The 8 Best Egg Incubators of 2022

Egg Incubator – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis 


Bird raising requires specific tools, such as egg incubators. Products that, thanks to the current offer, are suitable for all types of species and are adjusted both to the number of eggs to be treated and to the specific requirements that are needed. Among them, we have the Pedy QWTH-143 incubator, which is automatic and capable of maintaining a stable environment for the breeding of all types of birds. For its part, the Borotto Real 49 Expert offers capacity for up to 196 quail eggs and has a fan that reaches 2,500 revolutions with a silent turbine.

The 8 Best Egg Incubators – Opinions 2022

When it comes to working with bird eggs, you need the right tools. Among them, the best egg incubator cannot be missing, according to our needs and that of our feathered friends. The problem is determining which is the best egg incubator for us, since each animal needs specific conditions. To give you a clearer idea of ​​the current market and to know which egg incubator to buy, discover some of the most interesting proposals on the current market.

chicken egg incubator

1. Pedy Automatic Incubator

Although we have cataloged it as an incubator for chicken eggs, the Pedy QWTH-143 model is a versatile solution, suitable for dealing with different birds and that is at the level of the best egg incubator of the moment. 

Its tray has a variable capacity, so that the product accepts 18 conventional chicken eggs, 15 pheasant eggs, 30 quail eggs or 25 red partridge eggs. These eggs are treated in a fully automated manner, with a wide range of adjustable temperature and humidity, as required by each species. There is also no need to worry about turning, since the team takes care of it as needed.

All these processes are controlled by means of a keypad and an LCD screen, in which the status of the equipment can be clearly displayed. And so that controlling the water is also easy for you, it has an external tank, with which you can easily see its fill level.

Let’s learn more about this model, highlighted among the best egg incubators of 2022 for its interesting proposal.


Stability : The incubator has a great capacity to keep the parameters of the interior stable.

Versatile : It is suitable for eggs of different species such as chickens, ducks, pheasants and others.

Turning : This model also takes care of turning, saving you complications and taking better care of the eggs.

Control : The LED display control system makes it easy to configure the device.

Tank : The external tank is easy to control and also to fill, without the need to open the incubator.


Stability : It is key to place the incubator on a totally flat surface, to avoid inconveniences.

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2. KKTect 24 Egg Incubator

The Kktect Automatic Mini model is all you need if you are looking for an incubator for chicken eggs. A team with which to have a capacity for 24 eggs in total, as long as they are of this species. 

These eggs are completely maintenance-free during the process, since the product is responsible for keeping the humidity and temperature under control as well as periodically turning the eggs. as this is necessary.

To control this process, you have a complete panel, where you can select and adjust the different functions with ease, as well as a built-in LED light, which makes it easy to see the incubation status of the egg without having to move it too much. By the way, the device also includes an alarm, so you know instantly if there are problems during incubation due to lack of humidity or heat.

Save inconvenience when incubating eggs thanks to the proposal that this model puts at your fingertips.


Capacity: This product has the capacity to hold up to 24 chicken eggs, and is also suitable for other species.

Turning: The incubator turns the eggs as needed, avoiding inconvenience and forgetfulness.

Sensor: The integrated sensor has an accuracy of just one tenth, to optimize the incubation process.

LED Light: This light helps you to see the incubation status of each egg easily.


Filling: The process of filling the water tank is more complicated than it would be desirable.

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quail egg incubator

3. Borotto Real 49 Expert Professional Automatic Incubator

It is an incubator for quail eggs that is also suitable for duck, chicken, pheasant, duck, goose, peacock, pigeon eggs, among other birds. It also has a patented technology that reduces energy consumption for greater efficiency. Its capacity is for 49 medium eggs or 196 small ones and it incorporates universal support cells. 

It also comes with a Sirio automatic humidifier, which allows you to regulate the percentage of humidity through the control panel. In this sense, it includes an LCD screen with an intuitive interface. In addition, it is capable of maintaining the selected interior temperature with an accuracy of 0.1 °C, even if the weather outside varies. 

