The 8 Best Fish Foods of 2022

Fish Food – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Pets need a good diet to live healthy, therefore, if you want to take care of your aquatic friends, it is necessary to give them the best possible food. A nutritious and balanced diet will make the fish develop in a good way and, for that reason, investing in quality food is necessary. Goldfish owners may find Tetra Goldfish an ideal food for their pets that will keep the tank clean and the colors of the fish bright; On the other hand, foods like Tropical Supervit Premium are made to provide vitamins and protection to ornamental fish.

The 8 Best Fish Foods – Opinions 2022

Taking into account the characteristics of your fish and their needs, you will find different options to give them a good diet, adapted to the requirements of this type of animal.

cold water fish food

1. Tetra Goldfish 1L

Goldfish are one of the most common pets, since they are cheap and striking-looking animals. For that reason, finding food for them is one of the simplest tasks. In this case, this formula has all the nutrients necessary to be considered a complete coldwater fish food, and among these species are goldfish.

The container contains 300 grams of content, so it can last long enough to feed your pets. In addition to that, it is a rigid container that comes with a seal to prevent food deterioration. The product is composed with a formula that will keep the water clean and prevent the fish tank from getting dirty from any residue that may remain; In addition, it will make the fish excrete less frequently. As for the well-being of your pets, the flakes of different shades have the ingredients required to properly feed the fish and enhance their beautiful colors.

If you are the proud owner of goldfish and don’t know what fish food to buy, this product could be what you are looking for.


Species: Different cold water fish will enjoy this food, making it ideal for varied aquariums.

Seal: The seal of the container will keep the food in good condition.

Clean fish tank: This food will not dirty the water in the fish tank, preventing you from having to clean more.

Colors: The nutrients in this food make the colors of the fish stand out and look brighter.


Size: The flakes could be a little smaller, but being fragile, you can pulverize them if necessary, so it can be well adapted to both tiny fish and larger ones.

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tropical fish food

2. Tropical Supervit Premium Main Lining Flake

Getting tropical fish food is imperative if you want to maintain the health of the ornamental fish in your aquarium. It is possible to consider this food as the best food for fish, since it comes with mixed flakes that bring different nutritional elements for the animals. You only need to add small amounts several times a day to feed the fish, as its composition has a good mix of vegetables, cereals and fish by-products.

These ingredients are considered premium quality, because they are responsible for keeping professional aquarium minnows in good health and to complement the diet, the product brings vitamin C and Beta Glucan; this last element specifically serves as an immune stimulant for fish. The stimulation will prevent infection, protect the animal from blockages and contribute to a healthy digestive system. Lastly, in terms of content, the bright yellow pot holds 1L of food.

For tropical fish, this food could be a delicacy, as it is made specifically to cover their nutritional needs correctly.


Stimulant: The food works as an immune stimulant so that your fish are in good health and have a better defense against infections.

Species: All ornamental fish can enjoy this food without problems, as it is suitable for them.

Flakes: Assorted feed flakes give more complete nutrition to animals.


Quantity: Considering that you have to put food several times a day, this product with 1 liter of content could run out quickly if you have many fish.

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holiday fish food

3. JBL 40310 Food for All Types of Aquarium Fish

If you are going on a trip with your family and you want to know what is the best food for fish in these cases, this product will surely be your answer. JBL food is a holiday fish food, as it specializes in feeding fish for long periods of time without requiring you to manage it. This novel food consists of a block formed by cereals, vegetables, yeast, algae, animal products, among other important elements that gradually dissolves to feed.

You should not worry if you have several fish in your aquarium, since the cube will be able to feed up to 25 ornamental species for two weeks. While on the other hand, for your peace of mind, the brand has made evaluations and carried out tests, concluding that more than 90% of the fish accept this food for freshwater fish. In addition to all this, a great quality of the product is that it does not cloud the water. This way you can avoid that when you return from your holidays you have to clean the fish tank immediately.

Your fish should not be an impediment to going on vacation, therefore JBL has devised this product that will help you feed them in the long term.


Time: You can go on vacation for up to two weeks without a problem, since the food will last for this amount of time.

Studies: The studies carried out by the brand have made it possible for the food to be liked by a large number of fish.

Water: This product does not cloud the water, so your aquarium will stay clean after use.


