The 8 Best Dog Costumes of 2022

Dog Costume – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The dog market has a wide variety of accessories, including costumes. Thanks to them, we can give our pets a colorful touch at certain times of the year, making them the center of attention. A good option to consider is the Christmas Idepet model, which is a colorful garment that is easy to put on, also designed for the Halloween season, because it incorporates a nice 3D cat. But if you want your pet to wear a Woody from Toy Story costume, then the Rubies 580210S model is a good option, being made of polyester and with an easy fit.

The 8 Best Costumes for Dogs – Opinions 2022

There are many manufacturing brands that are dedicated to making costumes for our pets, so it is not surprising to find different designs inspired by a specific season of the year or by characters from important franchises. Next, we show you eight models of dog costumes that, according to users, are among the best.

Dog Halloween Costume

1. Idepet Coat Dog with cat Christmas Costume

There are those who comment that this garment from the Idepet house could be the best dog costume, since it has an attractive 3D design, which will make your pet the center of attention wherever it goes and it is also one of the cheap ones. 

In addition, due to its fleece wool interior and polyester exterior, the canine will enjoy an adequate concentration of heat for greater comfort during cold winter days. It is a combination of materials with a pleasant touch, breathable and resistant.

On the other hand, you will be pleased to know that this dog Halloween costume incorporates a pair of velcro straps for adjustment on the animal’s chest and neck, which will allow you to take the costume on and off with total practicality. Also, in the area of ​​the dog’s back, you will find a nice 3D black cat, which you can remove by means of velcro to facilitate washing.

If you want your pet to attract all eyes this Halloween, do not hesitate to acquire what is for many the best dog costume of the moment. Next, its pros and cons.


Outer fabric: The polyester exterior of this garment provides resistance and pleasant aesthetics. 

Washing: The costume is machine washable as the 3D appliqué can be removed.

Warm: For the exterior fleece was used, a type of robust wool that will keep your pet warm.

Design: Its Halloween-inspired design incorporates a 3D appliqué, made up of a black cat.


Size: The cut of the costume is tight, so you should order a size larger than usual.

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2. Legendog Dog Wings Bat Dog Costume

If you are looking for a dog Halloween costume that has a simple design, but that at the same time is capable of capturing everyone’s attention, you should place this Legendog model at the top of your shopping list.

These are black bat wings made of cotton fabric with polyester, which is a material that gives the design a high level of resistance, stability, lightness and, above all, a pleasant touch. 

Likewise, it incorporates a pair of fastening straps with velcro closure for the neck and chest area. In this way, the suit is prevented from turning sideways, without having to sacrifice the comfort of the canine with some type of harness. It is important to mention that there are those who consider that this model could be the best value for money dog ​​costume.

This costume is attractively designed and easy to put on. In addition, it is one of the cheapest models.


Drying: You will have no problem drying the wings outdoors, since the fabric is quite breathable.

Adjustment: Two built-in velcro fastening straps allow quick adjustment. 

Lightness: Its wings have a fairly light body, so they will not represent a burden for your pet.

Design: This is a bat costume with a built-in leash so you can comfortably walk your pet.


Fabric tone: You may find a slight difference in the opacity of the fabric due to distortion when viewing the color on your mobile or computer screen, however, they are dark enough to be eye-catching.

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Toy Story Dog Costume

3. Rubies 3580210 Woody Dogs Costume

Rubies is a manufacturer with a long history in the world of costumes, which has manufacturing licenses with a large number of world-renowned franchises. This time, he presents us with a Toy Story dog ​​costume, whose design is inspired by the character called Woody, a cowboy with a heart of gold, who believes in friendship and sacrifices everything for his friends.

The suit has been recommended as one of the best dog costumes of 2022, made of polyester fabric and made up of three pieces. The first one covers the body of your pet without limiting her movements, as it incorporates a Velcro strap in the belt area and another just under her head.

In addition, the garment has a fairly ergonomic hat with a drawstring closure and a red scarf that complements the suit, to achieve a look that will attract all eyes to your puppy.

For many, Rubies may become the best dog costume brand due to its high quality standards. Here, the details of one of their models.


Weight: The light weight of 99.8 grams of the costume will go unnoticed on the body of the animal. 

Fabric: Its polyester construction provides breathability and softness to the costume.

Hat: The hat is quite light and its adjustment is by means of a cord for greater comfort and fixation.