As if that were not enough, it works with a ventilated thermal insulation system, thanks to its 2,500-revolution fan, which has a silent turbine to avoid disturbances. Thus, the air enters through the lower central part and spreads to the sides creating a warm barrier that maintains a uniform temperature.

Borotto could be the answer to the question about which is the best brand of incubators for eggs, so we invite you to thoroughly review the characteristics of this product. 


Capacity: It can hold up to 49 chicken eggs and 196 quail eggs for added functionality.

Ventilation: It incorporates a 2500-revolution fan, which distributes the hot air evenly in order to maintain the interior temperature. 

Settings: It has an intuitive panel with an LCD screen, which allows you to easily control its functions.


Size: It is one of the largest in this selection, so it takes up some space in the home.

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4. Minichick Fully Automatic Digital Egg Incubator 

This Minichick model is another of the versatile proposals that we have within our reach when it comes to finding an incubator for quail eggs. This specific incubator has a capacity for about 30 eggs of this species. A space that is reduced as the size of the eggs that we house inside grows, being suitable for different species. 

This space is very easy to adjust thanks to the design of the dividers in the interior area. Incubation is fully automated, keeping the device at the necessary temperature at all times. This is also responsible for turning the eggs every 4 hours. A somewhat longer time than other similar models and that is suitable for all types of birds. 

All these parameters can be controlled comfortably through the screen and the included keypad. Something that facilitates the use of the device, even for the uninitiated, precisely because of the simplicity of the management of the product that we have been commenting on.

We leave you more information regarding everything you can do with this complete incubator for eggs.


Versatility: Thanks to the dividers, it is easy to adjust the space to the size of the eggs you are handling.

Simplicity: It is one of the easiest proposals to control, through the LED screen and the included button panel.

Rotation: The team takes care of everything for you, including the rotation of the eggs.


Space: It is not one of the largest options on the market, in terms of egg capacity.

Cable: The power cable plugs into the lid, not one of the best locations for it.

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automatic egg incubator

5. Tackly Automatic Egg Incubator 

This is an automatic egg incubator for domestic use, which has a system that controls temperature and humidity without user intervention. In addition, the circular shape of the incubator allows a good homogenization between temperature and humidity, to prevent excess water from occurring and thus guarantee a high hatching rate.

The built-in fan distributes the hot air in all directions, to circulate it correctly and protect the eggs from external atmospheric changes. It also offers a control panel that allows for easy use, so you don’t have to be an incubator expert.

This device is compatible with partridge, quail, canary, pigeon, duck, chicken and even some reptile eggs, making it very versatile. In addition, it is good to know that it has a transparent lid to clearly visualize the evolution and hatching process.

We invite you to review the features of this incubator in more detail, as it offers great functionality and is one of the cheapest options on this list.


Air: Includes a hot air duct with a circular design, which allows a uniform distribution to increase effectiveness.

Transparent: Thanks to its transparent lid, you can observe in detail the evolution of the eggs and their subsequent hatching.

Practicality: It is one of the smallest incubators in the selection, but it has a capacity for 9 medium eggs.


Rotation: It does not have an automatic rotation system, so you must turn the eggs manually several times a day depending on the type of bird.

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6. Sailnovo Automatic Egg Incubator with Display 

The Sailnovo SL-111 model is another interesting aid when you need an automatic egg incubator. This incubator is sized to accommodate up to 48 eggs comfortably inside. 

In this space, both temperature and humidity are controlled, which is easy to configure through one of the most complete panels in this market segment. On this screen, it’s easy to see and adjust the temperature and humidity, as well as know the current cycle day and how long until the next rotation. And it is that, as it could not be less, this rotation process is also automatic. 

Thus, we are facing a design with an ideal approach to completely forget about eggs, unless there are problems. In this case, you have an alarm that alerts you if the temperature or humidity departs from the established parameters.