Color: The pale color of the food may not attract the attention of some fish, so it may take time to get used to it.

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frozen fish food

4. Finest Fish Food Fish Food 50g Freeze Dried

Frozen fish food is a good alternative to the common flakes that feed these aquatic pets, and if you want to add nutrients to the variety, this product may be ideal. Dried bloodworm serves as food for most tropical and cold water fish, so if you have multiple species in your tank you shouldn’t have a problem. This versatility could make the product one of the best fish foods of 2022.

For your peace of mind and safety, this high-quality food will not introduce disease, as it is not a live food. In addition to that, it is suitable to be part of your fish’s diet on a regular basis, as well as being a food for special occasions. With your purchase you will get 50 grams of product in a hermetically sealed bag to preserve all the nutrients.

This product is a great alternative when you want to vary your pets’ diet and give them something special that is nutritious.


Diet: Giving the fish this food, instead of the common flakes, could better balance the diet of the animals.

Bag: The food container bag has an airtight seal, therefore, the food will remain in good condition until it is time to use it.

Fish: Both cold water and tropical fish will enjoy this food, making it suitable for varied aquariums.


Interest: While some fish will be able to approach the food quickly, others may take a while to become interested.

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granulated fish food

5. Sera Vipagran the staple food Made from Soft granules

Made in Germany and with the quality that characterizes the country’s products, this granulated fish food can be considered the best value for money fish food. This is mainly due to its low cost, but also because it can be suitable for all types of tropical fish; This small detail highlights the product, as it makes it suitable for aquariums with a wide variety of species.

The sinking of these granules is slow so that the fish must move to the surface to eat and, in addition to that, the food does not contaminate the water. Its soft structure allows fish to digest food without problem. For its part, the vitamin and protein combination of the ingredients work together to benefit and increase the health of the fish. In addition to the prebiotic effect of the food, each granule has vitamins A, E, C, D and B to give the animals a complete diet.

With a low price and a high vitamin content, this Sera brand product is recommended for aquariums with different types of fish.


Soft: The granules are soft to prevent the fish from spitting out the food so they can swallow it.

Water: This product will not dirty the water in your aquarium, so you can give this to your fish without worry.

Nutrients: The combination of various vitamins and proteins will give your pets a complete diet.


Size: It is recommended to hydrate the food beforehand for a few minutes, to prevent it from expanding inside the stomach of the fish and causing discomfort.

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pond fish food

6. Pettex Complete General Mixed Pond Sticks Fish Food

This food for pond fish is not one of the cheapest products on the market, however, considering that it is a one-time investment to obtain 10 kilos of food, it is one of the most durable foods you can buy. Any pond fish can benefit from this food, composed with a balanced formula to provide an optimal diet for animals; especially for medium and large fish, such as the famous Koi, due to the size of the bars.

To provide the best quality, this product is manufactured under strict veterinary observation and high standards are taken into account to provide a suitable flavor and nutrition for the fish. The composition of the food has vitamins A, C, D, E, calcium, fats, fiber and protein to maintain the health of your pets, while the spirulina algae is responsible for keeping the color of the fish bright and vivid.

This product could become the best fish food of the moment for your pets, learn more about its benefits and what you should take into account when purchasing it.


Quantity: With these 10 kilos of food you will not need to buy more in a long time, since it is a durable product.

Formula: The composition of the food has the vitamins and nutrients that the fish need.

Surface: This food will stay on the surface for a long time so that the fish have it within reach when they need it.


Shape: It may take the fish a while to get used to the sticky shape of this food, but it may eventually become their favorite.

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discus fish food

7. Tetra Discus 10L

Discus fish are one of the most common inhabitants in fish tanks, because their curious appearance and colors attract many people; If this is the case for you, having a specific Discus fish food will help your pets to be healthier. The composition of this product is made to meet the nutritional needs of fish of this species, helping them to have a brighter color and grow faster.

It is 10 kilograms of food that you will get with this product, therefore, your aquatic friends will be able to enjoy the food for quite a long time without you having to replenish the food frequently. The pellets sink slowly for better intake by the fish and for your peace of mind there is no risk of introducing pathogens or disease with this feed. As if all this were not enough, the boat is very practical and its handle will help you move it around.

