The 8 Best Dog Repellers of 2022

Dog Repeller – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Animals can be a problem in gardens or when passing by on the road. To solve these drawbacks, a dog repeller can be used, a product that usually works with ultrasound and that, in some cases, is efficient for training pets. If you are interested in this, the HR-imotion 12410401 model produces ultrasonic high and low frequency tones, it consists of two detectors and its action is extendable. Another simpler model is the Laimew Flute, a training whistle for dogs that emits adjustable frequencies and has a small and portable size. 

The 8 Best Dog Repellers – Opinions 2022

To scare away animals from the garden, avoid them on the routes, as well as to train household pets, it is convenient to be equipped with a dog repeller, a device that bases its operation on ultrasonic waves that are perceptible by animals. So, if you are interested in one of these, you better make your choice among the best dog repellers. Next, we will review 8 of the models that are positioned among the first places of sales. 

Most powerful dog repeller

1. HR-imotion Ultrasound Device Animals

If you want a more powerful dog repeller, this may be the recommended model, because it is an efficient piece of equipment, capable of producing an ultrasonic whistle, with adjustable frequency tones between high and low. 

In addition, its action is extensible, since it is not only suitable for the immediate vicinity of where it is installed, but it can reach up to 400 meters in the direction of the car’s movement (if it is used in vehicles).

In addition, the model has been equipped with two detectors and has a platform on which the instrument can be placed and removed quickly and easily. 

Its construction has been made with low-cost but resistant materials, which makes its manufacture cheaper, which is why it is recognized as the best value-for-money dog ​​repeller. It has an easy installation system by mounting by adhesives for the bumper or grill.

Being one of the cheapest dog repellers, you may be interested in delving into its positive and negative aspects. 


Design: It has a compact and lightweight design, weighing only 27 grams, so it does not cause discomfort in the vehicle.

Installation: It has an adhesive that adheres to the bumper or grill of the car, which facilitates its installation.

Construction: Its construction is robust, made with a lightweight plastic structure.

Operation: Drives away wild animals from the road, with an approximate range of 400 meters.


Sound: On occasion, the sound generated by the equipment may not be as powerful for some species. 

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2. Gardigo Repellent of Dogs and Cats by ultrasound

Many users have cataloged this model from the manufacturer Gardigo as a more powerful dog repeller than conventional proposals, because its operation is based on an ultrasound with uncomfortable tones for animals, thus preventing them from roaming the areas surrounding the place of installation.. 

Although it fulfills its purpose, it does not cause pain or harm animals. In fact, it competes to be the best dog repeller on the market because it is capable of detecting movement at an angle of 70º and at a range of 7 meters, so gardens, terraces and other areas will be kept free of cat and dog waste., dealing no damage to creatures. 

In addition, this proposal is made with quality materials, since the mechanism is covered with a resistant casing that has been made of ABS plastic, so it can be installed outdoors. 

There are those who suggest that this model is the best dog repellent of the moment, but it will be through its pros and cons that this could be determined. 


Construction: It has a robust construction, practical for outdoors because its casing is made of ABS plastic. 

Sensor and effect: It has a sensor with a detection range of 70º, with an effect of up to 7 meters. 

Pressure: Its ultrasonic function transmits a maximum sound pressure of 110 decibels. 

Installation: It is splash-proof and weighs 240 grams, so its installation is simple. 


Energy: A feeding mechanism using electric current is missing. 

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dog repellent whistle

3. Laimew Dog Training Whistle 

For those wondering which is the best dog repeller on the market, this model could be the most appropriate answer, because it is small, light and portable, as well as multifunctional. 

It is a dog repellent whistle that can also be used to train pets and inhibit dog barking, as well as help dogs obey basic commands to improve discipline. 

According to the animal, the tone of the whistle frequency can be adjusted and it is easy to use because it has a compact and manageable design, with light properties, so it fits in one hand and can be worn around the neck or next to it. the keys.

Its size is 8 x 0.8 cm and the package includes two units that can serve as a tool to train pets or to chase away dangerous dogs if necessary.

Learning about the pros and cons of this alternative may help you determine which dog repeller to buy. 


Units: This package is made up of 2 units of whistles, so one can be used to have at home and the other to go out.

Construction: It has a solid construction, thanks to the fact that it is made with quality metal.