Thanks to the extensive functions of this model, which we list below, it is easy to raise all kinds of birds.


Automatic : The product takes care of maintaining the internal parameters and rotating the eggs for you.

Screen : Its screen is simple but also one of the most complete we have found.

Alarm : As expected, the product also has an alarm, in case of problems during the process.


Filling : The filling process is not the most comfortable, due to the small size of the tank intake.

Noise : The noise level of the product is somewhat higher than would be desirable, according to some comments.

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Other products

7. Iglobalbuy 24 Digital Chicken Egg Incubator 

Within the incubators for medium capacity eggs, we have this proposal from Iglobalbuy. A product in which it is easy to house up to 24 chicken eggs, being also suitable, as usual, for other species. 

This model is responsible for maintaining an adequate temperature inside, following the parameters indicated on the screen at the top. A simple adjustment system that, thanks to the power of the equipment, makes it easy to keep this temperature under control, depending on what the type of bird inside requires.

To finish off the equipment, it incorporates an automatic turning system, which turns the eggs every 4 hours. It also features quality materials, so the product is easy to clean. In addition, the transparent environment allows you to clearly see everything that happens inside.

If you don’t have broader needs, nothing better than a mid-range incubator like this one.


Capacity: The product is suitable for holding up to 24 chicken eggs and up to 60 quail eggs.

Humidity: The humidity is adjustable in a range that goes from 30 to 85%, as required.

Cleaning: Thanks to the quality of its materials, it is a very easy proposal to clean.


Instructions: The instructions are not very helpful in understanding the operation of the device.

Heat source: The heat source is located above, which changes the approach of the product compared to the usual.

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8. WilTec Automatic Incubator Capacity for 8 Eggs

For those who do not have large treatment needs and prefer a compact option, the WilTec 51073 model is the solution. Unlike larger designs, this incubator holds 8 chicken eggs, so you don’t have to worry if space is tight wherever you place it.

You won’t have any problems with the temperature either, which can be easily controlled from the LED display on top. To do this, you have a comfortable approach to its circulation, due to the shape of the container and the power of the fan. For the rest, it is true that you will have to turn the eggs manually, although this allows you to adjust the times to what the species you are incubating requires. 

And to top it off, it is an easy product to clean, thanks to the quality of its manufacturing materials. All this despite being among our cheap options, so we would be facing the best value for money egg incubator of our selection.

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Shopping guide

Within the usual equipment on farms are egg incubators. These products are all you need to turn those simple eggs into chicks, quail and any other type of bird, depending on the species you are raising. If you have never seen these devices before, follow the advice in our guide to buying the best egg incubator, where we give you the necessary guidelines for a successful purchase.

Egg capacity

The first aspect to assess is the capacity of the product, which measures how many eggs it is possible to put inside. Something that depends both on the type of eggs that we are going to place and on the interior space available. The good news is that today almost all incubators are capable of processing chicken, quail, duck or goose eggs. So, if you are interested in a versatile device, all you have to do is take a look at the model you are thinking of purchasing.

As a reference, similar to what you can find in any comparison of egg incubators, the most common have capacities ranging from 12 to 18 eggs, always taking chicken eggs as a reference. These products are not particularly large or bulky, nor do they have a high power consumption, so they are the most suitable solution for most users who need one of these incubators.

Obviously, we have different alternatives on the market, both above and below. Starting in the lower area, we will find incubators that start at 6 or 8 capacity units. Something that influences both how much the product costs and the comfort it offers us, due to its small size. The same goes for the largest models we can find. These start from 24 units and can reach more than 200 eggs that fit in industrial products. It’s all a matter of adjusting the capacity and space to your specific needs and your budget.

processing functions

Another key feature of this type of product is the incubator control system. When looking for a good and cheap egg incubator, it is key that we check the heat and humidity control process, as well as if the equipment is able to turn the eggs on its own or not.