As a company specializing in fish products, Tetra might be the best fish food brand on the market today.


Discus fish: Discus fish will receive proper nutrition specifically for them, making this a great option if you own this type of fish.

Quantity: This purchase comes with 10 kilograms of food so you don’t have to buy more for quite some time.

Container: The handle of the container will allow you to move the food when necessary without problems.


Price: It is necessary to make a high initial investment, however, the 10 kg of food is worth every penny of the cost.

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Bottom fish food

8. Dennerle Because Alder Cookie Lining Special Ground Fish Lining

Some feeds stand out for descending slowly, however, the rapid fall of this product is one of its best qualities, since it is a food for bottom fish that need their food to be at the level at which they usually swim. Among these species are demersal fish, such as gynaeus and pangios, and most catfish. Regarding nutrition, its composition is based only on high-quality substances such as grape seed oil, plankton and moringa.

This is a special menu, ideal for the fish to enjoy, since they are biscuits with probiotics and prebiotics that, in addition to being liked, will help them grow and stay healthy. So that you do not have to worry about the quantity, with just one cracker a day you can adequately feed 6 to 10 fish.

Among the cheapest options you can find this Dennerle product, with a unique shape that provides optimal nutrition.


Crackers: These crackers will be a change in the menu of your bottom fish, so it is considered a special food.

Fish: A single cracker a day can adequately feed 6 to 10 fish; ideal for aquariums with several fish.

Nutrition: The food formula contains moringa, plankton, prebiotics and probiotics for a balanced diet.


Species: The food is only suitable for bottom fish, so if you have other fish, they should eat another type of product.

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fish food accessories

fish food dispenser

Petacc Multifunctional Aquarium Automatic Feeder 

If you have already chosen the right food for your pets, all you need is a fish food dispenser so you do not forget to give them the portions they require. The body of the dispenser is made of ABS, non-toxic, and has a capacity of 175 ml of content.

The configuration is simple, so in a short time you will be able to program the product to dispense up to 4 times a day. For added variety, the appliance can store flakes, pellets, and other foods in different shapes.

In addition, the LCD screen will allow you to see the information about the feeding process and, in addition to that, the buttons will make programming more comfortable.

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Shopping guide

The well-being of your fish depends a lot on the type of food you offer them, so if you want to buy a special food for them that keeps them happy and healthy, it is necessary to be aware of what there is to know in order to buy the ideal product for your fish. your diet.


Fish food is usually an inexpensive product, so instead of worrying about how much it costs, you can focus directly on the benefits it will give your fish. The quality of the food lies in the type of ingredients used and, for that reason, you need to pay close attention to this when making your purchase.

The first thing you should determine is what your fish needs, because if it, for example, is prone to getting sick, you may need specific foods that stimulate its immune system. On the other hand, if it is a fish that has lost color, spirulina can make a difference.

In case all your fish are healthy and you just need a good food for them, what you should pay attention to is the composition of the product. The formula must have a conspicuous variety of ingredients in order to qualify as a balanced feed for the fish diet. Calcium, different vitamins and proteins are just some of the elements that must be present in the composition of fish food. This variety of ingredients is what will take care of maintaining the health of your pets, since otherwise the animals could present deficiencies in some important areas to maintain their overall health.

In addition to that, one option to balance the diet is to offer them food of different sizes, textures and types. A special menu can include cookies, bars, porridge or frozen food to vary the common food flakes. Your fish will appreciate the new stimulus and will be more motivated to eat.


In your fish food comparison you will notice that, in addition to the variation in prices and manufacturers, the amount of food and its duration are also different from one product to another. These small distinctions are important to note, as they could make all the difference in your daily routine. It is possible to find food that ranges from 100 grams to 10 kilograms of content and, although buying the largest bag means savings in the long run, you must first make sure that you have a place to store the food and that the fish approve of the food.

It is advisable to buy a small container at first, when it is a new product, to make sure that your pets approve of its content and, if so, then you can buy a package.

In addition to this, you should also take into account how long the food lasts in the water. If you are going away for a vacation time, it is necessary to buy food that breaks down slowly so that the fish can eat without problem while you are away from home. On the other hand, even if you are not going on a trip, having a slow descent food can also be beneficial.

