The 8 Best Dog Whistles of 2022

Dog Whistle – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Dog whistles are utensils designed for dog training sessions. The curious thing about these gadgets is that some of them are almost inaudible to humans, but not to these pets. Not in vain, the sense of hearing of dogs is much more developed than ours. If you want to purchase a whistle, we suggest you consider the K-II Enterprises Dog Dazer II model. This emits ultrasounds that are only perceived by dogs. In addition, it works with batteries. For its part, the Arquivet buffalo horn whistle is a model, perhaps, more rudimentary than the previous one, but equally effective. It is accompanied by a rope so you can hang it around your neck.

The 8 Best Whistles for Dogs – Opinions 2022

Dog whistles have different uses: to train them, scare them away or call them, for example. Hence, having one on hand is always a very convenient option. Here are some of the best dog whistles of 2022. Take a look at their features and decide which one suits your needs.

Whistle to scare away dogs

1. K-II Enterprises Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

This whistle to scare away dogs is presented as a magnificent option for all those people who, for whatever reason, are afraid of these animals. Its operation is simple, but its effectiveness is amazing. It is enough to blow and you will see how the dogs flee in terror.

It is an especially useful gadget if you are walking alone in the countryside or even in the city and, suddenly, some unfriendly-looking dogs approach you. There are breeds that are considered potentially dangerous and under no circumstances would we want to cross them, but the bad news is that it can happen.

Hence, this ultrasonic model seems like a most interesting article. For dogs, it emits a very unpleasant sound, but the curious thing is that it is not audible to humans. It works with batteries and by pressing a button, not by blowing.

If you are looking for the best dog whistle of the moment that works with ultrasonic technology, you have just found it.


Button: This whistle incorporates a practical button to press when you need to scare away an animal.

Technology: It uses ultrasonic technology, hence its price is higher than other models in the ranking.

Batteries: To work, you need batteries. However, these are quite durable, so the whistle won’t let you down.

Inaudible: It is a product that emits sounds that are quite unpleasant for the dog, but that are not perceived by the human ear.


Noise pollution: It is possible that in areas with noise pollution, this whistle may not be fully effective.

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2. Werpower Whistle for Dogs with cord

It is a pack with 2 whistles to train your pet, which can emit an ultrasonic frequency that only animals hear. In this way, your dog can receive sound commands at a distance of up to 25 m, which promotes good communication.

Also, it serves as a whistle to scare away dogs, if you train the animals to run away at the sound. It is important to mention that the frequency emitted by these whistles is standardized, which means that different people can blow them and they will always emit the same intensity. Therefore, it is easier for your pets to recognize the noise.

As if that were not enough, they have straps to hang them around the neck, which allows you to have them close when you need to call the dog. Likewise, this makes it easier to transport the whistles and prevents them from being lost.

Werpower is considered by many to be the best brand of dog whistles, so it is worth learning more about the pros and cons of this model.


Materials: Each whistle features a plastic casing, metal ring, and stainless steel tube for durability.

Instructions: The package includes an instruction manual with instructions to train the dog more effectively and quickly.

Straps: Bring a couple of straps to hang the whistles from the neck and move them more easily.


Experience: It is necessary to have some experience in dog training to get the most out of the product.

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Anti-bark dog whistle

3. Arquivet Buffalo Horn Whistle

This model is totally different from the ones presented above. At first glance, its traditional design is striking, since, not in vain, it is made of buffalo horn. Hence, it is a robust and durable anti-bark dog whistle.

It is a very effective dog training gadget. Using it in a convenient way, it is indicated to educate the most barking dogs. As it is not ultrasound, it is perfectly audible by people, since the sound is similar to that of a conventional whistle.

If you are wondering which is the best dog whistle, there is no doubt that this is a model to seriously consider. It is an instrument that cannot be missing when it comes to educating a dog. It is accompanied by a rope so you can hang it around your neck or to handle it more easily.

This product is an excellent example that cheaper dog whistles can also do the job perfectly.


Materials: This dog whistle to stop barking is made of buffalo horn, which gives it enormous strength and durability.

Effective: It is used as a conventional whistle. You just have to blow and you will see how your dog listens to you.

Price: One of its most interesting features is related to the price, as it is one of the cheapest items on this list.