Adjustment: The pair of velcro straps surround the body of the dog and prevent the garment from slipping.


Washing: The product is not suitable for machine washing, as the fiber could eventually tear. This is not a serious problem, since you can easily wash it by hand.

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Santa Claus costume for dogs

4. Idepet Costumes for Dogs Christmas Cat Costume

The Christmas festivities involve the whole family and our pets are part of it. For this reason, nothing better than dressing our faithful friends in a Santa Claus costume for dogs, made with a combination of microfibers and velvety fabric. 

These are two robust, resistant, warm and soft materials that will provide the animal with the necessary shelter during the coldest season of the year. In addition, it is a garment that, although it is not suitable for being incorporated into the washing machine, can be easily washed manually and dried in the open air.

Therefore, this is a good purchase option, which according to a large number of users could answer the question of which is the best dog costume. This is due to its quality finishes and attractive design with a hood, horn and a 3D appliqué, which will be found on the area of ​​your pet’s back.

If you still don’t know which dog costume to buy, it would be good for you to review the pros and cons of this model.


Fabric: The costume was made of velvety microfiber for greater comfort and warmth.

Hood: The hood is quite loose and incorporates a pair of reindeer antlers.

Closure: Thanks to the built-in front snaps, you can quickly dress and undress your pet.

3D design: The suit incorporates a light-weight Santa Claus doll, which will remain in the animal’s back area.


Measurements of the suit: It is recommended that you always measure the dog and compare these measurements with those of the table provided by the manufacturer, to choose the best size.

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Dog Christmas Costume

5. Jimacro Pet Santa Dog Christmas Clothes 

There are those who enjoy dressing their pets with themed clothes, which adapt to the season of the year. If you are one of those people, this Christmas dog costume from Jimacro will surely capture your attention.

It is a coat-type garment in red, white edges and front closure with three easy-release plastic snaps. In addition, the design incorporates a hood with reindeer antlers and, on the back of the suit, you will find a high-relief applique made up of a Christmas tree, a couple of stars and the silhouette of the face of a cute rabbit.

It is important to mention that flannel was used to make the costume, which is a fairly soft, light and warm fabric, making it ideal for the coldest season of the year. Likewise, this fiber offers an adequate level of resistance, which will allow you to wash it in a machine.

With this garment you will disguise your pet and at the same time you will provide shelter. Next, you will be able to know the good and the not so advantageous of this model.


Measurement table: You can check the dimensions of each size according to the body of your pet, since a measurement table is attached.

Washing: The fabric is suitable for machine washing due to its resistance.

Adjustment: Three plastic snaps are incorporated in the front area for a quick and secure adjustment.

Fabric: Thanks to the flannel fabric used, you can provide your pet with warmth during the winter. 


Cap: Depending on your dog’s breed, the cap may be a little tight or even too loose.

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Dog Minion Costume

6. Rubies Official Minion Dog Costume

Rubies is a brand present in the market since the 1950s, which has achieved a good position over the decades due to the quality applied in each of its confections. And it is that, through its mascot costumes, it recreates characters from different franchises worldwide. Its catalog of garments is quite extensive and each one of them has precise cuts, well-crafted seams and finishes without any forgotten detail.

As a good example of this, we find this Minion dog costume, which is designed to adapt to your pet’s body without causing any discomfort, since the selected polyester fabric is light, provides a pleasant velvety touch and will not suffocate the animal, because it has a good level of perspiration. In addition, the design consists of a blue overalls, a yellow shirt and a hood. All of them are pieces of easy placement and secure adjustment by means of velcro.

This Minions dog costume has an ergonomic design, resistant and with great appeal. Know your positive and negative details.


Pieces: The costume is made up of three pieces that are a t-shirt, a jumpsuit and a hood.

Fit: Velcro straps were incorporated into the suit for a quick and secure fit.

License: This costume has a manufacturing license and, in addition, complies with European regulations.

Fabric: Polyester fabric has been used, which is robust, resistant and its velvety touch is quite pleasant.


Hood: Depending on the dog’s build, the hood may be a bit large and therefore likely to slip down frequently.

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Dog Ewok Costume

7. Horror Shop Star Wars Ewok Dog Costume 

If you are a faithful fan of the Star Wars universe, you will know that the primitive but always friendly Ewoks will have a great role in the titled last episode of the saga, since they will serve as support for the rebels to obtain victory.

