The 8 Best Dog Fences of 2022

Dog Fence – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Keeping the house in order can be a bit more complicated if you have pets, but an effective solution to prevent your dog from going in or out where it shouldn’t is dog fences. These equipments allow to block the passage; and the current market offers options to satisfy all kinds of tastes. One of the most sought after is the AmazonBasics 9004-24B model, a fence for dogs made of metal and with an adjustable structure, to be able to form various useful spaces. Another option that might interest you is the Homcom ES5663-13040731, especially if you need a dog fence that you can use outdoors.

The 8 Best Fences for Dogs – Opinions 2022


If you want to prevent your pet from entering a certain room or area of ​​the house, dog fences are a very useful alternative. In addition, depending on their design, you can also use them as cages to create play areas. In the following space you will find several options that could be striking for both you and your pet.


large dog fences


1. AmazonBasics Pet Play and Exercise Park

Among the fences for large dogs available on the market, we want you to know the model that AmazonBasics offers you: the 9004-24B.

This option is, for some buyers, the best fence for dogs, since it can be used in different ways, depending on the shape you give it when you install it.

The extensions of its structure provide your pet with a space of 106 meters to play or rest, as well as a height of 66 centimeters, designed to prevent them from jumping easily.

Its resistance is also remarkable, as it is made of materials such as iron and a coating to prevent oxidation, thus increasing its practicality and useful life in general. Finally, it is equipped with a small door that can be folded, in case you need to store it.

Since we could be facing the best dog fence of the moment, here you will find some relevant and interesting pros and cons:


Wide: The dimensions offer a wide space where you can play, lie down, rest and even share it with other dogs.

Practice: You can use the fence as a blocking system at an entrance or to create a closed space where you can keep the animal.

Materials: It has a light but resistant structure, and made of metal, which guarantees long durability.

Latch: It is equipped with a door that can be locked with a latch for easy handling.



Gate: It is advisable to reinforce the closure of the gate of the fence, to prevent the animal from opening it by pushing it with force.

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outdoor dog fences


2. Homcom Pet Park Fence 8 Pieces

Homcom ES5663-13040731 is one that could be among the best fences for dogs in 2022, since its structure offers useful features and is made of resistant materials.

The product is made up of 8 panels of 80 x 100 centimeters, being spacious enough to have small and medium-sized pets. Some assembly is required, but the directions are clear enough to help you get done in minutes. In addition, the panel that includes the door provides an opening of 77 x 32 centimeters along with a latch, which will help you keep it closed when you need it.

Likewise, it should be noted that, thanks to the coating of its manufacturing materials, it is among the main options in fences for outdoor dogs, since it will not have any problems with being outdoors.

Since Homcom may be the best brand of dog fences, it is useful to review more details regarding their product:


Exteriors: It is suitable to be placed outdoors, considering the manufacturing materials and the coating.

Door: It has a door through which the animal can enter and exit more easily.

Handling: The structure offers ergonomic and foldable handling, to help you install or store it.

Height: Reaches a height sufficient to prevent the pet from jumping over it.



Fixation: If the animal is restless or has enough strength to move the fence, you must use a fixation accessory that prohibits it.

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Metal dog fences


3. Pawhut 12 Panel Metal Pet Fence

From the Pawhut brand we present a good option in metal dog fences that, in addition, you can use as a cage for other small animals, such as rabbits, cats and hedgehogs.

It is the model ESD06-0550731, a customizable cage for pets that comes in a set of 12 panels, where each one measures 36 x 36 centimeters and has a space between bars of 4 centimeters, being able to form a structure of 109 x 74 x 39 centimeters.

Each panel is made of iron mesh to provide sturdiness and ABS plastic connectors that are safe for your pet and also work as corner protectors. Finally, you should know that, for some users, it is the best value for money dog ​​fence, since it is cheap, easy to use and useful for several species.

When you don’t know which dog fence to buy, review the details of the model that Pawhut has for you:


Panels: The product is made up of several square panels, so you can assemble the structure that suits you best.

Versatility: You can use the panels to make small cages or shelves, thanks to their design.

Protection: Each joint and corner of the panels has rubber protectors, which also function as fasteners.

Accessories: The purchase includes a set of flanges that you can use to reinforce the structure.



Door: The structure does not have a built-in door, although the freedom of installation of its panels allows one to be improvised, if needed.

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fences for small dogs


4. Dibea Dog Barrier Safety Stair Protection

If you are looking for an alternative purchase in fences for small dogs, the characteristics of the Dibea model will probably interest you.

This model stands out among the others for combining a frame made of wood with black steel cable, to offer a resistant, practical and aesthetically beautiful fence. The cables, meanwhile, become the mesh that will prevent your pet from crossing the obstacle.

Its size is 44 centimeters wide by 70 centimeters high, so it can be useful for small, medium and large pets that are trained. Its extension, on the other hand, can vary between 106 to 180 centimeters, since it is adjustable, so that you can accommodate it as best as possible to various types of thresholds.

This dog fence offers qualities that could satisfy your requirements, to delimit the space that the pet can access at home:


Materials: This model stands out for having a structure made of wood that makes it robust and attractive.

