The 8 Best Chicken Drinkers of 2022

Chicken Drinker – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Those who are dedicated to raising poultry know the importance of providing them with water constantly and in optimal conditions, to contribute to their good health, development and production. For this reason, various manufacturers of poultry products have designed drinkers for chickens, suitable for providing them with clean water free of residues. Among these, the Finca Casarejo Automático stands out, which is made of aluminum and designed with a buoy system that maintains the water level. Another recommended option is the Voss.Farming 12 L, a drinker equipped with a handle, lid, nipples and filters, which guarantees an adequate supply of clean water.

The 8 Best Drinkers for Chickens – Opinions 2022

Chicken drinkers are essential tools in poultry farms, so more and more farmers need to provide their animals with accessories and tools to take advantage of and increase their production. If you are looking for a drinker for chickens and other birds, we suggest you choose between the alternatives listed below, which have been recommended as the best for their performance and quality. 

Constant level chicken drinker 

1. Finca Casarejo Automatic Aluminum Drinker

The manufacturer Finca Casarejo presents this favorable alternative, a constant level drinker for chickens, with automatic operation and made of aluminium, a material that makes it strong and resistant, which is why it could be considered the best drinker for chickens.

Its use is practical for all types of small animals, in addition to chickens, such as ducks, pheasants or dogs. It can be used installed on the wall, to take advantage of space. Likewise, its upper part incorporates an 8 x 14 mm water inlet, which allows it to be connected directly to a water tank. 

In addition to this, it has a practical design, with a buoy system on the inside, which allows the water level to be kept constant inside the tray, 0.4 litres. It is easy to install and clean, while being solid and durable, even when it remains in contact with water, as it is made of stainless materials that ensure its durability.

Some characteristics could make us suppose that this is the best drinker for chickens at the moment, but it is its pros and cons that could certify it.


System: It incorporates a buoy that allows the volume of water to be maintained at all times.

Installation: It can be easily fixed to the wall and has an entrance to connect it to a water tank.

Durability: Its construction in aluminum and stainless materials make it resistant and durable.

Utility: It is suitable for any type of small animal, from poultry to dogs.


Size: May be too small for some larger animals.

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Automatic drinker for chickens 

2. Voss.Farming Drinking bucket for birds

An automatic drinker for chickens, with a capacity for 12 liters of water, is a functional alternative offered by the manufacturer Voss.Farming and which, in addition, is included among the best drinkers for chickens of 2022. It is a bucket that remains closed to offer clean and fresh water to the birds, which prevents the accumulation of dirt and, therefore, possible diseases.

It has nipples and filters that keep the water free of impurities and prevent the water outlets from becoming clogged, while providing the right amount of vital liquid without wasting it, which allows you to use the water for longer, without having to change it. constantly. 

The Voss.Farming bucket with nipples is easy to use, as it has a sturdy handle that allows you to hang it at the required height and move it from place to place when necessary. It measures 31 cm in diameter, so it offers enough interior capacity. 

Among the manufacturers that compete to be the best brand of drinkers for chickens, Voss.Farming stands out with this product. Here, its pros and cons.


Saver: Allows you to disperse the right amount of water, without wasting it.

Capacity: It has a capacity of 12 liters, enough to last several days.

Hygienic: It has a lid and filters, which prevents the water from getting dirty and clogging the outlet.

Handling: It is easy to use, as it only requires filling it and hanging it at the desired height.


Adaptation: The water management mechanism may be difficult for some animals, but this is only a temporary phase.

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30 liter chicken drinker 

3. Novital Ascott Poultry Drinker

If you do not know which is the best chicken drinker, but you are looking for a larger capacity water dispenser, the 30 liter chicken drinker may be a feasible option. This Novital alternative was designed to provide confidence and security to both the poultry and those who are in charge of feeding them. 

In this way, it avoids the worry of having to supply water very early every day, since it is made up of a gallon with a capacity to contain up to 30 liters of water, which provides the peace of mind of providing clean and fresh water for several days., to a small or medium number of hens or chickens.

To do this, it has a plate in its lower part, which accumulates the water that distills from the container and this quantity can be adjusted according to the required water flow. Therefore, it is considered safe, hygienic and easy to handle.

The following are some pros and cons of this proposal that help you decide which chicken drinker to buy. 


Stability: It has three sturdy legs that provide good stability.