These small, furry, two-legged creatures that inhabit the forest moon were the inspiration for the Horror Shop house to make this Ewok dog costume, which currently enjoys a great position in the market.

The suit is made up of a beige hood, which frames the animal’s face and incorporates a pair of ears. Similarly, the lower area of ​​the costume is dark brown and covers the dog’s body without making him feel suffocated. Also, you will be interested to know that the fiber used for its manufacture is polyester, in a type of fabric known as felt, which is soft, light and fresh.

If you want your pet to have the best cosplay, you can’t let this Ewok costume go unnoticed. Next, its positive and negative aspects.


Fabric: Light and breathable felt has been used, so the comfort of the animal is not sacrificed.

Design: The suit is made up of a hood with ears and a second piece that fits your body .

Size: The garment adapts to dogs of the Cocker, French Bulldog, Chihuahua, Corgi breed, among others, being versatile.

Adjustment: You can adjust the hood by means of a drawstring and the lower area of ​​the suit by means of velcro.


Washing: To avoid the generation of balls in the fabric, it is recommended to wash it manually, which can be a small inconvenience.

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Star Wars Dog Costume

8. Rubies Star Wars Deluxe Darth Vader Costume

Rubies house presents us this time a Star Wars dog costume, inspired by one of the main characters of the saga. It is about Darth Vader, who, from the knowledge of the force, falls to the dark side to later redeem himself and die.

The costume manages to recreate the suit as best as possible by incorporating a cape, a belt and the head area, all without sacrificing the comfort of your pet, so polyester fabric was used for its construction, due to its resistance., soft to the touch and correct level of perspiration. 

Also, some areas of the garment were slightly padded to provide extra comfort to the animal. The best thing is that this textile combination, although it visually creates a voluminous effect, is quite light for the animal to wear. In addition, it is very easy to wash and dry.

If you are looking for a costume inspired by the main character Star Wars for your dog, the invitation is to review the pros and cons of this model.


Measurement table: Thanks to the attached measurement table, you will be able to compare them with those of your dog so that you can choose the appropriate size.

Fabric: The polyester fabric used is light, breathable and comfortable.

Washing: It can be easily washed manually and the machine is dispensed with to avoid deterioration.

Fit: This suit incorporates some Velcro areas so you can easily adjust it.


Size: The cut pattern of the costume may run a little large, so you should select a size smaller than what you normally wear.

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Shopping guide

Canine clothing is usually varied and incorporates themed costumes adapted to the different festivities. The selection, as in any product, requires the verification of certain quality indicators, which we explain in the following guide to buying the best dog costume.

clothing fabrics

When starting a dog costume comparison, it is necessary to analyze the type of fabric used to make it, since its high or low level of quality could influence the durability of the product.

The main fibers used are cotton and polyester, as well as flannel and wool. All of them are resistant fabrics, which have a pleasant soft touch and are hypoallergenic. However, each one has a greater or lesser level of perspiration, so you must be careful and try as much as possible that the material adapts to the season of the year in which you want your pet to wear the suit.

For example, wool coated garments are warm, so they are suitable for winter, unlike cotton, which has better breathability for summer.

Adjustment method

Every dog ​​costume should incorporate some form of adjustment method, either for the main piece or for built-in accessories, depending on the theme of the design. In this way, we can find garments with plastic snaps in the front area, for quick opening and safe closing. For their part, other models have been provided with Velcro straps, which surround some areas of the animal’s body, so that you can enjoy greater ergonomics in each of your movements. Likewise, other costumes place specific closure points in the area of ​​the legs or the sides, since the cut of the textile is panty-type. That is, it covers the dog in its entirety.

Also, it is important to pay attention to costumes with hoods or hats, which, if they do not have a good fit through laces, could slip when your pet walks. This applies especially if it is a puppy, because they tend to be more restless than adult dogs. All these characteristics are of great importance, because they will not only determine the comfort of the animal while wearing the suit, but will also influence how much the product costs. 


There are many dog ​​costumes on the market, so we will find designs associated with festivities such as Halloween and Christmas, as well as clothing inspired by characters from different franchises such as the Marvel universe, DC, Star Wars, Disney, among many others. In this sense, we will have a wide range of options to dress up our pets, ranging from cheap to high-end garments with a higher cost.

When reviewing the most popular products, the 3D costumes stand out, which are the ones that attach some complement to the textile, fastened with Velcro or fixed by means of seams. Also, there are the models that incorporate a cape or hat, hooded shirts and overalls. 