Adjustment: The structure has a nut that helps to adjust the frequency of the whistle.

Design: Its shape is that of a lightweight, compact and portable whistle that can be carried along with the keys.


Sound: For the beep to be more efficient, it is necessary to get a little closer to the animal so that it can perceive it.

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4. Sodial(R) Adjustable Pet Dog Training Ultrasonic Whistle

Being made of brass of adequate quality and robustness, this model is positioned as one of the best dog repellents of 2022, since it is effective for training pets and has a simple-to-use mechanism that is activated by emitting a whistle.

This dog repellent whistle is available in silver and has a length of 5.5 cm, making it portable and lightweight, convenient to carry along with the keys, since its structure is also equipped with a keychain loop, which facilitates the incorporation of the piece. 

In addition, it has an ultrasonic function, so that the whistle that it originates is not perceived by the human ear in an annoying way, but by that of pets. It also has a nut that allows you to regulate the intensity of the frequency according to the animal you are trying to deal with.

Sodial provides quality to its products, which leads to its being recognized as the best possible brand of dog repellers. Here are the pros and cons of this model. 


Structure: It has been built with a solid structure made of brass that is good resistance.

Design: It has a compact and portable silver design, with a length of 5.5 cm.

Nut: According to the animal or purpose of use, the frequency can be adjusted by means of a nut on the structure.

Ring: In order to join the keys, its structure is equipped with a loop.


Sound: If the sound is not adjusted according to the animal, it may not be perceived. 

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Ultrasonic dog repeller

5. Flying Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

This powerful dog repeller featuring the Volador brand is a user favorite for its versatility and ability to safely drive unwanted animals away from home areas. 

It works with an innovative system, so it is an ultrasonic dog repeller, which is combined with a flash. Both mechanisms are included in a resistant structure that is waterproof, with IP68 protection, so it can be installed in the garden. 

In addition, it has an efficient charging system, since it receives energy from sunlight, which is used for the ultrasonic repellent. However, for added versatility, it features a USB charging port that serves for both initial use and auxiliary charging.

It has a maximum detection range of 9 meters and an infrared detection range of 110º, thus covering a favorable estimate of 85 m 2. This model is one of the favorites and you can determine if it is suitable for your requirements by knowing its pros and cons.


Modes: It has several frequency modes according to the animals that you want to keep away. 

Charging: It works with three rechargeable AA batteries through a solar panel or USB port, so the power supply is varied.

Range: It has a maximum detection range of 9 meters, with an angle of 110 degrees, which allows it to protect a considerable area.

Mechanism: It has a double action mechanism, through ultrasound and flash, providing efficiency and without hurting the animal. 


Protection: Although it is waterproof, it should not enter the USB charging port, so it may require some protection.

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6. Ehomfy Outdoor Bird Cat Dog Repeller

This ultrasonic dog repeller has a range of 10 m and a detection angle of 120° horizontally and vertically. When an animal approaches the device, the ultrasonic alert is activated, generating sound waves of up to 70 kHz, which are strong and uncomfortable enough to scare away intruding animals.

Also, this device has red and white LED lights that can emit flashes to bother animals, which increases its effectiveness against other beings, such as pigeons, flies, mice, among others.

It is important to mention that this product offers a solar charging mechanism, made up of monocrystalline silicon panels, which provides a long lifespan and can fully charge the battery in just 3 hours. In this way, it is capable of providing an autonomy of up to 7 days.

The best dog repeller must offer versatility and practicality, like this equipment from the Ehomfy brand. Let’s take a closer look at its main features.


Range: It has a range of 10 m at 120° horizontally and vertically, which produces a wide field of detection.

Operation: The repeller remains on for 30 seconds after no movement is detected, preventing animals from re-entering the space.

Installation: Includes two 14 cm aluminum tubes, stakes, connection cable and all the necessary accessories for installation.


Resistance: It cannot withstand extreme climates, so in case of storms it is necessary to protect it inside the house.

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Electronic dog repeller

7. Frienda LED Ultrasonic Dog Repeller

As one of the cheapest in its category, this model from the manufacturer Frienda is positioned, which is an electronic dog repeller with an operation based on ultrasound for the training of dogs, so that they learn to be more obedient and improve behavior, as well as control barking and increase their discipline towards humans, even to prevent attacks. 

