It also incorporates a nesting area, accessible from the inside and which makes it easy to remove the eggs without disturbing the hens. 

For the rest, the product is easy to assemble and is finished off with details such as the access ramp, which also serves to close the interior when it is necessary to protect the animals.

We leave you more information regarding what this product offers you when it comes to housing your hens comfortably.


Nest: The chicken coop incorporates a nest area with access to the interior, to disturb the animals less.

Wood: Treated wood better withstands the passage of time and the weight of rain or humidity.

Asphaltic fabric: This fabric prevents water leaks into the interior and reduces the effect of humidity and rain inside the chicken coop.


Measurements: Although its measurements are considerable, it may not be enough for 8 hens or more.

Access: The access door is somewhat small, especially for larger hens.

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Chicken coop for 10 hens

5. WilTec Cage Outdoor Chicken Enclosure 

When it comes to housing a good number of birds, it is necessary to resort to solutions that measure up, never better said. So if you are looking for a chicken coop for 10 or more hens, you may want to upgrade to larger models like the one from WilTec. 

This enclosure has a rectangular design of 18 square meters in total, with a length of 6 meters and a width of 3 meters. Its height is 2 meters, so you will have no problem accessing the interior comfortably. 

The product consists of a resistant structure, which combines steel tube and high-quality mesh, incorporating an upper cover that also protects your animals from the effects of the sun. So the result is more than interesting, when it comes to housing a large number of animals.

Having a suitable space for your hens is easy thanks to models like this one that we analyze below.


Space: It is one of the largest models on the market and offers enough space for a large number of animals.

UV fabric: This fabric protects animals against the effects of the sun and UV rays.

Resistance: The structure offers a resistant construction in steel tube, which successfully withstands the passage of time.

Door: Includes a very comfortable access door, which also has a pin closure.


Sections: Unlike conventional models, this one does not have separate spaces, which you must add if you need them.

Protection: The protection it offers is less than that of models with wooden walls.

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large chicken coop

6. Finca Casarejo Norwegian Chicken Coop with Capacity for 10 12 hens

This large chicken coop with barn-like dimensions could be the perfect home for your hens or any domestic animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, partridges, chinchillas and even some small breeds of ducks. Since it does not have a floor, you can mount it on the grass or on the ground, which will make the chickens happy; since it allows them to graze and peck at will.

Its size of 190 x 245 x 190 cm offers you enough space to house up to 12 hens. To do this, it is designed with a ventilated lower area for the animals to enjoy and an upper compartment that can serve as a room or resting place.

It also has a nesting box, which you can access from the outside; Likewise, it is equipped with several perches for birds. On the other hand, its design integrates a weather-resistant roof, since it is covered with waterproof material.

Finca Casarejo could be the best brand of chicken coops, since it is a manufacturer with experience in the field. Learn more about this product.


Capacity: Given its XL dimensions, it is a model with the capacity to provide a comfortable home for 10 or 12 hens.

Materials: Made of high quality wood, waterproof roof and metal fence around it; offers safety and long service life.

Ramp and tray: The ramp easily connects the two areas and the removable tray collects the droppings for greater hygiene.


Cost: It is the most expensive chicken coop of our entire selection; given its dimensions, design and high quality, qualities that compensate for the investment.

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Chicken coop for 4 hens

7. TecTake 403228 Chicken Coop XL 

The TecTake 403228 model is all you need to buy if you are looking for a coop for four hens. This product has a comfortable distribution in which your animals do not lack a closed interior area or a laying area, in addition to a large open area with mesh walls. 

A very complete design, made of high-quality materials, such as fir wood, high-strength mesh or the steel of its bolt. It also includes inserts in the roof area, so that the water slides off. 

Its distribution offers a good number of accessible areas, such as the roofs themselves or the doors of the mesh area and the closed area. Ideal to save time when it comes to keeping the space clean and taking care of your hens.

Let’s know more about this chicken coop of good size and interesting construction.


Versatile : In its distribution we have nesting areas, a closed shed and an open area.

Accessible : The chicken coop has doors, opening roofs and many spaces to access the interior.

Materials : The product is made of natural fir wood, metal mesh and steel bolt, among others.


Roofs : Roof slopes are not steep, which can cause more water accumulation.

Varnishing : During the installation process it is necessary to varnish the wood for its protection.

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metal chicken coop

8. vidaXL Large Outdoor Chicken Coop Metal Galvanized Steel

The good health and safety of your animals depends on many factors, one of them is that they have a space that is lit, ventilated, easy to clean and that provides protection against predators. In this sense, this metal chicken coop meets these conditions, so it could be an excellent proposal.

It is an eligible chicken coop in various sizes, depending on the number of birds and the space available on your farm or home. Likewise, its entire structure is made of galvanized steel that resists the elements and its wire mesh prevents your animals from escaping or any predator from entering; while favoring ventilation and vigilance.