The first element, which is never missing, is thermal control. This function helps to choose the interior temperature and modify it comfortably. It is essential that the device maintains this temperature with solvency, to prevent problems in the development of the chicks. It is also essential that the thermostat is precise, since a small variation in temperature can throw all your work to the ground.

Something similar happens with humidity, which is not controllable in all models. For this reason, it is always better to bet on products that do allow humidity to be controlled autonomously. The same goes for flipping. It is worth spending a little more for those options capable of turning the eggs automatically. In the latter case, you should first verify the time it takes to turn, as sometimes it is shorter than it should be depending on the species to be treated.

Other details of interest

To finish our guide, we summarize some important details, with which to have the necessary information to make a good purchase. One of these aspects is the product control panel. This must report the temperature and humidity, also having the necessary keypad to control these parameters comfortably.

A device that has an alarm is also useful, so that if the parameters vary from what we have programmed, we can know it at the moment. This allows corrective measures to be taken quickly, thus avoiding risks to future chicks. Most of the products report temperature, although it is not so common to find those that also report deviations in interior humidity.

Finally, for better durability and comfort in cleaning, a product made with quality materials helps. This affects both the outer shells and the insulation, which prevent heat from escaping while the eggs are incubating. An improvement that saves you time and helps you achieve better results regarding the number of eggs successfully hatched.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to hatch chicken eggs in incubator ?

When incubating chicken eggs, it is important to choose fertile eggs that are clean or, at most, slightly dirty. In addition, these eggs must have been stored correctly until the time of incubation. 

To incubate the eggs, we will prepare the machine according to the indicated instructions and let them warm up a little at room temperature, to avoid thermal shock. In general, it is recommended that the pre-temperature of the eggs be above 12 degrees. Next, we place the eggs inside at a temperature of 37.7 degrees Celsius or 100 Fahrenheit. It is key to maintain the temperature throughout the process. It is also convenient to keep the humidity at a level of 58-60%, which is adequate for these animals.

Q2: How are eggs placed in an incubator?

To place the eggs inside the incubator, we place them with the largest side placed towards the top, leaving the bottom part as a base. The idea is to leave as much space as possible for the embryo, which will also have a more suitable position for both growth and birth. Therefore, the eggs should never be placed in the reverse position, with the thickest part facing down, as this can cause problems in development.


Q3: How to make a homemade chicken egg incubator?

To make a homemade incubator for chicken eggs, we will use the polyurethane padding from a travel cooler or similar box. Inside, we open a circular space to pass the light bulb, 25 watts. We isolate the socket and separate the area of ​​the bulb and where the eggs will stay with a mesh. We installed a thermometer hygrometer inside, with which to control the temperature and humidity. This moisture will come from a sponge placed in a container with water, which we must fill often. Finally, we will make an access on one of the sides, which we will cover with a glass fixed with adhesive tape. This is the access to the interior. Once ready, verify that the incubator meets the established thermal parameters before placing the eggs.

Q4: How to turn the eggs in a manual incubator?

Unlike automatic incubators, which are responsible for turning the eggs according to the configuration parameters that we have established, if we have a manual incubator we will have to do these turns 4 to 6 times a day. The most advisable thing is that the periods are homogeneous with respect to their duration. When treating the eggs, it is key to always have clean hands and not move the eggs with force. This is vital in the first week, when the embryo is weakest. By the way, painting an X and an O on each side of the egg with a pencil can help you control the flips and not leave any new ones unturned.

Q5: How long do the duck eggs need to be in the incubator ?

In the case of duck eggs, we have to be very firm with the incubation times and temperatures, since, unlike other birds, these are clearly delimited. Specifically, these eggs must spend an incubation time of 28 days in total, at a temperature of 37.7 degrees. In the last three days of the process, from 25 to 28, the temperature is reduced to 36.5 degrees. Also, on those days the eggs should not be turned.

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