Its use is simple: you just have to insert a 9-volt battery and activate the switch that will cause a sound that is only audible to pets. For added versatility, add a flashlight.

It has a compact design, practical to carry in your hand, since its measurements are 12.5 cm long by 4.5 wide by 2.6 high, which facilitates its use and handling during pet walks.. The package includes the device and the user manual. 

If this model has been of interest to you, it is recommended that you review its main pros and cons, in order to decide on it or continue searching.


Employment: The equipment requires a few steps to be ready and work.

Functions: It is an ultrasound device for training pets, which includes a flashlight function. 

Design: It has a simple and portable design that can be carried in one hand. 

Uses: It can be favorable both to train and to improve the behavior of pets without causing them harm.


Battery: The battery does not come in the purchase package, but must be purchased separately.

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portable dog repeller

8. GSmade Dog Repeller

It is a device that is used to train dogs, helping you to stop their barking and incorrect behavior, so it can be used in the training of guard animals and dogs used by the police force. It also works as a portable dog repeller, as long as you train your pet to run away when you hear it.

In this sense, it produces frequencies between 20 and 30 kHz, which are not too high so as not to cause pain in the animal, so it is appropriate for pets between 6 months and 8 years of age. As for its autonomy, it has an 8.4 V and 700 mAh battery, capable of providing up to 4 months of use on a single charge.

On the other hand, it has a compact design that fits easily in the palm of your hand, allowing you to carry it comfortably. Similarly, it incorporates a strap to place on the wrist and obtain a more secure hold.

If you are looking for a device that will help you correct your pet’s negative behaviors, then it is appropriate that you learn more about the most important aspects of this model.


Laser: It has a thin laser that projects a red light, which is appropriate for playing with your pet.

Operation: It offers a fixed frequency mode at 25 kHz and a variable mode that goes from 25 to 30 kHz.

Safety: Produces an ultrasound that is not harmful to pets and owners, which promotes safety.


Range: It cannot be heard by dogs that are more than 5 meters away, so it is at a disadvantage compared to other models on the list.

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Shopping guide

Dog repellents are practical devices to prevent dogs or other animals from wandering around the home and causing damage or getting in front of the car. The options for these devices are extensive and vary by ultrasound frequency, design, and more. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best dog repeller. 

type and design

It is necessary to establish a comparison of dog repellents in which the types of devices or the mode of use are differentiated. This is recommended because there are alternatives on the market designed for different purposes. 

For this reason, we can find dog repellents for the car, which are installed on the bumper or grill of the vehicle, in order to emit ultrasonic frequencies that will prevent wild animals from jumping onto the road while the car is traveling. In this way, accidents are reduced. 

Another type of repellers are the fixed ones for gardens (or any other space where they want to be placed). These objects, like the previous ones, also work with ultrasonic frequencies and some are equipped with a flash. They are models with adjustable sound frequencies and large dimensions. The intention is that they be placed in the gardens, with a view towards the place where wild animals come from, be they dogs, cats, raccoons and other members of the fauna.

Also, there are personal repellents, which are portable, compact and pocket. In this modality two types are differentiated, the electronic ones (they work with batteries) and the manual ones (generally, whistles). They are designed to be efficient in different situations, since, in addition to scaring away, they can be convenient elements when it comes to training pets, because with the ultrasonic frequency they can be taught different commands. In general, the intensity can be adjusted according to the size of the animal and its use is simple.


If you are interested in purchasing one of these devices, you may also be interested in knowing how much a dog repeller costs. The answer to this question may vary according to factors such as type and construction. 

In the case of the type, those for installation in gardens tend to be more expensive. Regarding the construction, almost all models have been manufactured with a thick plastic or ABS casing that covers the mechanical components, so they are resistant. As for the whistles, they tend to be made of metal, so they are cheap, since they have simple structures and are usually made of brass. 

The most expensive models are those for the home, since they are equipped with modes for the frequency, they are larger and many of them are waterproof, so they have IP66, IP44 protection, among others. In addition, it is possible to adjust the frequency in modes, according to the animals that you want to keep away.  


A cheap dog repellent is a proposal that should be analyzed before buying, because, although the price may be attractive, its efficiency may not be so. For this reason, before making the purchase, it is advisable to know the operating mode or mechanism used to keep animals away, since, in addition to fulfilling its mission, it is important that it does not harm the creatures. 