It also incorporates a large door with a lock, so you can enter comfortably to put the food, clean and collect the eggs from the hens. In addition, it is a recommended model for raising ducks, geese, chickens, partridges and even rabbits and chinchillas.

When it comes to practicality and resistance, metal chicken coops like this model could be a wise bet. Keep reading and you will know its pros and cons.


Durability: It is a model made entirely of galvanized steel and wire mesh, which gives you a long useful life and weather resistance.

Available sizes: The manufacturer offers you a wide variety of sizes to choose from, depending on the population density and available space.

Security: Given its design and structure, it is a chicken coop that provides protection against predators.


Bedroom: A compartment intended as a nest is missing, where the hens rest and lay their eggs.

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Chicken Coop Accessories

chicken coop mesh

Saturnia Trellis Triple Torsion Domestic Use

An important parameter when raising chickens, hens, partridges, ducks and any other poultry, is to have a chicken coop mesh like this model; since it is an element designed to protect your animals from predators, such as wolves, coyotes, foxes, raccoons and even dogs.

Its triple torsion hexagonal grating, made of stainless galvanized steel, provides resistance and a long useful life even when outdoors.

While on the other hand, the measurements offered by the manufacturer are 1.50 m high x 50 linear m and each hexagon has a size of 3.1 cm; so you can give it multiple uses.

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chicken coop fabric

Pro.tec galvanized wire mesh roll 

This chicken coop fabric could be the item you need to complement the construction of a safe shelter for your farm animals or poultry.

It is a wire fence that, given its flexibility, can also be used in any DIY project; since the galvanized steel with which it is made allows you to mount it in any space outdoors or inside the house.

You can easily cut it using various tools and adapt it to the measurements you need, which is why it is considered versatile.

In addition, you will receive a roll of mesh with a total length of 25 mx 100 cm to use it as best suits you.

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Shopping guide

In order for you to make the right purchase decision regarding the most suitable home for your hens, we offer you this guide to buying the best chicken coop. Here you will find relevant information that will be of great help to you in choosing the model that best suits your poultry raising project.


Chickens are the most satisfying poultry for their owners, whether they are raised commercially or domestically, for consumption purposes or as egg layers. However, in the same way that they reciprocate the attention given to them, they also require some special care; such as the place where they will be located for their rest and for laying eggs.

These birds need to feel sheltered and protected not only from inclement weather, but also from predators. Hence the importance of providing them with a safe, comfortable and ventilated chicken coop, which provides them with protection and offers a space for them to sleep peacefully and reproduce comfortably.


Chickens are social animals, so you may want to have more than one in your coop. However, he reminds that the density of the population will be directly related to the welfare and comfort of the birds; so it is not advisable to introduce several hens in a small space. You should also consider the breed you want to incorporate, as some grow larger than others; in these cases, they will need more available space.

A small chicken coop may be cheaper than a larger one. However, it should be noted that the overcrowding of birds generates serious problems, such as pecking between them and the rapid proliferation of diseases. For this reason, regardless of how much it costs, it is important to provide your hens with a space that is comfortable enough for them to feed, move, rest, sleep and lay their eggs.


Another aspect to consider when selecting a chicken coop is the availability of space you have on your property. If you have a large corral, with dirt floor, vegetation and if the temperature is favorable throughout the year; You can get a chicken coop that will serve as a room for the animals, since the chickens will only use it to sleep and for laying eggs. In these cases, the chicken coop could be located in a high, shady and easily accessible place for the birds.

If, on the other hand, the birds will remain confined and are not free to dig or peck in the field; you need to get yourself a chicken coop with integrated design, which you can easily put in your garden or backyard. The idea is that you can perfectly accommodate the animals, providing them with the comfort and space they need.


Regardless of the environment where you live, be it the countryside or the city, hens and chickens are the favorite prey of many predators; such as cats, dogs, foxes, raccoons, wolves, snakes, etc. In this sense, it is convenient to look for a model that has a high level of security, since the life of your birds could depend on it. For this reason, choose a model that has a resistant wire mesh or a metal grid that stands up to the possible attacks of these animals; this fence will also serve to prevent chickens from escaping and getting lost.

Materials and cleaning

The quality of the materials used for the manufacture of the chicken coop is something that you cannot ignore. In this sense, you can find models made of wood and also metal.

Wooden chicken coops often have a nice appearance and many have a special coating to deal with the elements, which favors the birds at any time of the year. As for metal, galvanized steel is the material used par excellence given its anticorrosive properties; so it is capable of providing a long useful life and resisting the passage of time without suffering deterioration.

With regard to cleaning, it is best to bet on a model that has a removable tray that allows you to clean the chicken coop easily. You could also opt for a floorless chicken coop, since to clean it you would only have to move it.


In a comparison of chicken coops, you will notice that there is a wide variety of models adapted to all tastes and needs. For this reason, you can find chicken coops on various levels, with nesting boxes, doors and ramps that facilitate the mobility of the animals; they also include perches, windows and some even offer a removable roof that favors cleaning and access to the eggs.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a chicken coop?