Audible: Being a traditional whistle, it is perfectly audible by people, so it could be a bit annoying.

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4. Acme Lanyard Dog Whistle

This whistle provides a loud and clear sound to dogs, so as soon as they hear it, they will know what the owner expects of them. It doesn’t matter that there is background noise, because it is a product that ostensibly favors communication between the person and their dog, regardless of the existing noise.

Available in more than a dozen colors, this anti-bark dog whistle emits a standardized sound, which means that it can be used by any member of the household, since it will always sound the same way.

It should be noted that this article is accompanied by a practical strap whose color will be the same as that of the whistle itself. In this way, you can hang it around your neck and use it at the time you consider appropriate and, of course, the risk of losing it is reduced. Remember that it is a call whistle and not a dog repeller.

In the event that you want a practical and effective whistle, we recommend you examine the characteristics of this model, ideal for training dogs.


Colors: This whistle is available in different colors, among which is black, red, blue or yellow.

Anti-noise: The sound is so intense that it doesn’t matter if there is background noise, because the dog will receive the signal from the whistle immediately.

Strap: It comes with a strap so you can hang the whistle around your neck so you don’t lose it.


Repeller: Do not forget that it is a dog call device and not so much to scare them away.

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ultrasonic whistle to silence dogs

5. Laimew Dog Training Whistle

In a set of 2, this whistle has been specifically designed to train dogs as well as obey basic commands. It is also a model that allows the whistle to be adjusted in order to identify a response frequency of any pet. In this way, it is possible to teach the animal the meaning of a long burst (for example, to come) and a short one (for example, to sit down).

Another interesting fact is that this ultrasonic whistle to silence dogs is equally effective against the threat of the most dangerous breeds. This means that you can also use it to ward off a dog in a potentially dangerous situation.

It is a very light and compact model that incorporates a ring so that you can add it to your house keys and, thus, always carry it with you. The lot is available in black and in black combined with red.

In the market you will find cheap dog whistles that have nothing to envy to the most expensive ones. In the case at hand, you have a 2 x 1 product at your fingertips.


Lot: This model comes in a lot of 2 whistles. This means that you can enjoy two whistles for the price of one.

Adaptable: It is an item that allows you to adapt the sounds depending on the command. For example, you can give one meaning to a long burst and another to a short burst.

Ring: Includes a ring so you can insert the whistle in your keys and always carry it with you.


Noise: It is a whistle audible by people, so that, in certain situations, its sound may not be to everyone’s liking.

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6. Aribari 2 Professional Dog Whistles for Training

On this occasion, we also find a set of two whistles indicated for dog training. Both units are made of chrome-plated brass, which translates into greater durability and shock resistance.

It is a model that has an adjustable system, so that you can adapt the frequency to the needs of the dog. Not in vain, this will differ depending on the size of the animal, as well as the type of training.

Considered the best value for money whistle, it does not leave indifferent that it is a very compact and easy to carry product. Not in vain, it incorporates a ring so that you can transport it together with your keys. According to the manufacturer, the usefulness of these devices will be greater if training is accompanied by rewards.

If you are looking for an ultrasonic whistle to silence dogs, this Aribari brand model may interest you.


Materials: The two whistles included in this set are made of chrome-plated brass, materials that give them an enormous useful life.

Adjustable: They offer an adjustable frequency, so that you can adapt it to the needs of your dog at all times.

Keychain: By incorporating a ring, you can use this whistle as a keychain. So it will always go with you and you can use it in any situation.


Noise: Depending on the frequency you choose, it may be too audible and therefore annoying to humans.

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ultrasonic dog whistle

7. Hot Stuff For Dogs Adjustable Tonal Ultrasound Whistle

In dog training, it is best to get hold of an ultrasonic dog whistle that really works. The first thing that jumps out at you about this model is its compact format, so small that you can even carry it in your pocket or on a keychain. As if that were not enough, it comes with an original 42 cm long strap from the brand so that you can hang the whistle around your neck.

It is an adjustable device, so you just have to get rid of the cap and turn the rod to adjust the frequency. Then put the lid back on. Remember that not all dogs respond to the same frequency, so you should keep trying until you find the right one. In the end, you will see how the whistle causes an immediate response in your pet.