The vast majority of models base their mechanism on ultrasonic frequency waves, which may not be heard by the human ear, but can be heard by dogs and other animals. In addition, some devices can incorporate a flash, which is activated when movement is perceived. Also, it is common for the frequency tones to be adjustable, between high and low. 

Range and frequency 

Depending on the model, its range and frequency may change. In the case of car models, they can extend their frequency up to 400 meters in the forward direction. In the whistles, it is possible to regulate the intensity by means of a nut, while the electronic models have a setting for small, medium and large domestic dogs. 

On the other hand, designs for the home have frequencies encompassed in modes, which are adjusted to different requirements. For example, mode 1 can go from 13.5 kHz to 17.5 kHz and mode 3 from 19.5 kHz to 23.5 kHz.

Also, some models have a maximum detection range of 10 meters, with an infrared detection range that can go from 90 to 110º for coverage areas of between 85 or 100 m 2 and even more. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a dog repeller?

The way of using these devices changes according to the type of model that has been purchased. In whistles, it should only be brought to the lips and blown near the animal to certify if it has been effective. Otherwise, it is possible to regulate its intensity and frequency by means of a nut. 

In the electronic models, its use is simple: you must insert the batteries, turn it on and select a mode (usually by means of buttons) according to the size of the animal, so that the frequency and sound pressure start. 

In home models, it is generally necessary to select the place to install the panel (many work with solar panels) and the device to repel in the direction where the animals come. Afterwards, it is only necessary to turn on and set the mode for ultrasonic frequency. 

Q2: Is the dog repeller harmful?

Most are not. These devices are efficient at scaring animals away without causing them any harm, so they are a prevention mechanism that does not hurt them, it only generates waves of ultrasonic frequencies that can momentarily disturb their hearing (in some cases) and will make them move away, but there will be no permanent damage. 

Q3: How to make a homemade electric dog repeller?

To make this equipment it is necessary to acquire two pieces of wood, a speaker, a battery, screws and some connections, as well as a transistor to amplify the signal. First, the base must be made with the wood (one of them must have a hole in the center) and they will be joined using connectors and screws.

Then, you have to place the speaker in the hole. For electrical operation, find a diagram to assemble and add a switch as well as a battery. If you want to verify that the diagram is adequate, you must do a resistance test and that the result is at least 24 kz. Thus, it will be ready to be used.

Q4: What radius of action does a dog repeller have?

This depends on the type that has been selected. Some car models have a radius of action of up to 400 meters to the front. Others have a certain level of action and detection, so they are capable of perceiving movements at angles of 70 or 80º, with infrared detection of 7 or 9 meters and a coverage that can go from 70 to 120 m 2, according to the model that has been selected.

On handheld devices, they can have a radius of up to 25 meters. These parameters are usually indicated in the specifications of the device.

Q5: How to install an outdoor dog repeller?

The first thing will be to select the place where the device will be installed. Many of these models work with multiple charging systems and integrate solar panels and auxiliary charging ports for batteries. Therefore, if the equipment has a panel, it is necessary to install it in a place where it receives sufficient sunlight.

In addition, the device will need to be placed facing the area where wildlife is most frequently coming from to be most effective. Similarly, it is necessary to protect the cargo area from rain, since, although the equipment may be water resistant, it is recommended to avoid contact of the liquid with the mechanism. 

Q6: How to repair my dog ​​repeller?

Repairing a dog repeller is a process that changes according to the model and operating mechanism. In electrical models or mechanical operation that results from the power of a battery, it is best to check the contact to certify that it is generated properly. Also, in models that have solar panels, it is recommended to verify that they receive enough sun.

In any case, if the equipment has been purchased for a short time, you should avoid opening and contacting the seller of the product to use the guarantee.

Q7: What frequency does an ultrasonic dog repeller have?

The ultrasonic frequency varies according to the brand and model that is selected. Some personal electronic devices have a frequency of up to 25 kHz for a sound pressure of 125 decibels.

Other models for installation in gardens have adjustable frequencies that start from 13.5 kHz and can have a maximum of 28 kHz. Similarly, there are models that advertise frequency ranges from 18 to 24,000 Hz, with estimated sound pressures of 110 decibels. 

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