Height: You can choose the height of the fence depending on the size of the pet.

Extendable: The structure can be extended to cover a larger space by blocking the entrance.

Base: Plastic feet have been incorporated into its base that increase the stability of the fence.



Position: This dog fence has only one opening position, so you can’t use it as a stand-alone pet cage.

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Other products


5. Ellie Bo Easy Up Plush Pen

A product that could be a good alternative among those mentioned, if you still do not know which is the best fence for dogs, is the Ellie-Bo Easy-Up model.

This model is easy to handle and install, allowing you to store it without many inconveniences. There are 8 panels made of light-weight galvanized steel, which will be durable and strong enough.

As for its size, when assembled, the dog fence measures 123 x 123 x 61 centimeters, offering an area that can be for playing, resting or as a training area. In addition, one of the panels is equipped with a door with a latch that will facilitate the use of the cage.

Added to this, it stands out that the lining of the fence panels will allow you to use it indoors and outdoors, considerably increasing its practicality at home.

Among the options in folding dog fences, we advise you to take into consideration the advantages that you could take advantage of if you purchase this Ellie-Bo model:


Materials: The equipment is made of steel, providing the necessary strength in each panel.

Finishes: Presents a galvanized coating on the steel, which adds resistance to the elements.

Use: The qualities of its structure will prevent it from wearing out if it is installed outdoors.

Assembly: Since the panels are previously joined, you can have the fence ready in just a few seconds.



Finishing: The finish and finishing of the metal tips should be improved, since in some areas there may be edges that cause scratches.

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6. Bunny Business 8 Panel Set

Bunny Business WP-1002S-BL is another dog fence that you could also take advantage of with cats, rabbits, turtles, guinea pigs and other small pets, thanks to its practical design.

It is made up of 8 identical 61 x 61 centimeter panels with which, in addition to creating a 4.9 meter long fence, you can also build cages of different shapes: square 122 x 122 centimeters, rectangular 183 x 61 centimeters and octagonal with a diameter of 147 centimeters.

In addition, it should be noted that one of the panels has a built-in door with 2 pins, to prevent the animal from escaping by accident. It is made of metal and you can choose the black or silver one; Both are powder coated for durability.

If you are looking for a dog fence that is easy to assemble and that you can adjust in size, you should review the details of this model:


Design: The Bunny Business fence has an octagonal shape to take advantage of space and avoid corners.

Foldable: It can be folded, allowing it to be stored in a few minutes when necessary.

Materials: It is made of robust and resistant materials, which will help to generate stability.

Coating: The powder coating increases the life of the fence and considerably delays its wear.



Union: Keep in mind that the panels of the dog fence are united, so you cannot disassemble them in case you want to reduce the size, only fold them inwards.

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7. Relaxdays Dog Barrier Security Gate Ladder Extendable Fence

From the Relaxdays team, the model 10029603 fence for dogs could attract your attention, if you are looking for a simple alternative to prevent them from crossing the threshold of the door.

This fence is made up of bars made of bamboo wood, which form an extensible structure that you can adapt to different entrances, doors and stair steps. It has a natural finish and has been varnished to increase its useful life.

Evaluating its size, it offers high practicality, considering that it can adapt to entrances between 17.5 and 116.5 centimeters. For its part, the height of 82.5 centimeters generates practicality, so that it can also be used as a safety gate for children. In addition, it can be fixed with screws to keep it in place during handling.

Relaxdays offers an option with attractive details for users who prefer to buy one of the cheapest dog fences, which we invite you to review here:


Utility: Considering the design and shape of the fence, it can be used to block the passage of pets and children.

Materials: It has a wooden structure that is light, but durable.

Extendable: You can extend its length, to support various inputs.

Accessories: The purchase of the product includes all the necessary accessories for its assembly.



Robustness: Due to the type of structure, the dog fence is not remarkably robust, so if the animal is large, it could knock it down.

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8. Elightry Diy Pet Park Cage Dogs

Elightry Diy XCWWL0001sz is another of the cheapest products in this selection of dog fences; but, in addition to its affordable price, it is also quite practical.

When assembled it has a size of 109 x 74 x 39 centimeters and its total weight is just 3.3 kilograms, so it is spacious, but light, so you can use it comfortably at home with your pet.

Another striking aspect is that you can change the size or shape of the structure, thanks to the fact that it can be divided into 10 panels of 35 x 35 centimeters. These, in turn, can re-form joints taking advantage of the plastic connectors included with the purchase that, in addition, are responsible for avoiding risks from the corners.

So that you can make the best purchase decision when choosing a dog fence, you should now review these pros and cons:


Design: It is a beautiful alternative with good finishes that you can easily assemble at home.

Robust: One of its advantages is that it offers the necessary robustness to be used as a cage for various species of small animals.

Connectors: It is equipped with plastic connectors that create a protective barrier at the corners of each panel.

Feet: At its base you can incorporate connectors with non-slip mats that will keep the fence in place.


Height: This model has a low height compared to other purchase alternatives, so it may be effective only with puppies.