Volume: It can store up to 30 liters of water, a capacity that is sufficient for several animals, for several days.

Handle: It has a handle that makes it easy to move it from one place to another with ease.

Hygiene: Although the water lasts for a certain time in storage, it remains clean inside the trough, which implies good hygiene.  


Cleaning: When cleaning, the fixed position of the plate could make cleaning difficult.  

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water drinker for chickens 

4. Kerbl Plastic Drinking Bowl

Kerbl’s chicken waterer is another option worth looking into. It is a small, light and easy to handle drinker, also suitable for chickens and small birds raised on the ground. 

Likewise, it has the capacity to contain 1.5 liters of water, an adequate average for daily consumption, although versions of 3, 5, 8 and 10 liters can be chosen. It has a container that keeps the water free of dirt and incorporates a handle to move it more easily from one place to another. 

Its structure and plate are held on a base with legs that serve as support and provide stability, while reducing the possibility of the content getting dirty, since it remains firm, a few centimeters above the ground, which allows it to maintain water kept longer. 

It is a resistant plastic drinker, comfortable to transport and easy to handle. It is functional, since it can also be used to place food.

To find out if this option could be the right one, we suggest taking a look at its favorable points and a negative aspect.


Manageable: It is easy to manipulate, since its size favors cleaning and moving it from place to place.

Use: It can be used as a drinker and as a food dispenser for birds. Light: It is light and small, which makes it easy to carry and use.

Stable: Its legs make it stand firmly on the surface, while preventing it from getting dirty.


Dimensions: Due to its size, it is recommended only for small birds, as it can be unstable and not very spacious for larger birds.

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Feeder and drinker for chickens 

5. Finca Casarejo Feeder and Drinker Pack for hens

If you are looking for a complete kit that includes a feeder and drinker for chickens at the same time, the manufacturer Finca Casarejo, specialized in poultry products, offers a practical pack made up of a feeder with a capacity of two kilos and a drinker where up to 3 liters can be stored. of water.

The feeder bowl incorporates a system that prevents food from being wasted and can be used either on the ground or suspended, to prevent ants, other insects or small rodents from approaching the food provided for the birds. On the other hand, the drinker can be filled easily and has a handle that makes it easy to transport.

Similarly, both containers are made of high-strength, quality plastic. This set of containers is suitable for providing the essential nutrients that birds need to consume on a daily basis, such as water and food, in an easy and hygienic way. 

To summarize the features of this pack, we present some of the main advantages it offers and one point against it.


Hygienic: Both the water and the food are kept free of dirt, while the birds feed with peace of mind.

Distribution: Several birds can eat at the same time in separate parts, achieving an equitable distribution of food, without waste. 

Installation: The feeder can be used directly on the ground or hung at a certain height.

Transport: A handle is included in the drinker, which makes it easy to take it to move it from place to place.


Small: If it will be used by a high number of birds, its capacity may be limited.

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Other products

6. Kerbl 70202 Drinker for Chickens and hens

Among the cheap chicken drinkers is a small model, with a capacity of 1.5 liters, suitable for newborn chickens and other small birds. 

It is a suitable product to contain water or other types of liquid. Its use is simple and its small size makes it easy to handle. Similarly, it is a container that can also be used to supply food to small poultry.

It is composed of a plate for food or water and a container that keeps the content free of dirt. Its design allows it to be placed on the ground without problems and both parts of its structure are made of high-quality plastic, a material that makes it resistant to constant use and facilitates its cleaning quickly, without deterioration.

Although the characteristics of this proposal are explicit, it would also be convenient to consult its advantages and disadvantages.


Washable: It is a container whose design and manufacture make it easy to clean.

Portable: Its small size and light weight make transporting it from one place to another a simple task.

Double use: It is a drinker for hens and chickens, but it is also suitable for placing the food of these birds.

Management: It is easy to handle and fill, managing to keep the water in good condition for a few days.


Indicator: There is a lack of a water level indicator or some transparency in the structure that allows us to see if the interior is full or not.

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7. Nikou Poultry Water Cups

A useful and practical option to provide water to hens, chickens and all kinds of poultry is the one presented by the manufacturer Nikou. These are glasses equipped with an innovative saving system to prevent water from being wasted, which are designed to provide maximum resistance, since their structure is made of ABS plastic, an element capable of withstanding heat, as well as low temperatures, which which makes them durable.