Finally, the purchase decision will depend on your taste, but try as much as possible that the costume offers practicality for the dog, both when putting it on and for the time during which it is worn. Remember that, however attractive the product may be, the priority will always be the comfort and well-being of your pet, so avoid bulky, heavy or tight clothing. 


Dog costumes are textile garments that our pets will wear, which means that they will be in continuous contact with them and, therefore, require maintenance every certain period of time. In this way, we will prevent dirt from detracting from the aesthetic appeal of the design, as well as the proliferation of bacteria, mites and bad odors. In this sense, the ideal is that the suit can be easily washed at any time, without having to worry about the deterioration of the fibers.

Dog costumes should generally be hand washed using a mild, bleach-free detergent. In addition, it is recommended not to use brushes to rub the textile. Instead, you can soak the garment in a soapy solution for about 15 minutes, so the dirt comes off.

Regarding drying, try to make the fibers thin so that the air passes through them easily and, in this way, the humidity can be eliminated in a very short time, which is quite convenient for people who live in small apartments. Likewise, there are costumes for dogs whose textile properties have greater resistance to being introduced to the washing machine and, subsequently, to the drying machine, without deforming or damaging the garment. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a dog costume?

Although using a dog costume is quite simple, you will have to take into consideration some aspects such as verifying that the textile material is according to the season of the year. For winter, robust fabrics are preferable, while in summer breathable fibers are more appropriate. Similarly, when dressing your pet, check that the garment is not too tight, because you would be limiting its movements and causing great discomfort.

On the other hand, close the snaps or Velcro straps well so that, during the course of the day, the suit stays in place and does not turn sideways. This mainly applies to designs made up of two or three parts.

Q2: How to clean a dog costume?

To clean your pet’s costume, you will first need to know the type of fabric used for making it, since not all fibers require the same treatment. In this sense, we refer to the type of detergent, the temperature of the water, among other aspects. For this reason, you will have to review the manufacturing label and follow the instructions set forth by the manufacturer. 

If the suit is suitable for machine washing, you should set it to a gentle cycle and use a bleach-free detergent. On the contrary, if manual cleaning is mandatory, you will also have to avoid bleach, as well as rubbing the fabric with brushes that can damage it.

Q3: How to make a dog costume?

Dog costume designs are very varied, so you will find from the most complex models to others whose low difficulty is suitable for anyone with little sewing knowledge. Thus, the first step is to look for a web portal specialized in the subject, choose the design to be made and reproduce the patterns on paper, adapting them to the measurements of the dog.

Then, you must place the patterns on the fabric, mark them, cut them and proceed to join them with the help of a sewing machine. You will also have to attach the snaps or Velcro straps. Remember to reinforce the stitches to avoid detachments.

Q4: How often can the dog costume be used?

Dog costumes generally incorporate accessories for the head, neck or legs, as well as Velcro straps attached to the body or 3D elements, which, although they are light, can represent a weight for the animal. For all these reasons, the ideal is that the costumes are used for a party or photo session, that is, for a period of time that does not exceed 24 consecutive hours. In this way, we will not bother our pet or cause unnecessary injuries to his body.

Q5: How safe is a dog costume?

Dog costumes are quite safe, since they are clothing like any other, made of cotton or polyester fabric. Certainly, these garments incorporate a specific theme that can add 3D elements, among others, but the same safe clothing guidelines are maintained. For this reason, metallic or polymer materials that could harm the canine are omitted. Also, as long as the costume isn’t too tight, you won’t be limiting or injuring the animal’s body.

Q6: What fabric is best for a dog costume?

The selection of the fabric for the costume of our dogs will depend mainly on the season of the year in which we find ourselves, since they, like human beings, suffocate on a hot day or feel cold on a cloudy day. Therefore, the ideal is that the garment is made of cotton or another fiber with a light and breathable body, if you plan to dress up the canine during the summer months. While robust yarns such as polyester, nylon, wool and polyamide are highly recommended for winter. Also, in no case can you neglect comfort, so the fabric will have to be as soft as possible.

Q7: How to fix a dog costume?

If your dog’s costume requires some adjustment, it is recommended to request the help of an expert. There are many sewing companies available on the web, which you can contact and request a repair quote. Obviously, this would be in case the suit is too big or too small and a major repair is needed. However, if it is a stitch that has deteriorated, you can fix it at home with the help of a needle and thread.

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