With a size of 8 cm, you can use it both at home and in the garden. It is perfect both for the dog to stop barking and to teach him some tricks or instill certain habits.

Even if you don’t know which dog whistle to buy, manufacturers generally recommend accompanying the use of these devices with treats and rewards.


Lanyard: This canine whistle comes with a 42 cm long lanyard so you can wear it around your neck.

Adjustable: It has an adjustable frequency system that is very easy to use. Not all dogs need the same, so you should try.

Compact: This whistle has a very compact design that makes it easy to transport. It measures 8 cm and is made of stainless steel.


Noise: It is not a completely silent whistle, although it is true that its sound is not too unpleasant for people.

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8. Sodial Silver Ultrasonic Whistle

We cannot assure you that this model is the best dog whistle, but it is the cheapest. Not surprisingly, the lot includes a total of 5 units made of chromed steel, so durability is more than guaranteed.

Each of them incorporates a practical ring so that you can hook this ultrasonic dog whistle to your keys, for example. It is an ideal set so that you do not have to worry about losing a whistle, for example, because you have more.

It allows you to adjust the tone by means of a piece that you must turn. It is, therefore, a perfect device for training your pets, as well as for hunting. One last more than positive feature of this product is that it is useful even at a long distance. A human being will only hear a slight sound, while the dog will pick it up instantly.

Sometimes, higher price is not synonymous with higher quality. A clear proof is found in this article, the cost of which will surprise more than one user.


Sound: The sound is adjustable. Best of all, it is so intense that it is effective even if the dog is a long distance away.

Lot: The lot consists of 5 dog whistles, all of them silver and made of chromed steel.

Ring: Each unit incorporates a useful ring that will allow you to attach it to your keys. That way you will never get lost.


Thread: The sound frequency is regulated by a thread, so at first it may be a bit difficult to identify the appropriate one.

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Shopping guide

The hearing sense of dogs is much more developed than that of people, hence canine whistles are presented as interesting devices with which to train, train and even drive them away. The human ear may not pick up sound, but they do. If you are looking for one of these complete gadgets, we encourage you to take a look at our guide to buying the best dog whistle.

Types of dog whistle

We are going to start this comparison of dog whistles with one of the main purchase criteria. The first thing you have to consider is, of course, the typology. We can differentiate two kinds of dog whistles.

First of all, there are ultrasonic devices. These, as you can guess, are the most advanced. The curious thing about this typology is that it is generally imperceptible to the human ear, but don’t worry because the dog will hear it perfectly. They are called whistles, but many of them do not work by blowing, but have a button to press to activate them. They are tremendously useful if what you want is to chase away a dog.

In the second instance, we must talk about devices with adjustable frequency. These are usually metallic and, in addition, you will recognize them because they consist of a wheel that you must turn to adjust the frequency. It is possible that, at first, you do not know very well which one is suitable for your pet, since each dog responds to a different one, but little by little you will check which one works best.

Whistles can also be classified as silent and non-silent. Conventional models are often audible to people, so they could be annoying. The silent ones, as their name suggests, do not emit any sound perceptible by the human ear.

If you are wondering how much a dog whistle costs, you need to know that an ultrasonic one will always be less economical than a simpler model.

dog whistle function

Before opting for one whistle or another, you should assess what you hope to get from it. The most frequent use of these devices is for dog training. You may have tried giving him verbal commands, but day after day you notice how he ignores them. Hence, you should use one of these instruments, which seem to fulfill their mission perfectly.

Of course, you should know how to distinguish between short bursts and longer ones, as well as that each one is conveniently associated with the action you hope to get from your pet. In this way, when he hears a sound, he will immediately know what he has to do.

There are also anti-bark whistles for dogs. These are among the most popular, because, as you know, barking is inherent to dogs. For example, maybe you want to stop your dog from barking at all, or even get your neighbor’s dog to stop barking in the middle of the night. They are usually sounds that are so annoying for the animal itself that they manage to achieve the objective effectively.