This alternative comes in a package that includes 10 cups, which makes it a useful tool to use in poultry farms or to equip adapted external areas of the home, such as chicken coops, to supply clean and fresh water automatically and constantly, without the need for clean frequently.

These cups supply an adequate amount of water by connecting them directly to a source, improving the way of filling. In addition, they can be easily removed to facilitate cleaning and changing the water.

This option seems to offer many advantages, but to know if it would be suitable, it would be useful to analyze its pros and cons.


Operation: Its operation is simple, since it is only required to connect it to a tank that supplies water constantly.

Utility: They are useful cups for different types of poultry, to install in homes or poultry farms.

Durability: They are made of a material that provides great resistance against cold and heat, which makes it durable. 

Removable: The cups can be easily removed for cleaning and water replacement.


Assembly: Its installation could be somewhat complex, since the cups need to be fixed by means of nuts.

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8. Gaun 45010 Mixed Drinker with Bottle 

The mixed drinker with a bottle, which is identified with the 45010 model from the manufacturer Gaun, is another of the most promoted options, since it is presented as the best value for money drinker for hens. 

Its bottle, as well as the base and the cup, are made of plastic, a durable and resistant material that facilitates cleaning and assembly. This automatic drinker has the capacity to store up to two liters of water and can be easily filled by connecting it to any tank, to supply fresh and clean water to the animals at all times.

It is a suitable product for chickens and can be adapted to be placed inside or outside cages for various types of birds, such as pigeons and parrots. It is also suitable for other types of small animals. It is easy to fit and clean, while its practical design prevents liquid from spilling.

That this is one of the cheapest chicken drinkers does not detract from the advantages it has to offer. Here, some pros and cons.


Versatile: It is used for chickens and also to supply water to other types of birds and small animals.

Easy handling: Installation and cleaning can be done quickly and conveniently.

Adaptable: Its size makes it convenient to adapt it inside or outside the cages of birds or rodents.

Manufacturing: Due to its quality plastic construction, good durability and resistance are ensured.


Measurements: It is recommended to check its measurements if it is going to be used with a cage, as it could be very large.

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Shopping guide

There are several factors that affect the operation and effectiveness of a product, so, before choosing, it is advisable to take into account some aspects and recommendations that could lead you to find the most appropriate equipment and that best suits your needs. For this reason, we suggest that you analyze this guide to buy the best drinker for chickens, where you can identify the most relevant characteristics of these tools.

size and capacity

Chickens and hens need to consume a lot of fresh water per day, and this is of equal or greater importance than the act of consuming the feed. Therefore, it is essential that they have an appropriate container that supplies them with the right amount of water at all times.

The size and capacity of this container should be proportional to the number and age of the birds. In addition, these factors can influence when determining how much a chicken drinker costs. To know which one is the most suitable, you must consider the number of birds that will drink from it. 

If you have few birds, there are some with a capacity of between 1.5 to 5 liters, suitable for 2 or 5 chickens or hens. There are also larger ones, 12 or 30 liters, which would be appropriate if there are more animals, since more than 8 birds could drink from them at the same time. 


The design of a chicken drinker could be as important as its capacity, as this is what makes some more functional than others and can be adapted to the place where it is planned to be located. Various manufacturers offer drinkers of different types, shapes, systems and sizes, suitable for every need. 

To find the right one, it would be enough to make a comparison of chicken drinkers that makes it easier to examine their differences, to determine which one would be more useful. The most basic, suitable for small chicken coops with few birds, have a plate and a container to place on the ground, while some have handles to hang them.

Others have a bottle, support and bases, which keep the plate elevated. There are also buckets equipped with nipples and filters. There are other cup models with a buoy system to maintain the water level, which require installation and connection to a tank that supplies water constantly.


Some chicken drinkers are distinguished by the way they are installed. Most of the basic models, made of plastic, made up of a plate, bases and a bottle, only require assembling some of its parts, filling with water and placing them in the desired area. Others can also be used hanging at a certain height, so they are more practical if the space is not very large and there are few birds.

On the other hand, there are those that have a water outlet to connect directly to a tank or reservoir that maintains a constant flow of liquid towards the plate. These provide peace of mind, both for the hens and for whoever is in charge of them, since they can drink any amount of fresh water at all times. In turn, the installation and maintenance could be a little more complex, but it would be a feasible option for larger areas, where it is necessary to maintain a greater number of birds.