A chicken coop is used as a specially conditioned space so that chickens or any other poultry can live protected from extreme heat, cold, rain and also safe from predators. To do this, depending on the space available, you could use it only as a resting area for the animals within a larger enclosed area. It is also useful for a domestic project with few birds, so you will have to look for an ideal chicken coop for small spaces, in order to offer them comfort and safety at all times.

Q2: How to make a chicken coop?

It is advisable to design, build and prepare the coop before welcoming the hens and chickens. Likewise, it is important that you have a piece of land (garden, orchard or backyard) where the birds can walk and look for their natural food, such as worms, insects, grass, etc.

The structure of the chicken coop can be built of wood or metal, taking the provisions to resist bad weather. You should also consider several rooms where the chickens can rest at night and a nest for laying eggs.

Likewise, you will need a fence or fence to keep your animals protected from predators. In addition, you must consider the density of the population; In this sense, experts recommend introducing up to 6 hens per m2 of the chicken coop.

Q3: How to prepare a chicken coop?

First of all, you must put the containers for water and food; depending on the number of chickens. It is also beneficial to install a fan and use heat lamps to help keep the temperature above 10°C. The lamps are believed to improve conditions for egg laying, while keeping the animals calm and preventing aggression between them.

It is also necessary to prepare the bedding of the chicken coop, so you could put sand, straw, wood chips or hay; This floor protects the birds’ feet and promotes cleanliness. In addition, when it comes to laying hens, you should include one or more nest boxes, so that they have a protected space to lay their eggs.

Q4: How to disinfect a chicken coop?

Keeping the chicken coop in a perfect state of hygiene and health is vital to avoid the appearance of parasites and diseases that can cause the loss of your animals; Therefore, effective disinfection work is essential.

First of all, remove the animals from the chicken coop, as well as the feeders, drinkers and organic remains. Likewise, remove the nests from the place, the perches and the fans. For your safety, use personal protective equipment.

With a soapy solution, begin to thoroughly clean the floor and walls of the chicken coop to remove dirt and grease, remove the remains of soap with plenty of water. Then, it proceeds to carry out a deeper cleaning, using broad-spectrum chemical disinfectants; in order to eliminate foci of microorganisms. Some breeders also use lime to improve soil disinfection.

Q5: How should the floor of a chicken coop be?

There are three flooring options that you can choose from for your chicken coop. First of all, the earth is the quintessential soil for chickens, especially in the summer; since it favors pecking and the power to dig at will. There are also concrete floors, which efficiently protect from predators and rain. Finally, wooden floors are the most ecological; however, they are vulnerable to fire.

Q6: How to introduce new hens in the chicken coop?

Chickens are territorial animals that defend their food and nest. For this reason, when introducing young hens into the chicken coop you must be careful, since they could be attacked by other birds; so you should never suddenly let them loose in the same place.

Experts advise preparing a small pen inside the chicken coop, so that the hens can be heard and seen without attacking each other. After three days, you can open the pen and let them all mix (young and old) without problems.

Q7: How to remove bad smell from chicken coop?

Cleaning the chicken coop is a task that you must carry out frequently in order to avoid bad odors and any disease in the animals. In the same way that when a deep disinfection is carried out, you will have to leave the chicken coop empty (without birds and without objects). Proceed to clean the feeders and drinkers with hot water and soap, avoiding residues of rotten food. Next, use bleach, soap, water and with a brush vigorously wash the entire chicken coop, rinse and let it air out.

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Homcom PawHut Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop Aviary Farm Solid Wood

Si buscas un gallinero de madera, este modelo podría ser el hogar más adecuado para tus pollos; ya que se trata de un producto fabricado de madera maciza de alta calidad, resistente a las inclemencias del clima y con un diseño atractivo. Además, te ofrece un coste asequible comparado con otros similares, por lo que podría ser considerado el mejor gallinero de relación calidad precio de nuestra lista.

Es un modelo que brinda seguridad, ya que posee varias puertas con cerradura y rejillas galvanizadas, lo que impiden la entrada de cualquier depredador. Así mismo, cuenta con dos pisos que se conectan por medio de una rampa, lo que favorece la movilidad de los animales.

La planta baja ofrece una amplia salida para las gallinas, por lo que podrías ponerlo en un área encerrada más grande. También cuenta con un cajón ubicado en la parte superior, el cual está diseñado como área de descanso para los animales.

Es uno de los gallineros más baratos que encontrarás en el mercado, por lo que podrías tomarlo en cuenta en tu comparativa. A continuación, sus pros y contras.


Dimensiones: Sus dimensiones son de 99 cm de alto, 133,3 cm de ancho y 62,2 cm de fondo; lo que te permite ponerlo en cualquier parte del jardín.

Techo: El techo está fabricado con materiales que pueden resistir a la lluvia y a los rayos del sol.

Ventana: La ventana de observación te permite visualizar fácilmente los animales dentro del área de descanso.


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