Lastly, there are dog repellent whistles on the market, indicated for the most dangerous breeds. If these animals scare you or you want to prevent a stray dog ​​with an angry face from approaching you, it is recommended that you always carry a whistle with you. It is enough that you blow so that the animal understands that it must leave.

dog whistle design

The design, size and manufacturing materials of the whistle are usually aspects that must also be considered. As for the design, the ideal is that you bet on one that is compact and ergonomic in size, so that you can carry it comfortably in your pocket. Many models even incorporate a ring or a necklace so that you can hook them on your keyring or wear them around your neck, respectively.

In relation to the materials, there are also several possibilities. It is not difficult to identify a cheap dog whistle that is made of brass or stainless steel, both materials known for their resistant character. Plastic is another of the most common materials, especially in the case of those whistles that emit ultrasound.

Dog Whistle Charge

Typically, most modern dog whistles are battery-powered. If you bet on this option, it consists of always having other spares on hand so that they do not abandon you at the least convenient moment.

For their part, conventional whistles do not incorporate any complex mechanism, just a wheel to turn to adjust the frequency, but they do not need electrical power to work.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a dog whistle?

Before using an adjustable dog whistle, you will need to adjust the sound frequency. You can do this through a rotating wheel that you will find in the body of the device. You should keep trying until you see that the dog actually responds to the signals it receives. Once the frequency is set, you have to blow gently until it beeps. For the dog to learn to associate the sound with a certain action, you can show him a treat and give it to him when he performs it. Finally, he blows the whistle and thus learns that when it blows, he must perform that action.

Q2: How does a dog whistle work?

A dog whistle is a device indicated to elicit a certain response from the animal. With practice, the pet will come to associate the sound of this device with a specific routine. For example, to learn to give you his paw, to sit down or to stop barking. When the whistle blows, she will remember what she had to do. The operation of a canine whistle is very similar to that of a conventional one. You just have to hold it and blow through the mouthpiece. Depending on its type, you may need to adjust the frequency so that it is audible to the dog.

Q3: How to regulate a dog whistle?

If you notice, all adjustable dog whistles are equipped with a small regulator. The mechanism is quite simple, although at first it can take a bit of work to find the right frequency. Before you start using it, it is convenient that you turn the wheel that you will find on the body of the whistle. So, blow through it and check the response you get from your pet. You will have to turn that little wheel and try until you get the answer you are looking for. Remember that each dog reacts differently to each frequency, so all you have to do is adjust the regulator until you find the right one.

Q4: What is the frequency of the dog whistle?

A dog can hear sound frequencies between 40 kHz and 60 kHz, although this will depend on aspects such as its breed and size. This is curious because only frequencies around 20 kHz are audible to humans. For this reason, the frequency range of dog whistles is between approximately 23 kHz and 55 kHz. Of course, it will depend on the model and the manufacturer. Knowing these data, you will be able to choose the whistle correctly.

Q5: How does a dog whistle sound?

On the market, it is possible to identify dog ​​whistles that sound very similar to conventional models, such as those used by the referee in a football game. In these cases, the sound can become annoying to people around you. However, ultrasonic devices manage to emit a tone that is not perceptible by the human ear. Sometimes it will hear a faint sound, while other times it will seem silent.

Q6: How should a whistle be used for dogs that bark a lot?

Fortunately for owners of excessively barking dogs, there are whistles specifically designed for this type of animal. His mission is none other than to get the dog to stop barking, because, after all, it is a task that is part of dog training. First of all, the frequency of the whistle itself should be adjusted until it is perceptible by the dog and makes him restless.

So, the idea is that he somehow links the annoyance of the sound of the whistle with each bark and, in this way, stops doing it. Depending on the model, it may or may not be audible to people, although in most cases it is an annoying sound for the dog, but not for humans.

Q7: How to make a homemade dog whistle?

If you consider yourself a handyman and prefer to make a dog whistle yourself than buy it in a store, we tell you how. The first thing you will need is a tube that measures about 6 mm in diameter. You should also get a wooden toothpick and a small piece of wood whose shape is cylindrical. Finally, have silicone on hand to join all the pieces.

In the tube you must make an incision in the shape of a nozzle, with the help of a hacksaw. Then insert the small wooden cylinder that you will have previously cut in half, with the flat part facing up. You will see how there is only a small hole left for the air to pass through. The wooden stick, which will go on the other end, will be the one in charge of regulating the different frequencies, introducing it more or less as appropriate.

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