Chicken waterers must be strong enough to remain stable and withstand daily use, movement, rubbing against the ground, weight, water pressure, temperatures and cleaning. In this way, a long service life could be guaranteed. 

For this reason, although a chicken drinker seems cheap, it would be prudent to verify that it is built with materials that denote quality and is capable of withstanding daily action. There are small and large models made of strong plastic, capable of providing sufficient stability and resistance, which makes them more durable. 

However, it is considered that the strongest and most robust are those made of metal, but it must be ensured that this material is of a quality capable of withstanding oxidation, since, being in permanent contact with water, it is likely that it may corrode..


There are manufacturers that offer drinkers for chickens whose use can be used not only for poultry, but could also be used with other types of birds, such as parrots or pigeons and even small animals, such as rabbits and rodents, as some models can be adapted for use them inside or outside cages. Similarly, there are certain drinkers that are also used to supply the birds with food, as well as any other type of liquid. You can even find drinking fountains that could be used for small dogs and cats.

Frequently asked questions  

Q1: How to use a chicken drinker?

Using a chicken drinker is simple, because you just have to install it according to the instructions recommended by each manufacturer and fill it according to its capacity. However, the most important thing, regardless of the model used, is to place it in a cool place, preferably at a certain height from the ground, in the shade and make sure to change the water every so often. 

In addition, it is necessary to wash both the container and the dish with some frequency, to prevent the birds from suffering the consequences of consuming contaminated water. The ideal water level should be about 2.5 cm deep, for chickens over 7 days old, although this may vary depending on the size of the container.

Q2: How to make a chicken drinker? 

It is possible to build a domestic chicken drinker with recycled materials. The first thing that will be needed is a plastic bottle to store the water, which can be 1, 2 or even 5 liters. For the tap, you can use the cap of a plastic bottle, which should be located in the smooth area of ​​the bottle, about 7 cm high. With a marker, mark a small hole for the water outlet and cut with scissors. Press the cap and seal the edges with hot silicone. Fill the bottle with water, close it and insert it into a container upside down.


Q3: How to install a chicken drinker?

Installing a chicken drinker is simple, all you have to do is find the most suitable place to place it, either on the ground or slightly elevated, depending on the characteristics of the model, near the tank that will supply water. Some drinkers may require permanent fixing to a column or wall. In this case, the respective holes must be opened, fasten the structure with the nuts and connect it to the water supply outlet.

Q4: How often should the water in a chicken drinker be changed?

Some chicken drinkers have tanks of sufficient capacity, which translates into a greater supply, since its content would be enough to provide water for more days, without having to constantly change it. Fresh, clean water generally lasts 5-10 days. 

Also, this will depend on the daily consumption and the number of birds that drink from it, since the water could run out, so it would be necessary to replace it. In addition, care must be taken that the water remains clean and suitable, so that the hens can drink it and take advantage of its benefits, so it should be checked with some frequency and changed if there is dirt. 

Q5: How to calculate the volume of a chicken drinker?

The volume of a chicken drinker depends on the number of birds that require drinking water from it. In the case of chickens, it also depends on their age because, as they get older, their daily water consumption increases. In the case of small poultry farms, between 2 and 5 chickens, it is estimated that a drinker for hens of 1.5 to 5 liters is sufficient, while for 8 to 12 chickens, a larger capacity container would be required, of approximately 30 litres.

Q6: Which is better, metal or plastic chicken drinker?

Both alternatives offer their advantages, but also some disadvantages. However, your choice will depend on the type of chicken coop it is going to be used in and where it is located, whether it is a hot or cold area. In general, if the plastic is not of very good quality, it may not be sufficiently resistant to high temperatures. However, these are more practical models to handle and wash.

On the other hand, metallic chicken drinkers are usually firmer and more resistant, but, being in constant contact with water, they may present a certain level of oxidation after a while and require more complex maintenance.

Q7: Where should a chicken drinker be placed?

Chicken drinkers have to be placed in a cool place and away from sunlight, to prevent heat from influencing the temperature of the water, since chickens, hens and other poultry should consume warm water. It is important that the container is located in a place close to a water outlet, if it is a model that requires to remain connected to a tank or reservoir that supplies water frequently.

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