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Shopping guide

In the following guide to buying the best fence for dogs you will find useful information to evaluate the options that are interesting for you. In this way, it will be easier for you to select the model that you will buy, either to use it inside the house or outside it with your pet.

type of dog fence

One of the main aspects that are determined before buying any model in a dog fence comparison is its type. In these cases, single-use products may be more robust, but not as practical as versatile ones.

Applying it in the category of dog fences, you should know that you will be able to find models that work only as entrance blocks, allowing you to adjust only their length.

These models are usually an effective solution when you want the animal not to go from one room to another or go out into the garden, for example. In addition, some can also be used as a safety barrier for babies.

However, there are other models of fences generally composed of panels, which you can organize to your liking, to give the structure different shapes and even form small cages. These options are much more practical and lightweight, but they may lack robustness compared to only extendable models.


Structural design

The structural design of the dog fence goes hand in hand with its type, since its limits are arranged according to the type of joints and the shape of the product.

In these cases, it is convenient to determine if a fence-type or versatile model is going to be needed to convert it into a cage. At the same time, you should also consider that the sizes can vary considerably and one of the most relevant aspects for the safety of the pet is the height.

When reviewing its size, we advise you to make sure that it is high enough to prevent your pet from jumping over it easily and that the free space to play or rest is adequate, depending on the size of the pet.

In addition to this, it is also practical to check if it has a gate that allows you to cross through the fence without having to disassemble it, and that it has a light weight, so that it can be easily handled.

Manufacturing materials

A very important aspect that determines how much a dog fence costs is usually the material used in its manufacture. This detail, in turn, provides the necessary resistance to use it in different environments, whether indoors or outdoors.

On the other hand, when you go to choose a fence for dogs, we advise you to look especially at its manufacturing finishes, trying to choose a product that is robust and reliable, both for you and your pet.

In this sense, if you need a fence for dogs that you can keep in the garden, for example, you must make sure that the metal or wood of its structure has the required coating to prevent it from being worn by rain and sun.

However, you should not worry, since, for the most part, you can buy a good and cheap dog fence, made of resistant materials such as those mentioned, so as not to spend so much money and still enjoy its benefits.

installation system

Due to the structural shape and application of dog fences, these products often require home assembly, but don’t worry, this task shouldn’t take too long and is done with simple tools or even without them.

However, to avoid inconvenience, we recommend that you take into account whether the fence is made up of a folding structure or works with panels. In the first case, it will be enough to extend it and secure it, to have it ready. In the second scenario, you will have to mount it.

Panel fences can be joined together using a variety of methods, including cable ties, integrated joints, plastic connectors, or pins. In these cases, it is convenient to know the assembly method, to choose a model that does not represent a too complicated challenge later.

security provided

A fence for dogs has the main function of guaranteeing safety, either by preventing the pet from leaving or entering a certain room, keeping it in a fenced area to prevent it from getting messy while cleaning or carrying out any other activity.

But, in addition to the aforementioned, you cannot ignore the security that the fence itself represents. In addition to the protection offered as a method of blocking, it is also important to consider that the shape and finishes of the elements of the fence are suitable for the pet.

Here we advise you to be aware of the possible points or corners that could represent a certain level of danger, in order to install the rubber protectors or any other security element that you want.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to electrify a dog fence?

Electrifying a dog fence can be an effective solution if your pet doesn’t quickly learn not to cross certain boundaries. However, you must be careful when doing the installation, to make sure you choose safe elements and that the electric shock will not be a problem.

To electrify the fence, you will need to surround it with copper wire, which will act as a conductor of electricity along its entire length. In addition to this, you will also need a booster that has the proper voltage and access to an outlet.

Create the circuit around the fence and connect the ends of the wire to the ports on the booster which will act as the circuit breaker. The switch, in turn, must be connected to the current, either by plugging it in or creating a bridge with the internal cables. Also remember to install a cable directly to the ground, to avoid accidents and turn on the impeller, to complete the circuit and everything will be ready.

Q2: How to make a dog fence?

Creating a homemade dog fence is fairly easy if you have mastery of a few tools, as you will need a pair of pliers, tape measure, wire mesh, and pipes to create the panel frames.

Start by determining what size you want your fence to be, so you can cut the tubes and make the frames by joining the corners with welding, hot glue, or crossing two zip ties. Next, cut a piece of mesh the size of your frame and install it using your preferred fastening method, making sure it’s firm and stable. Repeat the process with the rest of the frames until you can form the most suitable cage structure, depending on the size and species of your pet.


Q3: How to install an invisible dog fence?

Invisible fences for dogs are fences that work with ultrasound systems in conjunction with a special collar for the pet, emitting a particular sound when the animal approaches the fence and even giving it a small electric shock if it approaches the limit. This helps you understand that you should not cross that boundary.

So, getting to the point, the installation of the invisible fence is based on the integration of a unipolar copper cable in the ground, which can be hidden or visible, since it does not represent any danger to humans or the animal itself. This installation must form a closed circuit that has input and output to the ultrasonic control base that plugs directly into the outlet.

However, the main recommendation, if you want to install this type of system, is to hire a specialized technician who has previous experience with invisible fences, to guarantee both your safety and that of your pet.

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