If the flakes last longer on the surface, your fish will have the opportunity to eat everything without rushing and without the risk of the food settling on the bottom and accumulating as waste.


Fish come in different sizes, shapes and colors, because, like dogs or cats, these animals have different species with specific needs. When you make a guide to buy the best fish food, you must take into account the specific requirements of your aquarium, since not all fish need the same type of food.

Although the packages look similar, it is imperative that you verify all the information on the food, since there you will be able to find what type of fish the food is suitable for. The division is made by habitat, most of the time, although on certain occasions you will be able to find food made exclusively for one species such as beta or discus fish.

The classification is made with these options: food for pond fish, bottom fish, ornamental, tropical, cold water, fresh water or salt water, carnivorous, omnivorous or herbivorous, then choose the food based on the community of species in your Aquarium.

Something that you should also take into account is that, although the food is specialized in the type of fish in your aquarium, the size may not be adequate for some of them. If it is small fish and you notice that they spit out a lot of food, then it is necessary to buy food with smaller pieces or reduce the portions, cutting them so that the fish can digest it better.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use fish food?

Feeding your fish is more than just placing the flakes in the water. The first thing you should take into account is the time of activity of your pets; if it is diurnal fish, feed them in the day. If they are nocturnal, do it before going to bed.

In addition, it distributes the food evenly to stimulate the movement of the fish.

Q2: How to make homemade fish food?

One of the simplest and most common recipes is to give them jelly food. For this you will need: 2 bags of gelatin without sugar, 3 cups of vegetables, ½ cup of seafood, ½ head of garlic and a drop of vitamins for fish.

Cut all the chosen vegetables and cook them; this you can do by boiling them or placing them in steam. After this, puree the vegetables and mix them with garlic and seafood until the consistency is pulpy. At that time, add the vitamin.

Boil water to make the jelly and prepare it. When finished, add the gelatin to the vegetable mixture.

Once you’ve done this, you just need to store the food until you need it. To do this, you must freeze the food until you need to use it.  

Q3: How is fish food made?

To prepare fish food, wheat flour, fish meal, soy sauce, paprika and specific dyes are required. These colors are used because fish are attracted to certain hues.

A special recipe is meticulously followed and lecithin is added, after mixing small and large foods, as lecithin serves as a thickener. To strengthen the fish, calcium is added to the recipe.

Through pipes, the ingredients are directed to the tanks and mixed with hot water. This will give a thick compound.

This compound will be poured onto the surface of specialized rotating hot drums. As it falls, the mixture cooks and dries progressively. This process causes a fairly thin film to form.

While this film is being created, a blade at the bottom begins to cut and produce large flakes. These should be broken into small pieces. The green flakes have a vegetable formula, and the red ones have a protein formula.

These are placed on a conveyor belt and fall into a drum that will rotate to mix the flakes and chop them up. At the end, the food falls and passes through filters that divide it into small, medium and large flakes.

Afterwards, the packaging process and shipment to the different specialized markets follows.

Q4: What can happen if you put too much fish food?

If you give your fish too much food, they probably won’t eat it all and start spitting it out or just ignore it. The consequence that this brings is the accumulation of waste in the fish tank.

When feed builds up in the tank, it can foul the water and change the pH composition, making animals sick.

Q5: What is the best food for cold water fish?

Cold water fish, having a large appetite, can eat any common food found in pet stores. However, for the fish to have a better diet, there is specific fish food for them.

Q6: Why do the fish spit out the food?

Fish spitting up food can be for a variety of reasons, and because of that, knowing exactly why depends on your observation of your pets.

The most common reason fish spit out their food is because they need to soften the food or make it smaller in order to eat it. If the fish spits out the food, eats it again and repeats the process, this is probably the cause. To avoid this, break the food into small pieces and give it to him.

Sometimes the fish may be stressed or sick, and to find out if this is the reason, check for other signs of these conditions such as a change in the behavior of the fish and a constant state of lethargy.

In many cases, the fish are simply bored with the food or do not like it. This is solved by varying the foods offered to them and looking at their responses.

Q7: Is there any fish food that does not foul the water?

Sometimes it’s not about the type of food, but the amount of food you give the fish. If they are full and do not want more food, they will surely ignore it and this causes the waste to remain in the tank and dirty it.

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